Dhampus Village of Nepal
Dhampus Village of Nepal

Dhampus Village of Nepal

The village is on the gateway to the Annapurna conservation area and on the route of Annapurna base camp trek and several other treks.

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Dhampus Village

Dhampus village is located 25 KM north of the central Kaski district. Dhampus is a traditional Gurung village situated at an altitude of 1650 m above the sea level. The village offers an opportunity to explore the lifestyle of the ethnic Gurung community.

Besides, one can experience the landscape view of the Himalayas. Annapurna Mountain range and Manaslu Mountain range are the notable mountain ranges which can be seen from Dhampus. Sunrise and sunset views from the hilltop would be an amazing experience. Village life experience is the key thing to see during your Dhampus visit.

Dhampus village is also famous for a short day and overnight hiking from Pokhara valley. The village is on the gateway to the Annapurna conservation area and on the route of Annapurna base camp trek and several other treks. There are two hiking routes to reach Dhampus village. People can reach by the off-road drive to Dhampus.

One route begins from Phedi village, around 30 minutes drive from Pokhara. From Phedi, an uphill hike begins, which is approx 2 KM to reach lower Dhampus. After reaching the viewpoint area you can start the walk towards the village settlement of Dhampus village.

Another route is from Kande, about 2 KM uphill hike to reach Australian camp. After reaching Australian camp, one can see the 180-degree view of Annapurna Mountain Range, Manaslu Mountain Range, Pokhara Valley, Landscape view and the lower part of Dhampus village. Another 4 KM hike from Australian camp will take you to the Dhampus village.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Facts about Dhampus


    Dhampus Village

    Dhampus Elevation


    Australian Camp Elevation


    Ethinic Community


    Distance from Pokhara

    25 KM


    Hiking, Village Tour and Camping

    Best time to Visit

    Spring (March, April, May)

    Autumn (September, October, November)

    Dhampus Weather

    The weather of Dhampus village is extensively mild and pleasant. The average annual temperature in Dhampus is 16 degrees Celsius and the average rainfall is 3916 mm. The weather is apparent in the spring and autumn season. Autumn (October and November) is the best season to visit Dhampus village. Except for autumn, Spring (March to May) is another best season to visit Dhampus.

    Dhampus village

    People also visit during the summer season, which is not highly recommended. Heavy rainfall occurs from July to September. In comparison, winter could be the best time. Visitors can enjoy the hike during the freezing days of December to March. But they could enjoy a campfire with BBQ dinner at night.

    Things to do in Dhampus

    If you are planning to visit Dhampus village and wondering about what are the things you can do over there, here is our suggestion on it:

    Hike from Phedi

    Phedi is about 15 KM far from Pokhara Lakeside. It takes around 30 minutes of driving to reach. It is located in the corner of two hills at an altitude of 1130 m above sea level. Your hike starts from Phedi to Dhampus. After a 2 KM uphill hike from Phedi, you will reach the lower Dhampus village. You can enjoy the golden rice terrace field view from local people.

    Another 2 KM of the walk will take you to the Dhampus village. After that, you can walk through the village area. Enjoy your walking around the village, animal rearing and sightseeing the locals and their daily works during the hike. Dhampus village is a pathway of some trek routes, including Ghorepani Poon hill trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Mardi Himal trek and classic Royal trek.

    Hike from Kande

    After a 31 KM ride from Pokhara, you will reach Kande, which is on the way to Baglung/Beni highway. You could enjoy a short scenic drive to Kande, situated at an altitude of 1772 m above sea level.

    The hike starts from Kande to Dhampus, after 2 KM from the walk you reach Australian camp. The Australian camp is known as “ Thulo Kharka” among the locals. The height of the Australian camp is 2045m above sea level.Travelers can enjoy the panoramic view of  Annapurna mountain range from the Australian camp. After the Australian camp, you should hike down 4 KM to reach Dhampus village.

    Sunrise and Sunset View

    Dhampus village is a hilly landscape and an evergreen hill with great Himalayas views. At sunrise, you can experience the sculpture, mountain views and the dense forest with colourful wildflowers. This beautifully maintained place offers a panoramic view of the sunset in the evening. Travellers can enjoy the excellent wonder as the colours dance over the top of the Himalayas.

    Gurung Culture and Village Experience

    Dhampus village is populated by the Gurung community. The villagers practice their ancient culture and traditions. Which are still followed by their new generations. Gurungs are also known as Gurkha, a symbol of bravery. Gurkhas have been serving in India and British army forces from the second world war.

    dhampus village sunset

    Dhampus trip could be the best opportunity to understand the local culture and tradition of Gurung communities and their lifestyle. They serve their delicious traditional food and also perform Gurung culture on some special occasions and festivals.


    One can experience overnight camping at Dhampus village or at Australian camp. Local lodges offer camping spots and required logistics. More likely a tented accommodation, outside fire camp and local food to the visitors.

    Accommodation in Dhampus

    Many tourists visit Dhampus village due to the easy availability of the hotels, lodges, resorts and homestays.

    Accommodation is properly facilitated for a group gathering, small group and solo travellers. The guest houses and Homestays offer services according to the visitor’s demand. 

    Dhampus trek

    Homestays offer Gurung hospitality cultures, local cuisine, traditional welcome and village accommodation. Guesthouses and cottages offer luxurious rooms, modern meals, internet and hot water showers.

    Best time to visit Dhampus

    Spring (March, April and May) and Autumn (October, November and December) are the best time to visit Dhampus village. During these seasons the weather is pleasant and amazing to witness the blue sky, panoramic views of the mountains, gorgeous nature and for short hiking around the village.

    The temperature is unique and favourable for hiking, adventure activities and sightseeing around the nearby village. Winter (January and February) could be the second-best option but summer (June to September) isn’t recommended.

    Dhampus Village Trek/Hike Itinerary

    Here are three different trip itineraries to experience Dhampus village in your short visit. One can choose any among them, which suits best.

    Dhampus Day Hike:

    Early morning drive to Kande and start your hike to Australian camp. After a short rest hike towards Dhampus village. Have lunch in Dhampus and start your hike to Phedi. Drive to Pokhara from Phedi.

    Dhampus Overnight Hike from Phedi:

    Early morning drive to Phedi and start your hike to Dhampus. After 3 hours of walking, you can reach Dhampus village. Have your lunch and take some rest. Later proceed your walk to Australian camp and stay your night here. The next day after breakfast hike down to Kade and drive back to Pokhara.

    Dhampus Overnight Hike via Kande:

    Start your drive to Kande from Pokhara. Hike up to Australian camp and stay a long time to enjoy the view. Also, have your lunch at the Australian camp. Later, hike down to the village and spend your night. The next day after breakfast hike down to Phedi and drive back to Pokhara.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where is Dhampus village?

      Dhampus is a well known tourist attraction near Pokhara, about 25KM north, it takes 2 hours drive to reach.

    • What are the major attractions of Dhampus village?

      Dhampus village itself an attraction, beside that village life experience, sunset/sunrise view, mountain view and hill side camping are the other attractions of Dhampus village.

    • How to reach Dhampus from Pokhara?

      Dhampus has been just 25KM far from Pokhara. Travelers can reach there by a private drive or a sharing public transport which can be found at Hari Chowk or Shrijana Chowk of Pokhara.


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