Cancellation Policy

A trip booking cancelation policy is one of the must know things while booking a trip with a travel agent. Travel companies have their own kind of terms and conditions on trip booking and cancelling.

As we know there might be various reasons for a trip cancelation. A client as well as the operator must become flexible on it. Being a wise tour company from Nepal and a unique concept of business operation, Altitude Himalaya is quite different in our booking cancelation policy.

Booking Cancelation form Client End:

  1. At first, we wish our clients never canceled a trip with us, our first priority is to operate their desired trip. But things happened unexpectedly, so we are ready to fully refund your advance payment (as we don’t ask you for full payment while booking time) before the 30 days of your trip. Alternatively, you can postpone your trip for the next date, and in that situation we will check the possibility and re-calculate the cost again and come up with a new deal. 

  2. Secondly, if you need to cancel your trip before 15 to 30 days, we will try our best to refund all though the hotels and guides we book in advance may charge us certain compensation as they are reserved for us and may go unused. In such conditions we will charge a certain amount, possibly 30-50 % of your advance amount. Still you can postpone your trip for the next date and we will revise your trip cost accordingly and quote you a new one.

  3. Thirdly, if you need to cancel your trip before 7 to 15 days of time, in such conditions we will refund 50% of your trip advance payment, as in such a situation we need to pay the hotels and our guides their compensation/cancelation cost. Even now you can postpone your trip for the next date and we will revise the trip cost for you.

  4. Finally we are not able to refund within the 7 days of departure time but we can postpone the trip with another revised trip cost. 

  5. The question may be raised, what if the booking period within the 30 days of departure, in such a context, we will apply 2, 3, and 4 numbers of points will apply respectively as above informed. 

  6. If there is a flight ticket or any additional activities offered by a third party booked and we have issued that for you, in such a situation we will deduct the cancelation charge from the provider and refund your amount accordingly. On the contrary, we will charge you if the postpone fee applies. 

Booking Cancelation form Altitude Himalaya End: 

  1. Altitude Himalaya will have all rights to cancel any trip booked with us anytime with a valid reason. We are all aware about various circumstances that affected many booked trips before, so in such a context we reserve all rights to cancel the trips booked with us. Next we will refund all the advance amount paid by our guest (it may take a certain time according to the situation). We warmly welcome if anyone wants to experience the same trip in the future with us, and we will not increase any cost in such an environment.