Five Famous Nepali Foods to try in Nepal
Top 5 Famous Nepali Foods to try in Nepal

Top Five Famous Nepali Foods to try in Nepal

The taste is not only a part that you will find in Nepal but also the cultural essence that makes it valuable and reflects the diversity of Nepal.

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Famous Nepali Food

Nepal is a beautiful trio of nature, culture and adventure. The food and culture of Nepal, flourished by the diverse cultural spectrums is the world’s finest. There are a lot of famous Nepali foods that are popular among tourists in Nepal. Nepalese foods are decent, not so spicy but very delicious. This is the prime speciality of Nepalese dishes and cuisine in Nepal is that the diverse ethnic groups of Nepal have their own food culture.

Trying something new in Nepal is not so hard as the cultural mix in the suburban and urban cities makes it possible to have varieties of taste in a limited circumference. The taste is not only a part that you will find in Nepal but also the cultural essence that makes it valuable and reflects the diversity of Nepal. 

Have you ever tasted the wonderful cultural delicacies in Nepal? Of course, you might have heard about Nepali cuisine. The Hygenic combo of Nepalese food is famous in the south Asian subcontinent. Nepal is a small land, between the two gigantic power nations India and China. Some of the fooding choices are influenced by Indian and Chinese ethnic practices. However, Nepalese fusion is worth an experience. There are a lot of famous Nepali foods which are associated with culture and traditions. 

Food is a very cultural thing, and it has its own essence and history behind the emergence. Some of the famous foods in Nepal are the outcome of ethnic groups such as Thakalis, Tharus, Newars, Brahmins, Gurung, etc.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Foods in Nepal

    Food acts as an important unifier to the people worldwide. Every person has a unique taste towards a particular cuisine but it connects us to diverse groups. Have you ever imagined about the meal you used to have in your country while visiting some places worldwide, or it might have reminded you of some other places you visited? It connects us subconsciously to some smells and tastes. So, trying food in different nations is a trend, more a cultural connection. If you are a foodie, you will find a lot of meals that are worth trying in Nepal.

    During trekking, walking, and staying in an urban settlement, you will find the different taste of food according to the places unless an eatery is specialized in something particular.

    Nepal is a popular destination for food lovers. There are a lot of cultural groups with their unique meal selections. Trying food in Nepal is probably the best thing you will ever get to know. If you are in Nepal, you must try some of the Nepalese authentic cuisines and you will also understand the cultural mix of the Nepalese meal selections. The food culture is a growing trend worldwide and for that Nepal is also a prominent destination. It presents amazing dishes with special garnishings and wonderful taste.

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    Dal Bhat Tarkari

    Dal Bhat Tarkari is one of the famous Nepali foods eaten all over Nepal. It is the most famous food in Nepal. Boiled rice, cooked lentil soup, and cooked vegetables are a special meal in Nepal. It is mainly popular in Indo- Aryan communities and popular in the south Asian subcontinent. 

    The staple food of Nepal is Dal Bhat and Tarkari. Mainly dominant in the elevations of less than 2000 m. Dal Bhat tarkari is the most famous and prominent in Nepalese terrains. In the upper elevations, where the rice doesn’t grow, some cuisine such as Kodo, Fapar is supplemented with rice. However, in the upper elevations, the food imported from the terai parts of Nepal is used nowadays. 

    The recipes of making Dal and Tarkari may vary depending upon the ethnic community and region. The rice or Bhat is served with Dal and Tarkari, sometimes with pickles and curd. 

    You can eat Dal Bhat Tarkari in almost every eatery and restaurant in Kathmandu. The restaurants and eateries all over Nepal have the Dal Bhat Tarkari is the major cuisine for lunch and dinner. There are a lot of restaurants specialized in Nepali foods with heritage ambience. The authentic Nepali foods and cuisine are popular all over Nepal. 

    During the trekking time and in the mountains, if you are opting to visit, you can always ask in the restaurant for Dal Bhat Tarkari as it is a famous meal. Trekking and hiking in Nepal is a popular activity in Nepal and in the rural areas of Nepal you may not find fancy meal selections such as Pizza and burgers, you will have to eat Dal Bhat Tarkari. 

    Dal Bhat Tarkari is carbohydrate enriched meal and during the extensive walking and trekking, it also acts as an energizer.

    Thakali Khana

    Thakali Khana Set is also a popular Khana Set in Nepal. The origin of Thakai Khana is set in the mountainous region of Nepal as the Thaki ethnicity is mostly found in the mid-elevations mountains. There are a lot of Thakali Khana restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara. In most of the urban and suburban cities, Thakali Khana Set is a popular food. If you are visiting Nepal, it is a must-try Nepali food. It is also one of the famous Nepali foods in Nepal.

    Thakali Khana Set comprises Dal Bhat Tarkari (lentils, rice and veggies), pickles and some meat (for non-vegetarians). It is a popular cuisine as it is popular for its unique taste and essence. However, the sausage, Thukpa, Momo, chapatis, curry and buckwheat finger chips are also served along with the Thakali Meal.

    The aroma and taste of Thakali cuisine is wonderful as it is the best Khana set that is eaten as lunch and dinner. You may not find Thakali Khana Set everywhere because it is a special type of meal that may not be available in some rural places. But in urban cities, it is prevalent and can be eaten in Thakali restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

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    Momo (Dumplings)

    Momo or dumpling is a popular meal in Nepal. It is made from dough made up of flour and filled with minced chicken and buffalo meat. There are a lot of varieties of Momo as there are some restaurants specialized in Momo with their uniqueness. However, Momo can be subdivided into three types. The Buff Momo, Chicken Momo and veg Momo.

    The main component of buff Momo is minced buffalo meat. The buffalo meat is filled in a flattened dough and steamed or fried. The chicken Momo is filled with chicken meat. Whereas the veg Momo is filled with veggies. Momo is a popular food in Nepal. In every eatery and restaurant, even street food, Momo is popular.

    The Momo is mainly an appetizer. It is a popular meal in Nepal. If you are visiting Nepal, Momo is a must-try food as the Momo of Nepal is very popular and tasty.

    Dhindo and Gundruk

    Dhindo is a mountainous cuisine and is also a popular food in Nepal. In the upper elevations, more than 2000 m, it is difficult to grow rice. The Kodo and Fapar are easily available in the mountains. The Dheedo used to be the major meal in the mountains. However, now the rice is easily accessible in the mountains, so it is also available in the mountains.

    Dheedo is mainly wheat or maize. The fermented vegetable leaves, especially of Radish, is Gundruk. Usually, the Dheedo is complemented with Gundruk soup. It is a desired and high nutrition food that has huge health benefits. It is available in authentic Nepali restaurants and eateries. Once a part of living, this cuisine is the major treat of the mountains of Nepal.

    Newari Cuisine

    Newars are the inhabitants of Kathmandu valley and the Newari cuisine is popular and desired by a lot of people. Newari cuisine has a lot of varieties and is popular among the people visiting Nepal. In Newari restaurants, Newari cuisine is easily available. The food is a major part of the Newari culture. The cultural conundrum and their feasts enriched Newars with their diverse festival celebrations.

    Newari cuisine is a must-try food that Kathmandu has to offer. Meat is a major part of Newari cuisine. Boiled rice, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, soups and relishes are popular in Lunch.

    The feast of Newari cuisine is a very interesting part. Some of the popular foods of Newari cuisine are choila (ground buffalo meat), Palula (buffalo meat and ginger curry), Sen lamu (seasoned raw ground buffalo liver). Tarkari (vegetable curry), Wauncha (green vegetables), Tukan:cha, Palacha, Shakecha, Cholecha etc. are some vegetable dishes in Newari cuisine.

    For lunch, there are varieties of meals in Newari cuisine. Some of the popular lunch selections are Baji (beaten rice), Chatanmari (rice flour crepe), Chhusya (parched wheat), Gophuki (puffed rice), Samay Baji, Gwaramari (deep fried dough), Haja (Steamed rice), Jakimari (rice flour pancake), Kani (popcorn), Kheyn Wo (fried egg), Musya (roasted soybean), Sukula (dried meat), Wo (fried lentil cake), see Bara(fried lentil cake with hole like donut) etc.

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