MICE Tourism in Nepal
MICE Tourism in Nepal

MICE Tourism in Nepal

The growing industry and new emerging trends made Nepal a MICE destination for many well renowned corporate entities.

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MICE Trip in Nepal

MICE tourism in Nepal has huge prospects. We specialize in the diverse characteristics of travel demands. Nepal has been growing extensively as a destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions.

Nepal offers the supreme standard of tech services, event venues and many destinations for leisure and adventurous activities. Furthermore, trained manpower and hospitality professionals specialized on the MICE tours are available in Nepal.

The Standard to supreme luxurious hotels, resorts and venues help to exhibit and execute the event and conferences. We are aware of every business demands and conferences.

The niche area focused on execution of a certain type of Holiday and business leaves are however our prior concern. For that we have the supreme standard of venues and hotels, so do the service providers.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Why MICE Tourism in Nepal?

    The amazing natural beauty of Nepal attracts a lot of people every year. The growing industry and new emerging trends made Nepal a MICE destination for many well renowned corporate entities. Every demand initially planned well, and every arrangement made to execute the MICE tours. 

    The incentive tours, being the reward from the business enterprise, are also our concern. We are aware of the valuable time that business entities spend in our nation. 

    For every special interest group, we have diligent and friendly staff to provide you with the quality service and every single detail associated with the trip. We provide business events/meetings and incentive tours for leisure activities in Nepal.


    All types of professional meetings arrangements, incentive tours for corporate organization and employees, and special types of meeting and conference arrangements for business or special interest groups are growing to make the tour goal efficient. 

    The abundant potential and worldwide popularity of MICE tourism is now a trend in the new business age. Certainly, Every corporate demand is somewhere associated with travel procedures. So, we came to facilitate the national and international corporate travel demands.


    The socio-economic status is also a major concern for corporate organizations. We try to facilitate the activities, accompanying the finest event management practices. Nepal is not only a potential corporate destination; it also caters to leisure, adventure and many other activities. Nepal is a country of peace and harmony. 

    The sightseeing around the places, getting to know about the culture and traditions, the lifestyle of Nepalese people is also a very interesting part in Nepal. 

    We may arrange the tours as per the interest and choice of every individual in Nepal. The back-forth programs can be added as per the request of companies and individuals.


    The diverse terrains of Nepal have distinct types of beauty and provide lifetime experiences. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is also popular for the meetings and conventions/conferences. Pokhara is an equally important place for MICE tours. With corporate events and leisure activities, Nepal caters to every need of people. 

    The enormous corporate world and necessity of business and networking is now a mandatory demand. Also, Various types of tours including trekking and other adventurous activities are also popular in Nepal. The conferences and conventions in Nepal are growing, providing the good venues and catering all the needs.


    The growing prospects and establishment of good hotels/ exhibition centers caters the need and demand of a company. The events and exhibitions are productive, if the destination provides good accommodation and services. Events/ Exhibitions in Nepal are growing because of its diverse nature and cultural values. 

    With an immense interest of corporations in destination events and exhibitions, MICE tours in Nepal are productive. It provides a good opportunity to learn about the destination and artifacts of the place. It becomes a productive measure, if done right in the right place.

    Why choose us?

    We facilitate the organizations and niche interest groups with locations for conferences/conventions and events. Our experience is helping us to grow MICE tourism in Nepal. We have good command over the arrangements of every demand, which itself is a good part to accommodate the entire group and to execute the plan. The staffing arrangements make thinking about the nature and type of conference/events and needs of the organization.

    The decor is another part that plays a vital role in the execution of every event and conferences. We also plan the sightseeing tours so that the attendees gain some understanding about the destination. Also, Every kind of activities including tours/trekking and other adventurous activities with utmost safety and security will contrive to the interest groups.

    Above all, Every utensil and necessary paperwork, gifts, token of love and other necessary things will be provided according to the need and demand of the organization. The vehicle arrangements and other necessary leisure and recreational activities including airport transfers will be provided. Likewise, every on-demand request will be fulfilled looking after the availability at that time.

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