things to do in nepal
List of the best things to do in Nepal

Things to do in Nepal

There are a lot of things to do in Nepal which makes your trip more special and memorable. The variations among these activities has made Nepal a popular adventure tourist destination.

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If you are travelling and seeking the things to do in Nepal, then this article can help you to figure out the things to do in Nepal. There are a lot of things that you can do in Nepal which makes your trip more special and memorable. The variations among these activities have made Nepal a popular adventure tourist destination.

Nepal is an adventure paradise. The world’s second-highest bungee is available in the Kushma district of Nepal. Nepal is world-renowned for its wonderful whitewater river rafting. Pokhara is itself an adventure hub. 

The ultralight, paragliding, zip flyer, Heli flights, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Boating, Kayaking and many other activities are available in Pokhara. Because of Nepal’s diverse terrains and amazing natural attractions, Nepal is now emerging as an adventure destination.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    List of the things to do in Nepal

    We tried to put all those available activities in Nepal together in a single article. We have enlisted adventurous things to do in Nepal here with some details and information. Two major cities of Nepal belong to most of these activities.

    Adventure Activities

    Adventure Sports

    Other Experiences

    1. Trekking
    2. Mountaineering
    3. Camping
    4. Bird Watching
    5. Bungee Jumping
    6. Everest Mountain Flight
    7. Ultralight Aircraft
    8. Zip Flyer
    9. Hot Air Balloon
    10. Bush walking
    11. Village Tours
    12. Wildlife
    13. Hunting in Dhorpatan
    1. Annapurna Marathon
    2. Canyoning
    3. Elephant Polo
    4. Everest Marathon
    5. Everest Skydiving
    6. Horseback Riding
    7. Jungle Safari
    8. Mountain Biking
    9. Paragliding
    10. Rock Climbing
    11. Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking
    12. SKI
    1. Festival Celebration
    2. Yoga with Himalayan views
    3. Meditation and Ayurveda
    4. Pilgrimage tours
    5. Photography
    6. Honey Hunting
    7. MICE tours

    Beside Kathmandu, Chitwan and some other national parks offer natural things to do in Nepal. Certainly, Nepal is not only about trekking activities, but there are so many things to do in Nepal. 

    The bustling streets and the temples, the beautiful architecture and the history behind it, everything worth some amazing experiences. Nepal is the land of the Himalayas. See the top of the world from mountain flight, or just hike to some hills to see the astounding peaks, you will make more of it.

    Adventure Activities in Nepal

    The unique cultural practices in the ethnic villages is another major thing to experience in Nepal. The fusion of adventure, culture, lifestyle, tradition, architecture and nature are amazing. So, you will get to see the world’s most diverse beauty of this country.

    The trekking to the rural towns and villages, in the dense forest, along with the wonderful village lifestyle in the Nepalese society is probably the best experience somebody will ever get in Nepal. Also, the pristine attractions in the Himalayan region are world renowned and revered for its amusing beauty.

    The wonder of Kathmandu, the crazy encounter of Jatras and temples in the streets, the majestic Himalayas and the warmth of Nepalese hospitality, everything lasts with an amazing memory and you will love it. Every place, every corner of Nepal offers some unique experiences.

    Be it the trekking activities or roaming around the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara valley, everything here is amazing. The colorful temples, ancient buildings, and medieval royal palaces are the beautiful manifestations of cultural diversity in Nepal. 

    Explore the beauty of Nepalese civilization and see the city, lying behind the roof of Himalayas. And get some wonderful insights of long history and cultural practices in this naturally rich wonderland.


    Trekking in Nepal is also popular for its amazing trails and views. Nepal is synonymous to trekking all over the world. The premier destination for the trekking aspirants, Nepal offers one of the most astounding views along with the trekking activity.

    It is also home to the great Himalayan Trails that covers Nepal from Humla and Darchula in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east. The diverse trekking elevation is the main attribute of Nepal; the lowest point measured in Nepal is 59 m above sea level to the mighty high Himalaya 8848 m.

    trekking in nepal

    Mount Everest. Also, the distinct vegetation zones and national parks made the trekking activity more fun and exciting. The natural beauty and rural settlements made Nepal a wonderful trekking paradise, offering a combination of floral and faunal beauty along with the lifestyle of local people.


    The world-renowned Mount Everest, and 10 out of 14 highest peaks above 8000 meters are situated in Nepal. This expands the scope of mountaineering in Nepal as a well-organized activity. The Mountaineering expedition also emerged in Nepal as an extreme adventure in the Himalayas. 

    Skiing, Skydiving and other popular adventurous activities are now available in Nepal. The thrill along with the spectacular views and breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas is the main part of the Himalayan region. The water adventure, sky adventure and mountain adventure in Nepal give a wonderful never ending lifetime experience.


    Camping is the best thing to do if you want to explore the authentic natural experience in the mountains of Nepal. The riverside and mountain camping is popular in Nepal and offer splendid nature-based experiences. The mountain region of Nepal has a lot of experiences to offer. From the cultural artefacts to the incredible Himalayan vistas, everything is worth exploring in the mountainside. 

    Camping in nepal

    There are a lot of camping destinations in Nepal. Some of the popular camping destinations near Kathmandu valley are Nagarkot, Bethanchowk, Balthali, Kalinchowk, Chandragiri, Shivapuri, Dhulikhel, Trishuli, Bhotekoshi and Jarsing Pauwa. Camping is the best way to enjoy yourself with friends, dwelling into the natural beauty of Nepal. However, solo camping is equally popular in this beautiful Himalayan country.

    Bird Watching

    Nepal boasts more than 850 species of birds in diverse parts. The migratory and non-migratory birds in Nepal are another major attraction for Bird watching aspirants. A large number of bird species are found nearby Kathmandu valley. The hills in the outskirts, Nagarjuna, Godavari, Phulchowki etc are the main places to see the birds around Kathmandu valley. 

    Birds in nepal

    Also, another popular spot for bird watching in Kathmandu valley is Taudaha. Taudaha is situated nearby Kathmandu on the way to Dakshinkali temple. The Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Koshi tappu are some of the popular national parks to observe the migratory and domestic bird species in Nepal.

    Bungee Jumping

    Bungee Jumping is also a great option for adventure aspirants in Nepal. It can be done in tandem or solo. It is well emerged in Nepal and is available in many places. The Bungee Jumping at The Last Resort, Bhotekoshi is popular. 

    Bungee in nepal

    The thrill along with the free-fall experience is a great adventure option that everybody should try once in a lifetime. Nepal has the world's second tallest Bungee Jumping spot in Kushma. The 520 m long suspension bridge and a total height of 224 m. tall Kushma’s Bungee Jumping is pristine, yet to explore and world’s wonderful gem situated in Nepal.

    Everest Mountain Flight

    The Everest Mountain Flight is also a great way to see majestic Himalayan views along with the legendary Mount Everest. Everest Mountain Flight that goes straight to the Everest region. The close views of majestic Himalaya just in front of eyes from the flight, breathtaking views of glaciers and other Himalayan peaks are the major attractions of this flight. 

    Everest mountain flight

    It is an hour flight that starts from Kathmandu Airport and ends in Kathmandu Airport. Above all, flying to the top of Everest and seeing the amazing views with very accessible mountain flight is also a great option. It is considerably best for the people who want to get the glimpses of Mount Everest from the nearest point possible.

    Ultra Light Flight

    Fly through clouds in the adventure hub of Nepal- Pokhara. The exhilarating flight takes you above the clouds, far above the lakes and the city, allowing you to see the entire view of Pokhara valley and the astounding Himalayan peaks. 

    Ultralight flight

    The ultra-light flight is a great option to explore the wonderful beauty of the Himalayas and the scenic beauty of the entire valley. Certainly, The jewel of the Himalayas, Pokhara city is a remarkable city in terms of adventure, culture and natural beauty. 

    So, Indulge yourself to get beautiful and breathtaking views from a small ultralight aircraft and collect lifetime experiences in Nepal.

    Zip Flyer

    Nepal also offers the world’s steepest zip flyer activity in Pokhara. With an inclination of 56 degree and total length of 1.8 KM and a vertical drop of 600 m., the zip flyer in Pokhara is a great adventure option. 

    zip flyer

    However, there is also a zip flyer available in Dhulikhel, nearby Kathmandu. With a total distance of 1100 m, this zip line offers a wonderful experience with amazing views of mountains. Zip-flyer is a good option for adventure seekers to get beautiful views and astounding insights around the places.

    Hot Air Balloon

    Hot air ballooning in Pokhara is one of the most adventurous activities for thrill seekers and adventure lovers. To observe the town and Himalayas from the sky, the balloon takes you to an approximate height of 500 m. above Pokhara city. 

    Hot air balloon

    Also, the spectacular views of Himalayas like Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Hiunchuli, Lamjung Himal, and Annapurna ranges can be seen from Hot air balloon aircraft. So, The beauty of lakes and the amazing views of the city from the height provide wonderful experiences.

    Bush Walking

    Bush walking is also an activity. Roam around the naturally beautiful places, visit the jungle and explore the natural beauty. Go on a hike and try to walk barefoot in some places with small bushes, you will get an amazing feeling. 


    Sometimes, small things become the reason for happiness. And Bushwalking is a great choice. Try some bushwalking in Chitwan, Godavari and many other places on Nepalese terrains. 

    Discover the jungles and see the wildlife with an experienced guide in the national parks of Nepal. Consequently, Bushwalking will give you relaxation, a great feel of nature and nostalgia in the natural settlement.

    Village tours

    Taking a village tour in Nepal expands the possibility to see the traditional and cultural beauty along with the ethnic lifestyle of Nepalese people. The culture, customs and practices in villages are not contaminated by western society.

    Village tour in nepal

    More than 75 percent of the total population of Nepal are inhabited in the village and rural settlement in Nepal. The farming and agriculture prevalent villages offer a wonderful experience in the natural settlement. Also, the lifestyle in the village is another part of the village tour.

    Hike around the villages and explore the beauty of the village with a local guide. Most importantly, learn about the lifestyle, culture and traditions along with the historical aspects of that village.


    Another major attraction of Nepal is wildlife. There are many wildlife reserves and national parks. Bird watching is getting popular in Nepal. The jungle activities in the national parks and reserves of Nepal are popular. However, The wildlife in Nepal is very wonderful with diverse manillas, amphibia, Aves and reptilian families. 

    The jungle safari activities, visiting breeding centres, jungle walking, bushwalking etc. are some of the popular activities. Hunting is one of the popular activities here. Hunting activities are accessible at one and only Hunting reserve of Nepal- Dhorpatan Hunting reserve. 

    Wildlife in nepal

    Above all, the Sagarmatha National Park itself is a miraculous national park of Nepal. It varies in the ranges from 3000 m to 8848 m above sea level. Consequently, the beautiful wildlife of Chitwan and its activities are itself a great escape. Don’t forget to experience the wildlife during the Nepal visit. 

    Hunting in Dhorpatan

    Nepal is not only known for its mind-blowing natural beauty and the splendid Himalayas, but also for its incredible biodiversity. There are twelve national parks, four conservation areas, several buffer zones and one hunting reserve in Nepal.  The hunting reserve of Dhorpatan provides the opportunity to hunt in its designated zones. Usually hunting down the blue sheep and several other designated animals are allowed in this reserve. The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the only hunting reserve in Nepal and many people from all over the world visit the Baglung district for hunting activities.

    Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is popular for a wide range of biodiversity. The diverse vegetation and wildlife are the major things to explore besides the hunting activity in Dhorpatan. There are 7 designated blocks for hunting in the reserve.

    Adventure Sports in Nepal

    Nepal is an adventure hotspot and known for its incredible natural settlement. The trekking, hiking activities and many other adventure products are available in Nepal.

    During the period of 1960s, Nepal developed a distinct pattern of tourist arrivals where the mainland capital is known for its hippie cult and trades. But King Birendra reformed its hippie image, promoting the mindblowing natural beauty of Nepal to the global arena.

    Over a long period of time, Nepal has established itself as a wonderful adventure destination. The trekking trails, national parks, reserves, water based activities, high altitude activities and aerial adventure are developed. Now, Nepal boasts a wide range of adventure activities in the different parts of the country. Adventure sports are the new avenues to promote sustainability and human engagement.

    There are a lot of adventure sports that are organized in Nepal. The mindblowing Annapurna and Everest Marathon, Canyoning, Elephant Polo, SkyDiving, Horseback riding, Jungle Safari, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Rafting and Kayaking are some of the popular adventure sports in the country.

    However, some offbeat festivals are organized in different parts of Nepal. The fests such as Ice Climbing Festival, Jatras, Gokyo Lakes Skating, Paddle Boarding, and many other regional festivals are amazing things to explore.

    Annapurna Marathon

    The Annapurna 100 Ultra Trail Race is a popular race in the Annapurna region of Nepal. The trail has courses of 100 Km and 50 Km. Running trail in the Annapurna region starts from the Dhampus that takes the runners to Mardi Himal High Camp and then back down to Dhampus.

    Annapurna trek

    The marathon is one of the best activities to explore in the Annapurna region. During the month of October, this race is organized by the Annapurna100 group and offers an amazing experience in the western mountains of Nepal. This Marathon is worth exploring as you will get an excellent opportunity to explore the HImalayan vistas, cultural villages and small towns along with the beautiful suspension bridges and sceneries.


    Abseiling, Jumping and sliding down, Nepal offers the most exciting canyoning in its rough and rugged waterfalls and walls. The fresh waterfalls and the natural settlement made this activity popular in nepal.

    For the thrill and extreme water adventure seekers, Canyoning is a great option in Nepal. Canyoning in Nepal is also recommended by Lonely Planet and other international magazines. Some places of Nepal offering canyoning activity are Jalbire, Sundarijal and many other places.

    Elephant Polo

    Elephant polo is a polo variant that is played while riding elephants. It is similar to horse polo and the players are usually the Mahouts. Mahouts are the caretaker of the elephants and the elephants also respond to the signal of Mahouts. So, the polo is an excellent display of the faith of elephants towards humans.

    elephant polo

    It is one of the best activities to explore in Nepal and unique of its kind. The festival is organized in Chitwan.

    Everest Marathon

    Everest Marathon is the world’s highest marathon that is organized in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The event is held as a tribute to Sir Edumund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and celebrates the first ascent on 29th May, 1953. It has three categories of Everest Marathon that are 60 km Extreme Ultra, 42 km Full Marathon and 21 Km Half Marathon.

    everest marathon

    The marathon involves multi adventure activities in the diverse high altitude terrains of Everest region. The marathon usually starts from Lukla. It is also the highest altitude marathon in the world.


    If you are a sky diving enthusiast, Nepal also offers skydiving from its wonderful sky. The skydiving takes place just in front of the mighty Mount Everest and ends somewhere past in the foothills of the high Himalayas nearby Gorak Shep and Kala Patthar. Extreme skydiving is now a bucket list for many adventure lovers. 

    So, If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must try this. If you want it a little extreme, skydiving in Pokhara is also possible. Just in front of the wonderful Annapurnas and Machhapuchhre Skydiving starts from a chopper or Helicopter and the drop zone is on the banks of fewa lakes. 

    Since skydiving can be done solo, or with an experienced skydiving person or tandem, safety is guaranteed. So, it would be a great adventure option in this Himalayan Kingdom.

    Horseback Riding

    Horseback Riding is a wonderful activity to explore the forest, continue the voyage in the difficult mountain terrains or enjoy riding as a hobby or interest. Horse riding has been associated with human civilization and since the beginning of recorded modern human history, horses have been used as a part of lifestyle. 

    The riding is available in a lot of places in Nepal. The guide assists you with the visiting places and briefs you about the destination you visit. So, horseback riding provides you a wonderful opportunity to explore different places, villages and forests. 

    Jungle Safari

    Jungle safari is a great way to explore the jungle. It is available in national parks such as Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Shuklaphanta National Park etc.

    Jungle safari can be done in two ways, either by elephant or by jeep. If you want to explore the jungle and wildlife by sitting up in the elephant, it would be an option. But if you want to go on a drive-by jeep to the jungle, Jeep safari is also a great option to explore the wildlife. 

    Jungle safari is certainly an activity that expands the horizon to see the wildlife and the jungle adventure in a safe manner. So, if you want to explore floral and faunal beauty, safari activities are a great option to enter jungle exploration.

    Mountain Biking

    There are endless possibilities for bikers in Nepal. Nepal’s diverse terrains and attractions offer worlds’ most astounding mountain biking experience. Subsequently, explore the culture, traditions along with natural sceneries in the mountainous region of Nepal. 

    Alongside, The serene valleys, pristine glacial lakes and caves, and the warmth of hospitality in the rough and rugged trail is probably the best part for riders. The mountainous region of Nepal offers the world's wonderful biking experience with the views of the Himalayas. Pokhara and Kathmandu are fascinating valleys for biking lovers.

    Mountain biking

    So, The streets of the city and the outskirts of the valley, biking would be a great adventure. Ride through the lush green forests and rice fields, delightful hamlets and the river banks. And along with the natural scenery of the mountains to gain an amazing experience in Nepal.


    Nepal has the most beautiful paragliding place in the world. The amazing views of the Himalayas lake beside the landing point and the wonderful view of the city can be seen. Paragliding in Nepal offers the most beautiful scenery in the world.

    You can fly solo or tandem, depending upon you. The experienced world-class pilots and well-equipped paragliding spots ensure your safety. The wonderful paragliding is available in Nepal's heavenly city- Pokhara. Furthermore, Having Sarangkot the launch point and the banks of Fewa Lake land point, Paragliding is a great adventure option.

    Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing is leisure and competitive sport that has been popular for the wonderful adventure and as a part of lifestyle since the late 18th or early 19th century. There are a few rock climbing places in Nepal such as Hattiban Rock Climbing, Nagarjun Forest in Balaju, Thame Rock Climbing, Kakani, and Bimal Nagar. The artificial climbing structures are also available in different places in Nepal. In the Thamel area, the Astrek Climbing, Kathmandu Sports Climbing Center, Initiative outdoor etc. are popular. Also, in Pokhara, there are several climbing areas that offer incredible climbing experiences.

    Rafting and Kayaking

    The white water rafting and Kayaking in the rivers of Nepal is one of the finest water experiences one can ever get. Nepal’s beauty and its offerings are something people would get fond of, once indulged. 

    Rafting is available in Nepal in its pristine rivers. From extreme to medium, every kind of rafting and kayaking option made Nepal a popular rafting spot. The popular rafting rivers of Nepal are Bhotekoshi, Trishuli, Upper Seti, Karnali, Sun Koshi, Marshyangdi, Tamur, Bheri, Kaligandaki, and Lower Seti river.


    Skiing is an emerging adventure sport in Nepal. As of now, there are several places where you can experience skiing. Kalinchowk is mainly popular for Ski activities during winter. After the snowfall in Kalinchowk, the Ski team prepares to take off the adventure in the hills of snow-topped Kuri village.  

    Ski in nepal

    The mobile outreach of Ski is also quite frequent based on the snowfall density and demand of the adventure. As of now, Ski and Snowboarding foundation Nepal organizes Ski in the various parts of the country.

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    Other things to do in Nepal

    Nepal is full of mindblowing experiences. The beauty of Nepal lures a lot of people and the adventure in it is the essence that makes  the visitors spellbound. There are many other things to do in Nepal. Spirituality, Yoga, Festival celebration, Ayurveda, Pilgrimages, MICE, Honey hunting, Photography and voluntourism are some of the other things to explore in Nepal. 

    Festival Celebration

    Nepal is a country with diverse ethnic groups, culture, traditions and lifestyle. The variations made Nepal a country with many festivals. Kathmandu is a cultural city. It has a lot of cultural attractions and heritages. The never ending jatras and festivals in Kathmandu valley are major things to explore. 

    Above all, kumari jatra, Indra Jatra, Rato Machhindranath jatra, Dashain, Holi, Shivaratri, Gaijatra and many other festivals in Nepal are an interesting part of festive tours in Nepal. 

    Certainly, the harmonious blend of culture, traditions and lifestyle in Nepal makes it a perfect destination to celebrate the diverse festivals and get beautiful insights of festive occasions.

    Yoga with the Himalayan Views

    Yoga with the Himalayan views is probably the heavenly spiritual experience. And it is possible in Nepal. It offers the awakening journey to the Himalayas and wonderful yogic experiences. Yogic practices make the spiritual and peaceful mind provide the direct and tangible benefits. Yoga is a practice that liberates the mind, soul and body.

    The meditational practice and Yoga in the Himalayas are ancient practices. Further, It allows the spiritual practitioners to gain the understanding about life and the world. The Himalayas have something that drives the soul to a path of liberation and makes the moment mesmerizing. So, We offer some yoga tours as well to facilitate our guests with the unique experience of Yoga in the Himalayas.

    Meditation and Ayurveda

    Meditation and Ayurveda are ancient, yet effective practices to heal mind, body and soul. However, Ayurveda is a Vedic practice from the time of human civilization, Meditation and Ayurveda are the part of human survival. There are some places offering Ayurvedic medication service and Meditational experience here. 

    Moreover, Some Buddhist monasteries and Ayurvedic hospitals offer these kinds of unique experiences in Nepal. And, some excursions can be organized to meet the local people in rural places, the herbs and ancient health practices.

    Pilgrimage tours

    Nepal is a country that has been shaped by religion and belief since ancient times. The history of Nepal begins with the Hindu beliefs and various religious incidents connected with human sentiment and the civilization itself. Nepal offers an incredible pilgrimage experience.

    Many people embark their journey to this beautiful Himalayan country on different occasions to complete their pilgrimage. Hindu followers from all over the world visit Nepal to worship in the Pashupatinath temple, Muktinath temple, Guhyeshwari Temple, Pathivara temple, Dakshinkali temple, Manakamana temple and many other religious shrines. Especially in the time of Shivaratri, many people come to Nepal to explore one of the greatest Shiva Mela in the premises of Pashupatinath temple.

    Nepal is also a significantly popular destination for Buddhist followers. Lord Buddha was born in the Lumbini district of Nepal and for that reason, many Buddhists visit the different monasteries and Buddhist temples in Nepal. 


    Every corner of Nepal has a story to tell and it is best possible to capture via Photography. The cultural artefacts, wildlife, flora and fauna and the people of Nepal are a great content for the Photography enthusiasts. 

    Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan nation and it is best reflected by the mindblowing eight-thousanders and various peaks in the northern belt of Nepal. The photowalks in the alleys and the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara valley is best as you can explore the cultural complexity in the urban settlement. Villages are a wonderful place to explore the authentic Nepali culture and Lifestyle. 

    Honey Hunting

    Wild Bee Honey Hunting in the different places of Kaski and Lamjung is one of the best things to explore in Nepal. Many people visit these destinations to explore how the ethnic people are still practicing the very adventurous and equally dangerous honey hunting in the high cliffs of the mountains.

    The culture of local people is best reflected in the activity. People organize different feasts and occasions to extract the wild bee honey hunting in Nepal. Trying the wild honey is also a wonderful part in the villages of Nepal. The honey extracted from the mountains and the cliffs have hallucinating but fruitful properties.

    MICE tours

    With the growing globalization, the trend of meeting and incentive tours are growing in Nepal. There are many five star hotels and resorts established in the different parts of the country to facilitate the MICE tours. The fam trips and MICE activities are growing because of the incredible potential of Nepal to entertain the visitors with its mind-blowing natural beauty and productive meetings and conferences.

    MICE tours are mainly popular in Kathmandu valley, Pokhara and Chitwan. The corporate houses organize MICE trips to the beautiful settlements of the country.

    The temples of Kathmandu valley, ancient durbar squares and many other cultural practices are the things that you should never forget to experience in Nepal. Also, It shows the ancient artefacts and the well-preserved cultural beauty. So, visit Nepal to get wonderful insights into diverse practices, culture and traditions, natural beauty and lifestyle of local people.


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