Nepal River Rafting Tour

There are many thrilling activities that you can do while you are in Nepal of which white water rafting is one of them.

Trip Facts

duration Duration 9 days
trip-difficulty Trip Difficulty Moderate
Average Group Size 2-10
trip-code Trip Code NRRTAH
trip-code Area Nepal
trip-code Start Point Kathmandu
trip-start-point Trip End Point Kathmandu
trip-accomodation Accomodation As Mentioned
trip-meals Meals As Mentioned
transportation Transportation On Private Basis

Trip Highlights

  • Exploration of two significant cities Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Sightseeing at the ancient Khwopa - Bhaktapur.
  • White water rafting at the most famous rivers Bhotekoshi and Trisuli.
  • Full-day rafting accompanied by a professional guide.
  • A thrilling experience in the city of adventure.
  • Action-packed tour suitable for friends and family.

Trip Overview

When it comes to thrilling adventure and luxurious nature nothing can compare to the pristine environment and breathtaking experience Nepal offers. Nepal is the best place for adventure and other outdoor activities. There are many thrilling activities that you can do while you are in Nepal of which white water rafting is one of them. There are many things that you explore and do while in this amazing country. The Nepal river rafting tour is specially designed for daredevils from around the world who want to explore the rustic history and the furious current of the rivers. You will get to raft at the three major rivers of Nepal which are the Bhotekoshi, Trishuli, and Seti Rivers. Besides the beauty and nature, you can also explore the lifestyle of people of various backgrounds living together sharing and enjoying each other's culture.

The Nepal river rafting tour is one of a kind trip that offers a lifetime experience that will make you feel alive. During your trip, you will spend most of your time either in the great rivers having the time of your time or soaking in the beauty of the historical monuments that look like they got stuck in time. Before you start your rafting journey you will relax and explore the ancient cities of this incredible county with bold history. You will visit some of the most renowned monuments listed in UNESCO world heritage sites. These landmarks hold significant value among the locals as well as other people around the globe as they have a fascinating history and are the backbone of the culture that you see today here in this glamorous city.

During the rafting trip, you will get the best experience of water adventure. You will be accompanied by one of the professional rafting guides during your entire trip. All kinds of age groups can participate in this activity as this way you can spend some quality time with your family, friends, and your partner. As mentioned Nepal has many ancient monuments that you can visit and learn about history. You will visit UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu such as Bhaktapur Durbar Square and you can also visit Kathmandu Durbar Square if you wish to. There you will get to see intricate wood carvings and detailed metal sculptures done by the Newars (Native of Kathmandu).

Rafting is considered a great sport among people with an interest in thrilling activities. As this trip focuses on adventure, you will visit the city of adventure Pokhara. There are numerous activities that you can do such as Ultra-light flight, Paragliding, Bungee jumping, and boating in peaceful Phewa Lake. The Nepal river rafting tour offers an absolute chance to explore all the essence of this trip in a short period. This trip will serve as a perfect holiday trip close to nature doing your thrilling adventure and collecting memories for the future. You will raft indifferent rivers and travel to beautiful places where you can sit back and relax to enjoy the moment of your life. You will be exposed to unique and admired hospitality during your stay at your resorts and hotels during your river rafting trip. You will get to know the power of the mighty rivers of Nepal and enjoy your breathtaking activity at the rivers.

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What to expect from the Nepal River Rafting tour?

One thing to expect from this adventure tour is full action-packed adventures and an adrenaline rush throughout this trip. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the cities and the untamed nature of this beautiful country. Nepal is a very hospitable country meaning you will be greeted in the traditional Nepali way. As you land at the international airport and finish with baggage collection and paperwork, our office representative will pick you up and drop you off at your respective hotel. In the evening we will meet and brief you on the details of your adventurous tour. Relax at your hotel or go for an evening walk around the colorful stress of Kathmandu. There are many options that you can choose to spend your evening such as live music, and cozy cafes for a cup of coffee, or you can explore the delicious and beloved food such as Mo: Mo’s while you enjoy the amazing environment.

Bhotekoshi River

On the second day of your tour, you will start with a short excursion to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Once at Bhaktapur, you will explore the intricate wood and metal cravings at Durbar Square. Bhaktapur also known as Khowpa is famous for its old monuments with beautiful culture with enchanting Newar culture dwelling in every corner of the ancient city. The perfectly preserved monuments look like they are stuck in time. Have some pictures at a wonderful pace as memories. After that drive (40 - 50 mins) towards the Bhote Koshi and rest your bags for the day. Rest well and prepare yourself for the exciting day and enjoy excellent service. On the third day, have breakfast at the resort and gear up for your thrilling water adventure at Bhotekoshi River. Your rafting program starts at around 11 AM and will last up to 6 hours. During your rafting, you will be accompanied by a professional guide who will explain all the necessary information and safety rules before you get in the water. Finish your rafting and drive back to your respective resort and rest for yet another stunning daring adventure.

Trishuli River

On the fourth day drive towards yet another energetic river Trishuli to continue your thrilling tour. On the way to Trishuli River, you will get to see greenery that will please your eyes. On this day you will not immediately start rafting, you will explore the nearby area and have fun in the resort, and get refreshed. You can enjoy the indoor games at the resort while having some quality time with your friends and family. On the next day (the Fifth day), you will start your day with a warm breakfast at the resort and prepare for the rafting in the Trishuli River. You will enjoy the full-day rafting at the Trishuli River with your friends. For your lunch, you will stop and have your lunch prepared by the resort. Finish your rafting and drive back to the resort at Trishuli and stay at one of the finest resorts overnight. Go on a calming walk around the resort or simply just relax at the resort.

On the sixth day of your adventurous day, you will put an end to your rafting journey at the majestic rivers and enjoy the city of adventure instead. Drive to Pokhara after you have your morning meal at the resort. After 3 hours of driving, you will reach your destination. As you enter this beautiful city the glorious mountains will welcome you with their bewitching view. Check in at the hotel, rest your bags and start exploring Pokhara.  As mentioned you can do numerous things while at Pokhara mainly daring and exciting activities.  Enjoy the pristine nature fused with its own culture. Pokhara is not only known for the mountains and nature but also for its fascinating places where you can hang out and just relax. If you wish you can also visit the natural as well as artificial attractions such as Devi’s Fall, Gupteshwor Mahadev cave, and the most peaceful attractions of all the Peace Pagoda. The nightlife of Pokhara will captivate your heart and eyes with its dazzling and glittering nightlights followed by the amazing atmosphere.

Seti River

On your seventh day at Pokhara, you will drive to the Seti River for your last rafting trip. You will reach the location in around 25 mins by driving from your hotel. You will enjoy your full-day rafting at Seti River and enjoy rafting for 5-6 hours.  Along with rafting, other water activities such as canoeing and kayaking are popular among tourists too which you can try and get experience. Seti River is best known for its current and fresh water from the Annapurna Massif. After you finish your rafting, get back to Pokhara and enjoy the lively nightlife of the city that never fails to amaze people.

In the evening you can visit some good cafes and restaurants with great ambiance and while having your favorite chilled beverage will enjoy a wonderful environment. On the eighth day of your trip, fly back to Kathmandu and check-in at the hotel in Kathmandu on an early morning flight if you wish to go sightseeing inside Kathmandu. You will have a leisurely day in Kathmandu as well. Spend your precious time as you wish and meet us in the evening for a traditional Nepali cultural dinner with a live performance of folk songs as your farewell.

The next day, have your marvelous meal at the hotel and check out from the hotel to catch your upcoming flight. Drive for 30 mins from the hotel. You will reach the airport 3 hours before your flight so you don't have any issues regarding the timing. Carry memories and loads of souvenirs while returning to your home from your memorable Nepal river rafting tour.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Kathmandu Arrival

Your Arrival Time (?) Our office representative will meet and greet you in typical Nepali style at Kathmandu airport and transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu.

At 06: 00 PM: We will meet for a coffee talk at your hotel and brief you on the details of your ongoing trip itinerary. If your arrival is late after 5 PM we will meet the following day during breakfast.

Extra activity that you can participate in Kathmandu during your Cultural Tour, let us know your preference in advance so we can schedule the program accordingly and book as needed.

  • Everest Mountain Flight (It is a 1-hour flight (scheduled at 6:30 AM) with a breathtaking view of the mountain range.) (USD 250 PP)

  • Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu. (USD 400 PP)

  • Everest Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu with Kala Patthar Landing. (USD 1100 PP)

duration 30 Minutes
duration 10 Km
ascent 1350m
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals N/A
transportation On Private Basis
Day 02

Bhaktapur Sightseeing, Drive to Bhotekoshi

At. 08: 00 AM: Have your delicious breakfast and get ready for your exciting sightseeing in Bhaktapur and Panauti. It takes around 40-50 mins from your hotel to reach today's destination Bhaktapur. Explore the ancient Newari city and its architecture infused with beautiful history and art. The whole city is filled with stunning historical monuments, including temples, palaces, Kumari houses, and many more.

Visit the temples and pay your homage to the oldest temples in Nepal. One of the best things you can do while you are still there is to try the Juju Dhau (King curd) and get exclusive pottery items. From there you will advance toward your next destination which is Panauti. Panauti is one of the oldest Newar Settlements in the entire country. You will be able to observe authentic Newari-designed buildings. There are many attractions, one of which is a local museum where you can visit and learn about the history of the Newari people. Have some pictures to make your trip memorable in the future.

After you explore these beautiful areas you will drive towards Dhulikhel for lunch. There are good cafes and restaurants that you can choose from for continental or authentic cuisine such as Newari cuisine or Thakali cuisine. After you have your lunch, drive towards Bhotekoshi which will take around 2 hours.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 110 KM
trip-accomodation Bhotekoshi Resort
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis
Day 03

Rafting at Bhotekoshi River

At. 09:00 AM: Have your morning meal at the resort and gear up for your exciting and thrilling full-day rafting at the Bhotekoshi river. Soak in the beauty and have some pictures before you start your rating. You have to drive around 5-10 mins to reach Bhotekoshi. In around an hour, you will be in the water rafting and having the time of your life. (Rafting duration 4-6 hours)

You will experience extreme currents and turbulence in the water which makes it even more thrilling. Bhotekoshi is not only famous for whitewater rafting but is also well-known for canoeing and kayaking. You can take part in other activities that are optional as well. Have a short break and have your lunch and get back to your daring rafting.

After you finish your activity, get back to your resort and have your dinner at the resort. Relax and enjoy the excellent service provided by the resort. You can have a power nap or walk around the area for some snaps. Rest well at the resort and get ready for another thrilling day.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 40 Km
trip-accomodation Bhotekoshi Resort
trip-meals B,L
transportation On Private Basis
Day 04

Drive to Trishuli

At. 08:00 AM: Have your breakfast and get ready for 5 hours to drive towards your destination which is the Trishuli River. On the way, you will see the lush green valleys. (Depending on season) you will drive by the riverside enjoying the tranquil view of the river.

You will reach the resort just in time for lunch. Rest your bags and get refreshed. Enjoy your lunch at the resort followed by a fine ambience. Walk around and explore the beautiful place around you. Relax at the pool in the resort and enjoy the stunning view from the resort. You can take part in outdoor activities such as volleyball once at the resort. And if you are more into indoor games you can play snooker or just simply relax at the resort.

In the evening enjoy your dinner with your friend and family with a stunning backdrop and chill environment.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 200 Km
trip-accomodation Riverside Spring Resort
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis
Day 05

Rafting at Trishuli River

At. 09:00 AM: Enjoy your morning meal at the resort and gear up for your breathtaking adventure in the river. Have some group photos with your team and start your rafting at the Trishuli river. (Rafting duration is 4-6 hours and it starts usually at 11:30 AM)

Get yourself a lifejacket and get in the rafting boat. Enjoy your white water rafting at the Trishuli river which is 200km in length. Your rafting guide will brief you on the details and necessary information about the rafting program. Start rafting after you get the green signal from the guide and enjoy the moment.

Stop at a certain point to have lunch. Have your lunch, rest for a while and get back to your hair-raising rafting. Finish your rafting and have some pictures as memories. From the ending point, you will get transportation facilities to get back to the resort. Once at the resort and get refreshed and rest well. Enjoy the indoor games and have some quality time with your friends and family.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 30 Km
trip-accomodation Riverside Spring Resort
trip-meals B,L
transportation On Private Basis
Day 06

Pokhara Awaits!

At. 09:00 AM: Pack your bags and get ready for the city of lakes.  Have your breakfast and make your way to the most beautiful city- Pokhara. The distance between your resort and Pokhara is just 98 km which can be covered in around 3 hours.

On the way to your hotel, you can also have authentic Thakali food, on the way the tall Himalayas will welcome you with their pristine beauty. As you get closer to the city area you will see the hills surrounding the beautiful city. Once at your destination check in at the hotel and your bags. Relax in the peaceful ambience and enjoy the excellent service from the hotel.

In the evening go on a walk to one of the popular spots of Pokhara, the lakeside. The glittering neon lights of stalls by the lakeside will surely amaze you. Have some street food while enjoying the chill breeze paired with your favorite beverage. Pokhara is also known for its lively nightlife so take advantage of good live music which will boost your vibe.

There are numerous things that you can do, some of which are listed below.

Optional Activities in Nepal (Price Subject to Change):

  1. Paragliding in Pokhara. (USD 75 PP)

  2. Ultra-light flight in Pokhara. (USD 120 PP, 15 Minutes)

  3. Zip-flying in Pokhara. (USD 60 PP)

  4. Bungee jumped in Kushma. (World’s 2nd highest, 228M) (USD 120 PP)

You can also do boating, canoeing, cycling around the lakeside area, or short hikes, and many more. You can have your lunch at restaurants and cafes where you can find authentic Nepali cuisine to continental food as well. End your day in Phewa lake by spending some time on a boat enjoying the view and chit-chat with the sailor. Or a refreshing walk around the lakeside.

duration 3-4 Hours
duration 110 Km
trip-accomodation Hotel Barahi
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis
Day 07

Rafting at Seti River

At. 09:00 AM: Have your breakfast at the hotel and get ready for a breathtaking adventure at Seti river. You will go to the Seti river which will take around 25 mins from your hotel. Seti river is well known for water activities and the water comes from the Annapurna massif. After your rafting guide is done briefing you on the safety measures gear up and get ready for a major adrenaline rush during your rafting activity.

(Rafting duration 5-6 hours) after you finish rafting with your team you can also go canoeing or kayaking if you wish to as it's very popular in Seti river. The zestful river will encourage you to get in the water. As you raft, you will get to see the pristine nature around the river and make your adventure more memorable.

After finishing the rafting, drive back to the hotel and get refreshed. In the evening you can also go out to have a delicious dinner and shop for souvenirs from this trip. You can take advantage of the bars and clubs to have a great time or simply go on a walk near the peaceful Phewa lake.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 40 Km
trip-accomodation Hotel Barahi
trip-meals B,L
transportation On Private Basis
Day 08

Fly back to Kathmandu

At. 10:00 AM: Have breakfast and pack your bags for your flight back to Kathmandu. (flight duration is 25 mins) After baggage collection, your transportation will be waiting outside the airport. After check-in at your hotel, you can explore the vibrant streets of Kathmandu. You can visit Thamel and spend some time at cozy cafes and restaurants. You can also collect souvenirs like handmade jewelry, clothing items, and many more eye-catching things. (If you feel the need for a guide you will be allowed)

Lastly, we will meet for a cultural (traditional local dance live performance in folk songs) Nepali dinner in Kathmandu on your farewell.

duration 3-4 Hours
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals B,D
transportation On Private Basis
Day 09

Farewell, We love to see you again!

Have a safe home return! You will have leisure time in Kathmandu after breakfast at your hotel. Our office representative will escort you to the Kathmandu airport 3 hours before on time to board your flight. We hope you enjoyed the trip with us!

duration 30 Minutes
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis

Trip Guide

The given information about the Nepal River Rafting Tour is in-depth, feel free to contact us 24/7 for any kind of assistance. We will be available on WhatsApp to assist you instantly. You can write an email if this trip doesn't fit your vacation schedule and requirements. We aim to offer the best possible travel experience to the customers. Depending on the needs of the visitors and the group size, we customize each vacation package. We will put together a bespoke itinerary just for your private group.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to visit Nepal?

    The autumn and spring season is the best time to visit Nepal. During this time of the year, the weather is significantly clear, visibility is good and the temperature is moderate. So, if you are planning to visit Nepal for a trekking trip, we recommend you visit Nepal during Spring and Autumn. However, you can plan the trip any time of the year.

  • What is the minimum age required for white water rafting?

    To participate in white water rafting one should be no younger than 5 years old. However, each company will have its requirements and policy regarding minimum and maximum ages for rafters, and it varies with the difficulty and length of various rivers and tours. 

  • What makes the Nepal River Rafting Tour different from other trips?

    This tour mostly focuses on adventurous activities that one can participate in and have a lifetime experience. You will raft in three major rivers that are Bhotekoshi, Trishuli and Seti which are known for their energetic currents and water adventures among adventure enthusiasts. This trip is a mixture of all the elements from culture, natural attractions, and thrilling activities such as rafting in energetic rivers and leisure days in between the tour to make your vacation more memorable. This trip is ideal for someone who wants to experience something new in life and explore the adventurous side. Besides the rafting and breathtaking adventure you also get to explore the ancient cities of Nepal as well.

  • What is the best time to visit Nepal for white water rafting?

    September to early December and March to June is the best time to go on river rafting in Nepal. During this period, the weather is mild and the water is not too cold. At this time of the year, you will get the best experience of white water rafting in Nepal as you will enjoy the water activity without any inconvenience.

  • What is the Rafting time duration in one day?

    You will raft for around 5-6 hours day-wise. You will start at around 10 or 11:30 AM. You will participate in full-day white water rafting with your team and a professional guide.  You will stop around noon and have your delicious lunch and get back to the river for your amazing adventure. 

  • Which river is the best river for White water Rafting?

    All the mentioned rivers on this trip are the best and the most popular rivers among travelers and adventure lovers who visit Nepal for the ultimate travel experience. You will raft in Trishuli, Seti and Bhotekoshi rivers. The Bhotekoshi river is the steepest river perfectly suitable for rafting and other water activities such as canoeing and kayaking.  

  • Is there any place that you can go for a short hike while in Pokhara?

    Yes, there are many places that you can visit for short hikes such as the Australian basecamp, Sarangkot, Peace pagoda, and many more that you can complete in just one day. You can also go cycling on the lakeside to get refreshed while enjoying the peaceful nature and unique landscapes. 

  • What should I bring for the rafting trip?

    You can bring quick dry shorts or a swimsuit, sturdy footwear, sunglasses with a retainer strap, and other items according to your comfort and necessity.  

  • Why is river rafting popular in Nepal?

    River rafting in Nepal is special because some of the most famed Himalayas rivers run across it. The unique things about these rivers are their descent as the rivers cut through the extreme terrains of Nepal which make steep falls that are more rapid and extreme than most of the rivers on the planet. A great example of a furious river is the Seti river which originated from the Annapurna Massif that is above 8000 meters of sea level. Which is also one of the highest mountains on earth.

Services Includes

  • Kathmandu airport transfer on arrival and departure.

  • Private vehicle with A/C for all mentioned sightseeing and transfers.

  • Pokhara to Kathmandu transfer by domestic flight.

  • All (8 nights) hotel accommodations at the mentioned hotels and resorts at respective places. 

  • Daily breakfast at the hotel from the next day of your arrival.

  • Lunch and Dinner as mentioned in the itinerary during your trip. 

  • English speaking professional and government licensed tour guide during your sightseeing at Kathmandu. 

  • Professional and experienced trekking guide during your white water river rafting trip from Bhotekoshi and Trishuli rivers.

  • Guide’s salary, food and accommodation during the trip.

  • All mentioned sightseeing entrance fees.

  • One local SIM card (returnable, if required) during your stay.

  • All government and local taxes.

  • Farewell Nepali cultural dinner on your last night in Nepal.

Services Excludes

  • Personal expenses.

  • Lunch and dinner are excluded except in mentioned places.

  • Tips to the driver and guide. (not required but recommended)

  • Services that aren’t mentioned above.

9 Days from US$ 1500
USD 1450 / Person


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