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Situated on the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan provide visitors with the best thrilling adventures which they'll surely remember for their lifetime. We aim to cover the widest range of adventure articles, blogs, packages, and itineraries for you. People seek new and different adventures every day and we look to fulfill those desires. Altitude Himalaya has expertise in adventure tours for several years, so you can rest assured we will meet your expectations from the trip.

Whether you want to scale the mighty Everest, enjoy white river rafting, or maybe go for a circuit trek in one of the many ranges of the Himalayas, you will find all the needed information for your trip in this section. You can also learn about the schedules, difficulties, and highlights of each of these trips. If these articles don't have all the information you require, you can contact us anytime and we will be more than happy to help you. Happy Adventuring!!

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Bird Watching in Nepal

Bird watching not only provides an opportunity to observe these fascinating creatures up close but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of nature.

by Kiran Neupane

The Thrilling Adventure of Honey Hunting in Nepal

Honey hunting in Nepal is a centuries-old tradition practiced by indigenous communities, mainly the Gurung and Magar tribes. This unique cultural practice involves the daring harvest of wild honey from the nests of the giant Himalayan honey bee (Apis laboriosa) on steep cliffs.

by Kiran Neupane

Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Trekking during the monsoon season in Nepal may present challenges, but it also offers some unique advantages that can make the experience worthwhile and memorable.

by Kiran Neupane

Island Peak Climbing With EBC Trek

Island Peak Climbing and Everest Base Camp trek is a wonderful combination of climbing adventures in the Khumbu Himalayas of Nepal.

by Deepak Raj Bhatta

Unveiling the Mysteries of Kangchenjunga

By engaging in responsible climbing and sustainable practices, climbers can contribute to the preservation of Kangchenjunga's fragile ecosystem and cultural heritage.

by Kiran Neupane

10 Best Short Treks from Pokhara

Short treks are treks that usually last for 5 to 6 days. There are multiple short treks from Pokhara, which are not only popular for their views but also for their vicinity as they provide inner healing as it has been discovered as a source of relief from all the grudges, pains and conflict within us.

by Anjala Bhatta