How Many Days Required to Visit Tibet?
Figure out how many days required to visit Tibet?

How Many Days Required to Visit Tibet?

Tibet, also known by its other name Roof of the World, is filled with monasteries, lakes, mountains and other beautiful places to visit.

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How Many Days Required to Visit Tibet?

Tibet, also known by its other name Roof of the World, is filled with monasteries, lakes, mountains and other beautiful places to visit. Lhasa and Potala are the two famous places in Tibet. Meanwhile drive to Everest Base Camp from Lhasa is a must thing to during your visit to Tibet. 7 nights and 8 days are more than enough to visit all the famous places such as the Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple, Drepung and Sera Monastery, Everest Base Camp etc.

Similarly, you will also get a chance to cross Gampala Pass situated at an altitude of 4,790 meters above sea level during you 8 days visit to Tibet. During your visit to Everest Base Camp, you need to cross Pang La Pass at an altitude of 5050 meters. Almost all of the places of Tibet you will be visiting during your 8 days trip is above 3,500 meters above sea level. We recommend you to drink more amount of fluids to avoid altitude sickness. 

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Why 7 Nights 8 Days is Enough to Visit Tibet?

    During 8 days trip to Tibet, you can visit almost every popular monasteries and place including the drive to Everest Base Camp. Some of the popular sites include Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung and Sera Monastery, Barkhor street etc. most of these places lies in Lhasa city. During your drive to Everest Base Camp, you will also visit Tashilhunpo Monastery which is also the biggest monastery in Tibet.

    Kailash is also one of the best places to visit in Tibet but a trip to Kalish Mansarovar take additional 7-8 days to visit. Trekking is also popular in Tibet but only a few of the travellers choose trekking in Tibet. With an average altitude of 3500 meters above sea level, the main problem at Tibet is having altitude sickness. So most of the travellers choose a trip over trekking in Tibet. So, only 8 days is enough to visit most of the famous places in Tibet. 

    How to Reach Tibet?

    Tibet can be reached from both overland travel as well as flight travel. Nepal is the only international transit point if you are flying to Tibet. The alternative option is to fly to Lhasa from other cities in China. So that no matter where you came from either you need to get a Chinese visa and fly to Lhasa from different international airports of China or to take a flight to Kathmandu and take a flight from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

    You can also take a train to Lhasa from Beijing, which will take about 40 hours to reach. Most parts of the train trails are above 4,000 meters above sea level and have a high chance of having altitude sickness. Another way is from Kathmandu from where you can take a drive to Tibet. It will take about 8 hours to reach Kerung from Kathmandu on a private vehicle ride.

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    Travelling to Tibet via Flight

    There are two ways through which you can travel to Tibet via a flight. The first way is through China. You can find various flights to Lhasa from different cities in China. You can get a flight to Tibet from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou. And from Nepal, you can get a flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu only. Sichuan Airlines and Air China are the only airlines that offer a flight to Lhasa from Nepal. Through the given Lhasa Everest Base Camp Tour package you can explore Tibet in just 8 days.

    Day 01: Arrival in Lhasa

    Day 02: Exploring Lhasa City

    Day 03: Monasteries in Lhasa

    Day 04: Drive to Shigatse via Gyantse

    Day 05: Hike to Everest Base Camp

    Day 06: Drive to Shigatse

    Day 07: Explore Shigatse, Drive to Lhasa

    Day 08: Departure

    Travelling to Tibet via Overland

    Compared to flight exploring Tibet via overland is much cheaper than that of via flight. There are only two nations through which you can travel to Tibet. Both of the neighbouring countries China and Nepal are the only nations through which you can travel to Tibet via roadways. From Nepal, you will go through the Kerung border to reach Tibet. Whereas from China you can reach Tibet by Train or by vehicle. Travelling to Tibet by other means of road transport is expensive whereas travelling via train is the cheapest one from China. You can get a train to Tibet from Beijing, Xining, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou. Most of the tourists travelling to Tibet also prefer flight and overland travel to explore Tibet. 

    Day 01: Drive to Kerung from Kathmandu

    Day 02: Drive to Tingri

    Day 03: Drive to Everest Base Camp

    Day 04: Drive to Shigatse and Sightseeing

    Day 05: Drive to Lhasa via Gyantse

    Day 06: Exploring Lhasa City

    Day 07: Monasteries in Lhasa

    Day 08: Flight to Kathmandu

    Attractions of Tibet

    Tibet is one of the beautiful Himalayan countries in the world. Exploring the ancient Dalai Lama's Palace to witnessing the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest is a lifetime experience to gain in a single trip. Tibet also offers some of the highest saltwater lakes such as Namtso Lake. Kailash Mansarovar Trek is the most popular trek in Tibet.  Meanwhile watching the monks debate in Sera Monastery is also one of the popular activities of Tibet. There are various Tibet Tourist Attractions and not only for tour Tibet is also famous for trekking, pilgrimage tour, cycling, birdwatching, Mountaineering etc.

    Tibet Travel Permit

    Before obtaining a visa to Tibet from Nepal you will need to verify your various travel documents which include Tibet Group Visa, Tibet entry permit, Alien travel permit and Border pass. Meanwhile, you will need a Tibet Military permit if you are planning to visit Mount Kailash. You need to have all of these documents before applying for the visa. Similarly, since 2008 travelling to Tibet independently or alone is not accepted. You will need a registered Tibetan tour operator company or those who are linked with the local Tibetan agency to book your tour package to Tibet.

    Here at Altitude Himalaya, we are an experienced travel agency and we would love to help you to travel to Tibet. With our Tibetan partners as well as some other partners we can do the job of applying for your Tibet visa from Nepal and we guarantee for your safety and comfort throughout the tour. 

    Best Time to Travel Tibet

    April to November are the high months in Tibet. During the beginning of the season, you may also get a chance to have fun in snow activities. Whereas during the time of December to February Tibet attracts tourists by its low cost. During these months of the year have a tour is suitable but trekking is not favourable. February and March is the time for the festival in Tibet during these months of the year you can indulge in one of the biggest festivals in Tibet.

    Lhosar or Tibetan New Year is celebrated for about 15 days and you can witness some of the amazing cultures and rituals of the Tibetans. But during this time of the year the government does not accept visas for Tibet, as a result, no foreigners can visit Tibet during those months of the year. Meanwhile, April to early June as well as September to early December is the best time if you are planning to visit Everest Base Camp from Tibet. 


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