How Many Days Required to Visit Bhutan?

How Many Days Required to Visit Bhutan?

One of the most popular tourist spots of the world, Bhutan focuses on high service for their tourists which ultimately increases the cost of travel but decreases the number of travellers. 

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How Many Days Required to Visit Bhutan?

Bhutan, a landlocked country in South Asia situated in the eastern Himalayas Bhutan is a small one of the small countries of the world with an area of 38,394 square Kilometres. Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan as well as the largest city also. Not only by its area but also because of the transportation facilities at Bhutan less than a week is enough to visit Bhutan.

The land of the thunder dragon, Bhutan, has a lot of amazing Dzongs, temples and many more religious and sacred sites. All of these popular places can be visited in 5 days only without any rush. One of the most popular tourist spots of the world, Bhutan focuses on high service for their tourists which ultimately increases the cost of travel but decreases the number of travellers.

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    Why 4 Nights 5 Days Stay is Enough to Visit Bhutan?

    It will take more than a month to visit all the nook and carney of Bhutan however 4 nights and 5 days is more than enough to visit Bhutan. While in the meantime you will be able to visit some of the most popular places in Bhutan in a limited period of time. There are various reasons that the 4 nights and 5 days is sufficient to visit Bhutan. Some of the main reasons are listed below.

    Area of Bhutan

    Bhutan is small in area than that of other neighbouring countries of South Asia. The total area of Bhutan is only 38,394 square kilometres. It lies in the 133 positions worldwide on the basis of the area of the country. Whereas the total population of Bhutan is only 7,54,388. With a literacy rate of 59.5, the life average expectancy of Bhutanese people is expected to be 70.20. The roads of Bhutan are very clear with very few traffic jams throughout the country. This makes everyone to be on time and does not have to spend your valuable time on the roads. 

    Popular destinations in limited cities

    Because of its area, Bhutan has very less popular places to visit. However, it will take more than the 30 days visa given on your passport to visit every corner of Bhutan. Some of the popular places in Bhutan are Thimphu, Paro and Punakha. And most of the popular places to visit in Bhutan lies inside 3 of these cities of Bhutan mostly. The most popular place of Bhutan Tiger’s Nest Monastery to the finest example of Architecture Rinpung Dzong lies in these cities. 

    Bhutan Travel Cost

    Bhutan is one of the most expensive countries in South Asia to travel. It will take 250$ per person per day to travel to Bhutan. And from December to February and June to August you will need to pay 200$ per person per day to stay in Bhutan. It is mandatory to pay the amount to the travel agency in Bhutan before you apply for the visa. After booking for the tour packages from the local travel agency at Bhutan only you can apply for the visa. This 200$-250$ per day cost includes all of your cost during travel. However, it does not include your international flight ticket and Bhutan visa cost.

    Forbidden for Mountaineering

    Not only for the tours but also Bhutan is famous for its mountains and trekking areas. There are many peaks above 7,000 meters in Bhutan but forbidden to climb. however, it is allowed to trek below 6,000 meters above sea level. Jhomolhari Trek is one of the most popular trekking routes of Bhutan where the trekkers have to cross Bhonte La Pass with at an altitude of 4,890 meters above sea level whereas Takhnug La Pass lies at an altitude of 4,520 meters.  Druk Path Trek, Snowman Trek, Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek etc are other famous trekking routes of Bhutan. It would have been much more length of stay in Bhutan if mountaineering was allowed. 

    Recreational Places

    All the bookings, as well as the arrangements, would have been made earlier before your arrival at Paro International Airport. During your trip could travel to your chosen destinations and enjoy your stay in Bhutan. Mostly the trip every day ends before 17:00 so that there is so much time left at the end of the day. Most travellers would love to do some extra activities during their free time. But most of the restaurants and markets are closed before 18:00 hours which left travellers to sit inside their hotel. There are few recreational activities such as horse riding, mountain biking, archery but are available only in the daytime. So without good internet and recreational places and activities to do the nightlife of Bhutan is not so interesting.


    They believe that food without chilli is a waste. They eat chillies during their breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner too. If you are not a person to have spicy food then you can order the non-spicy food too. Buffet meal at Bhutan mostly includes one meat dish and several vegetarian items and always rice. So that the travellers have to eat similar food every day.  Cakes and flans can be found only in limited hotels. Similarly, only 200 sticks of cigarettes can be taken by a person with 200% Tax included. During your stay, you are not allowed to smoke in public areas and can be fined if found doing so.

    Internet and Communication Facility

    During this period of time, everyone needs the internet. From their daily life to some important official works Internet is necessary. Everyone now is connected with social media and no days pass without sending good vibes to your loved ones or relatives to upload your daily activities online. Everyone needs the internet and it has become one of the important parts of all of our daily lives. The mobile network of Bhutan is not so stable and the internet facility is also not so good. The hotels also provide a paid wifi facility but the wifi is not reliable and most of them are slow.&

    Places to visit in Bhutan during 4 nights 5 days tour

    There are many places you will be visiting in a short period of time in Bhutan. You will also have a tour guide who will be explaining to you about all the places you will be visiting. You can cover all the Best Places to Visit in Bhutan with a simple 4 nights 5 days package of explore Bhutan tour.

    There are many festivals celebrated in Bhutan if you are willing to see those amazing festivals in Bhutan then you must select your travel date according to it. Through this package, you will be able to visit some of the amazing places within a short period of time. 

    5 Days Bhutan Tour Itinerary 

    Day 01: Arrival at Paro, Drive to Thimphu

    Day 02: Drive to Punakha

    Day 03: Drive to Paro

    Day 05: Paro Sightseeing

    Day 06: Departure


    During your Paro sightseeing, you can visit the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery locally called Taktsang Monastery through 3 hours of hike. You will have to walk up to 3,100 meters above sea level to reach the Taktsang Monastery from 2,500 meters. Some other places of Paro include Paro Dzong, Kyichu Lhakang, Rinpung Dzong etc. There are many historical and amazing monasteries, Dzongs and other religious sites which can be visited in a single day. 


    The capital city of Bhutan also holds some of the ancient as well as important religious and historical sites inside it. Being the largest city of Bhutan there are many places to visit during your stay in Bhutan. Known for the signature of a white-red-gold combination of colours Tashichho Dzong is the venue for the biggest annual festival of Bhutan. Whereas other places to includes Changangkha Lhakhang, National Memorial Chorten, National Library of Bhutan, Motithang Takin Preserve and many more. 


    The ancient capital of Punakha is also an intersection point of two of the main rivers of Bhutan. Build-in 1637 Punakha Dzong is one of the most places to visit during your stay at Punakha. It is also the biggest Dzong of Bhutan as well as the symbol of united Bhutan. Some other places to visit at Punakha includes Chimi Lhakhang, Kuensel Phodrang, Mo Chhu etc.

    During your drive to Punakha from Thimphu, you can witness the Dochula Pass situated at an elevation of 3,150 meters above sea level. You can have an amazing view of the mountain ranges from the mountain passes.

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    Bhutan Travel Advice

    There are many English speaking people in Bhutan so that you don't need to worry about the language problem. However, you can learn some of the basic terms such as “Kuzu Zangpo La” which means hello, “Kadrin Cheyla” which means thank you. It will be easier and the locals also feel comfortable if you start with a Dzongkha phrase. Some of the other advice is as listed below: 

    • It is better to buy a local sim card rather than using the hotel wifi as most of them are very slow.
    • The local currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum. However, the Indian currency is also accepted but 500 and 1000 INR is not accepted.
    • The flight to and off Bhutan are weather dependent and the flight take off or land during the day time only.
    • Car accidents are very common in Bhutan so it is better you wear your seatbelt throughout the drive to avoid major injuries.
    • Wearing Jeans, having your jacket unbuttoned, unzipped or wrapping around your waist is not accepted in Bhutan.
    •  During your visit to Dzongs hats, short skirts etc are not allowed and you should cover your arms and legs with long-sleeved clothing. 
    • Travellers can withdraw money using their visa, master card, traveller's cheque but before withdrawing check for the service charge. 
    • Bhutan can be visited only through the pre-booking of the travel package from the local travel agency in Bhutan or other Travel agencies connected with the local travel agencies of Bhutan.

    Best Time to Visit Bhutan

    Indian Monsoon brings rain to the nation. However, the Best Time to Visit Bhutan is Spring and Autumn. During Spring (March to May) the valleys of Bhutan is filled with flowers blooming. During the Autumn also a huge amount of travellers visit Bhutan.

    Similarly, September to November is the best month for trekking in Bhutan. During this month the chance of rainfall is very low and during the clear weather, you can witness some of the amazing mountain ranges. You need to know about the Bhutan Travel Information before visiting Bhutan.

    March to May and September to November is the high season months and you need to pay 250$ per person per night if you are travelling in a group. And if you are travelling solo then you need to add an extra 40$ per day. If you are willing to travel to Bhutan in the low season then you need to pay 200$ per day per person.


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