Momo in Nepal
Try Mouth-Watering Momo in Kathmandu

Momo in Nepal

Devour while getting into the world of fast food with different varieties of dumplings in Kathmandu.

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Momos in Nepal

The popularity of Momo today has spread worldwide. Momo is believed to have originated from the Tibetan region most popularly called dumplings. However, Nepal is recognized for serving momo in the hotels and even inside the household for a very long period of time. It is also one of the popular Nepalese Foods

This article is expected to be a guide for the local people as well as the tourists looking for a place to have delicious momo and achar inside Kathmandu. Momo, is the most common fast food preference amongst almost all Nepalese and the people who are not very fond of the taste of momo are found rarely. 

In this blog, the reader will get to know the best-rated momo places inside Kathmandu serving momo with flavoursome taste and at an affordable price. Momo is among the dishes one should never forget to taste while visiting Nepal. 

Momo, a single dish, has taken up a huge space in the hotel industry in Nepal. The demand for momo in almost every restaurant; small to big,  is high compared to other fast food items. Even the tourists, familiar with Nepalese food culture, seem to ask for Momos while visiting the country themselves.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Momo’s history in Nepal

    Momos have been popular inside Nepal for a very long time now. It is a staple food preference of Nepalese when going out to eat, in terms of fast food. Though it does not have a clear history of practice, as mentioned earlier it has been popular inside Nepal since a very long time.  

    Momo is influenced by Tibetan dumplings. Mainly, it is believed that the Newar community were inspired by the Tibetan dumplings on the Newar Merchant’s visit to Tibet for trade. The Newar locals called it Momocha. Tibetan used to stuff the dumplings with yak meat, Newars re-created it and started stuffing it with buffalo meat which is popular in the name of Buff Momo now. The Newari Cuisine is also a popular food in Kathmandu valley. 

    But most people do not prefer buffalo meat for religious reasons in Nepal, so they started to replace the stuffing with chicken, vegetables, pork and other varieties of filling. Before the momo was popular only in the steamed version, but today with the growth of its demand, different varieties of momo like Fried momo, Kothey momo, and Chilli momo are found. Even chocolate momo is popular these days. 

    Momo is considered a traditional dish not only in Nepal, but also Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet, and Ladakh.

    Nepalese Momos Recipe

    Momo has become a way of life for Nepalese. As the process of preparing momo includes working together it has also become a family affair. At family gatherings, usually, people prefer to gather together and prepare momo while chit-chatting and having a joyful time.

    momo recipe

    How are Momos made, step-wise guide

    Step 1: Preparing the dough 

    All-purpose flour (Maida) is used and mixed with water and a little bit of oil to prepare the dough. The dough is left to set for some time. 

    Step 2: Stuffing preparation

    Stuffing is prepared on the basis of which momo one is preferring to make. Incase of vegetable momo, veggies like cabbage, carrot, paneer are grated into fine pieces then mixed with the spices like salt, cumin powder, momo masala.

    Step 3: Preparing the wrap

    The dough then prepared is rolled into thin circle sheets and stuffing is filled inside. Then the wrap is closed by using different techniques. One can use their creativity in preparing the wraps. 

    Step 4: Steaming and serving

    The wrap so prepared is then steamed for approximately 10-15 minutes. Then the hot momo is served with fresh tomato pickle or mayonnaise. 


    The first step to making momo is to prepare the dough. Usually, all-purpose flour (Maida) is used and mixed with water and a little oil to prepare the dough. The dough is left to set for some time and then stuffing is prepared.

    Stuffing is prepared by cutting or grating different vegetables or meat or whatever the stuff one wants to put inside the wrap into small fine pieces. The stuffing is then cooked for some time in oil, adding salt and other condiments according to one’s taste. The stuffing is called Keema.

    Then the dough prepared is rolled very thin and stuffing is placed inside the roll and then the dumplings are given shape. One can use their creativity to give shape to the dumplings but the wrap should not be too thick, as the stuffing inside could remain raw after steaming. 

    The prepared wrap is then steamed or half steamed or fried on the basis of what kind of momo one is preferring to make. 

    The Chutney or Achar served with momo is usually a fresh tomato pickle or mayonnaise. 

    Varieties of Momos in Nepal

    There are varieties of momo served in the hotels. The major varieties served in most of the Nepalese momo hotels mentioned below;

    Buff Momo

    The stuffing inside is buffalo meat, and all other procedures of preparation are the same.  Buff momo has been popular in Nepal since the very beginning, especially in the Newar community. In Fact, it is the foundation for the establishment of momos as a dish in Nepal. But due to religious reasons, people started to alter the stuffing from buffalo to chicken, pork, and mutton meat.

    buff momo in nepal

    Chicken Momo

    The stuffing inside is chicken meat. This is the most popular and preferable momo in Nepal currently, except among vegetarians. Chicken momo, due to its taste and affordable price is rampantly served in almost every momo station.

    Pork Momo

    The stuffing inside is Pork meat. Pork momo has not gained that much popularity compared to chicken and buff momo. However, because of its taste, it has now become popular and found in many momo places.

    Veg Momo

    The stuffing inside is vegetables, mainly cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, paneer or boiled potato. Veg momo is another wide variety of momo found in almost all of the momo restaurants. Particularly famous among vegetarians, this variety of momo is also cheaper compared to other ones.

    veg momo in nepal

    Cheese Momo

    Inside the wrap, stuffing also includes cheese. Cheese momo evolved gradually after momo began to take a huge market. After the popularity of momo, the variety started to increase and cheese momo is one of the most liked varieties that has been added to the list.

    Chocolate Momo

    Stuffing usually has chocolate filling in it. Chocolate momo also is a kind of momo found in this modern momo era. It is also one of the added varieties in the family of momo after its huge popularity and experimentations on mo:mo. The sweet tooth ones are very fond of chocolate momo.

    Steamed Momo

    They are usually the most common type. The dumplings are steamed and served with achar. Steam momo is the oldest form of serving momo. Since the beginning of the popularity of momo, it is known to be in a steam form. This is one of the reasons that momo is considered healthy in comparison with other fast food items.

    Jhol Momo

    The dumplings are served with a liquid called jhol that consists of a perfect blend of flavours and spices in it. It has also been a quite popular form of momo. Though developed a little later, people have been liking the momo served with Jhol very much and Jhol momo has also been able to take a large space in the market. The condiments used in Jhol are tasty and liked by many.

    jhol momo in nepal

    Fried Momo

    The wrap is deep fried in sunflower or vegetable oil and served. This is a bit unhealthy but a tastier form of momo. One who likes crunchy dishes should give it a try once. Fried momo gives a perfect taste of crunchiness with tasty stuffing inside. It is usually served with fresh tomato pickle which makes the dish even tastier. 

    Chilli Momo

    The steamed dumplings are dipped in hot and spicy chilli sauce and other spicy condiments. Chilli momo is also one of the varieties of momo that is popular to a huge extent. Chilli and spicy food lovers should give it a try at least once. 

    Momo’s Popularity in Nepal

    The major reason for the popularity of momo is its taste, availability, affordability and variety. The taste itself answers why it is the rockstar of Nepalese fast food and preferred by many. Also, this particular dish is available in almost every restaurant, be it small or large. From fancy five star hotels to simple dining and eating places, you will always have the option to have momo in Nepal. 

    Another reason for its popularity is its price. This dish is available rampantly at a minimal price; that most can afford. The price range usually starts from Rs.60 for a plate served with 10 pieces of dumplings. It is also one of the reasons people prefer this dish outside home. 

    Moreover, the forms in which momo is served is diverse. One can find various forms of options to have momo and choose on the basis of their preference. Vegetarians can choose between paneer momo, or different veggies to add up to the momo. Non-vegetarians have different choices of stuffing like buff, chicken, mutton, pork and many others. 

    Chocolate momo, stuffed with chocolate filling, is also popular nowadays. Also, momo is served in steamed form, or fried. Chilli momo and Sadheko momo (Momo is mixed with raw onions, peanuts, tomatoes, chillies and mainly lemon to give it a tangy taste) are popular too.

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    MoMo as a Chain Business

    Momo is a popular food in Nepal. With growing popularity, many restaurants are trying to specialize their food on Momo. New experiments on this food are being done and people are also loving the new taste. Some information on the popular momo chain businesses is provided here. 


    Dalle is one of the most popular momo places that has been serving tasty momos since 2011. The founders of Dalle Alok Yonjan and Subash Gautam are behind the establishment of Dalle along with founder chef Ramesh Lama. The first outlet was established in Kamaladi Kathmandu. And currently they have 11 outlets in operation both inside and outside the valley. They are known to provide Darjeeling style cooked food, primarily momos. 


    Shandaar momo is another most popular momo centre in Kathmandu valley that has been expanding its branches with increased popularity. They are known to serve momo with local and authentic taste with juicy and tempting achar. The price range of momo in Shandaar is very affordable and with their branches outside the valley too. 


    Bota Momo is not among the oldest momo places in nepal. But because of the taste and variety of momo available there, its popularity today is widespread. They have even opened different branches today at different places. Their varieties in momo is what makes this place most special. Along with the dishes, the place itself has the perfect setup and ambience.

    Everest Momo

    Everest momo centre is one of the oldest and famous momo centres all over Nepal. This place has been serving tasty momos for a long period of time now and is popular till date. The popularity of Buff momo they serve is widespread.  Their branches have gradually expanded with its increased popularity. It is the place where people go searching for the authentic taste of momo, preferably buff momo. 

    Why Nepalese love MoMos?

    Momo is one of the very rare fast foods that is preferred and liked by people of all age groups. From teenagers, youth, and working adults to old age people, everyone loves to have momo when they are out of their home. It is loved among all the Nepalese mainly because it has been reshaped and originated from Nepal itself and because it has a great taste, it is affordable and available at almost every eating place.

    why nepalese love momo

    The demand for Momo in restaurants is not restricted only to a particular age group of people, though like every other fast food item, the preference for Momo might slightly be inclined to the age group of teenagers and youth. But there is clearly no restriction as the process of making momo is itself healthy, as the dish includes the stuffing with lots of healthy vegetables and meat and the wrap is usually steamed that also adds up to the health.

    List of Top Momo Restaurants in Kathmandu


    Name of the Restaurant



    Everest Momo Centre

    Thirbum Marg, Kathmandu


    Bota Momo

    Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu


    Thamel Momo Hut

    Thamel Marg, Kathmandu


    Newa Momocha

    Kwabahl, Thahity, Kathmandu


    Momo Magic

    Maharajgunj Road, Kathmandu


    Momo Star Restaurant

    Bhagwati Marg, Kathmandu


    Narayan Daiko MasanGalliko Famous Momo

    Putalisadakchowk, Kathmandu


    Shandaar Momo

    Shree Nagar Marga, Kathmandu


    Momo Mantra Cloud Kitchen

    Gyawali Marg, Kathmandu


    Momo Karma

    Nagpokhari Marg, Kathmandu


    Samrat Momo

    Yala Sadak, Lalitpur


    King Momo

    Basundhara, Kathmandu


    Om Veg Momo

    Maitidevi, Kathmandu


    Thulo Momo

    Boudha, Kathmandu


    Delicious Momo

    Jamal, Kathmandu


    New Swadilo Momo

    Kumari Hall, Kathmandu


    Bishal Momo Palace 

    New Baneshwor, Kathmandu


    Kiran Dai ko Momo

    Min Bhawan, Kathmandu

    Everest Momo centre

    This momo centre is situated in Thirbum Marg, Kathmandu. Everest Momo Centre is known to be one of the oldest places serving momos in Nepal. Amongst many branches of Everest momo centre, one of the most popular and liked is the branch in Thirbum Marg. They serve varieties of tasty achar that one can  choose to enjoy their momos with. Their serving includes Boso Rahit Buff Momo, Paneer special veg momo, Chicken momo, Suddha Khuwa Momo and other different forms of momo that has a perfect blend of flavors in it.

    Bota Momo

    The branch of Bota Momo is also widespread inside the Kathmandu Valley. The Kamalpokhari branch has the best rating among them. They serve varieties of momos with unique fillings that are famous inside the whole valley. The price is slightly higher comparatively but the ambience, atmosphere and hospitality inside the place is praiseworthy. They serve Chocolate momo, Chaat momo, Open chicken momo, Sadheko momo, Jhol chicken momo, Choupsey momo, Crispy fried momo, Chicken C momo, Classic combo momo and many other varieties of momo that are flavoursome.

    Thamel Momo Hut

    This place is located at Thamel Marg, Kathmandu. One can enjoy varieties of flavour in their single momo platter with varied forms of momos. The place is small and cosy. They serve chocolate momo, Momo hut, Pork momo, Signature momo platter, Mushroom momo, Peanut Butter momo, Fried chocolate dessert momo, and many others. 

    Newa Momocha

    Newa Momocha is situated in Kwabahl, Thahity. They serve delicious and tempting momo with proper hospitality. Their service and blissful words are praised by almost every customer. They serve Mutton momo, Buff momo, Chocolate momo, Spinach cheese momo, Potato cheese momo, Potato Momo and other delicious momos at an affordable price.

    Momo Magic

    Momo magic has been serving delicious and drooling momos in Maharajgunj Road, Kathmandu. Like its name, this place is itself magical. The place is small and cosy and the service and hospitality is commendable. Their chutney and momo is juicy and delicious. Their servings include C momo, Kothey momo, Kothey Jhol momo, Kothey C momo, Steam momo, Jhol momo and many other drooling stuff.

    Momo Star Restaurant

    Momo Star Restaurant is located in Bhagwati Marg, Kathmandu. The ambience of the place is pretty good. The place itself is cosy and small. The price of food is reasonable and affordable too. They serve varieties of Thukpa, Sandwich, Burger, Chowmein, Chopsey, Spring roll and momos. Particularly in momos, they serve Buff momo, Chicken momo, Veg Momo, Veg cheese momo, C momo, Fried momo and other tempting dishes.

    Narayan Daiko Masangalliko Famous Momo

    This place is located in Putalisadak, Kathmandu. It is a self service place and the price is reasonable accordingly. The place is usually crowded because of its popularity. The achar they serve is extremely delicious. They serve Buff momo, Cheese momo, Chicken momo, Veg momo, Choilas, Kima and other delicious food. The jhol they serve with momo is die for and probably the best inside the valley. The Staff are also very friendly and welcoming.

    Shandaar Momo

    Shandaar Momo is situated in Shree Nagar Marg, Kathmandu. As their name, the momo they serve is "Shandaar" i.e grand. The place is spacious, and the staff are friendly. The overall ambience is also good. The jhol they serve is amazing. Their menu includes Jhol momo, Chicken momo, Buff momo, Paneer momo, Fried momo, Chilli momo, and other mouth-watering momos.

    Momo Mantra Cloud Kitchen

    Momo Mantra Cloud is located in Gyawali Marg, Kathmandu. The place is clean and tidy. The decorations and ambience of the place is also praiseworthy. The staff are friendly too. Their servings include cheese momo, Soup/Jhol momo, Pork momo, Chicken momo, Veg momo, Pork Dapao, Chicken Dapao and other delicious momos with a variety of flavours. 

    Momo Karma

    Momo Karma is located in Nagpokhari Marg, Kathmandu. Darjeeling type momo is their signature dish that is very popular. They have a cosy little place perfect for snacking. The soup and achar they serve is also delicious. They serve Chicken momo, Pork momo, Aalo dum, Kima bun, Dum Aalo, Dum pakoda and other tasty stuff. The place is also very beautiful with outdoor seating. It is a good place for hangouts and meetups.

    Samrat Momo

    Samrat Momo is located at Yala Sadak, Lalitpur. It is known as a superb place in the town to have momos as reviewed by the customers.  The taste of the momo they serve is way tasty and the price is very reasonable. The Chilli momo and Jhol they serve with momo is very popular. Some of their menu includes Buff momo, Veg momo, Mutton momo, Chicken momo. Other than momo, they also serve chopsuey, thukpa, burger and other delicious dishes.

    King Momo

    This place is located at Basundhara, Kathmandu. They serve fresh and delicious momo with tasty pickles. The place is very clean and tidy. The service is also praiseworthy. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is also good. They serve yummy momos at a reasonable price. Veg Momo, Chicken Momo, Buff Momo. Kothey Momo, Fried Momo, Chilly Momo are some of the servings they include. 

    Om Veg Momo

    Om Veg Momo is located at Maitidevi, Kathmandu. This is the most famous place in the town known to serve Veg Momo. They serve tasty momos at a reasonable price. The place is not a fancy one but very clean and tidy. Plus the taste of the momo they serve outruns other criterias. Their serving includes Veg Momo, Fried Veg Momo, Special Veg Momo, Paneer Momo, Paneer Fried Momo. A vegetarian should try momos from these places at least once. 

    Thulo Momo

    Thulo Momo is located at Boudha, Kathmandu. Themomo they serve is juicy and jhol achar is delicious and flavorful. The momos have a perfect blend of spice and taste. They have a nice cosy place perfect for a date. The veg momo they serve is quite popular. Their servings include Double Thulo Buff Momo, Thulo Momo, Pork Momo, Kothey Momo, Fried Momo, Chilly Momo, Sadheko momo and other varieties of momos.

    Delicious Momo

    This place is located at Jamal, Kathmandu. It is a good place to hang out with friends having momo. The momo they serve are delicious with proper quantity. They serve tasty momo at a good price. The staff are also friendly. They serve Buff Momo, Buff C Momo, Veg Momo, Chicken Momo in Kothey, Steamed and Fried form. They also serve Chilli momo.

    New Swadilo Momo

    This place is located near Kumari Hall, Kathmandu. They claim to serve momo with authentic Nepali taste. The soup they serve with momo is great and full of spices. The momo is very fulfilling and tasty. The place is hygienic too. Their Chicken momo is popular. They serve delicious momo at a reasonable price. 

    Bishal Momo Palace

    Bishal Momo Palace is situated at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. They serve varieties of achar along with momo. Different flavour of achar is one of the unique aspects of this momo palace. They serve Buff, Veg and Chicken momo. They serve momo in Fried and Steamed form. Along with momo they also serve Sekuwa and Bara. 

    Kiran Dai Ko Momo

    This place is located at Min Bhawana, Kathmandu. The momo they serve is extremely delicious and the achaar is drooling with a perfect blend of spices. The atmosphere around this place is great, gives aesthetic vibes and the place is also clean and tidy. Their menu comprises Buff Momo, Chicken Momo, Veg Momo, Vegan Momo. Momos are served with Lapsi ko Jhol Achar that has a mind blowing taste. 

    Momo, a rockstar of modern Nepalese fast food, is gaining huge publicity worldwide. This article is directed to make it easier for you to find delicious momo inside the Kathmandu valley. Hope this article was helpful to make your taste buds feel delighted.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is momo healthy?

      Yes, “Steam” momos are generally considered as healthy amongst other fast food, as they are a wrap of all purpose flour stuffed with healthy veggies like Paneer, Cabbage, Carrot or meat inside. Some restaurants even substitute all purpose flour with wheat flour to make it healthier.

    • How many varieties of momo are there?

      There are diverse forms of momo that one can choose to have on the basis of their taste preference. The most popular form includes Buff momo, made from Buffalo meat, Chicken momo, Pork momo, Veg momo (usually stuffed with cabbage, paneer, carrot and veggies), Chilli momo, Fried momo and enormous other varieties.

    • Is momo widely served inside Nepal?

      Momo is served in every nook and corner of Nepal. From small lunch and fast food places to large five star restaurants, all of them include momo in their menu.

    • Is momo expensive food?

      Not at all. Momo is among the fast food that comes with affordable price and satisfying taste. Though the price may slightly alter on the basis of the location you choose to have momos. 

    • What does momo mean in Nepalese?

      The word momo is a distorted form of ‘Ma Neu’ in Newari Language that means eat boiled in english. 

    • Is Momo Nepali or Indian?

      Momo is known to be inspired from Tibetan dumplings. Newari people bought the idea of momo in Nepal and gave it a unique stuffing and the serving process of their own. Then after only it started becoming popular in India, Bhutan and other places. 

    • Is Momo Chinese or Nepali?

      Momo is known to be inspired from Tibetan dumplings. Newari people bought the idea of momo in Nepal and gave it a unique stuffing and the serving process of their own.

    • Is Momo Nepali or Tibetan?

      Momo is known to be inspired from Tibetan dumplings. Newari people bought the idea of momo in Nepal and gave it a unique stuffing and the serving process of their own. So, the Tibetan dumplings are from Tibet, but momo originally is from Nepal itself.

    • Who introduced Momo in Nepal?

      Newari people introduced momo for the first time in Nepal. 

    • How much does Momo cost in Nepal?

      Momo is one of the cheapest fast foods in Nepal whose price range starts from Rs.50 onwards. 

    • When was Momo invented in Nepal?

      Though the exact history is not mentioned, it is believed to have been popular in Nepal since the early 14th century. 

    • What is Momo made out of?

      The wrap of momo is usually made out of all-purpose flour and stuffing includes veggies or different forms of meat. 

    • Is Momo a junk food?

      Not really, momo is placed in the category of fast foods. It is served in most of the small and big restaurants, prioritised to serve as quickly as possible. It is also available in frozen form now-a-days that can be served more quickly and even as a takeaway. 


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