Chandragiri Hills Cable Car with Mountain View
Chandragiri Hills: A Serene Escape from Kathmandu

Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri Hill Resort offers everything you need for a serene and relaxing getaway. With breathtaking views, top-notch amenities, and friendly staff, you will experience the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. Enjoy the fresh air and take in the peaceful surrounding. You don’t have to rush through anything, instead just do things at the pace that feels right for you.

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view from chandragiri top station

Imagine standing atop a hill, surrounded by a picturesque landscape, as far as your eyes can see. The sun is shining down on you, and you can feel a gentle breeze blowing across your face. Now, imagine being in the heart of Kathmandu Valley and experiencing the same breathtaking views. This is precisely what Chandragiri Hills has to offer. From the moment you step on the cable car to when you set foot on the summit, you are transported to another world of serenity and natural beauty mingled around the concrete jungle of Kathmandu.

Located just 24 km away from central Kathmandu, Chandragiri Hills is easily accessible to people living in the capital city. This is one reason why it has become a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists alike. The site has ties to Nepal’s political and economic history, with its roots tracing back to an old trading route for merchants and people who used to travel from Kathmandu to different cities in Nepal, Tibet, and India.

Chandragiri Hill is also a significant landmark in the history of Nepal. It is said to have been a resting spot for Prithivi Narayan Shah, who after looking at the view, decided to take over the Kathmandu Valley and rule it as his own. The site has since been developed and renovated to become one of the most famous tourist spots in all of Nepal. Today, visitors can experience the same stunning view of Kathmandu Valley from the top of the hill but of course, conquering the valley is way out of the question.

The journey to Chandragiri hills begins with a 12-minute cable car ride that takes off from Thankot base station and generally follows the ancient trade route. While the trail is still visible in some places, most of it has been covered by a new motorable road with multiple hairpin bends that climb up the steep flanks to Chitlang pass. The mountains that ring Kathmandu Valley offer some exhilarating walks with stunning views. They range from leisurely weekend strolls and day hikes to straining treks that can last several days.

True daring adventurers can circumnavigate the Valley rim with three-four nights of camping along the way. For beginners, a great way to experience Chandragiri Hills is by taking the Chandragiri Cable Car up to the summit at 2579 m and walking the 10 km hiking trail to Hattiban. The trail is a leisurely five-hour hike along the long ridge that spans Kathmandu valley’s southwestern edge. This removes the need for a steep challenging climb at the beginning of the trek, making it accessible to hikers of all levels.

The site has attractions for people of all ages and gender. There is a temple for the elderly and religious, a view tower for young adults, a playground for children, and a five-star resort for businessmen, couples, or anyone looking for a scenic conference. The journey from the bottom of the valley to the top of the hill has a unique atmosphere that puts into perspective just how small we all are.

The warm climate of Nepal helps keep even the fog-covered top of the hill moderately warm. Although there is a bit of a climb to reach the top of the hill, the scenic view is worth every second of it. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that Chandragiri Hills has become a popular spot for locals and foreigners alike.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Chandragiri Hills Facts

    Name of the site

    Chandragiri Hills


    Chandragiri Municipality,

    Kathmandu District,

    Bagmati Province, Nepal

    Establishment Date (Chandragiri Hills Pvt Ltd)

    August 8, 2016

    Established by (company chairperson)

    Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal

    Major Highlights

    • Cable Car

    • Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple

    • View tower

    • Boutique Resort

    • Pony Ride

    • Ziplining

    • Children’s Playground

    Ways to reach

    Cable Car

    • Thankot Base Station to Chandragiri Top Station

    • Motor Road

    • Hiking

    Opening hours

    • 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays

    • 8 am to 6 pm on weekends and public holidays

    • Break-12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

    Entry Fee


    • NPR 475 one-way

    • NPR 799 two-way

    SAARC Nationals:

    • NPR 760 one-way

    • NPR 1280 two-way

    Chinese Nationals:

    • 9 USD one-way

    • 15 USD two-way

    Other Nationals:

    • 13 USD one-way

    • 26 USD two-way

    *Discounts available for specific categories*

    History and Background

    Chandragiri has a rich history and cultural significance that dates back centuries. According to legend, the Bhaleshwor temple located on the hill is made in honor of one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, like the Guhyeswori Temple in Pashupatinath. It is believed that Lord Shiva was so distraught after Sati Devi’s death that he carried her body for years around the world and as her body started to decompose, her body parts fell on different parts of the world. While the temple is relatively new, the site's religious importance and historical significance go back centuries.

    bhaleshwor mahadev temple in chandragiri hills

    For many years, Chandragiri has been a site of pilgrimage for devotees who visit the Bhaleshwor temple. It has been revered for a very long time, even though the pagoda-style temple is not so old. However, Chandragiri’s importance is not only religious but it also played a significant role in the unification of Nepal. It is believed that Prithvi Narayan Shah, the king who unified Nepal, was inspired by the view of the lush and fertile Kathmandu Valley from atop Chandragiri Hill. He used the site to rest during his tours and eventually conquered the valley, bringing it under his rule.

    The hill was also used for trading between the different regions of Nepal, and people would climb up the hill for hours to trade items such as clothes and spices. Nepal is a landlocked country so finding items to trade was extremely hard, and the location of Chandragiri Hill made it an important trading post. The hilltop was also a significant site for the royal family of Nepal, and they would often come here to rest and enjoy the panoramic views of the valley.

    In recent years, Chandragiri Hills Pvt. Ltd. has developed the site to include a cable car ride, a luxurious hotel, and other attractions. However, the sacredness of the land remains prominent, with a statue of Prithivi Narayan Shah located next to the Bhaleshwor Temple. The statue is easily visible from the cable car ride and is a popular spot for visitors to take photos. Although all the attractions here are very recently made, it still helps symbolize what the land used to look like and how it was used all those decades ago.

    What makes Chandragiri Hill particularly popular among today’s youth is the stunning landscape views of the Kathmandu Valley. On one side, visitors can see the lush valley; on the other, they can admire the green forest area. The fresh and clean air provides a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. The popularity of Chandragiri Hill has only increased in recent years, thanks to the development of modern amenities and attractions. Even with all these things, its main selling point is the amazing landscape view of the Kathmandu valley.

    Chandragiri Hill is a place where the history and culture of Nepal can be experienced in its modern glory. The site is not only important for its religious significance and role in the unification of Nepal but also as a trading post and a popular tourist attraction. The beauty of the hill and its surroundings have always been a significant attraction for the people of Nepal, and the recent development has made it more accessible to tourists.

    Major Attractions

    Chandragiri Hills is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and a place where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. Besides the scenery, Chandragiri hills ltd provides many other activities to keep the visitors engaged and in a fun mood.

    Chandragiri Cable Car Service

    First started in 2016, Chandragiri cable car starts from the base station, located in Thankot, and takes passengers to the top of Chandragiri Hill, which is at an elevation of 2,551 meters. The entire ropeway spans about 2.5 km and the ride lasts for 10-12 minutes. The cable car trip is the shortest means to reach Chandragiri Hills’ top station.

    Chandragiri Cable Car ensures a smooth and safe journey while providing you with a close-up view of the surrounding hills, lush vegetation, and the snow-capped Himalayas. It is wheel-chair friendly, with a capacity of 8 people in each cabin, ensuring everyone gets a chance to visit this stunning destination. The service is open all days of the week, from 8 am to 5 pm (6 pm on weekends) so plan your trip on any day of your convenience.

    Hiking to Chandragiri

    Chandragiri hike showcases a range of hiking options for hikers of all levels. There is a designated trail to ensure hikers get to soak in most of the vistas in the minimum amount of time. It starts from Machhegaun at the base of the hill. The route winds through the green forests, providing hikers with a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As hikers ascend, the valley below drops away, revealing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

    trekking route chandragiri

    For those who are looking for a more challenging adventure, the longer route to Chandragiri Hill is an excellent choice. The trail from Hattiban Resort in Dakshinkali takes about 5 hours to complete and promises spectacular views of the Himalayas and Kathmandu Valley. The hike is relatively easier compared to the shorter steep route, making it ideal for hikers of all ages.

    Chandragiri Hills Resort

    If you are searching for a perfect place to unwind and get closer to nature, Chandragiri Hill Resort is the perfect destination. With a range of accommodation options to suit your needs, you will find yourself surrounded by wide open hills and stunning views of the snowcapped Himalayas. Chandragiri Hills Resort has proven time and again, its excellence in the tourism industry by receiving the ‘International Hospitality and Travel Award 2019’. Visitors can expect nothing less than an outstanding experience when visiting the resort.

    The Resort has 100 luxurious rooms of 4 categories i.e. deluxe, executive, suite, and presidential suite. The Deluxe rooms are the perfect choice for nature lovers who want to soak up the beauty of the forests surrounding the resort. Each room is designed with handmade furniture and features either a private balcony or large windows to offer you the perfect view. You will also have access to free internet, mineral water tea/coffee maker, daily newspapers, and bathroom amenities.

    The Executive rooms and Suites offer even more space and comfort. These bright and airy rooms are located on the top floors of the resort and feature custom-designed handmade furniture. The larger balconies give you enough space for early morning stretches or yoga sessions. Most rooms of all categories have private bathrooms with bathtubs and the suites also include private jacuzzis facing the marvelous views. To ensure accessibility, Chandragiri Resort has two designated accessible rooms for guests with special needs.

    The Chandragiri Hill Resort’s all-day dining restaurant offers a range of gastronomical treats that cater to your appetite. You can enjoy your meals while admiring the spectacular views of the surroundings. And, for those seeking relaxation, the infinity pool offers the perfect spot to unwind and take in the panoramic views of the Himalayan Ranges. The pool also features an open Jacuzzi and a children’s pool to keep everyone entertained.

    indoor gaming in chandragiri

    In addition to these amenities, Chandragiri Hill Resort includes indoor gaming facilities and Board rooms for conferences. The board rooms can accommodate 20-30 people in a U-shape setting  and 35-40 people in a Theatre style setting. A bus operates from the resort to the cable cars and temple area every 15 minutes or as per the guests’ need providing pickup and drop services. It is also set to soon launch its Yoga and Fitness Center and Spa services.

    Overall, Chandragiri Hill Resort offers everything you need for a serene and relaxing getaway. With breathtaking views, top-notch amenities, and friendly staff, you will experience the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. So hurry up and make your reservations today!!

    Children’s Playground

    The Children’s playground is another highlight of Chandragiri Hill Resort. This playground is perfect for children and offers various recreational equipment, including climbing ropes, swings, slides, seesaws, and jungle gyms. There is something for every child to enjoy, and they will never want to leave. The playground is designed to keep your children entertained for hours on end, allowing you to relax and take in the beautiful scenery of Chandragiri Hills.

    After hours of fun on the playground, your children can enjoy a ride on a pony around the hilltop. The guided pony ride is an exciting adventure that your child is sure to remember for days to come. It is a perfect activity for children who love animals and want to experience the beautiful scenery of Chandragiri Hills in a unique way.

    Other Activities

    Chandragiri Shopping is another exciting attraction at the resort. Both the bottom and top stations feature souvenir shops that offer a wide variety of clothing brands and cultural merchandise. You can find reasonably-priced souvenirs that make perfect mementos of your visit to the resort. There is also a toy store that will keep your kids amused as you shop.

    After you get off of the cable car and reach the temple on top, you will see people waiting for their turn to the zipline. The zipline facility in Chandragiri is the highest zipline in Kathmandu located at an altitude of 2550 meters above sea level. They have a 200 meters zipline for adults and a shorter, slower one for kids. As you move forward after ziplining, you will see a live food counter where you can watch your food being prepared live. I highly recommend trying the french fries and Chow Mein there.

    On your left, you will find the Chandragiri cafe and the view tower promising the best beverages with the best views. Do keep in mind that the food and beverage ticket counter only accepts cash. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have any on you at the moment as there are a few ATM counters around the corners. All of these attractions and services combined with the grand hospitality of the Chandragiri Hill Resort make up an excellent experience you are sure to remember for years to come.

    Socio-Economic Impact on Local Communities

    The construction of Chandragiri Hills has brought significant socio-economic changes to the local people. The people living in the region are mostly happy with its construction as it has increased their income and has also elevated their ability to spend. The infrastructural development and improvement of transportation facilities in the area are clear indications of the progress made in the region. Though there has been some deforestation in the community forest to accommodate the construction, it has not made much of a negative impact on the area.

    Moreover, the value of land has increased tremendously in the past few years, indicating the potential of the region. The increase in the flow of tourists has also contributed to the upliftment of the economic condition of the people. The construction of the cable car and the resort has created many employment opportunities for the local people, directly employing over 300 people and indirectly employing over 1000 individuals.

    The development of Chandragiri Hills Pvt. Ltd. has also contributed to preserving and promoting the local culture and traditions. The souvenir shops and cultural merchandise available at the resort promote the local culture and help the local craftsmen and vendors to sustain their livelihoods. In conclusion, the construction of Chandragiri Hills Ltd has been beneficial for economic development and preserving and promoting the local culture and tradition, making it a significant socio-economic contributor to the region.

    Opening Hours

    If you are hiking or driving to Chandragiri hills, then you don’t have to follow any specific timings. You can enjoy the trip at your own pace and time. However, if you are looking to ride the cable car to Chandragiri, you will have to keep their timings in consideration. Make sure you arrive early to avoid long queues and crowds. The cable car operates all days of the week in the following schedule:

    Monday - Friday

    8 am to 5 pm

    Saturday - Sunday and on Public holidays

    8 am to 6 pm

    Break time

    12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

    Chandragiri Hills Cable Car Ticket Price

    The tickets for the Chandragiri cable car are of two types; one-way and two-way. Similarly, the price of tickets varies according to your nationality and special privileges which we have mentioned below:

    Nepalese Citizens

    • NPR 475 one-way

    • NPR 799 two-way

    SAARC Nationals

    • NPR 760 one-way

    • NPR 1280 two-way

    Chinese Nationals

    • 9 USD one-way

    • 15 USD two-way

    Other Nationals

    • 13 USD one-way

    • 26 USD two-way

    Elderly above 80 years and

    Children below 3 feet height

    Free entry

    Elderly (60 to 80 years old)

    Students, Locals, Expats

    25% off

    Differently Abled Person

    50% off

    Children 3 ft to 4 ft in height

    40% off

    Make sure you have a valid id on you to claim any of the discounts mentioned above. If you don’t have a valid id, you won’t be eligible for any of the discounts.

    How to make the most out of your trip

    You have your dates fixed and are fully prepared for your trip to Chandragiri. But how do you make the most out of it and enjoy the trip to the fullest? Below, we have added some tips for you to make your trip to Chandragiri Hills truly memorable.

    1. Start Early:

    If you are hiking, aim to arrive at Chandragiri Hill early in the morning to catch all the beauty of the area. Even if you are taking the cable car, arrive early when the crowds are smaller and the temperatures are cooler. The cable car opens at 8 am, so consider arriving shortly after to avoid the queues.

    1. Don’t Rush:

    Chandragiri Hills offers a lot to see and explore, so don’t rush through it. Take breaks as needed to rest and appreciate the scenery. Bring snacks and water to keep you fueled throughout the day. Also, wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a hat if needed to protect against the sun.

    1. Enjoy the nature trials:

    There are several nature trails that lead through the lush forests and offer stunning views of the surrounding valley. Take a leisurely stroll or plan a longer hike to get a closer look at the region's beauty.

    1. Watch the sunset:

    One of the best ways to end your day at Chandragiri Hills is by watching the sunset from the top. The colors of the sky and the surrounding mountains create a breathtaking view you won’t want to miss. Bonus point if you stay overnight to enjoy the even more stunning sunrise.

    1. Participate in activities:

    Besides the views, there are several other activities at Chandragiri Hill that you can participate in, such as ziplining, rock climbing, and pony riding. These are great options for those looking to add a little adventure to their trip to Chandragiri.

    1. Respect the environment:

    As a responsible traveler, it’s important to leave the environment as you found it if not in better condition. Don’t litter or damage the natural environment or the surrounding monuments. Be responsible and enjoy your trip.

    1. Try the food:

    There are a couple of food stalls, cafes, and restaurants at Chandragiri Hill. They serve you anything from local foods to international cuisine depending on your preference and taste. Be sure to try the popular Newari dishes and international platters to make your taste buds dance. 

    1. Take a break:

    If you are feeling tired or overwhelmed, take a break and relax in one of the many picnic spots and gardens. Enjoy the fresh air and take in the peaceful surrounding. You don’t have to rush through anything, instead just do things at the pace that feels right for you.

    1. Consider Staying Overnight:

    If you have the time and budget, consider staying overnight at the Chandragiri Hills resort. They offer splendid accommodations, sure to put you in comfort. You will get a chance to enjoy the tranquility of the hilltop at night and early morning before any crowd arrives there for visit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the price of the cable car in Chandragiri?

      The one-way ticket price of the Chandragiri cable car for Nepali citizens is NPR 475 and that for SAARC nationals is NPR 760. Chinese visitors will have to pay 9 USD whereas other nationals will have to pay 13 USD for a one-way ticket. However, the two-way cost is a little cheaper i.e NPR 799 for Nepalese, NPR 1280 for SAARC nationals, 15 USD for Chinese nationals, and 22 USD for others. There are some discounts for the elderly, children, students, and differently-abled people.

    • What is Chandragiri famous for?

      Chandragiri hill is one of Nepal’s most loved day tours. You can experience the beauty of nature while surrounded by modern amenities. You can choose to ride a cable car, hike up to the top of the hill, or simply ride a vehicle. It offers a stunning panoramic view of Kathmandu valley from the view tower and is sure to leave you in awe.

    • How long does it take to hike to Chandragiri Hills?

      There are several routes to hike to Chandragiri hills from Hattiban or Matatirtha. Depending on which route you choose and your walking speed, it can take you anywhere between 3 to 6 hours to reach the top. Make sure to pack enough snacks and water for the way as it can get tiresome on some points.

    • How long is the Chandragiri cable car ride?

      The Chandragiri cable car ride expands for about 2.5 kilometers from Thankot to the Chandragiri hill station. It is the shortest and smoothest way to reach the top and takes only about 10 minutes for the entire ride. However, you might have to wait in queue for your turn for a while during weekends or peak seasons.

    • Who is the owner of Chandragiri Hills?

      Chandragiri Hills Ltd. was first founded by Hemraj Dhakal, who is also the current chairperson of the company. He also founded the Kathmandu Fun Park, before it was converted into a public ltd company. 

    • Which god is in Chandragiri?

      Lord Shiva is said to reside in Chandragiri. The Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple is an ode to the lord for his protection and ever-lasting blessings. Aadi-Shakti i.e Goddess Parvati is also worshipped in that temple.

    • How many cable cars does Chandragiri Hills have?

      Chandragiri hills cable car system contains 38 gondolas (cable cars) that can carry up to 1000 persons every hour. Each car has a maximum capacity of 8 people and runs at a speed of 5 m/s.

    • Is Chandragiri hills open on weekdays?

      Yes, Chandragiri hills are open throughout the week except for maintenance schedules. During weekdays the cable car service of the Chandragiri Hills opens from 8 am to 5 pm, whereas on weekends, i.e Saturday, it is open from 7 am to 6 pm.


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