Things to do in Pokhara

Things to Do in Pokhara

The paddy field, grazing land and the amazing mountain views and breathtaking adventurous activities in Pokhara provide the adventure that no other place has.

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Things to do in Pokhara

If you are looking for options and want to prepare a bucket of things to do on the Pokhara list, stress no more. We have the best collection of awesome things that you can enjoy in Pokhara valley, to make your trip memorable, adventuresome and a lifetime experience. The triad of culture, adventure, and pilgrimage shape Pokhara as one of the most vibrant and adventurous cities in the world. The wonderful shadow of the mountains shapes Pokhara as the must-visit destination for any sort of travellers. Find the best activities that you can do in Pokhara in the collections below.

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Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Stroll by the Lake in Pokhara

    The lakeside in Pokhara offers a wonderful experience. The peaceful ambience and amazing reflection of the Himalayas in the lake are very spectacular and if you are a photographer, you can get some very good content. Also, if you want to explore the nightlife of Pokhara, the lakeside is popular for its vibrant nightlife in Nepal. You can go for a morning walk around the lakeside. The peaceful and amazing atmosphere is the most beautiful part of the city.

    Boating in the stunning Fewa Lake

    Boating is one of the popular activities in Pokhara. Pokhara has some amazing lakes and boating is a thriving activity here. With the sweet serenity and an amazing touch of nature, along with the softcore adventure beneath the Himalayas is a truly astonishing experience. The boating in Fewa Lake is mindblowing as you get to explore the island amidst the lake while exploring the fishes and water species. There are boating service providers along the Lakeside, from where you can rent a boat or canoe to surf around the lake.

    Fewa Lake

    The paddle squiggling the water and moving along the tranquil is the best part about boating in Pokhara. Allegedly one of the best activities in Pokhara, Boating offers a peaceful experience along the soft ripples of water in the lake and the astounding Himalayas above the lake.

    Densely forested hills of the Anadu, just beside the lake and above the lush boundaries, the Annapurna sits atop. The reflection of Annapurna at the lake is the best thing you can see during your boating trip. The picturesque shores and the boating adventure in the Fewa Lake are undoubtedly two of the best things to look forward to in Pokhara.

    Visit Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave

    Visiting Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave is another thing to do in Pokhara. The cave was believed to be discovered during the 16th century by locals who stumbled upon it while cleaning the ground. In the Cave, the locals discovered many Hindu holy shrines and idols of Lord Shiva and other deities.

    Some of the idols and statues found in the cave are the idols of Mahadev and Parvati, Nageshwar and Saraswati Devi. Deep down the cave, the locals discovered a waterfall that was a part of Patale Chango, which is also known as Davis Falls.

    The cave system and the statue of Lord Shiva are truly a mesmerizing part of the cave. The amazing creation of the cave is worth exploring and there are few more things to see around the cave. Beside the counter, there is a concrete balcony of sorts and a submerged statue of sleeping Vishnu on the coils of cosmic serpents.

    There are dozens of shops and souvenir stalls from where you can buy some really incredible items. Small statues and some signs of lord Vishnu, Buddha, Shiva, and many more things are there. The settlement of the shop looks very attractive.

    After getting the ticket at the counter of Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple, you have to get down the spiral staircase that leads to the cave system inside. You have to be careful while going there, as the stairs might be slippery because of the droplets from the waterfall and the ceiling above.

    Explore the story Davi’s Falls

    Davi’s fall is a sign of love and divinity. This is also known as Patale Chango. The fall is also part of the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave system. The underground water from the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave gets there in the fall. The tunnel of the fall is approximately 150 m long and runs 30 m below the ground level.

    It is said that on 31st July 1961, a swiss couple went swimming in the water in the fall. The lady drowned because of the continuous flow of water in a pit. The little adventure turned out to be the darkest part of his life as he lost his beloved. The women’s body was discovered after 3 days in the Phusre river. The fall is then named David’s fall and later changed to Devi’s Fall. This is also the most popular place to visit in Pokhara.

    Davis falls

    You can get the ticket at the counter there and enter the area of Devi’s Falls. There you can see some lush greenery and the thrilling echo of the fall beneath the ground. This fall system is unique from others as the fall is below the ground level. If you are in Pokhara, you must visit this fall.

    Hike up to the Sarangkot View Point

    Sarangkot is a popular hill in Pokhara valley. The hill is popular for the spectacular Himalayan views and the wonderful valley views. Also, from the top of the Sarangkot, you can see the best version of sunrise.

    This place is popular to see the rising sun and the golden reflection in the Himalayas are truly astonishing. Amazing adventure activities such as Paragliding, Zip flyer starts from this place in Pokhara.

    Go early hiking to the top of the hill and see the sunrise there. It is the most beautiful part of the hike atop the hill in Pokhara. Also, if you want to do some adventurous activities, the Paragliding and Zip flyer are available from the Sarangkot. Many people get to the top of the mountain, to see the sunrise.

    There is a viewpoint from where you can see the view of the valley and the mountains. Further, the Machhapuchre is spectacular from the Sarangkot. The close views of the Himalayas are also the major attractions of Sarangkot hiking.

    Hike up to the World Peace Pagoda

    World Peace Pagoda lies atop the hill of Agadu. Hiking to the world peace pagoda is truly an amazing adventure that takes you to the vantage point over an altitude of 1100 m above sea level.

    The peace pagoda is a Buddhist pagoda-style monument in Pokhara. It is also popularly known as Shanti Stupa. It was built atop the Anadu hill by Nipponzan Myohoji monk Mirioka Sonin under the special guidance of Buddhist Monk Nichidastu Fujii. Moreover, this stands as a symbol of peace and harmony and lies in a wonderful atmosphere.

    This is one of the 80 Peace Stupas all over the world and Nepal comprises of two. One itself and another is in Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. The panoramic views of the Annapurna Himalayan Range, Pokhara City and Fewa Lake are truly amazing and the best part of hiking up to the World Peace Pagoda.

    world peace pagoda pokhara

    It is an added beauty to the beautiful Pokhara valley. The spectacular valley, mountains and lake views from the top are the best part of the peace pagoda. The splendid views of sunrise and sunset are stunning from the top. World peace pagoda is also a symbol of peace. Making noise is prohibited in the premises of Peace Pagoda to maintain its essence of world peace and inner peace.

    The Hiking trails and cycling atop the hill are some of the popular ways of getting there. The white pagoda has two tiers where the tourists circumambulate. The second tier is made from the statues of Buddha souvenirs brought from different countries like Japan, Srilanka, Thailand, and Lumbini of Nepal. Also, the Dharmachakra is placed beneath the pinnacle which depicts the life and death cycle of humans and the teachings of Buddha. This Buddha’s abode is truly incredible as it offers tranquillity in itself and amazing views in the surrounding.

    Visit Bindhyabasini Temple in Pokhara

    Bindhyabasini temple is one of the most popular temples of Pokhara. Nepal is a Hinduism enriched religious country with a majority of Hindu practices in most of the parts of Nepal. However, secular beliefs have tied Nepalese with their diverse culture and traditions. This is also the best part of Nepalese society.

    The shrouded beauty after exploring the mountains and the Himalayas from Pokhara is undoubtedly the one with some religious offerings. Overlooking the hustle and bustle of the city, Bindyabasini temple is nestled in an astonishing ambience that has wonderful beauty in itself. And the added merits and beliefs integrated the society with humanity rather than the religion in its first place.

    Bindyabasini temple

    The temple is believed to exist with a legend. During ancient times, King Khadag Bum Malla had a dream in which Goddess Durga appeared and asked him to set up her statue there. The King then, accounting to the dream he saw, made a temple and establish a statue of Goddess Durga. The Durga Devi is also uttered by the name of Bindyabasini.

    The temple in its initial phase was small but in the latter days, it saw the renovation and the exterior is as of now today. The temple of Bindyabasini is a Pagoda style temple that is very beautiful in itself. Also, it offers some beautiful surroundings and a view tower from where you can see the valley's view.

    If you are looking for things to do in Pokhara, the mystery land of Bindyabasini should be on your list. It has some incredible beauty which you will admire. Moreover, the views and the religious history behind the temple make it the best thing to explore.

    Explore the Cave System in Pokhara

    Pokhara boasts some popular caves in its territory. The amazing caves, accompanied by some history and mystery behind them, are the fun and adventure-packed gem in themselves. There are three cave systems in Pokhara namely: Gupeshwar Mahadev cave, Bat Cave, and Mahendra Cave. Each of the caves has its own significance and some legends accompanied by historical attributes. The Gupteshwar Mahadev is also a cave system that has some religious values.

    The Bat Cave, as the name suggests, is home to hundreds of Bats. The bats are clung to the ceiling of the cave system in the darkness inside. It is also popular as Chamero Gufa in Nepali. Most of the bat species in this cave are Horseshoe bats and harmless. There is a narrow exit tunnel, which is believed to be the way for good souls. It is said that people who have done a lot of sin cannot pass through the narrow exit but people with good deeds can.

    You will have to carry a torch to enter the cave as the cave is into complete darkness. Thrilling and adventurous, this cave is one of the wonderful cave systems in Nepal.

    Mahendra Cave is another cave that is nearby Bat Cave. It is located close to the Seti river in Pokhara. It is one of the best and rare cave systems that comprise stalagmites and Stalactites. Inside the cave, there lies a statue of Lord Shiva and its mysterious structure is even more appalling.

    The cave consists of 100 m accessible passage and the corridors are entirely dark and the light system is available to half part of the cave. The lush greenery around the cave is equally astounding and wonderful. The cave systems in Pokhara are the most beautiful things to explore that makes your things to do in Pokhara list a complete package. 

    Thrill in the Air with Paragliding in Pokhara

    Paragliding in Pokhara is one of the popular adventurous activities. The thrill of being in the sky with the majestic Himalayan views is probably the most fascinating experience you can ever get. Paragliding is an adventure that offers more spectacular views than any other aerial mode. So, it can help you to grab the adventure of a lifetime. Paragliding in Pokhara starts off from the Sarangkot and ends on the shores of Fewa Lake. Paragliding in Nepal was shortly emerged during the late 80s and is a popular activity as of now.

    Paragliding in Pokhara

    Paragliding is the best adventure to experience the thrill of air. Furthermore, Pokhara has the Himalayan beauty to offer and the best valley views during Paragliding. Safety is a major concern, so you don’t have to worry about the issues. Also, the wonderful lakes, mountains, valley, and city view are the best part of Paragliding in Pokhara.

    Sarangkot Naundanda Hiking

    Sarangkot Naundanda Hiking is one of the popular Hiking around Pokhara valley. This comprises the most popular viewpoints and an amazing escape from the bustle of the city. The peaceful sceneries, mountain views, and the astounding Himalayas are the primary attraction of the hiking trip. This day hiking is about a 6-7 hours hike and can be completed in a day. The lush greenery, serenity of the villages and incredible valley are at their best. Furthermore, the view along with the breathtaking beauty of Annapurnas will lure you to get into the wild that this amazing trip has to offer.

    The cultural ambience of the villages and stretched mountain beauty of the Himalayan ranges nestled in the Northern part of the valley itself is a major attraction. Hiking around Pokhara is highly popular as it has spectacular mountain beauty to offer. You can start hiking early in the morning from Sarangkot which will take you to Naudanda. The majestic views of the Himalayan Ranges from Naudanda is the best experience. The spectacular beauty is astounding in the outskirts of the valley. If you are looking for a short and sweet mountain adventure with some hiking in the mountains, Sarangkot- Naudanda could be the best option.

    Dhampus Day Hiking

    Hiking is the best adventure in the mountains, and if you are hiking beneath the Himalayas, there’s no more a thrill of the mountains but the heavenly feeling of the Himalayas. The adventurous, peaceful and recreational hike around Pokhara is the best thing to do in Pokhara. The activities in the mountains will lure you to explore more of Nepal as the mountains have diversity and lifetime experiences to offer. Not so arduous, yet wonderful hiking in the outskirts of Pokhara valley is Dhampus Hiking. The enjoyable and amazing hiking experience here will make your trip to the beauty more awesome, memorable and of course, the best experience.

    The Hike to Dhampus starts from a short drive to Phedi from where you will be hiking in heaven. The beautiful countryside of the Pokhara district, lush greenery of the forests, and farming terraces will give you insights into the living and lifestyle and also the perfect adventure with a short hike in Pokhara. Dhampus village is a kind of vantage point from where you can see the spectacular Machhapuchre and majestic Annapurna Himalayan Range.

    The hiking ends in Kande and from there you will have a drive back to Pokhara city. Furthermore, the magnificent and wonderful mountain views, splendid Annapurnas, Hiuchuli, Ganesh Himal, Lamjing Himal, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri are the major highlights of the hike. This could be the best thing that you can do in Pokhara. You will get an excellent opportunity to explore the mountains and villages near the bustle of the city.

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    Mountain Biking in Pokhara

    Mountain Biking is probably the best adventure for cycling enthusiasts. A good physical condition and promising zeal to catch up the beauty of mountains is the best part of Mountain biking in Nepal. The outskirts of Pokhara valley are best suitable for mountain biking activities in Nepal.

    You can experience Mountain Biking in Pokhara that starts from the lakeside of the valley to Pame. The cycling adventure then gets you back to the valley again with a lot of memories. The lush greenery in the mountains and you will get a chance to witness the amazing version of Himalayan beauty from the Pame village.

    Mountain biking in pokhara

    Though there is not a cycling trail, you get to enjoy the normal road, cycling in the vehicle tracks enjoying the beauty of the villages along the way.

    The paddy field, grazing land and the amazing mountain views with some suspension bridges along the cycling trail will give you a different taste of adventure in the Himalayan region of Nepal. From novice to intermediate bikers and specialized cyclists, everybody can enjoy mountain biking in Nepal.

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    Zip Flyer in Pokhara

    Zip Flyer is one of the popular and thrilling adventurous activities in the Pokhara of Nepal. The Zip flyer starts from the Sarangkot hill, which is also the popular hill for the sunrise. It is the major adventure hub of Nepal. For the adventure enthusiasts, who want to indulge in the hardcore adventure while enjoying the mountain sceneries and the thrill of air, Zip flyer is a perfect option. If you are looking for things to do in Pokhara, the Zip flyer is a must-have list for you.

    The Zip flyer in Pokhara starts from the Sarangkot hill and ends in Hemja. From the altitude of 1625 m above sea level, the thin air thrill in the mountains and the spectacular Himalayan views can give you a unique taste of adventure that other no adventure can. This Zip Flyer in Pokhara is the longest Zip flyer in the world with a zip length of 1860 m. From the Zip flyer, you can explore the Annapurna Himalayan Range, Fishtail Mountain, Dhaulagiri Range, Manaslu and the valley of Pokhara itself. This could be a perfect option if you are looking for some quick adventure and want to experience the thrill in the mountains of Nepal.

    Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara

    Hot Air ballooning is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and adventurous activities. It is in Pokhara of Nepal and can be a perfect addition to your things to do on the Pokhara list. It is gaining a lot of attention among tourists for the amazing views and aerial adventure it offers. Furthermore, The spectacular views of Mount Annapurna, Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Fishtail, Mount Hiunchuli, Mount Manaslu and Lamjung Himal including other peaks in the neighbouring areas are the major attractions of Hot air ballooning in Pokhara.

    It is the best way to explore the valley of Pokhara. The lakes, outskirts and lush greenery along with the mountains, rivers, farmlands and villages are the major attraction of hot air ballooning. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can have the best aerial shots above the mountains. This activity is so far beneath the open skyline of Pokhara valley and is one of the best activities. Moreover, the chill weather and the amazing Himalayan views along with the thrill in the air is a never-ending adventure and for that, Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara could be the best option that will give you a wonderful chance to explore the city.

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