Activities in Nepal
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From day hikes to month-long trekking destinations, we have more than 50 adventure activities and destinations for you to choose from. We will provide you with detailed schedules and plans for different trips in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet taking your preferences in mind. A short activity gives much adventure and memory during a holiday while a lengthy retreat is more thrilling and relaxing. 

Whether you are a religious person, an adventure seeker, a yoga enthusiast, or a curious history buff, we have activities specifically dedicated to your interests. We have varieties of packages for the same destination focusing on different activities in each of them. Let us give you every single detail about those available activities in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. You can pick between yoga, day hikes, trekking trips, bungee jumping, river-side camping, and many more options. 

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Bhutan Luxury Tour : Indulge in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

The Bhutan Luxury Tour Package is the ultimate way to explore the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan, as it combines the best of comfort, exclusivity, and personalized experiences.

by Kiran Neupane

Annapurna Circuit Trek Itinerary

The Annapurna Circuit Trek Itinerary is an 18-day adventure through Nepal's diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, featuring highlights such as Thorong La Pass, Muktinath Temple, and Poon Hill.

by Kiran Neupane

10 Best Winter Treks in Nepal

The chill cool mountain air, snow-capped peaks, changing forest shades, foggy mornings, colourful pleasant early sunset, and the pristine natural ambience of the Himalayas make the winter trek in Nepal much more exceptional.

by Anjala Bhatta

Yoga and Meditation in Nepal

Experience yoga in the Himalayas!

by Kiran Neupane

Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding in Pokhara is an awesome experience, you will fly like a bird and can witness the bird's eye view of Pokhara and the surrounding.

by Kiran Neupane

Camping Around Kathmandu

Camping around Kathmandu is the easiest way to spend a restful weekend upon your choice, preferences and budget.

by Deepak Raj Bhatta