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A graduate (BTTM) student and a Travel aficionado working in the field of Travel and Tourism industry in Nepal. Not only from theoretical knowledge but from my visit to different parts of Nepal and by meeting different groups of people I believe that this sector is not only about experiences and knowledge. Customer satisfaction plays the main role in this sector.

I am more than happy to work with such a great team having a broad knowledge about their respective sectors. Working everyday with such a team is a wonderful experience where you get to know new everyday. In here we believe in customer satisfaction more than anything and we do not compromise comfort and safety of our clients.

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our first-hand Himalayan travel experience

5 Best Family Treks in Nepal

The family treks in Nepal are the best ways to spend time with family in an ever-busy and entangled lifestyle.

by Sambandha Malla

Nepal Travel Information

Nepal travel information gives you the details info before your travel to Nepal.

by Sambandha Malla

How Many Days Required to Visit Tibet?

Exploring the ancient Dalai Lama's Palace to witnessing the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest is a lifetime experience to gain in a single trip.

by Sambandha Malla

How Many Days Required to Visit Bhutan?

The number of days required to visit Bhutan depends on your interests, with short stays of 4-5 days for main highlights, moderate stays of 7-10 days for a comprehensive experience, and extended stays of 12-15 days for in-depth exploration.

by Sambandha Malla

Best Time to Visit Tilicho Lake

The best time to visit Tlicho lake is in the months of March to May and September to November.

by Sambandha Malla

Dolpo Trekking

People of Dolpo are part of a very isolated culture found in specific pockets of northern Nepal.

by Sambandha Malla