easy treks in nepal
5 Popular Easy Treks in Nepal for Beginners

5 Easy Treks in Nepal

To trek in the mountains is to gain wisdom and take a deep peek into life.

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5 easy treks in nepal

Nepal: a land where towering peaks touch the sky, diverse cultures converge, and where the very essence of adventure and exploration thrives.  Nepal is the perfect destination for trekkers who want to experience stunning landscapes, immerse themselves in welcoming local communities, and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas. Within this guide, you will find a collection of ten easy treks that serve as an introduction to the enchanting world of Himalayan trekking.

Trekking, a harmonious symphony of physical challenge, natural wonder, and cultural immersion, finds its ideal stage in Nepal. With an array of trails catering to various levels of experience, the Himalayan nation beckons both the novice and the seasoned explorer. Our target audience includes individuals who have a strong desire to explore, a curiosity about the unfamiliar, and an appreciation for the abundant beauty that Nepal has to offer.

Every trek on this list has been handpicked to ensure that beginners can fully enjoy the experience of trekking without feeling overwhelmed by its more challenging aspects. These routes wind through pristine valleys, traverse verdant forests, introduce you to ancient cultures, and reward your efforts with awe-inspiring vistas. Here, amidst the grandeur of the Himalayas, you'll discover that every step is an opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime.

As we explore this guide, we will not only discuss the ten treks but also offer valuable information on preparation, safety, cultural customs, and responsible trekking practices. We will provide you with guidance on the essentials, including selecting the appropriate gear and the best time to set off on these trails. This guide is more than just a simple list of treks. It serves as your passport to an unforgettable adventure, where the majestic mountains meet the endless skies.

So, fellow traveler, lace up your boots, breathe in the crisp Himalayan air, and venture into the heart of the Himalayas. This is your invitation to begin a new chapter in your trekking story, one that unfolds against the backdrop of Nepal’s unparalleled beauty.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Easy Treks in Nepal

    Nepal is known for its mind-blowing  Himalayan aura. The beautiful mountain landscapes and diverse terrains are the major attractions of the country. It boasts a wide range of Himalayas in the northern belt, entirely from eastern Nepal to the west. Many trekkers, mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts visit Nepal to explore the authenticity of the big mountains. And in some way, be it vantage points, base camps, summits, or the random treks, adventurers consume the beauty of the jaw-dropping Himalayan atmosphere. 

    List of 5 Easy Treks in Nepal


    Maximum Elevation

    Langtang Valley Trek

    3800 m.

    Pikey Peak Trek

    4065 m.

    Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek

    3660 m.

    Mohare Danda Trek

    3300 m.

    Everest Panorama Trek

    3840 m. 


    Trekking in the mountains of Nepal has its own perks. The authentic experience is what this country has. The undiluted culture, nature and pristine landscapes are admirable. If you are a beginner and want to taste the thrill of trekking, Nepal is a wonderful destination. 

    Pushing extra mileage may not always work, but keeping the pace alive can always take you to places you have never been before. Here’s the list of 5 easy treks in Nepal that you can complete in a short time and with ease. 

    Langtang valley trek

    Langtang valley trek is one of the most sought after treks in Nepal. It is comparatively easier than some high altitude offbeat treks. It is a wonderful place for trekkers who wish to explore the less crowded, less commercialized and authentic touch of nature. Inhabited by Tamangs and Sherpas, Langtang valley has a long history, some tragedies of earthquakes a few years back and a wide range of flora and fauna in Langtang National Park.

    Langtang valley trek

    The Langtang valley trek is considered easy due to its slow crawl trail and less ascend and requires no acclimatization for your body to adapt. With gradual ascent, you can get used to this beautiful place. The cultural dimension of this place is also an important factor that makes Langtang a unique and authentic trekking destination of Nepal. The hospitable people of Langtang offer to dine local cuisine and fine teahouse accommodation. Since the Langtang region is not so developed, expecting the luxury of suburbs might not be a good idea. It has its own authenticity and offers a wonderful life-changing experience. 

    Pikey Peak Trek

    Pikey Peak trek provides astonishing glimpses of the nature and culture in the Everest region of Nepal. A peek into the beautifully peculiar lifestyle of Khumbu and Everest mountains in sight is probably the best part of trekking to the pikey peak. This is an incredible vantage point that has some mesmerizing beauty of flora and fauna, unspoiled culture, and pristine natural beauty. 

    Pikey peak trek

    Pikey peak is a short trekking destination that offers spectacular views of Mount Everest and other neighbouring mountains. If you want to explore Everest from a relatively offbeat route and explore the local culture that is so naive and unspoiled, Pikey peak would be an amazing choice.

    Trekking to Pikey Peak enables you to explore the authenticity of the mountains. It is the tallest vantage point of Solukhumbu. 

    Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek

    Shey Phokdundo lake trek is an amazing experience for the people who wish to witness the spectacular turquoise-hued lake in the amazing settlement of Dolpo. The trek to Shey Phoksundo is suitable for people of all ages and offers a variety of experiences. There are several Gompas that are made by Bon Po adherents and Tibetan influence can be seen in the lifestyle of people. Trekking to this part of Nepal is unique in the sense that it offers an ideal blend of pristine nature, culture and isolated lifestyle in the Dolpo region of Nepal. 

    Sitting at an elevation of 3600 m above sea level, Phoksundo lake is an amazing oligotrophic lake and one of the best of its kind. The total trek duration to Shey Phoksundo lake is about 10 days and it can be completed easily with a moderate trek speed and a strong determination to accomplish. 

    Mohare Danda Trek

    Mohare Danda Trek is an easy and rewarding trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Exploring the Mohare Danda allows you to explore the majestic Annapurna Range, Machhapuchhre, Gangapurna, and several other mountain panoramas. This vantage point serves as an alternate to the sought after Poonhill trek and has better views and is one of the best vantage points with an elevation of 3300 m. 

    This trek is a short and quick escapade for people who wants to explore a wide range of Himalayas, culture and traditions in a short period of time. Further, the advantage is, it is one of the easy treks with an adaptable slight elevation gain. It is also a newly discovered trek. 

    mohare danda trek

    The hill of Mohare has some mind-blowing views to offer. From the spectacular Himalayas of the Annapurna region to the beautiful mountain meadows, floating beyond the clouds, and glittering sunrise that just reflects the Himalayan touch in front of you are the best part of exploring Mohare Hill. 

    Everest Panorama Trek

    Everest Panorama Trek is offbeat and one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal. It offers a wide range of experiences in the Khumbu region. A perfect scenic and adventure blended Everest panorama trek are ideal for people who want to go a little unconventional and explore the unseen part of the Khumbu. The trek starts from Lukla and passes through Namche and Monjo and returns back to Lukla to attend the flight back to Kathmandu. 

    Everest View hotel

    The major attractions of the trek are the spectacular views of glorious Mount Everest, and other neighbouring mountains. 3867 m, being the highest point, makes the trek more comfortable than the other treks that require it to be at higher altitudes. So, this trek is doable and the best part is it can be completed in a relatively short time. The breakfast at Everest view hotel is one of the best experiences after a few hours hike from Namche during the Panorama trek.

    Trekking in the mountains of Nepal has some unique and life-changing experiences. For beginners and newbie trekkers, the low altitude and easy treks are suitable. It makes them prepared for new adventures and teaches them to tackle the mountains at a pace that favours physical ability. 

    Explore the easy treks in Nepal and indulge yourself in a beautiful mix of nature and culture in the mountain region of Nepal. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What makes these treks easy?
      The trekking difficulty significantly rises due to the elevation and the nature of geography. The treks here are not above 4000 m. above sea level and have comfortable stays in stopovers. Mostly the engagement with people is seen during the trek.  Though there are some offbeat treks, trekking is not difficult in terms of elevation gain, stopovers, and accessibility. 
    • What is the best time to visit Nepal for trekking?
      The autumn and spring feature an incredible moderate climate and weather. During these seasons, the sky is mostly clear, the temperature is moderate and less chance of rainfall. So, trekking in Nepal is best done in Autumn and Spring. 
    • What else can I do while trekking in Nepal?
      Trekking is not only mountain exploration but also a wonderful way to explore the culture and traditions of local people. While trekking in Nepal, you can explore the heritage sites, temples and gompas, lifestyle and culture, adventure activities, and many other things around the various places of Nepal. 
    • Is it important to get a guide while trekking?
      It is not always important to get a guide while trekking in Nepal. But having a guide ensures safety, care of comfort and better navigation while trekking in the mountains of Nepal. So, yes, its important to have a guide but not necessary. 


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