adventure activities in Pokhara
Adventure Activities in Pokhara: Unleash your adrenaline

Adventure Activities in Pokhara

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach of us more than we can ever learn from books.

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activities in pokhara

Adventure, the word itself carries a bit more weight. Why so! Because it  is not something everyone wishes to do, you need to have a gut to crack it. So, what exactly is this boastful adventure? Adventure is a daring activity performed adhering to safety protocols. It will help you accomplish some of your lengthy bucket lists with a wide proud tick. Nowadays it is quite popular among the boiling blood groups, aka, the youths. It does not mean the aged ones can't try it, you are all free, if you want, try it. Means, there is no age limit for trying any adventure. It's up to your enthusiasm for what it will take. 

You need a particular region and place to perform adventures. It's not like you could perform it sitting on your own bed. To carry out this, a set-up has to be built, in the proper location with the guidance of a trained mentor. Talking about the location, there could be no place more appropriate than glamorous Nepal. Nepal, a small country in between two big countries, China and India is able to embark with its implausible yet phenomenal nature grants and possessions.

pokhara adventure

Nepal is a central hub for all the adventure activities in the world. So, you can try some adventures in Nepal. But more specifically, Pokhara, a thrillful euphoric city nourished by wonderful nature, has quite flourished in aspects of the adventures. The landscapes, mountain vistas, beautiful lakes, multi-variant terrains and geography along with the blend of chill cool weather and temperatures make it the perfect destination to try out this stirring adventure. 

Some of the adventures you could join in Pokhara are detailly discussed below which include hiking, trekking, zipline, rafting, skydiving and many more. So, for the adventure geeks, a piece of advice, go through it without having a second thought, and you will get everything you need to know. The below-cited work is totally about adventure activities here in Pokhara so don't forget to scan it thoroughly if you are signing up for adventures in Pokhara.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Where is Pokhara?

    Pokhara, the heart of Nepal, lies in the Gandaki province, in the district of Kaski in the western region of Nepal. Kaski district is well known for its amazing geography, culture and heritage. The neighbouring territory for this district is Lamjung in the east, Myagdi in the west, Manang in the north and Parbat, Tanahu and Syangja in the south. Surrounded by the glorifying district, Kaski is more opulent because of the scenery it has got which indeed includes the fearsome rigid mountain peaks. And this makes Pokhara, an intrepid city in the magnificent Kaski district with an enthroned nature. 

    Pokhara adventure

    Just like Kathmandu, Pokhara is well developed in the development activity too. You don't need to worry about transportation, hotels, good food, and security in this dazzling city. It is widely known as a core of Tourism as every year thousands of tourists pay a visit here. It provides astonishing mountain views with the deluxe suite on the beach of the bewitching lakes. Unlike others, you can also roam around this city in the evening time too as it will get more vibrant over this period.

    How to reach Pokhara?

    Pokhara is an easily accessible place. You could get here from anywhere but specifically, here, we will talk from Kathmandu and Bhairahawa. Kathmandu being the metropolis bears an international airport which gets the most visitors so, they need to know how to access Pokhara from here.  And the other, Bhairahawa is preparing the board for the flight internationally. So, could expect visitors from here too. So, we are going to discuss the access to Pokhara from both Kathmandu and Bhairahawa.

    From Kathmandu

    To reach Pokhara from Kathmandu you have got two options:

    By air: If you go by air you have to take a flight of about 30 minutes from the Tribhuvan International airport (TIA), Kathmandu. It will directly take you to Pokhara airport. From there you could visit the regions as per your wish.

    By drive: If you go by drive, You have to take a public bus that departs from Sorhakhutte, Kathmandu. It is usually a drive of about 5 to 6 hours to Pokhara. 

    From Bhairahawa

    From Bhairahawa you could take a flight to Pokhara which may take around 20 minutes. It is the easiest and most comfortable means to get to Pokhara from Bhairahawa.

    List of adventure activities in Pokhara.

    1. Hiking

    1. Trekking

    1. Camping

    1. Paragliding

    1. Bungee Jumping

    1. Rafting

    1. Ultralight flight

    1. Zip flyer

    1. Helicopter tour

    1. Canyoning 

    1. Hot air balloon 

    1. Skydiving

    1. Mountain flight 

    1. Mountain biking 

    1. Kayaking


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    The most basic adventure is hiking. Hiking can be plotted more like a fun activity rather than a daring one. What would you do when you hike? As everyone knows, you just walk observing the scenery. Hiking can be for a day or overnight. It is up to you which one you choose, but basically, it is the easiest providing adequate relaxation. Also, it could grant you a fair shake to expect the high Himalayas up close. 

    You could try it with your friends or solo. Some of the popular hiking destinations in Pokhara are the Sarangkot hike, Pumdikot hike, Begnas lake hike, and Dhampus village hike. These hikes will not only give you immense pleasure but also provide a quiet escape from your gloomy dull life. During these hikes, you could catch the astounding sight of the captivating Annapurna mountain range and the beautifully settled valley of Pokhara.

    Dhampus nepal

    Hiking is comparatively simple and uncomplicated, unlike others. You don't need that particular tool and gear when you hike, just dress as per the weather, pack some fast foods and you are all good to go. So, the majority of people try this during their visit to Pokhara. And you don't need longer vacations for this, as it could be done within a day or two.  Also, hiking in the Himalayas is such a bliss so, do remember to try these out.


    Trekking is an activity just like hiking but not hiking as it involves multiple days in its completion. So, you can say trekking is an extended form of hiking which is tougher and requires great patience level. There are two types of trekking: short treks and long treks. Short treks complete within a week or two whereas the long ones could take more than a month. 

    Some trendy short treks from Pokhara are the Mardi Himal trek, Poon hill trek, Mohare hill trek, Mulde hill trek, Kori village trek, Kapuche lake trek, and many more. Mostly, you could watch the sunset and sunrise view of the Annapurna, Mardi, and Machhapuchhre mountain range during these treks.


    Talking about the difficulty level, it varies according to the destination. Some are easy while some pull the leg real hard. But mostly you have to walk through the woodlands, and meadows passing the rugged terrains and small villages. So it will be more entertaining and memorable though it may get tough sometimes. 

    Also, you could get an amazing opportunity to learn more about the culture and traditions of the mountainous ethnic community. Additionally, trekking not only allows you to spot the scenery but also teaches you to get accustomed to various situations. You could develop time management skills through this. Also, During the trek, you can communicate with the locals, and get familiar with them, which is also a small accomplishment. So, you can say this adventure not only provides you with fun but also harnesses your skills. It could light that one shaded part of your life which definitely is sth to cherish. 

    Unlike hiking, you need to have certain trekking gear and tools before bouncing on this. Most essentials are weather-compliant clothes, a first aid kit, a pocket knife, fire starters, water bottles and some fast foods. You need to carry these all while you trek so you need to have good backpack knowledge before plunging on.

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    Camping is preferred by all age groups. Though the youths are more forward into this too but is well appreciated by all. Camping can't be done randomly, it has to be in a safe zone away from the danger of wildlife and any other natural calamities. So there are particular areas here in Pokhara where you can camp. They are Sikles village camp, Dhampus village camp, and Rupakot village camp. Normally these camping sites lie on the river bank, in sparse woodlands and on the viewpoint. From these camping sites, you could glance at the mesmerising mountain ranges and collect early morning vibes inside nature. Waking up with the chirping of birds  and the noise of the roaring rivers in the background is sth everyone dwells on, and this camping bestows you with this. Also, stargazing during camping makes it even more special. Not only for the panorama, but you can also do camping for the accommodation purpose as on the Machhapuchhre model trek.

    Camping in Nepal

    Generally, camping is done in groups, mostly with friends and family. The main requirements for camping are tents and some stoves. There are multiple vendors which can provide you with this on a rental basis, so no need to worry about it. Additionally, you have to carry your own sleeping bags, food, water and mats according to the size of your groups. You could cook some food, sing your favourite songs, dance and just enjoy. Most people nowadays do camping with their family once a year so they can express what they are going through. So, it has also been a medium of getting closer to each other.

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    We often tend to do this, i.e interact with ourselves. And I am pretty sure you may have done this too. One of the wandering thoughts can be asking yourself how it will feel if you can fly just like a bird. And yeah paragliding is all about it. Not only your wish alone can allow you to try this but also you have to be physically fit. There are many operators operating paragliding services from the hill of Sarangkot. 

    Paragliding in Pokhara is popular worldwide as it is the one adventure activity accompanied by almost all visitors. Every year thousands of adventure seekers try this out. You can't do paragliding on your own unless you have got a licence for it. So, for this purpose, there is a provision for a pilot (glider) who will fly you in the air. The pilots are the trained and experienced ones who will take you for an air tour and land safely. You need to follow his/her instructions during your time of flight. Also, the weather must be good and the wind should be uniform to make a fly. Neglecting the weather conditions may result in deadly situations so don't try to rush it.

    All the necessary safety gear is provided by the company itself which operates the paragliding services. But there is one thing you need to take care of which is wearing windproof clothes as you will get hit by the strong gush of air.

    Pokhara paragliding will take you high in the sky with a breathtaking aerial view of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre mountain range, and the large deep Phewa lake along with the tour of beautifully settled Pokhara city. The flight duration for Pokhara paragliding is about 30 minutes. Also, the opening time is after 10 am which runs till 2 pm. Though there is no age limit to try out Paragliding in Pokhara, there is a weight limit which is 100kg. You can't fly if you exceed this weight. 

    Paragliding is a remarkable exposure as it is about getting over your fears. Through this, you will get a touch of free fly and this is why it is categorised under the title of the adventure as not everyone could have the audacity to do it.

    Paragliding Facts



    Maximum elevation

    1592 m


    Nepalese - RS 12,000, Indian - USD 90, Foreigners - USD 100

    Opening time

    10 am

    Closing time

    2 pm

    Max weight

    100 kg

    Flight duration

    25 -30 minutes


    Note: There are no age restrictions for it but children below 7 and pregnant women are advised not to try it. The activity price subject to change. 

    Bungee Jumping

    Why would it be called adventure if anyone can try it? This is the reason bungee is called adventurous because plunging with just the assistance of a cord is hella out of the imagination for many. It is indeed an absolute terror but packed with bundles of pleasure afterwards. 

    Bungee jumping in Pokhara is operated by two operators which are Highground Nepal and Bungy Nepal Adventure. Highground Nepal is in the Hemja which is only 20 to 25 minutes far from the lakeside Pokhara. It is called the first tower Bungee jump in Nepal with a height of 80m. The jumpers will experience the free fall of 3 seconds in this bungee jump. Not only solo jump is the only available as they operate the Tandem bungee jump too which is the couple jump. Before going for a fall you will be guided precisely by an experienced mentor and your safety precautions will be addressed and monitored strictly. So, this is considered a safe operator conducting the bungee jump in Pokhara. There is also a good facility for other adventure activities, such as zipline, ATV adventure, and many others.


    Bungy Nepal adventure is another operator conducting Bungee jumping in Pokhara. They are located in the Pardi bazaar, Pokhara. They have a cantilever bridge from which you could make a jump of 101m and 105m. The free fall happens for about 2 min from here. Here two varying heights are because of the two platforms from where you could make a jump. The lower one is 101 m and for the extreme adventure seeker, you are all welcome to give it a try through the 105 one.

    There is a weight limit for bungee jumping which is a minimum of 45 kg and a maximum of 110 kg. Also, children below 14 can't participate in this. Additionally, the heart and neuro patients and the acrophobic can't take part in this.

    Bungee Jumping in Pokhara facts


    Bungee Jumping


    Solo - Rs 4500

    Tandem - Rs 8500

    Opening and closing time

    9 am to 5 pm

    Weight limit

    Min 45kg

    Max 110 kg


    • High Ground Nepal

    • Bungy Nepal Adventure

    Free fall time

    3 seconds (High Ground Nepal)

    2 seconds (Bungy Nepal Adventure)

    Age limit

    Min 15yrs (with the consent of their parents)


    Note: You have to pay extra NPR 1500 if you want to shoot some photos and videos.

    Also, If you want to experience the pure thrill, go for the Kushma bungee jump which is only 60 km far from Pokhara. It is the world's second-highest bungee jump in which the jump is done from 228m with a free fall of 4.5 seconds. 

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    Geeks eager for the water adventure, this is for you. Rafting is the most thrilling water adventure performed in the white water of Nepal which has constant waves and high-level rapids. In Pokhara, rafting is performed in the Seti river, which has its origin in the majestic Annapurna mountain range. This river lies outside of Pokhara which is only a 30min drive from the lakeside. Three rafting can be carried out in this river which are upper Seti river rafting, mid-Seti river rafting and lower Seti river rafting. Upper and mid-Seti river rafting takes place in Pokhara, much approximately from Hemja whereas the lower Seti river rafting takes place from a place nearer to Damauli. Though these three are the available ones, most go for the Upper Seti river rafting.

    There are many operators operating Seti river rafting in Pokhara. They will escort you providing all the required gear such as helmets and lifejackets. While you are going for rafting you have to listen very carefully to your instructor. Every detail he shares before and during the rafting is crucial to accomplish the raft. In Seti river, two levels of rapids flow through, levels V and VI during the month of October and levels III and IV during the month of March. So it's on you how much adrenaline rush you have got to take part in the raft according to the months. Also, you don't need to worry about anything like getting drawn and lost. You will be safeguarded by the company's fellas in their kayak boat in case you get in the water. Though you will be provided with safety tools and equipment, there is one thing you should carry. Comfortable swimsuits and shoes with some sun protection are all you need to have on your own.

    This river rafting lasts for about 90 mins at least and can last for 2 hours at most.  The thrill will be the same but the only difference will be the charge. Generally, they charge you about Rs 4000 for a one and half-hour raft. Rafting is a bold yet tiring adventure as you have to go through the waves paddling around. Joining rafting definitely needs courage because getting into the greatest wave of the precarious Seti river is not as easy as a pie. Making up a mind to do it is a small deal here but actually doing it is remarkable and deserves grand applause. 




    Rs 4000 for Nepali and Indian citizens.

    USD 45 for foreigners.


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    Ultralight flight

    Another adventure in the hub of Adventure city, Pokhara is the Ultralight flight. This ultralight flight starts and ends at Pokhara airport. Ever wanted to soar like a bird? If yes, then this is made exclusively for you. Through this ultralight flight, you could get a chance to gaze at the panoramic mountain range of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre up above the clouds. Not only this you could catch a divine sight of Sarangkot, Phewa lake and the wonderful city of Pokhara.

    Ultralight flight in Pokhara happens with a small aircraft which is just two seated, one for the pilot and the other for the passenger. The maximum weight it can hold is about 900 kg along with its engines and the fuels. Anyone above the age of 18 can join this lifelong experience if you are not a patient of long-term cardiovascular disease. Also, there is no need to say that acrophobic people are not welcome here as they will not try it in the first place. Besides these all, there is the weight limit of the passenger on this flight which is he/she should not exceed the weight of 110kg. To get the best view you can try this flight in the morning as it operates from 6:30 to 11 am. Also, some join for the sunset period as it starts after 3 pm until the sunset.

    Ultralight flight

    The ultralight flight can go up to the elevation of 5000m so you may have guessed how strong you are gonna get hit by the wind. Also, the weather has to be good and clear with a uniform flow of wind for the ultralight flight to take place. The flight time of the ultralight flight varies as you can get the option of 15min, 30 min, 60 min, and 90 min. So, it's your preference on which to choose, how long you want to stay in the sky. Also, the operators will cater you with windproof jackets and joggers with safety helmets. So you don't need to worry about the clothes here. But you can carry a pair of glasses on your own so that you don't get difficulty observing the panorama beneath you. Summing up, the ultralight flight grants you the perfect memory you could cherish for your whole life.

    Ultra Light Flight Cost

    Flight duration 

    For SAARC Nationals

    For Foreigners

    15 min

    RS 17600

    USD 150

    30 min

    RS 25600

    USD 220

    60 min

    RS 38400

    USD 330

    90 min

    RS 53120

    USD 440

    Zip Flyer

    There are many small zip flyer operators in Pokhara. But the well-known zip flyer is of highland adventure. It is known as the world's steepest zipline with an inclination of 56 degrees bearing a length of 1.8km (1800m) and a vertical drop of 600m. This drop is the one that makes this fun activity an adventure. This adventure is launched from Sarangkot to Hemja as the destination. Just the imagination of getting from that elevation to that base in just a few minutes makes it spine-chilling.

    Here you could try two types of Zipflyer which are the classic Zipflyer and the Superman Zipflyer. The classic one is the one where you will just sit in the harness in a normal position whereas the superman one demonstrates the superman pose facing downwards. The price varies by this. 

    Zip flyer

    Zipline is done under safety precautions monitored by professionals. All the required harnesses, tools and equipment will be made available by the organiser. But definitely, you need to pay attention to the clothes you are wearing. As you can't go for the zipline putting on some skirts right? So, you need to dress well in some yoga pants and sports t-shirts and likewise. Also, you don't need to worry about any mishaps here as it is completely safe and is operating for a longer time. Also, the mentors there will help you a lot as they will encourage you with their advice and experiences. 

    Through this Zipline, you could enjoy the mystic mountain range of Annapurna, and Machapucchre along with the beautiful dense green forests. In the initial and the final few seconds, you will go with the swift down movements which are literally alarming causing you to close your eyes in terror. But after you encounter the scenery around you this thrill will get replaced by tremendous joy. 

    Zip Flyer Facts




    Highland adventures



    Weight range


    Age limit

    Min 14 (Required: consent from their parents)

    Starting Point


    Ending point


    Restricted to

    Acrophobic, and Pulmonary disease patients


    Zip Flyer Cost




    RS 4500


    RS 7500


    Note: This cost excludes photos and videos. For it, you will be charged with extra Rs 1500.

    Helicopter Tour

    This adventure activity can be considered a luxury one as you don't have to do anything in particular. You just have to sit and observe what's in front and beneath you. Here a chartered plane will be managed by the agency you have been cooperating with. On this chartered plane (helicopter) 4 to 5 passengers can adjust at most if they are of decent weight not bearing excess than the total of 450kg. Then you will set off for sightseeing, obviously not alone as you will be taken there by a pilot. 

    The flight duration of this flight can vary as different packages are available with varying time intervals of 15min, 30 min and 60 mins. Normally most of the visitors choose an hour tour in which they could land at Annapurna Base camp. It  will cost you USD 1500 per person for a tour of an hour. This tour starts from Pokhara airport. After reaching the Annapurna region, you will get land at its Base camp and you will be given a limited time range to explore that region. It makes it very easy for those who are unable to trek up to the base camp. You could immerse in the beauty of the marvellous Annapurna for this duration. After some time which is usually 20 to 30 min, you will be taken back to the airport of Pokhara.


    During this helicopter tour, you will not only glance at the Annapurna range but also seize the aerial view of mesmeric Pokhara which includes the flash of Phew lake, Sarangkot, Pumdikot and the entire valley of Pokhara.  Also, it will provide you with a round trip in which you could catch the glimpse of Fishtail and Mardi Himal too. This helicopter tour is indeed a big bingo for those who want to capture Pokhara in their eyes within an hour or two. Also, the flight takes in very low elevation allowing you to get a glorified view of every sublime beauty of Pokhara.

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    After rafting, this particular adventure can be marked as an utter adrenaline rush. To accomplish this electrifying adventure, you need to be balanced mentally and physically. While performing this, You have to walk carefully i.e bit by bit and descend through the slippery wet rocks even when you get hit by the continuous beat of water. And eventually, jump swiftly into the pool of water. So, you need to learn this all before you try it otherwise it will not be fruitful as simply jumping down the rope is not that adventurous.

    In the distance of about 25 km from Pokhara, there is a village called Lwang Ghalel where you could try this stirring canyon. This is the eminent spot for trying out Canyoning here in Pokhara which is in the Kudi waterfall. It will cost you around USD 60 for trying it out here. 

    Canyoning is not how it looks! While you watch others doing it, you will feel like it's so easy, why is it even considered an adventure? But once you try it yourself, you will know why it is an adventure. The instructor will describe to you the entire process and the way to execute it showing a demo in most cases. And you have to follow accordingly. All the safety necessities will be provided to you. So, you just have to be prepared for trying it out cause once you reach the summit from where you will start the descend a strong sense of fear sweeps through you. There are two descends available for this waterfall, which are the 45m descend and the 65m descend. The 45m one is basically for complete beginners who haven't tried it before, so can be considered as the simple one. But another one is for those who are super excited about the awakening thrill. 

    As you may have already known how Canyoning is done, I’m not going into further details of it. It's all about descending slowly through the running water in a rappelling motion with the help of a canyon. In case you can't hold on to the canyon for a long time, there is no worry as you can just go for the swift flow. It will get you to land in the pool underneath. So, there are not many safety risks in trialling it out but it is surely adventurous.

    Hot Air Balloon

    Hot air balloon in Pokhara is the only adventure that will furnish you with a game-like feel of an adventure with exquisite views. It really is sth that you should give a go during your visit to Pokhara. So, try not to miss this as it can fulfil  your craving rush of adrenaline.

    The whole balloon trip is taken care of by the pilot himself so you don't need to worry about the operations and the other protocols. What matters is just your presence. You just need to follow his instructions and get the pleasure of the astounding beauty beneath you. You can get sufficient views of the Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Hiuchuli and Lamjung Himal. Also, you can gaze at different prominent lakes in Pokhara surrounded by lush green vegetation. Usually, the flight is done during the morning and evening time, so you need to book your packages on your preference. And you need to get to the spot one hour prior to the flight. The flight is weather reliant as to make a flight the weather needs to be clear with the continuous flow of the strong wind. It is better to travel during the morning time as the weather during this period is quite good. 

    Hot air balloon

    The normal flight takes about 30 - 40 min, and it is unbelievably warmer inside the balloon than on the ground. The vehicle will be continuously following you from the ground so, don't fear getting lost as you are in the right hand. The flight does not get that much higher as it will be only up to the elevation of 300 ft from the ground which is like up to the tree tops only.  It will cover a distance of 5-20 km. Acrophobics out there are advised not to go for this as you can get an immense dose of dizziness. Besides this, there is an age restriction which is a minimum of 5 years. Likewise, you should have a minimum height of 3.5 ft to try this out. So, not only the money can get you there, you need to get the required height too.

    Hot Air Balloon Facts


    Hot air balloon

    Maximum height achieved


    Distance covered

    5 - 20 km

    Flight duration

    30 - 40 min

    Minimum age

    5 yrs

    Minimum height

    3.5 ft


    • Nepalese- Rs 8000

    • Foreigners-USD 100


    Additionally, if you want endearing memories with your beloved in a special occasion there are various packages available for that too.


    What is the word you can say for the toughest among the toughest? One word,  Skydiving, the most brutal one of all the adventures. It is the extreme frisson yet the most paradisiacal pleasure. There are many operators and agencies operating skydives in Pokhara but the most renowned and famed is the Pokhara skydive. They provide you with the finest pilots with safe gliders.

    The starting and dropout spot for Sky Gliding in Pokhara is the Pame Laurauk which can be reached through a drive of 40 min from Pokhara lakeside. It is a beautiful grassland on the shore of the rivers in between the hills. To perform this stunt, first, you will be taken to a certain altitude through a helicopter which is usually a rescue helicopter. This altitude is normally 820m from the ground level. After getting to that elevation you will make a jump between the 1000 - 1300 ft. You can’t randomly perform the jump as you will be detailly elaborated by your Tandem master to get ready for the drop. Also, not you alone can perform this. You need to have a licence and experience of it to do it single-hand. So, you will go with the Tandem one which is the pair flying with your tandem master.  

    All the safety gear will be provided and fastened to you before getting on the plane. So, you need not worry about that. There is also a crew who will help you in every aspect in case you need it. Also, the brightest part of this adventure is that even the differently abled can also try this if they want to. But the only restriction is on the weight which should not exceed 95kg. 

    The most thrilling part is the one when you will make a jump. You will definitely forget to breathe briefly as you will fly like a bird in that instant. While making a jump you will be instructed to bend your legs together, cross your arms and lean your head backwards. Then you will fly with your tandem master, providing an indescribable adrenaline rush. You will get mammoth satisfaction after this adventure which is truly deserving.

    Primarily this action is performed in the month of November when the weather is good. They will charge Rs 95000 for Nepali citizens and USD 1100 for foreigners. Also, they will provide you with multiple packages if you want to try, which include bungee jumping, zipline and likewise.

    Mountain Flight

    Often confused with the helicopter tour, this has got the slightest difference. This mountain flight involves the panoramic catch of the towering peaks relatively closer. On this flight, you will explore this mountain range slowly and spectacularly for some time. Most misinterpret this as a flight landing on the base camp, providing you some time to explore that region and get back. And this is what makes it different from the helicopter tour as it does not involve landing in any other region except for the airport. This mountain flight starts and ends from the airport of Pokhara. It is not that thrillful adventure more likely an exciting rush.

    During this mountain flight, you will get a grandeur glimpse of the mountain peaks Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchree, Annapurna, Lamjung and Manaslu Himal. The flight time usually lasts for 30 minutes and it is operated in the early morning at about 6 to 8. You will be seated with a window seat of course so no need to worry about getting the views or not, You will definitely get it! On this ride first, you will encounter the blissful Dhaulagiri Himal, followed by the Annapurna, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Lamjung Himal range and at last the wrap-up with the majestic Manaslu peak.

    The frequent queries of many about this mountain flight would be: is it safer to roam that near to the 8 thousanders? Don't worry as it's not getting you to the summit of these cathedrals just somehow closer to it, so no need to panic, it's all safer and you will return safe and sound.

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    Mountain biking

    Personally, my favourite is this Mountain biking. It has got all, the thrill, excitement, joy, pain, and a little hint of fear. So, we can say just the perfect combo of everything you desire. And especially Pokhara, the destination of all the natural wonders, is the perfect place to join this incredible adrenaline rush. Some of the popular mountain biking trails here in Pokhara are Pokhara- Sikles, Pokhara -Naudada via Sarangkot,  Pokhara- Dhampus via Milanchowk, and Pokhara to Begnas lake via Sundari danda. Apart from this all the recent favourites and wild popular is the Pokhara downhill mountain biking which starts from the Worldpeace Pagoda. Also, the Annapurna circuit mountain biking is getting hyped in current days.

    The bicycle you will need along with the helmets and all can be rented from the various bicycle rental shops in Pokhara. Also, don't think of trying it all alone you will regret afterwards so take a guide with you. They will direct you precisely as to where to lay low, where to get the speed, and how to peddle according to the rocky terrains and rugged geography. 

    Mountain Biking

    You will start from the plain region initially and gradually lead towards the complex topography. This includes passing through the small settlements, woodlands, fields, some step cases, suspension bridges, temples and monasteries and the lowlands in the final. Mainly travelling through the forest area can be harder as there is a high chance of getting slipped because of the withered leaves with a narrow trail. 

    Talking about the safety protocols, with proper guidance, there is no threat. So, it totally relies on you as to how good you are at cycling. Summing up you can enjoy the most and will get utter pleasure during this exhilarating adventure.


    Kayaking in Pokhara is done in Phewa lake. Some compare it with rafting but it is completely different from that. Kayaking is a slow peaceful boating adventure in a tranquil environment of beautiful scenery. It can be a pacifying experience with lots of memories to replay throughout life. This kayaking is not just about paddling around in the idyllic lakes as you will be gifted with the mesmerising sight of the glamorous Annapurna.

    All the necessary gear and tools are provided by the rental place. You need not worry about it as it will be involved in your package cost. You will get the helmets, lifejackets and some counselling beforehand. This is a complete thrill as you will dive into the enormous watery lakes without proper pieces of training but that is where the mentors come up. They will be surrounding you throughout your entire adventure.  

    And also this is not as hard as you have imagined it as you will just sit on your kayak and paddle slowly yet calmly. The paddling tips will be provided to you before jumping on this. It will be more fun if you join this with your friends. You will get immersed in the beauty around you and forget the fear completely. Moreover in case of some mishaps too you will be rescued instantly as the lifejacket itself will be the saviour and you will be monitored constantly by the trained kayakers. So, for the true adventure seeker circle, it around as it is exactly what you need. Also, it's cheap and fun so why should you miss? 

    Best Time to Visit Pokhara

    Just like the other regions, March to May and September to November is the perfect time to visit this adventure hub Pokhara. From March to May, the weather will be sunny, vibrant and cheerful as it's the period of cherry blossoms. The aroma and the entire surrounding look vivid at this particular time. So you will get the perfect sight of the delightful mountain ranges. Also, all the adventure activities will open during that time so you will get an amazing opportunity to try out them.

    Pokhara nepal

    Likewise, the next idle time is from September to November. During this time the weather gets abundantly clear and you could gaze at the breathtaking natural beauty not only the Himalayas. Also slight cold starts to kick in gradually during this period which means no scorching sun and this makes it even more satisfying. The early morning fog and the warm sunlight make it the perfect time, especially for the adventure activities like hiking, trekking, camping and so on.

    Travel guide and tips

    Some of the essential travel tips for these adventures are listed below. So pay a good eye toward this if you are on for the thrill.

    1. Weather is everything, so observe the weather nicely before hopping on.

    2. Dress according to the region and yes the weather too.

    3. Collect the basic backpack knowledge and pack accordingly.

    4. Be fully aware of your surroundings.

    5. Only try those which are up to you, don't push yourself beyond your range.

    6. Treat adventure as something you cherish, not as an act to impress others.

    7. Always be careful about the harness and the protective gear, detect if they are rightly fastened or not.

    8. If it's an activity such as trekking, hiking, mountain biking and camping better to try it with your friends.

    9. Always carry the water on your own.

    10. Catch a hold of the directions and trails you are following.

    11. Listen carefully to the instructions and directions passed to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is an adventure?

      Adventure is the activity that gives you a sudden adrenaline rush mixed with fear, excitement and joy. These activities are usually a bucket list thing of many that need to be fulfilled within this life.

    • What is the most popular adventure activity in Pokhara?

      Actually not just one there are several such as hiking, trekking, camping, mountain flight, paragliding, skydiving, bungee, zipline, ultralight flight, canyoning, kayaking, mountain biking and so on.  

    • What are the best adventures?

      There is no category to list them as the best or the worst as it completely relies on you by the measure of satisfaction you receive. So it varies from person to person. Also, you could categorise the best and the worst in accordance with your personal experience.

    • Do we need some specific training before trying these adventures?

      NO. No, training is required for these adventures. But you will be guided and instructed briefly by the mentor himself in the adventures like kayaking, canyoning, and zip flyer where you need to follow his instructions and guidelines strictly.

    • Can females participate in these adventurous activities?

      There is no gender discrimination in trying out these adventures, it's free will. So, If you are willing to try these, you are more than welcome.

    • How safer are these activities?

      Except for some unforeseen mishaps these adventure activities are totally safe. Every year thousands of visitors join this and return with proud smiles on their faces. So, don't hesitate and give it a go, you will surely be delighted.

    • Are there any limitations for trying these adventures?

      Sadly there is, not in all adventures but in some such as bungee, zip flyer, canyoning, and paragliding. There is a weight and age limit. So, discover well about it before going for the booking procedures.

    • What is the price range of these activities?

      It varies by activity. Some charge higher while some can be achieved with just a little penny. Normally hiking is the one with the most minimal cost range while the mountain flight usually goes by the maximum one.


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