Mountain biking in Nepal
Explore Nepal in a Mountain Bike

Mountain Biking in Nepal

“May your trails be crooked, winding, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” – Edward Abbey

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mountain biking in nepal

The untold feat of present Nepal is that the mountain biking scene has emerged faster than that of hippies in the 60s and there is no turning back. Adventure in Nepal is linked with the lifestyle of people. Cycling in some rural villages is not a recreational event, it is a part of daily survival and a cheap shuttle for some people. 

Ever since the trekking activities began in Nepal, the possibility of mountain biking was highly studied and boasted due to its criss-cross terrains and adventurous trails. Previously the trails used by locals turned into trekking trails and nowadays, the growing peddling scene has combined a possibility of an excellent form of adventure, and that is mountain biking. 

Pedalling through the forests, elevations and slopes offers amazing joy in Nepal. Traversing in a mountain bike and exploring the rugged and rough terrains with the mountain vistas and beautiful valleys is indeed an adventure that nobody would like to cease off. 

Mountain biking is an odyssey that nobody wants to get away from. The continuous sail of biking in the different terrains exploring the amazing connection with gravity, for some people, is a way of living and an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

The diverse terrains of Nepal offer a wide range of biking trails. From extreme high elevation mountain biking to the mid-hills, there are a bunch of mountain trails to explore. The stunning mountain vistas and lush forests in the mountains offer amazing pedalling opportunities. Riding a mountain bike through the beautiful passes and forests do not only reward you with amazing biking trails but also with amazing mountain vistas.

Experience the village culture of Nepal’s diverse and fascinating ethnic groups, and all this is set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas. You can also try the terminal challenges on the high passes on a mountain bike. 

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    What is Mountain Biking?

    Mountain biking is an adventure that requires getting through offbeat trails in the mountains. With technical expertise, speed, durability and endurance, mountain biking offers an incredible mountain experience in the rugged trails of elevated terrains in Nepal.

    Navigating mountain bikes through rugged terrains in the mountains requires some balancing and handling abilities. The condition of the biking trail can be a determinant factor but there are multiple disciplines of the mountains that put you through the test. Steep ascents, descents, elevated rocks, loose grips, slippery and muddy trails to hard rocky gravel, you may have to pass through every mix of trails during mountain biking. 


    So, mountain biking is not only a sport of endurance, speed and strength, it is also a test of your calmness and confidence and an approach towards situational challenges. 

    Mountain Biking in Nepal

    Nepal is an epic land of mysteries. The rugged trails and diverse terrains in the mountains of Nepal offer a wide range of activities and experiences. Mountain Biking is an incredible way to rejuvenate, away from the scheduled and secluded life and an amazing adventure to brave into. Biking is an experience in mountain terrains, where life seems hard but biking is bold and breathtaking. 

    The Nepalese terrains have varieties of experiences to offer. Diverse vegetation, wildlife, flora and fauna and the landscape are highly admired in Nepal. With the growing niche interest of adventure geeks, the biking tours in some trans-Himalayan and other villages and cities are constantly increasing and a new form of a trend that accepts biking as a way of life is being developed. 

    Mountain Biking Nepal

    Many people visit Nepal for biking adventures in the mountain villages. The rugged and rough, some paved and some nature trails allow you to brave an amazing adventure that amplifies its pace with each pedal you make. 

    The increased access in the remote places for biking has also developed a new paradigm towards mountain biking for people who seek to enjoy the biking adventure. For soft biking, the outskirts and urban cycling around Kathmandu and Pokhara are best suitable. However, if you want to do hardcore, choosing the mountain villages such as Mustang, and other villages in the Annapurna areas is always an adventurous option.

    Why Mountain biking in Nepal?

    Nepal is the epitome of adventure that offers a wide range of experiences. The people, geography and the flora and fauna of Nepal are the most admirable heritages of the country. There are several trails around the country that offer an all-inclusive pack of culture, nature and adventure. This combination, in every plan you make in Nepal, is the best thing that everybody loves here. 

    Mountain Biking activity is the best antidepressant and a wonderful cure for monotony. The trails of Nepalese terrains are crooked, rugged and ugly, but they take you to the most beautiful places around the mountains. In the big picture, mountain biking is something that you do not only admire but you relish and enjoy every mountain offering that this mountain adventure has to offer. 

    Mountain Biking in Nepal

    Peddling into the mountain of  Nepal has been the most adventurous thing due to its high Himalayan properties. One of the most beautiful parts of mountain biking is that in most of the hills and mountains you brave, there’s a spectacular beauty and an unparalleled experience. 

    Where to do mountain biking in Nepal

    Nepal has a lot of trails that boasts a wide range of eco-based adventure activities. Though the trekking and hiking activities are widely hailed, for an athlete who wishes to explore the mountain adventure, mountain biking is an excellent alternative. Traditional mountain exploration, nowadays, is shifting towards peddling with the increasing expansion of cycling trails as it takes you to the mountains at a pace worth considering and to the places where the vehicles cannot reach.

    For the biking aficionados, in most mountain regions, biking trails are available. In some places, the bikers may have to carry their bikes but the beauty of adventure lies in the struggle and thrill pursued and the stories that come up. We’ve tried to include some of the popular mountain biking destinations, and the time it takes to complete.

    Kathmandu Valley and Outskirts

    Kathmandu valley is known for its centuries-long history and heritages enriched with culture and ancient artefacts. There are many places that offer exquisite beauty, mostly cultural inside the city, and natural in the outskirts. Though the urban touch has a different aesthetic in the Kathmandu valley, different temples, monuments and medieval durbar squares in the city carry a memoir of primitive lifestyle and art and architecture depicts the magnificence of old times. Peddling around the city will facilitate you with the mindblowing glimpses of Newari architecture. Also, you can explore the amazing flora and fauna, lifestyle of people, mountain vistas and spectacular valleys. 

    Sundarijal-Chisapani-Chauki Bhanjyang

    Sundarijal to Chauki Bhanjyang is one of the best routes for mountain biking in Nepal. The beautiful sceneries of Shivapuri National Park, waterfalls, a wide range of flora and fauna can be explored while biking in this area. The total length from Sundarijal to Chauki Bhanjyang is about 23 Km and can be completed within a day. 

    This trail is one of the best biking trails around the outskirts of Kathmandu valley as it offers a wide range of places and experiences to explore. 


    Sundarijal-Chisapani-Chauki Bhanjyang


    23 Km

    Starting Point


    Ending Point

    Chauki Bhanjyang



    In this biking trail, you will ascend from Sundarijal (1400 m) to Chisapani and further the downhill trail towards Jhule will take you to the Chauki Bhanjyang. The biking and hiking activities are popular on this trail. From Chauki Bhanjyang, you can peddle towards Sankhu and Kathmandu.

    This trail is adventurous and rewarding as you will be exploring a diverse range of natural beauty and authentic wilderness a short distance from Kathmandu valley. 

    Godawari Jungle Loop

    Godawari Jungle Loop is a long mountain biking trail that passes through some of the most beautiful villages and jungle and allows you to witness a wide range of mountain vistas and cultural attributes of the locals. This loop is about 100 Km long and revolves around the Godawari forest. Some of the villages that you will be passing through Thecho, Lele, Sahugau, Dhungkharka, Geldung, Chalal Ganeshthan, Khopasi, Panauti, Rayale, and the kora ends in Thecho village. 


    Godawari Jungle Loop


    100 Km

    Starting Point


    Ending Point




    Since biking to this trail requires to be in elevations up to 2250 m above sea level with uphill and downhill slopes, this trail is ideal for hardcore beginners. The biking in the Godawai loop begins and ends in Thecho. This mountain biking adventure can be completed in two days with an overnight stay in one of the villages in a midway. 

    Kathmandu MTB Circuit

    The Mountain Biking Circuit around the Kathmandu valley is the most fascinating adventure. It is 104 Km long and the route passes through some of the fascinating villages and vantage points. You can explore spectacular mountain ranges while traversing through the viewpoints. This classic mountain biking trail features a moderately trafficked trail around the Kathmandu valley. The trail starts from Satdobato and passes through Chapagaon, Bhagwan Danda, Lele, Bahrdev, Chaughare Bhanjyang, Phulchowki, Kavre, Dhumkharka, Khopasi, Panauti and finally continues on the main road back to Kathmandu. 


    Kathmandu MTB Circuit 


    104 Km

    Starting Point


    Ending Point




    This biking circuit is an incredible way to explore the valley and the outskirts. The cultural attributes of some of the villages in the offbeat area are also an amazing part of the trip. This loop offers a wide range of experiences in and around the Kathmandu valley. 

    200 KM within Valley

    This valley trail also revolves around the Kathmandu valley. The outskirts and valley circuit is an amazing way to witness the snow-clad mountain from a distant slant and explore the incredible surroundings. This trail starts from Harisiddhi and passes through Thecho, Dhigau, Badikhel, Godavari, Sanga, Nagarkot, Lapsiphedi, Gapalphedi, Sundarijal, Budhanilkantha, Dharmasthali, Thankot, Matatirtha, Langocha, Tika Bhairav, Patan, Sinamangal, Chabahil, Sukedhara, Gongabu, Banasthali, Ganesh Mandir and ends in Khokhana, Harisiddhi. 


    Kathmandu valley circuit


    200 Km

    Starting Point


    Ending Point




    This trail is admired for its amazing cultural offerings and village lifestyle within the Kathmandu valley. 

    Chitlang Markhu Overnight trip

    Chitlang Markhu Overnight mountain biking is a wonderful trip that passes through the authentic village of Chitlang and Markhu. It allows you to explore the beautiful villages, sceneries and the largest manmade lake of Nepal- Indra Sarovar. It is 169 Km long and passes through Kirtipur, Dakshinkali, Kulekhani, Chitlang, Godamchowk, Thankot, Tinthana, Kalimati and ends in Thamel. Peddling around the outskirts and inside the Kathmandu valley is fascinating as it allows you to explore the village lifestyle, lake, and beautiful natural scenery. 


    Chitlang Markhu Trip


    169 Km

    Starting Point


    Ending Point




    Pokhara Valley and Outskirts

    Pokhara is fascinating for bike rides with its unbelievable natural beauty. The glorious view of the snow-capped mountains, lush green hills, meadows and culturally enriched villages summons a unique experience for mountain bikers in the Pokhara valley. Sarangkot offers incredible sunrise and sunset views over the snowclad Mountains of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges. 

    The spectacular fishtail, beautiful rhododendron forests and some other mountain areas are the major attractions around the valley. While biking in the Pokhara valley, you can also explore Devi’s fall, Seti Gorge, Gupteswar Gupha (Cave), Mahendra Gupha (Cave), Bindhyabasini Temple, Matepani Gumba (Buddhist Monastery) and other areas. World Peace Pagoda, Begnas Lake and the enchanting Phewa Lake are also the major things to explore in and around Pokhara valley.

    Mountain Biking in POkhara

    Pokhara valley mountain biking allows you to get into the impeccable natural beauty, charming villages, smoothly undulating chains of hills with terraced fields, and the spectacular Himalayas.

    Fewa Loop

    Fewa Lake Loop is a 30 Km long loop that revolves around the fewa Lake in the Pokhara valley. This trail starts from Lakeside and passes through Khapaudi and outskirts towards Bhakunde, Pame, Birimkuna, Raniban, Dhunge Pani, Belghar, On Shanti Chowk, Dam side park, Rastra Bank Chowk, Centre Point, Fun park, Sedi camp side, and ends in lakeside. 


    Fewa Lake Loop


    30 Km

    Starting Point

    Lakeside, Pokhara

    Ending Point

    Lakeside, Pokhara



    This loop is one of the best loops for a biking adventure. The incredible Machhapuchhre and other mountains are spectacular throughout the trip. The villages and outskirts, greenery and mountain scenery are explored during the mountain biking in the Fewa lake loop. 

    7 Lake Loop

    7 Lakes loop is a trail around a series of 7 lakes in and around the Pokhara valley. This trail is ideal for hiking, biking and mountain biking activities. The beautiful scenery and mountain vistas during the mountain biking are the major attraction of this loop. It is also an incredible way to explore the 7 major lakes in Pokhara valley. The major lake you will be exploring is Gude lake, Niurane Lake, Khaste Lake, Dipang Lake, Maidi Lake, Begnas and Rupa Lake. Though the Fewa Lake is not in the loop, it is still the attraction as you can get to the Lakeside to explore the beautiful Fewa after exploring the 7 lake loop. 


    7 Lake loop


    42.4 Km

    Starting Point


    Ending Point




    The loop around these lakes is wonderful. You can try some local eateries and go fishing around the lakes. The hustle and bustle is low in these lake areas. So, a peaceful atmosphere in Pokhara is truly explored in the serenity of 7 lakes. 


    Mustang is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal. It is known for its arid landscapes and incredible mountain offerings. Mustang region is known for decades for its amazing mountain biking trails. Biking in the lower and upper mustang is an amazing way to explore the authenticity of the mountains. The scenery, culture and landscapes are well preserved in the mustang area. The upper mustang is a restricted area and requires a special permit to enter that region. Biking in the Upper Mustang is one of the best trips that allow you to explore a wide range of cultural and natural experiences.

    Upper Mustang Biking Itinerary

    Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

    Day 02: Cycling around Kathmandu

    Day 03: Drive or Fly to Pokhara

    Day 04: Fly or Drive from Pokhara to Jomsom

    Day 05: Jomsom to Muktinath

    Day 06: Muktinath to Ghillin

    Day 07: Ghillin to Lomanthang

    Day 08: Cycling around Lomanthang

    Day 09: Lo Manthang to Samar

    Day 10: Samar to Jomsom

    Day 11: Jomsom to Tatopani

    Day 12: Tatopani to Kushma

    Day 13: Kushma to Pokhara

    Day 14: Cycling around Pokhara

    Day 15: Fly or drive to Kathmandu

    Day 16: Departure


    Lower Mustang Biking Itinerary

    Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

    Day 02: Cycling around Kathmandu

    Day 03: Drive or Fly to Pokhara

    Day 04: Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom, Cycling to Kagbeni

    Day 05: Kagbeni to Muktinath

    Day 06: Muktinath to Jomsom via Lupra

    Day 07: Cycling around Jomsom

    Day 08: Jomsom to Tatopani

    Day 09: Tatopani to Kushma

    Day 10: Kushma to Pokhara

    Day 11: Cycling around Pokhara

    Day 12: Fly or Drive to Kathmandu

    Day 13: Departure

    Upper Dolpo Mountain Biking

    Upper Dolpo is the pristine and remote beauty of Nepal. Situated amid the incredible Tibetan Plateau and Dhaulagiri ranges, the Dolpo region of Nepal offers a unique landscape, incomparable to any other part of the world. Mountain Biking in the upper Dolpo area of the Dolpo region is an adventure of a lifetime. The elegant mountain vistas, arid landscapes and culture and traditions of local people are while the prime attraction of the area, the mountain biking trail is the best part that is so unspoiled and untouched by the modernity and into the complete nature, best suitable for the biking aficionados. 

    Upper Dolpo

    The mountain biking to Upper Dolpo starts and ends in Juphal. The trail passes through Suligad, Raktan, Chhepka, Rechi, Sanduwa, Ringmo, Shey, Namgung, Saldang, Nisalgaon, Musigaon, Shimengaon, Sonmagaon, Phalwa, Tinjegaon, Dho Tarap, Tarakot, Byasgad, Dunai, Suligad and Juphal. 

    The maximum elevation that a biker may have to reach is about 5600 m above sea level in this biking trail. The biking trip in the Upper Dolpo area can be completed in both ways - one being Jomsom to Juphal and the other from Juphal to Jomsom. 

    Itinerary From Jomsom to Juphal

    Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

    Day 02: Cycling around Kathmandu (Warm-up wide)

    Day 03: Fly to Pokhara

    Day 04: Fly to Jomsom and cycle to Dhagarjun

    Day 05: Cycling around Lower Mustang area

    Day 06: Dhagarjun to Syanta

    Day 07: Syanta to Ghalden Ghuldun Khola Camp

    Day 08: Ghalden Ghuldun Khola Camp to Molumsumna

    Day 09: Molumsumna to Chharka Bhot

    Day 10: Chharka Bhot to Tinje

    Day 11: Tinje to Shimen

    Day 12: Shimen to Komas

    Day 13: Komas to Saldang

    Day 14: Saldang to Shey Gompa

    Day 15: Shey Gompa to Khola Camp

    Day 16: Khola Camp to Ringmo

    Day 17: Ringmo to Dunai

    Day 18: Dunai to Juphal

    Day 19: Fly to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu

    Day 20: Departure

    Itinerary From Juphal to Jomsom

    Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

    Day 02: City Cycling around Kathmandu

    Day 03: Fly to Nepalgunj

    Day 04: Fly to Juphal, cycle to Dunai

    Day 05: Dunai to Tarakot

    Day 06: Tarakot to Chhyugar

    Day 07: Chhyugar to Dho Tarap

    Day 08: Rest day in Dho Tarap

    Day 09: Dho Tarap to Tinje

    Day 10: Tinje to Khola Camp

    Day 11: Khola Camp to Chharka Bhot

    Day 12: Chharka Bhot to Molumsumna 

    Day 13: Molumsumna to Ghalden Ghuldun Khola Camp

    Day 14: Ghalden Ghuldun Khola Camp to Kagbeni

    Day 15: Kagbeni to Jomsom

    Day 16: Jomsom to Tatopani

    Day 17: Tatopani to Kushma

    Day 18: Kushma to Pokhara

    Day 19: Cycling around Pokhara

    Day 20: Fly or drive back to Kathmandu 

    Day 21: Departure

    Lower Everest Region

    Lower Everest Region is venerated for the Khumbu adventure and diverse mountain experiences it boasts. Some of the major mountain panoramas seen during the mountain biking in the lower Everest region are Mount Everest, Gaurishankar, Lhotse, Nuptse, Numbur, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Sishapangma, Thamserku, Mera peak and other neighbouring mountains. 

    pikey peak

    The lower Everest region is known for the Pikey peak, which is also known as Edmund Hillary’s favourite vantage point in the Everest region. The trek route cum mountain biking trail is wonderful as it offers diverse landscapes, flora and fauna and impeccable mountain ranges in eastern Nepal. The trail passes through Dhulikhel, Manthali, Shivalaya, Bhamti Bandar, Goli, Pikey Peak, Okhaldhunga, Khurkot before reaching Kathmandu valley. The trail is about 240 Km long and offers a wide range of Himalayan beauty. 

    The Itinerary of the Pikey Peak Biking trail is provided here. 

    Day 01:  Arrival in Kathmandu

    Day 02: Kathmandu to Dhulikhel (warm-up ride)

    Day 03: Dhulikhel to Manthali

    Day 04: Manthali to Shivalaya

    Day 05: Shivalaya to Bhamti Bandar

    Day 06: Bhamti Bandar to Goli

    Day 07: Goli to Pikey Peak

    Day 08: Pikey Peak to Okhaldhunga

    Day 09: Okhaldhunga to Khurkot

    Day 10: Khurkot to Kathmandu

    Day 11: Departure

    Mountain Biking in Annapurna Circuit

    The Annapurna Circuit has been considered one of the best high altitude mountain biking destinations for mountain bikers. Annapurna circuit passes through some of the most astonishing villages and passes from Besisahar to Nayapul. It is about 200 Km long and takes several days to complete. Encircling Mount Annapurna opens up the possibility of witnessing the various faces of this incredible massif and the Mount Machhapuchhre alongside. Furthermore, a wide range of mountain spectrums ranging from 6000 m. - 8000 m can be witnessed throughout the trip. Plus, mountain biking in this area is prominently admired as it is one of the most diverse and doable biking trails in the Annapurna area. 

    Annapurna circuit

    The subtropical to the alpine atmosphere is truly explored during mountain biking in the Annapurna region of Nepal. This unique route also includes a Mani wall and prayer wheels, apple orchards, natural hot springs, and a wide range of flora and fauna along the trail through various areas and landscapes.

    Annapurna circuit itinerary

    Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

    Day 02: City Cycling tour (Warm UP)

    Day 03: Drive to Besisahar

    Day 04: Besisahar to Dharapani

    Day 05: Dharapani to Chame

    Day 06: Chame to Upper Pisang

    Day 07: Upper Pisang to Manang

    Day 08: Manang Acclimatization

    Day 09: Manang to Thorong Phedi

    Day 10: Thorong Phedi to Muktinath via Thorong La Pass

    Day 11: Muktinath to Tukuche

    Day 12: Tukuche to Tatopani

    Day 13: Tatopani to Beni and drive to Pokhara

    Day 14: Cycling around Pokhara

    Day 15: Fly back to Kathmandu

    Day 16: Departure

    Annapurna Extreme

    Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

    Day 02: City Cycling tour (Warm UP)

    Day 03: Kathmandu to Dhading Besi

    Day 04: Dhading Besi to Gorkha

    Day 05: Gorkha to BesiSahar

    Day 06: Besi Sahar to Tal

    Day  07: Tal to Chame

    Day 08: Chame to Manang

    Day 09: Manang to Thorong Phedi

    Day 10: Thorong Phedi to Muktinath

    Day 11: Muktinath to Tatopani

    Day 12: Tatopani to Kushma

    Day 13: Kushma to Pokhara

    Day 14: Cycling around Pokhara

    Day 15: Drive or fly to Kathmandu

    Day 16: Departure

    The itineraries and trips mentioned here are subject to customisation upon request. 

    Mountain Biking for the Beginners

    For every sort of biking adventure, there’s a bike and a destination. And for each destination, there’s a type of bike that follows. Nepal, a diverse country rich in landscapes, boasts a wide range of biking adventures. A right mountain bike means a great companion consistent with the destination discipline. A perfect bike heeds to the mountain atmosphere and offers an enjoyable ride. So, having the right bike as per the place you are trying to peddle is one of the most important things before you embark on a mountain trip. 

    Depending upon the size and weight of frame and suspension, there are four types of mountain bikes. 

    1. XC  Bikes (Cross-Country Bikes)

    • Hardtail Suspension with 100-120  mm suspension amount.
    • Suitable for cross country biking. 
    • Sporty riding through forests, fields, paves and gravels. 
    1. Trail Mountain Bikes

    • Versatile and lightweight bikes, best suitable for rugged and rough terrains. 
    • Suspension with 120-150 mm suspension amount. 
    • Suitable for different riding styles. Good downhill and cross country performance. 
    1. All Mountain or Enduro Mountain Bikes

    • Designed for speed on downhills, also suitable for an uphill climb. 
    • Suspension with 140-180 mm suspension travel amount. 
    • Efficient pedalling and better mountain performance. 
    1. Downhill & Freeride Mountain Bikes (DH)

    • Good for stunts but a little heavier than other bikes. 
    • 180-250 mm travel suspension amount. 
    • Best suitable for downhills and descents due to its good grips. 

    Having a good experience of biking on plain terrains are fruitful for hardcore mountain biking. Also, having good bike and mountain biking training with an experienced biker is important before pursuing biking adventure in the offbeat and high elevation areas. 

    Better bike handling skill and good physical fitness is important for mountain biking. Athletic experience in the mountains is always strenuous, however, biking for professional mountain bikers is always a fun and living experience to endure. 

    In the mountain terrains where the diverse landscapes and trails are mostly unpredictable and sometimes end in a difficult path, having a technical understanding and good knowledge of terrestrial challenges and sound biking skills are important. For efficient riding, excellent fitness may not be a mandatory thing, but strength and energy durability with technical expertise can reward you with the finest mountain experience. 

    Besides the technical expertise of mountain biking, having a strong base that favours speed and intensity is important. Going on frequent biking before settling on the rugged mountain terrains can help you build the strength, technique and good adaptability for the adventure you verge into. 

    After developing the endurance and strength that you require for mountain biking start working on the front-wheel lift and uphill obstacles.

    Gears and equipment for Mountain Biking

    Gears and equipment play an essential role in efficient bike handling. It further helps you develop a treading technique that favours your body and helps you restrain the shock and endure capability. 

    As per, an outdoor recreation equipment inc., the gears and equipment for mountain biking are enlisted here. 



    Core Gears

    Hydration pack
    First Aid items

    Core repair kits

    Spare tube and patch kit
    Compact pump
    Tire levers
    Chain tool/chain links/nuts and bolts
    Duct tape/lubricants


    Wicking jersey/top 
    Footwear suited to bike’s pedals
    Padded shorts or tights 
    Cycling socks
    Weatherproof gloves
    Wind jacket for cool conditions
    Arm/leg warmers


    Water bottles with cages
    Cycling computer and/or GPS Compass
    Saddle or handlebar bag 
    Wrist altimeter

    Free Riding Gear

    Full-face helmet 
    Elbow pads
    Shin guards 
    Upper-body protection


    Medical information 
    Emergency contact card  
    Performance food/gels/drinks 
    Lip balm 
    Insect repellent  
    Guidebook or route description 
    Trailhead permit (if needed)
    Small, quick-dry towel (for cleanups) 
    Baby wipes (for cleanups)
    Toilet paper/tissue
    Cash/credit card/ID

    Best time for mountain biking in Nepal

    Nepal has been known for its diverse climatic properties. All year round, Nepal offers a wide range of experiences that are distinct and different with each seasonal change. Meanwhile, autumn and springtime are widely admired due to the clear visibility, moderate temperature and favourable weather. 

    The months of September, October and November are Autumn in Nepal. This time is also best suitable for trekking and other adventure activities. During these months, the moderate climate rewards you with more visibility and wide Himalayan spectrums. A diverse range of flora and fauna, spectacular mountains and other terrains are clear during this time. So, mountain biking during this time of the year can reward you with mind-blowing experiences in the mountains of Nepal. 

    Shey Phoksundo

    The Spring season is also the best time to visit Nepal for mountain biking. The months of March, April and May are the spring months in Nepal. During these months, the weather is clear, the climate is favourable and the temperature is moderate, helping you explore the amazing trails and mountain terrains of Nepal. The biking experience during this time of the year is also favourable as the chances of rainfall are low during this time and the weather is also not frosty. 

    The monsoon time is also a good time for mountain biking if you want to pedal into the trans-Himalayan zones of Nepal. The Mustang and Dolpo areas observe less rainfall during the monsoon. So, pedalling into these places can be significantly better than other places in Nepal. 

    And you will also get an opportunity to explore the mountain regions of Nepal that have so many experiences to offer and the mindblowing vistas and landscapes to explore. 

    The summer and winter can be harsh due to sunny and frosty climates. However, with good preparations and gears, mountain biking has no boundaries. 

    Mountain Biking Tips

    • There is no purpose-made biking trail in the mountains of Nepal, so biking in nature trails can be difficult and exciting at the same time. Therefore, for freeriding, you need to be very efficient and technically sound. 
    • Having previous mountain biking experience and great skills can be very helpful. 
    • There is every type of trail. For beginners, the easy trails and for hardcore adventurers, extreme trails are also there. So, Nepal entertains every type of peddler who wishes to enjoy the serenity of the mountains. 
    • Always wear appropriate clothing. Carry essential gears along. 
    • Don’t push yourself to exhaustion. And master biking skills. 
    • For mountain biking in Nepal, owning a bike is not always important. If you want to explore mountains by hiring a good mountain bike, then there are many rental companies that offer hiring facilities. The cost of hiring a mountain bike may vary depending upon the length of period you are in need of and the type of bike. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where to do mountain biking in Nepal?

      There are a lot of places where you can do mountain biking. This epic adventure never fails to amaze the peddlers with the astounding mountain terrains and complete nature-based mountain biking in Nepal. Some of the popular places in Nepal for mountain biking are the lower Everest region, Mustang, Annapurna Circuit, Upper Dolpo, and the outskirts of Kathmandu and Pokhara valley. The biking is adventurous in the sense that you get to explore the biking trails in an absolute natural settlement. The rugged and rough trails are unique and full of natural wonders in the mountains of Nepal. 


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