Nightlife in Kathmandu
Nightlife in Kathmandu

Nightlife in Kathmandu

Thamel in Kathmandu awakes, while the rest of the country is sleeping.

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Nightlife in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, boasts a lively and vibrant nightlife culture. The nightlife chunk of Kathmandu is popular for the party pals. This town has a lot of things to offer, from the best mountain views to the nightlife, from the cultural heritage to the natural beauty, everything here is worth a visit. Stroll through the paved streets around the heritage sites and visit the Durbar squares in the evening.

Explore the Kathmandu nightlife with some musical taste and some booze in a cosy and nice ambience in the capital. Also, visit some nightclubs and bars in Thamel. The clubs and bars, lounges, restaurants, live music bars and moreover the crowd make the nightlife a bombastic experience in Kathmandu. Thamel and Durbarmarg are popular names when it comes to nightlife. There are a lot of lounges and clubs offering the best nightlife experiences.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Nightlife in the heart of capital - Thamel

    Thamel lies in central Kathmandu. There are a lot of nightclubs and bars in Thamel. It is the most happening place in Kathmandu offering the finest nightlife experiences. Thamel wakes up while the rest of Kathmandu is sleeping. The dazzling city-Kathmandu’s nightlife and the beautiful chaos of the city has so many things to offer. Thamel is an unforgettable place in Kathmandu as it is one of the major places for Kathmandu nightlife. The alleys and streets around Thamel in the evening offer some beautiful chaos. Hop around the clubs and bars in Thamel and explore the nightlife of this vibrant city. You may meet some strangers. And as the Thamel is a popular place for trekkers, you would probably love to hear the experiences while sipping some beer.

    The major nightlife of Kathmandu is concentrated on Thamel as it boasts diverse shops, hotels and spas, eateries and many more. Evening shopping is fun in Thamel. The window shopping while strolling through the streets of Thamel is a unique experience. You may meet some strangers around and can have good company. Thamel is a popular hub for tourists in Nepal. The diverse cuisines and restaurants also offer fine dining in Thamel.

    Thamel - A popular tourist hub of Kathmandu

    Thamel is a popular name when it comes to the major tourist hub in Nepal. It is the kaleidoscope of diverse experiences including nightlife, shopping, eating and many other activities. Thamel, situated in central Kathmandu, is one of the most venerated sites for trekkers and adventure lovers in Nepal. Many tourists stay in Thamel Kathmandu as it is easily accessible to the hotels, spas, eateries, clubs, and bars. The oldest commercial area in the capital, Thamel still holds the zeal that it has decades before.

    Thamel nightlife

    Newars are the inhabitants of Kathmandu valley, so it is obvious that Newa people endure the majority of this oldest commercial town. The unique attribute of Thamel is it offers experiences. Thamel is another name associated with nightlife in Nepal. It is popular, so far, serving the finest nightlife experience in Kathmandu. The modern Bar and Clubs, indoor sports and adventurous activities are available in Thamel. 

    It is the trekkers’ hub. The trekking and mountain gear can be found easily around the shops in Thamel. In terms of the offerings it has, we can say that Thamel is designed for tourists. Roam around the streets, you may find the multiple nationalities around. Different standards pf Hotels and restaurants are serving people here. Be it for adventure lovers or just visitors, Thamel has a great ambience. The Garden of dreams, a historical admiring treasure, is situated at the entrance point of Thamel. 

    History of Thamel

    Starting from Hippie days in the 1960s, when tourists come to visit and stay around Thamel, the tourist movements and activities gradually started to increase in Thamel. Later, it emerged as a popular tourist hub of Nepal. Now, it has so many kinds of activities being offered in Thamel. The ancient history of Thamel is also linked to the commercial trade route. Another name of Thamel is Tabitha Bahal. However, very few people are known for it. Originally inhabited by the Newars, it has diverse ethnicity. However, Thamel is not a residential area. Most of the houses are made for commercial purposes. The old structures of Thamel are in Newari style. The old buildings throughout the Thamel are built-in Newari architecture.

    Thamel is also a place of religious values. The cultural significance of Newars is still associated with Thamel. Some Jatras and chariot festivals can be seen happening around Thamel. Since it was inhabited by Newars, they perform pujas and perform holy rituals in some places. Small idols and temples, stupas can be seen around Thamel. 

    The hippies sparked the tourism industry of Nepal in the 1960s. Nepal was then a country with legalized marijuana. They used to roam around it and the freak street, it lies near the Kathmandu Durbar Square area. Then it was one of the major commercial activities in the field of local tourism. The tourists gradually started to increase in numbers because of the hashes and marijuana. Now the area is a bright chaotic tangle, situated in one of the busiest marketplaces of Kathmandu. 

    Nightlife in Thamel

    Thamel is the place where people stay awake while the rest of the country is sleeping. It has an amazing nightlife with new bar cubs and its ambience. Dazzled in the streetlights, Thamel looks perfect with less crowd in the road and more fun in the bar and pubs. Thamel rivels with increasing dusk, making it the leisure and social hub in Kathmandu. Explore the streets of Thamel or just stay in the bars and clubs, everything is mind-blowing.

    Night clubs in Thamel are nice. They have better standards than dance bars. According to the kind you are seeking, from cosy night bars to sophisticated clubs, everything is there in Thamel. Some of the popular nightclubs in Thamel are Lord of the Drinks, Purple hedge, Ibiza lounge, Senate Club etc. Thamel is liberal nowadays. Even at night, you might possibly not have any bad experiences if you are in a nice place with good standards. If you are planning for clubbing here, go through the internet sources they have and look after the reviews. It helps you to identify the good and also the best suitable nightclubs. 

    Thamel offers diverse experiences. You may get to see a lot of things here. Especially at the night, the temples and streets seem more fascinating and beautiful. Thamel accepts every sort of person. It does not judge the orientation of people. Unlike the time before decades, Thamel is now a hub for every sort of personality. You should try Thamel once. You may get the partners, or just a friend, maybe an international one. Thamel became a nice place for socialization in these recent years.  

    Accommodation in Thamel 

    Thamel is always a pre base camp for trekkers. Most of the trekkers’ stay in Thamel and prepare for trekking in the Himalayas. There are a lot of Hotels and lodges in Thamel. Either you are on a budget or you have plenties, Every kind of standard you will get here. Small lodges to the varieties of luxury hotels are situated in Thamel. The backpackers to luxury guests, it holds the firmness to make accommodation for its guest. The hospitality culture of Nepal itself is finest, likewise, in Thamel, you don't have to get disappointed in nice places. Thamel offerings in Kathmandu are nevertheless an average part. The increasing facilities and modern amenities in lodges are appealing and convenient. 

    The hotels and lodges offer services according to your demand. You will feel good in Thamel. Yes, prices are a little high than some other places as it is one of the major districts of Kathmandu. But it is worth every single penny here. You may want to enter a nice lodge, where a reception person will be welcoming you carrying the best smile with hospitality at its finest. But you should check the reviews first to ensure the standard of services. And of course, how happy the past guests were! 

    How to get to Thamel? 

    Thamel is in the central part of Kathmandu. In Kathmandu valley, probably everybody knows about Thamel. So, you may choose to ask locals and yes, they won't hesitate to answer you with a beautiful smile. Thamel lies around 5 Km from Tribhuwan International Airport. Also, you may access Thamel using navigation and maps. Google maps are reliable in the Kathmandu valley. Durbarmarg, New Road, Ason and few other places around are within walking distance from Thamel. The streets here are however confusing, but you will get the way to locate your place. 

    Restaurants in Thamel  

    There are a lot of eateries in Thamel. According to the dish type you want, few restaurants have specialized their meals. Chinese, Nepali meal, Thakali, continental every kind of meals are available in the eateries of Thamel. Being the central hub for tourists, Thamel offers diverse meal plans. The restaurants in Thamel are of a different type. You may like to look after the reviews that have in internet sources to avoid the scraps here. You will obviously find a nice Restaurant for your lunches or Dinners; or just snacks. Thamel, situated in the beautiful Kathmandu, hosts multi-cuisine facilities.

    There are a lot of coffee shops in Thamel. You may want to read a book with a cup of coffee. Because coffee is something you can’t avoid and book? It’s a habit of many people. You may look at the souvenirs or just want some snacks. Everything is available here. Also, the tourist needs are somewhere fulfilled by Thamel. That’s why Thamel is revered for its offerings…! 

    Indoor Sports in Thamel 

    If you are an adventure lover and residing in Thamel, you’d probably want to get a taste of adventure indoor in Nepali ambience. There are some places that offer indoor sports and adventurous activities. The futsal, wall climbing, gymming etc are available in Thamel. If you want to go for outdoor adventure, well, there are a lot of adventure and travel companies offering the best packages for your ease around. Or, you can just tell us your requirements. We can arrange your travel demands. Thamel in Kathmandu has its own beauty. For fitness freaks, Thamel offers fitness and way more experiences.  

    Vehicle restrictions in Thamel 

    There are few streets in Thamel, where vehicles are restricted to enter. You need a pass to enter the restricted zone with the vehicle. Because of the heavy traffic and rush, the government had decided to shut the vehicles in a few major streets in Thamel. However, you can get a special pass by the customs officer standing there and easily enter with your vehicle. Or, Thamel is just in walking distance, its not that bad to walk inside Thamel. It’s nice to see various tourists roaming around from multiple countries. And nicely decorated souvenir shops are another attraction in Thamel. 

    Shopping in Thamel 

    Thamel is a pre base station for many tourists. You can get the things you want here. Especially related to trekking and travel activities, you can get the gears. You can also hire or rent tents, gears and bicycles as well. The souvenir shops, Thangka shops, clothing, travel gears, small idols, book shops and decorative items etc. are available in Thamel. All you need to do is just explore around. 

    Exploring Thamel 

    Thamel is not just limited to the boundaries mentioned here. Thamel is more about discovering inner beauty. Discover the nightlife discover the happenings and events, meet strangers, find some friends, go shopping, you can do many things here. You may just walk alone along the streets in the night, or just make it tandem, you will love it. And may encounter few people in the corners, you should avoid if you feel something wrong there. 

    Walk in the rush hours, or make it to the night, you will like to explore Thamel. You can see the temples, some small monasteries as well. You may see the best cultural stuff in the streets. It is a gem, stuffed with the Newa culture along with modern practices. You should find out if there are any cultural events and happenings in Thamel by the locals. And participate. You will obviously love the cultural gesture. You can just walk a little ahead to Ason, the oldest marketplace of Nepal, to explore more about the culture, ancient Newa buildings and many other small household things. Furthermore, get a taxi or be on your foot, and explore Kathmandu. Moreover, It’s beautiful. 

    Nightlife in Durbarmarg

    Durbarmarg is another popular place for Kathmandu nightlife. This is also known as the King’s way. There is a former Royal Palace, which is now turned into a museum. You can get there to see the Royal lifestyle of Nepal. Durbarmarg boasts some popular nightclubs and dance bars. Situated nearby Thamel, Durbarmarg is a popular paradise for nightlife experiences. You may meet some people in the clubs of Durbarmarg. The happenings in Durbarmarg is mind-blowing. If you are seeking nightlife in Kathmandu, Durbarmarg could be a great escape to enjoy the nightlife. 

    Nightlife in Lazimpat

    Lazimpat is another popular place for nightlife in Kathmandu. Lazimpat has wonderful bars, clubs, casinos and live music restaurants. It is also a major area in Kathmandu that offers the best nightlife in Kathmandu. A diverse range of clubs and bars are available here. The clubbing and dining experience in Lazimpat is one of the finest of Kathmandu valley. There are some restaurants that provide folk music and dance. Some restaurants also showcase cultural dance. It is also a popular place for casinos and gambling in Kathmandu. 

    Nightlife in Jhamsikhel

    Jhamsikhel lies in the Lalitpur district of Kathmandu valley. Situated nearby Patan, Jhamsikhel offers great nightlife and dining experience. Get around the Patan Durbar Square in the evening and in the evening chaos, stroll around the streets there. The assortment of restaurants in the Jhamsikhel area is popular for dining in Lalitpur. Incredibly beautiful, this place has some bars, clubs and live music restaurants. Meeting strangers and exploring the beauty of Lalitpur is another activity that you can do in the evening time. The old buildings and architecture is also an interesting part of this city. The cultural beauty of this place is highly admired. Fine dining and international cuisines are available in Lalitpur.

    Kathmandu Nightlife Guide

    As the dusk unveils, Kathmandu becomes lively with some nightclubs, bars and casinos. The best part is the clubbing in Kathmandu is vivid and vibrant. The dazzling pubs, clubs, bars and live music restaurant offers wonderful nightlife along with a beautiful ambience. The following are some reputed and well-recognized nightclubs offering the best nightlife experience. 

    Lord of the Drinks

    Lord of the drinks is a popular nightclub in Kathmandu valley. The dazzling nightlife here is mindblowing along with the wonderful ambience. Situated in Thamel, Bhagwati Sthan; Lord of the drinks is a well-established franchise in Nepal. The wonderful setup and the musical environment is the best part of this club. The venue has a total capacity of 4000 people with seating space for around 500 people. It has street and valet parking available around the premises. Spacious, and wonderful arrangements along with the great hospitality of this club established it as one of the finest clubs in Kathmandu valley. 

    Opening hours: It opens every day from 06:00 PM to 04:00 AM. 

    Entrance fee: NPR 1000 per person. 

    Contact number of Lord of the drinks: 984-3948991

    Club Deja Vu

    Club Deja Vu is another popular nightclub in Kathmandu. It is situated in Durbarmarg. It has a total capacity of 3000 people with seating arrangements in three terraced levels. Deja Vu also has some floor segmentation for VIPs and VVIPs. The cosy and comfortable ambience with dim lighting is great. It boasts some national and international performers and visitors. Also, the multiple bar options and terraces make it more convenient for booze lovers. 

    Opening hours: It opens every day from 07:00 PM to 05:00 AM. 

    Entrance fee: NPR 1500 for normal and 2500 for VIP. 

    Contact number of Club Deja Vu: 01-4440744


    Trisara is a renowned live music restaurant in Kathmandu. It has two branches over Kathmandu valley. One in Durbarmarg, and another in Lazimpat. The picturesque ambience and sumptuous food and drinks selections along with great music are the main attribute of Trisara. However, there is no entrance fee applicable as it is mainly the restaurant. The wonderful surroundings of Trisara attract a lot of people and are a great escape if you want a smooth and beautiful nightlife experience. 

    Opening hours: It opens every day from 10 AM-11 PM

    Entrance fee: Not applicable 

    Contact number of Trisara Durbar marg: 01-4225602

    Contact number of Trisara Lazimpat: 01-4410200

    Purple Haze Rock Bar

    Purple haze rock bar is one of the most happening night bars in Kathmandu. It is situated in Thamel and offers a wonderful nightlife experience. This buzzy nightspot is amazing and live performances of national and international singers and artists make it lively. If you are looking for a good cuisine with live music, it is an ideal selection. The spacious hall and stage is awesome and surely make your head bang with wonderful live performances. 

    Opening hours: It opens from 05:00 PM to 12:00 AM

    Entrance fee: Not Applicable, might be applicable around NPR 500 on weekends. 

    Contact Number of Purple Haze Rock Bar: 980-3719781

    Ibiza Lounge

    Ibiza lounge is a popular club in Kathmandu. It is situated in Narsingh Chowk, Thamel. The modular and cosy musical ambience of Ibiza Lounge is awesome. The live music performances are also wonderful. The disco and lounge are spacious and has multiple meal selections along with various drinks. This is an awesome nightspot if you want to spend some time in a beautiful and cosy yet budget club in Kathmandu. 

    Opening hours: It opens from 05:00 PM to 03:00 AM

    Entrance fee: Not applicable but on weekends and during the time of special events, they might charge some. 

    Contact Number: 01-4257811

    Kings Lounge

    Situated in Durbarmarg, Kings lounge is a popular nightclub in Nepal. The wonderful ambience and wonderful settlements made it a well established and popular nightclub in Kathmandu. Happening and wonderful nightlife in Kings lounge is for those who want some melodious music with booze and fun. Moreover, the live music and performances make it a wonderful place in Durbarmarg to hang out. 

    Opening hours: It opens from 11:00 AM to 01:00 AM. 

    Entrance fee: Not Applicable but on weekends and special events, might charge some. 

    Contact number:  01-4223110

    Senate Club

    Senate club is a reputed nightclub in Kathmandu. It is situated nearby JP road, Thamel. The nice ambience and musical environment attract a lot of people. The wonderful meal selections and drinks are awesome. The local bands and performers perform here. If you want some cosy nightclub in Kathmandu, Senate club has it all. 

    Opening hours: It opens from 07:00 PM to 05:00 AM every day. 

    Entrance fee: Not Applicable but on weekends and special events, might charge some. 

    Contact number: 980-3085008

    Gandaki Dohori Sanjh

    If you want to have some folk music battles in Kathmandu, then Dohori Sanjha is the best option for your nightlife experience. The Gandaki Dohori Sanjh is situated in Kamaladi. Nepali folk songs and live music experiences in Gandaki Dohori Sanjh is awesome. The great meal and drink selection are also wonderful. 

    Opening Hours: It opens from 06:00 PM to 01:00 AM every day. 

    Entrance fee: Not applicable. 

    Contact number: 980-2023992

    Nagarkot Dohori Sanjh

    Nagarkot Dohori Sanjh is a reputed name when it comes to Nepali folk music in Kathmandu. It is situated in Thamel. The Nepali music and folks come alive with some great Nepali cuisine and drinks. There is no entrance fee applicable but on some occasions and events, they might charge some.

    Opening Hours: It opens from 06:00 PM to 01:00 AM. 

    Entrance fee: Not Applicable 

    Bhojan Griha

    Bhojan Griha is one of the most popular restaurants in Kathmandu. Situated in Dillibazar, this restaurant offers authentic Nepali meals along with cultural performances. Dining in Bhojan Griha is popular as it has organic servings and Nepali folk dance and music. Furthermore, the mind-blowing ambience of Bhojan Griha attracts a lot of people. If you wanna try some Nepali meal with some live folks in a Nepali authentic restaurant, Bhojangriha has it all. 

    Opening Hours: It opens from 10 AM to 10 PM every day.

    Entrance fee: Not Applicable 

    Contact number: 01-4416423

    There are many other places offering the best nightlife experiences. The clubbing and casinos in Nepal are also popular for Nightlife. There are some casinos offering gambling in Nepal. In Nepal, there are very limited Casinos as gambling is banned for Nepalese citizens. The millionaire club, Bally’s Casino, Casino Royale, Casino Rad, Casino Everest are some casinos in Nepal. 


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