Terms And Conditions

The following booking terms and conditions represents the contract between the customer and Altitude Himalaya. Altitude Himalaya is a government registered tour and trek company based in Kathmandu, Nepal, established with an aim to provide the quality travel services.

At the time of booking, you are expected to read all the terms and conditions carefully. The booking confirmation will be given, thinking that you have read all the terms and conditions entitled by the core values of this company. After the booking process, you are completely obliged by the conditions mentioned below. These booking conditions are only applied to the bookings you have made with this company.

The following terms and conditions apply, however the circumstances and regulations, contractual obligations to suppliers and affairs related to locations, and product type may slightly vary depending upon the situation.

Our Booking Terms and Conditions

  • The price details and arrangement details provided in our website are governed by the Altitude Himalaya and have no obligations with other relevant companies.
  • With all due care and responsibility, the travel details are precisely tailored in our website. However, the information are based on the multiple suppliers, so company holds no responsibility for inaccuracy and misconstruction.
  • To make a booking, please follow the procedure shown in our website or ask the officials of the company about the booking procedure.
  • A minimum deposit of $100 per person or equivalent amount should be paid to confirm the tour/trek. After receiving the deposit, company will start all the arrangements and will be liable for your travel procedure. If, for any reason, booking amount is not received by the company, company reserve the full right to treat the booking as cancelled by you.  
  • For your flexibility, the final payments can be done after arriving to Nepal. However, the payment should be done at the time of briefing, otherwise company holds the full right to cancel all the services and trip.
  • The amendments in the plan incur some variation in price. So, the amendments will be done after analyzing the price increment or decrement factor.

Other Conditions

  • We advise all of our guests to make a travel insurance. It will help you during your travel period.
  • The company won’t be liable for the illegal activities and other serious concerns other than stated in our contract.
  • All the request relevant to the travel procedure must be in writing.

The following list represents the promises that ranked our company the best in the business within the supported holidays. We have built these promises which not only makes the further tour special but also a quality service.

Booking Corresponding

  • Our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable tour correspondents will answer all telephone calls and enquiries during business hours.
  • Correspondents will do their very best to answer and explain all questions posed to them. They will always speak to potential passengers with respect and inform them truthfully about our company.
  • Our staffs will make suggestions when appropriate, taking into account the customer’s interests and wishes, in order to make them prepared for the best possible holiday trip.
  • Any changes or special offers will be published on the website or our social media pages as soon as possible.

During the Holiday

  • The company crew will try to keep each holiday as flexible as possible.
  • If there’s something the group wants to do, every effort will be made to facilitate that activity.
  • All medication and spending money will be administered and distributed by qualified members of the crew, as arranged before the holiday.
  • Appropriate measures and precautions will be implemented to make every holiday as safe as it possibly can be.
  • Each passenger will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Passengers will receive the support they require, and privacy and dignity will be respected.
  • Every activity on the itinerary will be completed, barring exceptional circumstances.
  • Accommodation will always be comfortable, safe and well located.
  • Meals (as per the inclusion) will be professionally prepared and contribute to a balanced diet during the holiday.

After the Holiday

  • Passengers will be informed of the company points they have accumulated which can be used for discounts on future vacations.
  • Staff will respond to any complaints and a resolution will be sought in every case.
  • All feedback will be reviewed to identify the best parts of our vacations, and to see where improvement is needed.