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Kathmandu's nightlife at Lord of Drinks!

Lord of the Drinks Kathmandu

As the dusk begins, the nightlife in Kathmandu starts. While the rest of Kathmandu is sleeping, Thamel stays awake.

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Lord of Drinks Thamel

Lord of the drinks, an international bar chain, is a popular night escape in Kathmandu valley. Situated amidst the hustle and bustle of the vibrant Thamel in Kathmandu, Lord of the drinks is gaining popularity as a premium night bar and club in Kathmandu. An interesting trio of drinks, food and amenities, nails the perfection of vigorous nightlife culture in Nepal.

As the dusk begins, the nightlife in Kathmandu starts. While the rest of Kathmandu is sleeping, Thamel stays awake. The enthralling ambience of Lord of the drinks itself is one of the supreme and highly honored clubbing fun in the valley. 

The spacious setting, and the great musical choices, with highly professional amenities and services, Lord of drinks in Nepal has been serving in Nepal with the finest professionalism. The live music and the happenings in Lord of the drinks attract a lot of domestic and international tourists, making it a perfect night escape in Kathmandu valley. The lively and vivid atmosphere of Lord of the drinks is at its best. The mesmerizing settlement and internal ambience of this bar is perfect to lure anybody to make the night out with some head bangs and dancing parties.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Quick facts of Lord of Drinks Kathmandu


    Lord of Drinks


    Thamel, Kathmandu

    Entry Fee

    NPR 1000

    Opening Time

    07:00 PM to 06:00 AM

    Reservation Contact Number


    With the growing interest of youths and tourists in bar and clubbing, LOD makes it all. The perfect and superb ambience and amenities with professionally trained staff and bartenders, as the name suggests, its Lord of the drinks in real. The lighting and sounds are highly engineered to provide the best bar and clubbing experience in Kathmandu. 

    The magnificent atmosphere and some bar spices around, who wouldn’t love it. Get some fabulous experiences in town with the supreme standard of clubbing in Kathmandu to make your night full of fun. 

    If you are celebrating your birthday, Lord of the drinks makes it memorable with obviously some decorations and special announcements on the floor. The club is gay-friendly, as the cities of Nepal are pretty much open to the assorted orientations of people.

    LOD Premium

    Lord of the Drinks in Kathmandu is coming up with a membership scheme which will obviously facilitate the frequent visitors. LOD is offering a luxury card for its elite visitors. The membership card of Lord of the drinks is subcategorized in 3 types. The Diamond, Platinum and Gold. 

    The Diamond plan includes some personalized and unlimited services. The major facilities of Diamond membership plan are:- 

    • Unlimited Passes (Up to 4 Person): The Diamond members can tag along up to 4 individuals without any additional charges. However, special events with extra tickets are not included in this plan.

    • VIP passes: Special entry gateway shall be dedicated for its elite members.

    • Priority Booking: The LOD will prioritize diamond members for any events for tickets and access even in the last moments via LOD app.

    • Discounts: The discount included in this plan facilitates visitors with 20 percent general discount, Birthday discount- an additional 5 percent, and 20 percent annual discount.

    • Pricing: The enrollment fee for the Diamond plan is NPR 6,999. The minimum balance should be NPR 95000 and cancellation charge is NPR 3999. 

    The Platinum Plan includes some standard amenities and services with 500 passes to the LOD. Some of the major features of this plan are:- 

    • 500 entry passes (Up to 3 members per visit)

    • VIP Entry

    • Priority Booking

    • Discount: The discount in this plan includes a 15 percent general discount, birthday discount-Additional 5 percent and 15 percent annual discount.

    • Pricing: The enrollment fee for the Platinum plan at LOD is NPR 4499, the minimum balance should be NPR 70000 and cancellation charge is NPR 3999.

    The Gold Plan at LOD includes some services and amenities with some privilege. Some of the benefits of the Gold plan includes:-

    • 100 entry passes (Up to 2 individuals per visit)-

    • Priority Booking

    • Easy Upgrade

    • Private Parties

    • Special Events

    • Discount: The discount in this plan is 10 percent general discount and 10 percent annual discounts.

    • Pricing: The enrollment fees NPR 3499, the minimum balance should be NPR 30000, and the cancellation charge is NPR 3999.

    Lord of Drinks Kathmandu Entry Fee

    The entry fee for Lord of drinks in Thamel, Kathmandu is NPR 1000 rupees for general people. If you are a member of LOD’s premium plan, then you must have some privilege according to the card you obtained. The special VIP and VVIP passes are also the major feature of Lord of the drinks.

    Lord of the drink never fails to amaze its visitors with an excellent nightlife experience in the epitome of Nepalese nightlife. The LOD has some premium plans which include membership as well as non-membership facilities.

    Regular Entry Fee

    NPR 1000 Per Person

    VIP Table Package

    NPR 35,000 for 7 Person Per Table

    VVIP Table Package

    • NPR 60,000 for 10 Person Per Table

    • NPR 80,000 for 15 Person Per Table.

    The members have certain benefits, for sure. But for normal visitors, the entry fee is NPR 1000, in this, no complementary is available. But in the VIP Plan and VVIP plan, there is some privilege to enjoy the supreme nightlife in this bar.

    To get the VIP table, the total number of people should be 7 people and they should spend at least NPR 35000. For VVIP tables, the total number of people needed to be there (the table can accommodate) is either 10 people or 15 people.

    For 10 people in VVIP, the total amount they should spend is NPR 60,000 and for 15 people, the amount they should spend is NPR 80,000. However, in the case of VIP and VVIP tables, there is no entry fee charged.

    Opening Hours of Lord of the Drinks

    Lord of the drinks is undoubtedly the perfect escape at night in Kathmandu. Lord of the drinks opens at 7 PM in the evening till 4 AM in the morning on major weekdays in Nepal (Sunday-Thursday). On Friday, Lord of the Drinks stays open from 7 PM to 12 AM. But the Saturdays are highly facilitated with high opening hours. The nightlife in Nepal on Saturdays is wonderful.

    On Saturdays, the club remains open from 12 AM to 5:30 PM and 7 PM to 4 AM. The club is, however, can be booked upon talking to management if you have any special days coming and are opting to have a clubbing night for families and friends.

    Lord of the Drinks Location

    Lord of the drinks is situated in the vibrant setup of Thamel in Kathmandu. Thamel is a popular tourist hub of Nepal and for that reason, the nightlife in Thamel is popular. The Lord of the drinks is located in Kalika Bhagwati Sthan, nearby Garden of Dreams in Thamel.

    The location of Lord of the Drinks is easily accessible as it is in central Thamel. Most of the people in Thamel surrounding know about Lord of the drinks. So, if you are in a dilemma about getting there, you can ask some locals or shop owners in Thamel. They will surely guide you to reach there.

    Events at Lord of the Drinks Kathmandu

    Rotary Club of Patan west has been organizing an event on 15th January 2022 at the lord of the drinks Kathmandu. Recent winner of Indian idol, Mr. Pawandeep will be performing a musical night from 6 PM onwards. General tickets cost NPR 2500 and VIP tickets cost NPR 3000 Per Person. The aim of this show is to collect some funds for the charity purpose.

    Events at Lord of the Drinks Kathmandu


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