best time to visit mustang
Know when is the best time to visit Mustang

Best Time to Visit Mustang

The Dhumba lake, Damodar Kunda, Kaligandaki river, Muktinath temple and moreover, the Mustang itself a beautiful destination that has the incomparable natural beauty and the sceneries that one can experience only in Nepal.

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Mustang is the paradise on earth. The wonderful beauty of Mustang lures a lot of travellers to explore the arid beauty and the mindblowing natural spectrums. The best time to visit Mustang region of Nepal is nevertheless a dilemma but Mustang is a heaven which can be visited anytime. The monsoon is a major concern while visiting places. But since the Mustang lies in the Himalayan shadow, the least rainfall is observed in Mustang, making it a favourable destination to visit.

The wonderful Mustang is also a favourable adventure spot. The monsoon trekking is also the best in Mustang. However, the best time to visit Mustang of Nepal is in the months of June to September as these months possess moderate climatic conditions and spectacular views and sceneries make it a better one. The arid plateau of Mustang is something you must see once in a lifetime.

Mustang is rich in natural beauty, so is the culture and traditions. The unique fusion of culture, traditions and religious values somewhere influenced by the Tibetan culture is prevalent in Mustang, making it an excellent cultural hub. For the adventure rides and mountain biking, the Mustang region is regarded as the best destination. Also, Mustang boasts the world’s greatest Hindu pilgrimage, the place of salvation and Liberation, Muktinath temple. The Muktinath temple in the Mustang region of Nepal is highly admired for its huge religious benefits and the wonderful surroundings that it has to offer.

The first name when it comes to the arid valleys and mountains, its Mustang. The Nepalese beauty in the Himalayas, small and beautiful mountainous settlement with pristine artefacts are the best part of visiting the Mustang region of Nepal. The trekking activities in Mustang are excellent as it vows the beautiful ambience and the cultural values nestled in the Mountains, just beside the wonderful Jomsom. Jomsom is the district headquarter where the Jomsom Airport is located. This small airport is also a beautiful part of visiting Mustang. The rural airport facilitates travellers to reach Mustang region with the most accessible around 15 minutes flight from Pokhara.

Mustang is an epicentre of possibilities, the possibilities that can be admired by getting there, the possibilities that offer the Himalayan experience, way beyond that amazing adventure while getting insights in the Himalayan settlement and the rural part of Nepal.

Mind-boggling beauty and the beautiful landscape and scenery make Mustang a wonderful place to visit. Also, the cultural dome, Upper Mustang, also known as Lomanthang, is the highly admired extreme rural destination of Nepal. Mostly the people here depend upon the touristic activities and since agriculture is not so favourable, the major source of income is the trade and tourist movement.

The diverse culture and landscape is a major attribute of Mustang in Nepal. There are so many places to visit in this Mountain valley settlement. The Dhumba lake, Damodarkunda, Kaligandaki river, Muktinath temple and moreover, the Mustang itself a beautiful destination that has the incomparable natural beauty and the sceneries that one can experience only in Nepal.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Mustang Quick Facts


    Mustang, Nepal


    Northwest from Pokhara

    Major Places

    1. Jomsom

    2. Lo-Manthang

    3. Kagbeni

    4. Muktinath

    5. Marpha


    1. Pinus wallichiana forest

    2. Betula utilis forest

    3. Hippophae salicifolia forest

    4. Caragana gerardiana forest

    5. Caragana gerardiana

    6. Lonicera spinosa forest 

    7. Juniperus forest

    8. Grasslands

    Weather Seasons

    1. Spring

    2. Monsoon

    3. Autumn

    4. Winter

    Best Time to Visit

    Spring and Autumn

    Drive Route


    Flight Route


    Average Rainfall


    Spring Season in Mustang

    The spring season comes with the mind blowing sceneries and lush green forests. The months of March, April and May are the spring season in Nepal. The wonderful rhododendron blushing on the way to Mustang are equally beautiful and you get to explore the greenery along the way. The forests covered in red and pink flowers make the ambience more beautiful.

    Mustang nepal

    The climatic condition of Mustang in the spring season is moderate. The sky is clear and the weather is warm with clear visibility. The spectacular mountain range can be explored along the way. The glorious cultural celebration such as Tiji also falls in the spring season. Moreover, you get to explore the culture and traditions of Mustang in Spring as the festivals are beautiful and vibrant in Mustang.

    The temperature in Spring is cool. Temperature ranges from 16-22 degrees in the Spring months in Mustang. This is the best temperature for any Himalayan settlement that will facilitate you to explore the most out of it.

    Explore and witness the vibrant celebrations and sceneries in Mustang in the spring season. The unique blend of culture, religion and geography is the best part, making spring season the best time to visit Mustang.

    Monsoon Season in Mustang

    The summer season begins from late May to the beginning of September. The months of June, July and August lie in the Summer season. The weather in the lower elevation gradually increases and there are chances of rainfall. The lower mustang may observe some monsoon in late summer, but the Upper mustang is perfectly favourable to visit.

    Mustang nepal

    Though the plains in Nepal observe extreme hot climate, Mustang is alright. The temperature ranges from 20-30 degrees making it an ideal time to visit. The pilgrimage tours, trekking and recreational activities are suitable in Mustang in summer. However, due to the rainfall in lower elevations in monsoon, there are chances of flight delay and cancellation.

    Autumn Season in Mustang

    The perfect time to visit Nepal for leisure, pilgrimage or adventure purposes is autumn. Even the lower elevations are moderate and not too cold, not too hot weather. The climatic condition is best described in Autumn as it offers clear skies, moderate temperature and clear weather.


    The months of September, October and November are regarded as the Autumn months. Autumn is also a great time to trek and visit some places in Muktinath region of Nepal.

    The great mountain views, spectacular landscapes and sceneries and canyons are the best treats of Autumn season. That’s why the Autumn season is the best time to visit a mustang in Nepal.

    Winter Season in Mustang

    The months of December, January and February are the winter months in Nepal. The temperature starts to go down from December and in the mid winter there are heavy possibilities of snowfall in upper elevations. The tour activities are still the best but in the mid-winter time, trekking activities are not favourable in the Mustang region of Nepal.

    mustang nepal

    For the people who love to play with snow, winter is the best time to visit Nepal. Low altitude trek is still the best in Winter season. The temperature in the upper Mustang goes negative. However, in the lower elevations, the trekking activities are still best.

    The temperature ranges from 1 to 20 degrees in Mustang. However, in Upper Mustang, the temperature drops to negative, making the condition worse. The frosty climate might affect the experience, but if you are a winter geez, then it is the best time to visit the Mustang of Nepal.

    Best time for trekking in Mustang

    Autumn and Spring would be the best season for trekking in the Mustang region. As explained above March to May is the spring and September to November is the autumn season in Nepal as well as in Mustang.

    But the post monsoon time would be an idle time to visit, especially to experience the greenarary and photography. August is the best post monsoon time to visit, but the road condition may affect your drive travel.

    How to reach Mustang from Pokhara

    We know that Pokhara is the gateway of Annapurna region along with the Mustang of Nepal. Travelers can start their Mustang trip from Pokhara by choosing their own convenient travel option.

    The first option to reach Mustang is by drive, which includes more than 40% offroad drive. The driving route follows Naudada, Nayapul, Kushma, Beni, Galeshwor, Ghansa, Marpha and Jomsom. Further to Jomsom one can travel to the lower Mustang area or to the upper Mustang area.

    The alternate option to reach Mustang is by flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and then drive further. It takes just 15-20 minutes to reach by flight but the flight depends on weather conditions and wind level in Jomsom. Usually airlines operate an early morning flight to avoid critical weather conditions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • When is the best time to visit Mustang of Nepal?

      Autumn (September, October and November) and Spring (March, April and Mary) are the best season to visit Mustang of Nepal. One can get a pleasant weather conditions during that time.

    • How to reach Mustang from Pokhara.

      It's easy to reach Mustang from Pokhara. One can take a drive trip or a short flight to reach Mustang. Drive route follows from Pokhara to Kushma, Beni, Ghansa and Jomsom. There is an early morning flight from Pokhara to Jomsom.


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