Camping Around Kathmandu
Know the best hill side and riverside camping places near Kathmandu!

Camping Around Kathmandu

An overnight Camping around Kathmandu would give you a short escape to enjoy the sunrise, sunset, landscape, Himalayas and valley views from the top of the hills.

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Camping in Nepal

Camping around Kathmandu is the easiest way to spend a restful weekend upon your choice, preferences and budget. Kathmandu valley offers several hillside and riverside camping places for an overnight outing. 

An overnight Camping around Kathmandu would give you a short escape to enjoy the sunrise, sunset, landscape, Himalayas and valley views from the top of the hills. Beside the hillside camping, some riverside camping places are famous near Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, has the only international airport of Nepal, so it’s the first reaching point of every traveller. Travelers usually spend their remaining nights in Kathmandu. To them, overnight camping near Kathmandu would be a memorable trip during their Nepal visit.

Camping is an outdoor activity, for one or more days, generally in a tent for recreation and enjoyment. But in Nepal camping depends on the available resources. People usually prefer tent accommodation though in some parts they may have to adjust their stay at home-stays or cottages.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Camping in Nepal

    Most youths prefer to go camping from different organizations, such as Scout, Fans Clubs or from the colleges. Schools and colleges often take their students for overnight camping with some field work.

    The trend of group camping and individual camping is growing among the youths of Nepal. Hiking the outskirts and earthing the camp in the open area is one of the best things to do in Nepal. 

    Why do people go for Camping?

    • Holidays celebration

    • Weekend celebration

    • Explore nature

    • Educational tour

    • Photography Purpose

    • Adventure purpose

    Camping excursions also give families connections and a chance to interact with nature. There are various types of camping. From tents to RV and Van camping and adventure camps, different kinds of camping are widely popular throughout the world. Considering the incredible mountain landscapes of Nepali terrains, the hillside camping and riverside camping are most common in Nepal.

    Tent Camping

    Outdoor camping in tents. 


    Glamorous Camping, exploring the wilderness with luxury. 

    Adventure Camping

    Camping for adventure, hardcore natural exploration. 

    Canoe Camping

    Kayaking or Canoeing to different places and enjoying the wilderness of the river, involves camping besides the river in nature. 

    Backpacking Camping

    Backcountry Camping, where people explore the wilderness, away from human habitats. 

    RV and Van Camping

    House on wheels, travelling in the vehicle facility into nature. 

    Survivalist Camping

    Hardcore primitive camping, exploring the extremely remote nature.

    Hammock Camping

    Tying a hammock between two trees and enjoying the wilderness. 

    Hillside Camping

    Camping in the mountains and hilly area, exploring the mountain landscapes. 

    Riverside Camping

    Camping on the banks of the river, enjoying the stream burble. 

    Riverside Camping near Kathmandu

    Riverside camping is where people put up tents to spend their nights at the bank of the river. River activities like rafting, fishing, swimming and campfires are the popular things to do in riverside camping. 

    All age groups can enjoy the riverside camping with their family and friends. These campsites are most popular and incredible for a quick escape from the hectic lifestyle of the urban cities.

    Nepal boasts a lot of river basins and their tributary river systems. Including the rivulets and tributaries, the estimated number of rivers in Nepal is more than 6000. So, riverside camping is the most popular and appropriate option to explore the wilderness in the diverse geographical terrains of Nepal. 

    Here are three notable places for riverside camping near Kathmandu.

    Sukute Beach

    Sukute is one of the best riverside camping destinations to spend an overnight visit. Visitors can celebrate their weekend with rafting, camping and some other available activities. Tent, Cottage and Deluxe Rooms are available at the resorts in Sukute, which offers a nice and clean place to stay.

    Sukute Beach also offers outdoor activities like beach parties, beach volleyball, swimming pool, campfire and Kayaking.

    Sukute beach has emerged as one of the finest destinations near Kathmandu for night outs and camping activities. It has a nice ambience and beach experiences to offer. You can explore the lush greenery  in the surrounding and impeccable natural beauty.

    The distance between Kathmandu and Sukute beach is 44 kilometers, and lies on the banks of Bhote Koshi River. People can get public transportation from the Old bus park of Kathmandu, it takes around 4/5 hours to reach Sukute beach. Private transportation would be a good idea for your comfort and luxury.


    Dolalghat is 59 kilometers away from Kathmandu. It is a tributary bank of Sunkoshi and Indravati river. It is a quiet and beautiful riverside bank in between two huge hills, one can hear the sound of the river flowing. Local fish is the most famous food that everyone prefers during their Dolalghat visit.

    Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like volleyball, swimming, fishing and beach dance. This place is also considered as a picnic spot. It could be a perfect camping place for your visit to chill and relax.

    Public transportation is easily available to reach Dolalghat from Kathmandu. A private transport will ensure you a comfortable and timely travel. 

    Trishuli River

    Trishuli is about 85 kilometers from Kathmandu, on the way to Pokhara. Several beach resorts are there in Trishuli river. It’s a famous Rafting river in Nepal.

    Travelers can choose their accommodation according to their budget and comforts. From tent accommodation to luxury resorts are available at your service.

    The Trishuli riverside beach also offers similar activities like Sukute and Dolalghat. Riverside camp fire, beach volleyball, rafting, kayaking, swimming, fishing, beach party and picnic are all things available in Trushili. Local fish at Malekhu is also a wonderful offering during your camping adventure. Manakamana cable car is another major thing to explore in Trishuli river. 

    Various kinds of public transportation are available to reach Trushuli from Kathmandu. Tourist buses from Kathmandu to Pokhara are the best public transportation to use. Private transportation is always there at your service.

    Hillside Camping near Kathmandu

    Hillside camping is about to stay overnight at the hill top or villages around the hills. A day hiking to overnight camping would be the best combination. During the additional village tour and Homestay accommodation will be there. Sunrise, Sunset, Landscape hills and Himalayas view are the key attractions of hilltop camping in Nepal. Tent, cottage, Homestays and guest houses accommodation are available for hillside camping in Nepal. In some locations, luxurious resorts are also available.

    Hillside camping is getting popular for the amazing adventure it offers. Hiking and trekking in the hilly region and exploring the diversity of ecosystems alongside camping in the natural abode is the best thing one can do in the mountains of Nepal.

    Most of the landscape of Nepal is mountainous. Mountains cover 68% of the total landmass of Nepal, whereas the Himalayas occupy 15% of total land. The rest 17% of the total area is the Terai region. Mountains of Nepal  are mostly remote and uninhabited. So, the pristine beauty can be explored in the mountains and camping is the best thing to do. However, while camping, taking necessary precautions and safety measures is extremely important as the mountain jungles are home to wild animals.

    Here are the popular destinations for hillside camping around Kathmandu valley.


    Bethanchowk is one of the most popular destinations on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. It is popular for the pilgrimage's importance as well as the incredible natural beauty. The sweeping panorama of the Himalayas is spectacular from the Bethanchowk hill. The splendid views of Mount Everest, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Langtang range and many other neighbouring peaks are seen from the hilltop.

    The Bethanchowk hill is the highest mountain of the Mahabharata Range in the southern rim of the Kavrepalanchowk district. Situated at an elevation of 3000 m above sea level, this hill is famous for camping and hiking activities. The hike to Bethanchowk hill starts from Dhumkharka and takes about 3-4 hours to reach there. The wilderness during the hiking is mindblowing. The Himalayas and valley views are seen from the hill and the pristine nature of this mountain foundation is worth exploring.

    Camping is popular in Bethanchowk. Away from the human settlement, on the top of the hill, camping is indeed an incredible activity that you can do. The rocky formation, slopes and mountain panorama seen from the top are the best things to explore here. This is not only a destination to camp but a destination to explore the pristine natural beauty and wonderful natural atmosphere. From a distant view, one can see the lowlands like Makwanpur and Janakpur districts.

    A drive from Kathmandu will take you to the Panauti village in Nepal. From Panauti bus park, a bus to Dhumkharka is available. After reaching Dhungkharka, hiking will begin to reach Bethanchowk hill.

    Balthali Village

    Balthali village is a wonderful place for night-outs and weekend getaway. It is 40 kilometres away from Kathmandu. The village hiking tour around Balthali allows you to discover the amazing views of the green hills, including the northern Himalayas with sunrise and sunset views.

    Balthali is an attractive traditional village with its countryside and traditional farmhouses. The houses are built in pagoda style of various colours. The area is full of green landscaped farmlands and forests.

    High hills of lush green Mahabharat Range dominate the backyard. Rhododendron, pine and sal trees cover the jungle. Culture lovers can enjoy traditional customs, food and virtual lifestyles. Balthali hiking is also a chance to get the life of an urban and enjoy the hilly region’s peaceful climate.

    Balthai is an easily reachable destination near Kathmandu. To reach Balthali, you can drive to Khopasi, 35 kilometers away from Kathmandu and walk to the Balthali village for 45 to 60 minutes. During the hike, you will get a chance to see one of Nepal’s oldest hydroelectric projects and you will have to pass through a short footbridge.

    Lele Village

    Lele could be the unique camping palace from Kathmandu, which is just 14 kilometres away from the city. The agricultural farmlands are splendid in this village. Yet to commercialize as a regular tourist destination, this village has a lot of experiences to offer to the visitors. Local travellers visit this place for a night out as well as for a day tour.  Lele offers you a genuine village atmosphere, agricultural beauty, ecology and diverse hiking routes. Besides that, it’s also known for mushroom and wine production.

    The locals are always ready to welcome tourists with their Homestay accommodation. If you want to camp here, you have to bring tents and equipment by yourself. Though public transport is available to reach Lele we highly recommend taking a private one. You can enjoy the scenic hill drive.

    Kakani Village

    Kakani is a famous picnic spot near Kathmandu. It is located just 22 KM away from the central part of the Kathmandu valley. This village offers you overnight camping with various things to experience in its territories. Several local lodges, guest houses and Homestays offer your night stay in Kakani.

    Nepal scout provides tent accommodation on advance booking. Also, you can bring your own tent for camping facilities in the outskirts and open space. One can discover multiple mountain ranges from Kakani including the incredible Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang and Ganesh Himal along with other neighbouring peaks and mountains. Rainbow Trout fishing and Strawberry fruit are the major foods to try in this beautiful village of Nepal. 

    Public transport is easily available from the bypass road, new bus park to reach Kakani. A day of hiking from Tokha is another option to reach this village. People can hire a private vehicle for their comfort. Bike riding can be a convenient and easier way for a Kakani visit. 

    Lapsiphedi and Jarsing Pauwa

    Lapsiphedi is the northern part of Kathmandu, bordered by the Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. One can reach there via Sakhu after a 27-kilometre drive. Tamang village settlement is one of the attractions of Lapsiphedi. People can explore their culture and lifestyle. Locally run Homestays and guest houses are available for your overnight camping to Lapsiphesi.

    Jarsing Pauwa is on the way to Lapsiphesi, and offers similar types of services like Lapsiphedi. A hike from Jarsingh Pouwa to Nagarkot is also an additional thing to do. 

    A long day hike from Sundarijal to Lapsiphedi via Chisapani could be the best things a traveler would enjoy. Closer views of Langtang mountain ranges will heal your hiking pain. Tea Garden of Bhotechaur and nearby rainbow trout farms are the other attractions to explore. People will offer you organic, local foods of your choice.

    Visitors can reach Lapsiphedi via Chabahil, Jorpati, Sakhu and Jarsingh Pouwa. Public transport is available from Jorpati but it is not recommended to visit Lapsiphedi.

    Chitlang Village

    Chitlang is a popular night out and a weekend destination from Kathmandu. Organic agro farms, goat farms, Indra Sarovar lake and the village itself are the attractions of Chitlang village. Wood carving is another attraction. 

    Chitlang offers Homestays, tents and guest house accommodation for its visitors. This village is surrounded by a lovely green forest, and over 160 bird and animal species can be found in the jungles.

    There are more than a thousand pear trees in the large Pears garden. Few cottages were recently built between the gardens, providing visitors with an exciting stay.

    Private transportation or a day hike is the best option to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu.


    Nagarkot, a well-renowned tourist destination of Nepal, is 32 KM northeast of the Kathmandu Valley. It is famous for its Himalayas, sunrise and sunset. Among the locals, it’s a picnic destination and an overnight weekend destination. Several guesthouses and Homestays offer a camping trip to Nagarkot.

    Tent accommodation is rarely available in Nagarkot. A day hiking from Changunarayan or Dhulikhel, cycling from Bhaktapur and campfires are things to do during your overnight camping trip to Nagarkot.

    Nagarkot view tower is the main place to see the Himalayas and Kathmandu valley views from Nagarkot. During the open weather season, people can see Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling and Mahalangur ranges. Nagarkot is the easiest place to view Mount Everest. Autumn is the best time to visit Nagarkot to see the clear mountain view.

    Public transportation is easily available from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot. So, first travelers must drive from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur. Private transport is always there for your comfort and easy access. 

    Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park.

    The Shivapuri Nagarjun national park covers 159 square kilometers of northern Kathmandu. Nowadays, it’s a famous day hiking destination among the hiking lovers. The national park has more than 318 species of birds to explore. Cycling is another good thing to do in the national park. 

    Though the national park doesn’t allow for overnight camping inside its territory, people can experience a trip to nearby places close to the national park. Shivapuri village resort, Green valley resort, Dadagaun jungle resort and some other local Homestays offer you a camping trip. They also offer luxurious rooms, dormitory and tent accommodation. 

    Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is one of the best places for hiking and camping activities. It is popular for its incredible beauty and its mind-blowing atmosphere.

    Camping Equipments and Gears

    Camping is one of the most desired activities in Nepal. Often in the remote land where the accommodation facilities are less and wilderness of nature is present, camping is an appropriate option. While planning Camping in the mountains of Nepal, one needs to gather the resources and gears that will help to make the experience better.

    Having proper equipment and gears ensures the smooth operation of the plan. So, information about the camping destination, available infrastructures, location and every relevant information should be obtained. Some of the major gears that are needed in camping activities are provided here.

    Sleeping Equipments

    Tent, Gazebo, Tarp, Sleeping bag, Pillow and pad

    Living Gears

    Camp Chairs, Hammock and Straps, Laundry Bag, Toiletries, Towel.

    Cooking Kits

    Camping stove, grill, Fuel, Lighter, Cookware, Dishes and Cutlery, Coffee Pot, Camp Sink, Water, Thermos, Snacks, Meal, Knife and Cutting Board, Portable fridge. 

    Survival Kits

    Knife, Headlamps, Lanterns, Sun and Bug protection, Sanitizer, Energizers, First Aid Kits. 

    Entertainment gears

    Speakers, Music System, Solar Panel, Frisbee, Playing cards, Books, fishing gear, Camera, Recorder, Binoculars etc. 

    Safety Tips During Camping

    While camping in the remote mountains and riverside of Nepal, safety should be the utmost priority. Visiting the jungle areas and rivers, the campers expose themselves to the wild habitat and reptiles. So, it is very important to take some safety precautions. Safety and Responsible travel is extremely important while visiting the environmental and wildlife sensitive areas of Nepal. 

    • Always visit places responsibly. Visit less wildlife prone areas and don’t enter the restricted areas in the forest. 

    • Cook with Kerosene or Gas. Or use bio waste. 

    • Cook in a controlled way. Be cautious with the fire. Carelessness can cause hazardous bush and wildfire. 

    • Always carry a first aid kit to mitigate the emergencies. 

    • Look after the members in your group. Coordinate with each other effectively. 

    • Learn to set up the camp prior to the trip and pick the campsite before embarking the journey. 

    • Pack sensibly. Don’t carry a lot of clothes and equipment. 

    • Carry biodegradable items as much as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How can I camp for cheap?

      Dispersed camping is the best way to camp for cheap. You don’t have to pay for campsites and basically you can camp anywhere in the mountains. Carrying goods and gears in a cost efficient way is the best way to camp for cheap.

    • What should you bring for camping?

      Tents, clothes and food along with the first aid kit are essential for the camping activity. Prepare a checklist of what you might need and carry the items accordingly.

    • Which is the best camping place near Kathmandu?

      There are a lot of camping places near Kathmandu. Bethanchowk, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Kakani, Trishuli, Sukute Beach, Dhampus, Australian Camp etc. are the best places for Camping in Nepal. Also, in high altitude long distance treks, camping can be the only option to spend your night. So, it largely depends on which area you want to visit.

    • What’s best to sleep on while camping?

      The sleeping bag, Sleeping pads (Closed cell, self inflating or air pads), Pillows are good for comfort.


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