Ski in nepal

Best Places for Ski in Nepal 

Adventure provides a new dimension, possibly helps to develop a new perspective to look at life. Nepal boasts the Himalayas that has experiences to offer way beyond the adventure limitations.

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Ski in nepal
Nepal is an adventure paradise. The adventurous activities in Nepal are highly popular and the natural spectrums is a major advantage. Ski is an emerging activity in the majestic Mountains and Himalayas of Nepal. There are so many best places for Ski in Nepal. The naturally trimmed ski pitch itself demonstrates the spectacular natural beauty in the Himalayas. The heli lift ski is getting popularity in the mountains and getting a very good response from the ski experts and aspirants. This adventure activity is new in Nepal. However, this adventure sport carries an immense adventure and a thrill of mountain beauty. 

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Himalayas and Ski adventure

    The naturally rich Nepal is popular for its amazing Himalayas. Nepal is home to major 10 out of 14 highest eight-thousanders in the world. The Everest region, Annapurna region, Kanchanjunga, Dhaulagiri, Cho Oyu, Dolpo etc. are the major Himalayan areas that have very good potential to bring out the best Ski adventure in Nepal. The mountaineering expeditions and snowy beauty of the Himalayas made Nepal a wonderful destination all over the world. 

    There are some of the places renowned for Ski adventure in Nepal. The seasonal Ski activities by some Ski companies in Nepal is popular. The Himalayan Heli-Ski Guides, Ski and Snowboarding foundation are popular names providing the finest Ski experiences in Nepal. The seasonal Ski adventure begins as the winter starts in Nepal. The Kuri of Kalichowk, Annapurna region, Everest region, Humla, Manang, Langtang etc. are popular Ski destinations in Nepal. 

    History of Ski

    Ski is an adventure sport said to have emerged during the 18th century. The Scandinavian villagers, farmers and hunters used to conduct skis in the middle ages. However, the modern Ski is started in 1990 by Elan and Kneissl, inventing the prototypes of deep side cut shaped skies. The Ski is an activity of sailing in the snow. The Ski equipment is a well designed narrow piece of hard material such as wood or plastic which is typically pointed and turned up at the frontal part which helps to skid over the snow with the foot on. It has emerged into the adventure from the lifestyle of the humans in the middle ages. They used to travel in the snow with Ski for their living and lifestyle. But in the current context, Ski is a very popular Mountain activity as a sport and tourist activity. 

    In Nepal, the ski adventure is first begun by an expedition company with a group of foreigners. However, the potential and individual Ski adventures were already organized in past decades. The Ski is not so popular in Nepal because of the infrastructure and the promotional activities around the globe. However, it is getting a lot of popularity. And a company named Ski and Snowboarding Nepal opened a Ski training school in Humla to carry out the huge potential and immense adventure that Nepal has to offer. 

    Ski in Nepal

    The potential of Ski adventure in Nepal is very high and there are some places and companies offering Ski adventure in Nepal. Ski mountaineering and ski trekking are also popular activities in Nepal. However, in most cases, the Heli lift is popular to ascend to the Mountain for a wonderful Ski adventure. The immense adventure Ski lovers get in the Himalayas is indescribable and for that Nepal is a very popular destination for natural Ski activities. The numerous snow-capped Himalayas make Nepal a destination for astounding Ski activity. From the prospects of winter tourism as well, Nepal is a wonderful paradise on earth with the highest mountains and Himalayas. The overwhelming experience in the Himalayas of Nepal is, of course, never disappointing to Ski enthusiasts. 

    The Ski is an adventure that amazes you with the thrill in mind and soul. Downfall adventure from the higher elevation of the Himalayas and Hills obviously contributes to a memorable adventure. Ski training activities are also gaining popularity. 

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    Safety During Ski

    Safety is a prior concern of every adventure activity. Adventure closely associates with risk. Safety, thus, is very important during Ski. The best places for this activity are in Nepal and the operators will surely look into it but the general information will help you to get a little understanding of the gears and equipment. 

    The first thing is a certified guide who is capable to instruct and begin the adventure. This is highly important because you will be going to the abode of snow where you never know, anything can happen. Generally, 2 guides inaugurate and assist the Ski adventure. The first guide will go first to ensure the path and set a line for other Skiers to follow. The guided Ski is very important as you will be unknown about the terrain and geography of the mountains. The second guide will be behind the group of Skiers. He will ensure every people are safe and doing good with Ski. The Ski guides will provide some equipment for the emergency. The avalanche detectors, shovels and probes etc. were given to the Skiers. The Barryvox devices are also provided for assistance. 

    In case of emergencies, a high altitude chopper will be there with a medical team and rescue materials. 

    Ski Adventure in Nepal

    High-end Ski trips are popular in Nepal and provided by a few Ski companies. Especially in the winter season, the Ski gets a lot of attention. The Annapurna region, Everest Region, Humla, Dolpo etc. are popular places where Ski was priorly organized. In the Himalayan village of Kalinchowk, in the Dolakha district, the Ski starts with the first snowfall from the beginning of the winter months (January, February, March). Though Nepal doesn’t have a ski lift, it is still carrying out with the infrastructures it has got by the private sector. 

    Adventure provides a new dimension, possibly helps to develop a new perspective to look at life. Nepal boasts the Himalayas that has experiences to offer way beyond the adventure limitations. From Mountaineering expeditions to trekking and hiking, mountain biking and Skiing, everything is worth it in Nepal. The Himalayan Ski Guides will help you to execute this activity and there are some companies offering a wonderful Ski experience in Nepal. 


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