Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek with Helicopter Return

Nepal is a paradise for travel enthusiasts and adventure junkies with opportunities to know one's limits while having the best times of your life.

Trip Facts

duration Duration 13 days
trip-difficulty Trip Difficulty Difficult
trip-difficulty Highest Point 5545m
Average Group Size 2-10
trip-code Trip Code EBCLT
trip-code Area Everest Region
trip-code Start Point Kathmandu
trip-start-point Trip End Point Kathmandu
trip-accomodation Accomodation As Mentioned
trip-meals Meals As Mentioned
transportation Transportation On Private Basis

Trip Highlights

  • Spectacular view of the Khumbu Himalayas including the magnificent Mt. Everest.
  • A peek into the local's simple life and world-renowned Sherpas 
  • The untarnished high-altitude biodiversity of Sagarmatha National Park. 
  • Breathtaking landscapes, Dramatic mountain views along stunning glaciers
  • Luxurious accommodation throughout the Everest Base Camp trek
  • Panoramic view of the lofty mountains with unobstructed picturesque vista.

Trip Overview

The Everest base camp trek is one of the most challenging and admired treks of all time worldwide. There are plenty of Everest base camp treks, and you may think what's so special about this one isn't it like any other trek? To your surprise No, so here's a twist: this is the luxurious Everest base camp trek with a helicopter return. This marvelous trek is packed with adventure and adrenaline-rushing activities at the highest points of the World. This trek is specially designed to provide one of a kind experience within the wilderness of the Sagarmatha National park which leads to the most thrilling place you have ever seen. This trek exposes you to the majestic mountains and reveals their feral elegance along with the celestial backdrop.

This is the type of trek where you don't have to compromise your comfort for the sake of adventure and experience. The first thing that you will experience is the most dramatic flight to Lukla which is an adventure itself. Comfortable Helicopter flight to Lukla without the fear of flight cancellation or flight delay after finishing your tiring trek. Any kind of travel experience depends on what kind of accommodation you get and it is the main thing that makes a huge difference. And during your luxury trek, you will stay at 5-star hotels in Kathmandu and luxury lodges while you trek to your ultimate destination, the Everest Base Camp. This trek breaks your monotonous day-to-day life schedules by taking you to the highland of Nepal. It's the perfect refreshment and vacation to treat yourself and get close to nature.

Of course, all trekking programs have their challenges, ups and downs but in the Everest Luxury trek accommodation is not the one you need to worry about. This is one of the most admired treks in the world not just because it leads to the viewpoint of the highest mountain but because it is the gateway to much greater experiences such as culture and nature exploration that you cannot find anywhere else. Nepal is a paradise for travel enthusiasts and adventure junkies with opportunities to know one's limits while having the best times of your life. Not just trekking but other enduring activities such as Ultra Light flight, Bungee, and Everest Mountain flights are some parts of adventure you can enjoy.

As many might say ‘’Heaven is a myth but Nepal is real’’ it is not just a statement but an emotion. The savage mountains gazing upon you while you take incredible pictures of them, a brilliant culture that hypnotizes you with its colors and myths, gigantic plains full of exclusive flora and fauna thriving together, and generous people with warm smiles on their faces live up to the statement. Some things are better experienced than said and the Everest luxury trek is one of them so, book your trip with Altitude Himalaya right away.

The Everest base camp trek with the Helicopter return will give a unique experience from the start of the trek to the end. As you explore Unique cultural and natural experiences in the world's high altitude settlements. Little things that you see while you trek to your destination will come across several teahouses, and local guides - Sherpa’s making their way to the Base camp. And ultimately the view of Everest from a different point of view from the Kalla Patthar- Another standpoint. Furthermore, the essence of the trek is luxurious accommodation throughout the trek program toward the Base camp.

Aesthetic Attractions within Kathmandu

Nepal is full of places beyond your imagination from the highest peak on planet earth to the most beautiful culture that you’ll ever witness anywhere else. The attractions of Nepal are in the form of century-old architecture and breathtaking natural beauty. The rustic architecture with all the history and mythology engraved within it. The peace with little chaos makes Kathmandu unique and exciting. The air is aromatized with incense, spices, mouth-watering street food and many more amazing things according to where you stand.

Although the city is full of people and differences that they carry you will find peace amid chaos while in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the first stop for those planning to trek either breathtaking trek or educational tours as the international airport is located in Kathmandu. Either for trek preparation (gear shopping) or to celebrate the new accomplishment of completing stimulating treks Kathmandu is the ideal place. Kathmandu is the start and end point of most travels and visits to Nepal.

Kathmandu - City of beauty with a hint of chaos

Kathmandu formally known as Kantipur is the hub of temples, trades, and tourists. The beauty lies within the narrow alleys of Kathmandu where the small shops with the most colorful merchandise lie. People from various backgrounds and ethnicities living in harmony portray a beautiful story. The capital city of Nepal - Kathmandu has not lost its rustic essence of century-old history and culture. Matter of fact you can see them in old monuments perfectly preserved in different parts of Nepal. Nepal houses some of the most prominent religious landmarks for both Hindus and Buddhists. During your Kathmandu sightseeing, you will visit some of the most popular destinations that include Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa which are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Meaning you will get the opportunity to have a peek into the history of this heavenly country.

Kathmandu has a perfect balance between tranquility and madness, there's a saying you can not get the best of both worlds but this city defies the law as it provides nothing but the best. From the famous street food Mo: Mos to the zestful nightlife at Thamel it's the Nirvana for adventure lovers. The most revered religious site is where devotees find their peace and yes, they are indeed in Kathmandu as well. Besides that Asians are fond of festivals and Nepalese are no exception, and you can see them throughout the year with numerous religious beliefs and cultural practices. No matter how modern the world becomes the roots will always be intact to its origin, culture, and generation-old tradition and Nepal proudly boasts its only Living Goddess Kumari that dwells in the courtyards of Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National park is an exceptional part of Nepal with the most dramatic landscapes, sky-piercing mountains, stunning glaciers, deep valleys dominated by the world's highest mountain - Mt. Everest (8849m) which is the ultimate apex. Several rare flora and fauna such as the majestic Snow Leopard and White Fir thrive in the harsh condition of Sagarmatha National Park. The settlements of the Sherpas with their unique culture and extreme mountaineering skills add further interest to this place. Sagarmatha National Park holds a universal value due to what lies there, not only Mount Everest but is the sanctuary to other elevated mountains such as Ama Dablam (6812m), Nuptse (7861m), Lobuche (6119m), Pumori (7161m) and many more fascinating peaks. The incredible natural beauty is embedded within the ruthless mountains and deep valleys of the remarkable National park.

This place grants nothing but peace and an extensive opportunity to get surprised and fascinated by its pure and raw beauty. It's not just the gigantic mountains you see that make this place a wonderland but the small elements that make it a true gem. Natives of the place along with the beautiful creatures living in harmony make this place an attraction on its own. Their simple life is the most priceless thing you will see here besides the glorious elevated peaks. This place is far from urban cities meaning you will be surrounded by pristine nature and crisp fresh air. Even though this place has limited access to modern technology and development, this place lacks nothing at all to be the most beautiful and comfortable place on planet earth.

Lukla - Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Lukla, which is the most dangerous airport in the world, is also the gateway to the world's highest Mt. Everest. Lukla is a well-known name for trekkers, who have been to the Everest region for Everest Trek, also they must know the name for the trekkers planning for the Everest Base Camp trek. In simple words, Lukla is the gateway to Everest and the entire Khumbu region that leads to the most thrilling and rewarding treks. Apart from being the starting point of exclusive adventures, Lukla is a gorgeous place to observe the scenic view of the mountains and the great Himalayas. Lukla located at an altitude of 2860m, which makes it the perfect place to acclimatize to the high altitude.

Numerous lodges around Lukla have luxury accommodation facilities such as bars, coffee shops, and even pool houses to keep you entertained. It is usually a stopping point to relax or to spend a night before getting to the higher elevation. To conclude Lukla is an amazing place surrounded by hills and towering mountains, a real wonderland.

Namche Bazaar - The Sherpa Kingdom

The very place from where you get the first glimpse of the majestic Mount. Everest - Namche Bazaar. The scattered buildings down the hillside with red and blue roofs of the traditional house give you comfort in the wilderness. Namche is the prime hub for tourists before going to the higher and deeper region of Everest. Although it is located at an altitude of 3440m it lacks nothing to become a comfortable and favorite stop for travelers around the world. Within this beautiful little village dwells the great mountain guides - the Sherpas. Asides from being in the comfort zone in the harsh conditions of nature in the Everest region it provides a panoramic view of the valley followed by the savage mountain above the thick blanket of clouds gazing upon you.

It may seem as if this small place is like any other rural place in Nepal but once you get to the place you will be surprised by the thing you see. You will find luxury lodges with the best accommodation and service with aromatic coffee shops, pricy gare equipment, and many more. Not only that, a few miles hike will lead you to the viewpoint from where you get the best starry night view and a drop dead backdrop as well. Namche Bazaar is all about the panoramic view, stunning Sherpa culture, mountains, and brave untold stories of a great mountaineer and mysterious creature called Yeti.

Tengboche Monastery - Blessing point.

Tengboche Monastery also known as Dawa Choling Gompa in the Khumjung in the eastern Khumbu region is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It is nested at an elevation of 3867m above sea level. It is the largest monastery in the entire Khumbu region. It is also a blessing point because before going to the higher altitude people visit this Monastery to get a blessing for a successful trek. The monastery is an attraction itself the traditional architecture is surrounded by lofty mountains giving it a majestic dropback. From this monastery, you can get a breathtaking mountain view of spectacular mountains such as the one and only Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8156m), Nuptse(7861m), Ama Dablam (6856m), and many more.

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base camp is where people take the mighty decision of climbing the notorious yet most glorious mountain of Mt. Everest. For some, this is the final destination and for some, this is where their journey begins. Situated on an elevation of 5364 m above sea level this place grants a 360-degree view of mighty mountains sitting on the lap of the sky-scraping Himalayas. The Everest base camp is the campsite for climbers during the Everest expeditions, located in Khumbu, Nepal.

One of the main reasons why people visit the EBC is for the breathtaking view that one can only experience by being in a particular place. Thousands of people visit the base camp to witness the beauty of the giants. As glorious as it may sound it is not that easy to reach the place as it is one the most difficult treks of all time. Despite the hardship of reaching the destination people tear up seeing the majestic view of numerous mountains standing tall and proud. From the base camp, you see a cluster of mountains over 8000m that includes the deadly Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse, Manasalu, Dhaulagiri, and other elevated peaks.

Kala Patthar - The Actual Everest viewing point

Kala Patthar which translates to ‘’Black Rock’’ in the Nepali language is located at an elevation of 5644m. It is a few miles away from the actual base camp and is the ultimate summit viewpoint of Everest and it is the Kala Patthar. It might sound strange but you don't get the entire view of Everest from the base camp as other mountains overlap Everest but from the Kala Patthar, you get the unobstructed view of Everest along with a spectacular view of the surrounding. It is also one of the renowned landmarks of the Everest region.

What to expect from the Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek with Helicopter Return?

Everest Base Camp Luxury trek with Helicopter return is one of the most comfortable treks of all time. Trekking for Everest Base camp is a lifetime dream and an incredible opportunity for every trekker and adventure junkie. The extraordinary trek provides an unforgettable trek experience within the wilderness of the Everest region. This trek is not just a journey to see the mountains but a journey of your own. This trek will offer you some of the most unbelievable perspectives of the Himalayas, views that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. The awe-inspiring connection to the mountains will make you astonished by their beauty.


First thing first to start the trek you have to arrive in Nepal, Kathmandu. Your journey begins at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). As you get out of the airport you will be surrounded by aromatized air infused with insects and dust. Our office representative will pick you up and transfer you to a 5-star hotel. While you are in Kathmandu you will get a lot of chances to explore the city. The narrow alleys of Basantapur and Asan Bazaar will take you back to medieval times with its ancient building's beautifully preserved pieces of history. You will have a leisure day in Kathmandu so you can explore the city and major attractions inside Kathmandu valley while doing some shopping for trekking gear. Kathmandu is full of life and culture and you can see them throughout the city area. Get to know the customs and culture through food and get a taste of Nepali cuisine.

Your trek begins with a roller coaster mountain flight toward your starting point at Lukla. The flight itself is an experience of a lifetime. As you get close to the airport you will feel the pressure which will make your heart go faster with joy. It will be an unforgettable 40 mins of your life as you see the greenery and your first peek at the mountains. The dramatic landing will thrill you with the turbulence and rush your adrenaline. Once you come out of the aircraft you will see pristine nature and the first breath of crisp air will welcome you. This is the place where nature takes full control of the situation/place. Nature will grab your attention and enchant you with its beauty. On the way to your destination, you will see locals doing their day-to-day chores with warm smiles on their faces. The distinctive trek trail through alpine forests and beside gurgling rivers will lead you to your destination. You will cross suspension bridges with white icy water flowing beneath you.


As you get closer to your destination the great mountains will intimidate you with their cold gaze up on you. After you pass Namche Bazaar you will get a spectacular view throughout your trek. In addition to that, the biodiversity will amaze you with its rare vegetation and majestic mountain beasts. You will come across domesticated animals carrying goods to the villages such as Yaks, donkeys, horses, and mules. The sunrise and sunsets above the sensational mountains are vastly different in overwhelming mountain regions. As you continue your trek you will come across numerous celestial villages with their charm and beauty, and also get along with locals and fellow trekkers who share the same interest and trail. On the trail, you will meet local guides, porters, and mountain experts legendary Sherpa.


You will feel such an amazing sense of achievement and pure joy as you walk to the most admired trail, after a rewarding trek when you see your daily destination all the hard work pays off. Once you step on the base camp you will fall in love with the mountains and appreciate the beauty in the wilderness. After you appreciate the world's tallest mountains from the base make your way back while carrying loads of core memory and a lifetime experience. While returning you will meet fellow climbers asking you about your journey and experience. After an amazing base camp trek, you will return to Kathmandu by helicopter to make your trek even more special and comfortable. While you say your last farewell to this beautiful place the memories will overflood your heart. Have the best 45 mins of your life while you get back to kathmandu. Once you land in Kathmandu drive towards your hotel and get refreshed. You will have enough to celebrate the conclusion of your trek. In the evening we will meet for a  traditional Nepali dinner with a cultural dance. The next day after having your breakfast at the hotel your driver will drop you off at the airport 3 hours prior to your actual flight time so that you can fish with your airport formalities. This officially ends your trek. Have a safe flight home, Farewell!

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Arrival in Kathmandu [1400 m/4593ft]

The first day is the arrival in Nepal. Tribhuvan International Airport is the only international airport as of now, so, you will be arriving at the Airport and a representative from our company will be there to pick you up and assist you with the remaining process.

Kathmandu is the capital and cultural city of Nepal. Beautiful architecture, medieval Durbar Squares and cultural shows around the streets are vibrant at their best. However, the hustle and bustle of this busy city are somewhat grisly, but if you truly want to explore the beauty of the mountains, the urban arrival is the cost.

In the evening we will meet for a cup of coffee and brief you on the details of your trek programs including the timing and pass you on other necessary information.

duration 30 Minutes
duration 10 Km
trip-accomodation Kathmandu Marriott
trip-meals N/A
transportation On Private Basis
Day 02

Trek Preparation, Cultural Sites Visit [1400 m/4593 ft]

Preparing for the trek and getting to know more about the complete trekking trails and guides is a very exciting part of the day. Our representative will brief you on your arrangements, including permits and other transportation facilities. If you have any questions about the trek and want to know more about the places around the region, this is the day you ask.

If the trek preparation is completed on time and you are off the hook with your arrangements, we’ll take you to visit some heritage sites around the city. Kathmandu is full of cultural and traditional attributes. The hospitable people around the alleys and streets are also an interesting part to see.

Highly influenced by Hindu and Buddhist cultural values, this city boasts incredible chariot festivals and various events. If you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to witness some chariot festivals ongoing around the paved alleys of the Basantpur and Asan areas. Kathmandu Durbar Square, nearby Thamel is one of the major attractions of the day.

Later enjoy the fine service of the hotel and get plenty of rest for your big day tomorrow.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 40 Km
trip-accomodation Kathmandu Marriott
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis
Day 03

Fly to Lukla, Trek to Phakding [2610 m/8562 ft]

Lukla flight is one of the most scenic flights in the world and getting there is an adventure in itself. Lukla lies on the slope of mountains and has a very short runway, making it one of the most dangerous airports in the world. But for the greatest adventure of a lifetime, Lukla airport is indeed an interesting part of the journey. Lukla is situated at 2860 m. in a small elevated plain, with a runway of about 500 m. Though it is termed dangerous, it is not that risky to fly to Lukla. With about 50-60  flights operating each day in peak trekking season, Lukla is one of the highly admired places in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

It takes about 30-45 minutes of flight time to reach Lukla from Kathmandu. After reaching Lukla, you will freshen up and prepare for the trek. Lukla is officially the trek starting point of Everest Base Camp. The trail has some paved paths and some muddy and rocky ways. Since you will be trekking mostly downhill, you won’t find it difficult to get yourself along. Also, the greenery around the trail is very astonishing.

Alongside, the people and numerous small Sherpa settlements throughout the trail and interactions with the locals are interesting. You may also see horses, donkeys and yaks carrying goods and supplies in this area. It is also a fascinating part of the Khumbu lifestyle in the remote settlement. The stopover for the day is Phakding village at an elevation of 2610 m/8562 feet. You will drop elevation this day. Since Phakding is at a lower elevation and Lukla at a high altitude, you will lose about 250 meters. The downstream trek via the banks of Dudhkoshi, passing through different Sherpa settlements is very astonishing. You will be staying at a luxury lodge in Phakding village. The cozy ambiance will go perfectly with the chilled atmosphere, have a cup of warm tea as you get ready for the big day.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 9 Km
ascent 2610m
trip-accomodation Sherpa Shangri-La Resort
trip-meals B,L,D
transportation Domestic Flight
Day 04

Trek from Phakding to Namche [3440 m/11286 ft]

The trekking on this day is a very interesting one. Though it will be arduous with some uphill stair treks, you will get some beautiful views and insightful places along the trail. The scattered Sherpa settlement in different places throughout the trail is very attractive. 

You will be entering the Sagarmatha National Park, the highest protected area in the world, on this day. A small check post is there. A cluster of trekkers can be seen hiking in the area. In the first half, you will trek to reach Monjo, where you will have a typical lunch while viewing the incredible mountain scenery. Hiking to Monjo is easier than the remaining part of the trek. After lunch at Monjo, you will be hiking toward Namche Bazaar. The rugged uphill walk from Monjo is strenuous and it starts to get difficult for some trekkers here. 

From Larchedovan, the uphill trek starts and it lasts for about 2-3 hours. Thrilling suspension bridges and the incredible scenery of rivers and valleys feel amazing. In the middle of the trail in the Larchedovan and Namche Bazaar segment, you will get the first glimpse of Mount Everest from Top Danda. You will reach Namche Bazaar after 5-6 hours of trekking from Phakding. The thrilling suspension bridges, large waterfall, incredible Namche Bazaar, and Herds of Yak around feel very Himalayan. This day will be a little more difficult than the previous one as you will be gaining an elevation of about 830 m. 

There are various lodges in Namche Bazaar including luxurious lodges. The cafes, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, and Sherpas around provide a typical privilege after a strenuous trek in the Everest region. You can explore some bars and souvenir shops in Namche. You will be staying in Namche Bazaar today with the best accommodation.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 11 Km
ascent 3440m
trip-accomodation Panorama Lodge
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 05

Acclimatization in Namche Bazaar [3440 m/11286 ft]

Namche Bazaar is the Sherpa Kingdom of Nepal. Authentic Sherpa settlement amidst the mountains is very interesting to explore. This day,  you will be acclimatizing in Namche. A few acclimatization and walks in the hills of Namche are a very fascinating part of the day. Early in the morning, you will walk uphill to reach Everest View Hotel. It takes about two hours to reach there. The beautiful sunrise and stunning Everest in the distance are celestial. Attractive landscapes and the incredible hospitality of Sherpas at this Amadablam viewpoint, also known as Everest View Point is a must-visit places during your stay at Namche. From the Everest View Hotel, you can witness Everest, Amadablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Kangtenga, Thamserku, Kongte, Tabuche and many other neighboring peaks.

After exploring the Everest view hotel, you will hike towards Khumjung village, after which the Everest region is named Khumbu. You will have lunch at Khunde and return to Namche. On the way, you will explore the Sagarmatha National Park Information Centre. Here you can get some information about the flora and fauna found in the national park area. Also, you can get some insights into the culture and traditions of the local people. After exploring the Information center, you can visit the Sherpa Museum, where you can see the pictures and artifacts and information on the historical evolution of the Sherpa people and their contributions to making the extreme mountain adventure accessible. There is a Namche Monastery near the Bazaar area where you can explore Buddhist cultural practices. In the evening, you can visit the Helipad area, which is just above the Namche bazaar area.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 8 Km
ascent 3800m
trip-accomodation Panorama Lodge
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 06

Trek from Namche to Debuche [3860 m/12664 ft]

After two incredible nights in Namche Bazaar, you will be trekking toward Debuche. You will begin trekking early in the morning from Namche Bazaar and ascend a stair trail. After 15-20 minutes of hiking from Namche Bazaar, you will reach a flat trail. Trekking here is comparatively easier than in other parts. Trekking while exploring the majestic mountain panorama in the ridgeline of Namche Bazaar would fascinate every trekker. After two hours of hiking from Namche Bazaar, you will reach Kyanjuma. Till here the trek is common for Gokyo and Everest Base Camp Trekkers. After this, the trail to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lake separates. Throughout the trek, you will be witnessing mind-blowing views of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Tham Sherku, Amadablam and many other neighboring peaks.

The beautiful Chortens and prayer flags hanging make a very spiritual ambience on the trail. From Kyajuma, you will trek downhill for about 45 minutes to reach Phunki Tenga. This is the confluence of the Imja Khola and Dudh Koshi river tributaries. The term ‘Tenga’ means confluence or junction in the Sherpa language. So the place is named Punki Tenga. A little ahead, there is a check post of the Nepal Army where you will have to present your permits. After the check post, the uphill trek begins for about one and a half hours to reach Tengboche Monastery. Tengboche is one of the most popular places for Everest Trekking and is popular for the monastery. It is also one of the biggest and oldest monasteries in the Khumbu region. From the back part of the Monastery, you can witness the incredible sunset and mountains. A little walk ahead of Tengboche lies the Debuche. You will be staying in a Lodge in Debuche at night.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 10 Km
ascent 3745m
trip-accomodation Rivendell
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 07

Trek from Debuche to Dingboche [4410 m/14468 ft]

You will begin trekking from Debuche towards Dingboche. You will reach a suspension bridge from where a mild uphill climb for about one hour will begin. The trekking trail is not so difficult and demanding. And it is rewarding as you will be exploring the beautiful Sherpa villages while witnessing the incredible mountain vistas. Pangboche boasts a Buddhist monastery. It is also one of the biggest and oldest monasteries in the Khumbu region. The exhilarating climb from Pangboche after crossing a river will take you to a beautiful vantage point. From the vantage point, you can explore the majestic mountain panorama stretched on the northern fringe of the hill. The exotic Mount Amadablam is spectacular from the vantage point.

After a gentle ascent of about 40 minutes, you will reach Dingboche. You will be staying in Dingboche for the night. You can explore the beautiful Sherpa village and mountain panorama from Dingboche. It is also the rest point for peak climbers and trekkers in this area. There are a few hotels and lodges that offer accommodation facilities. This day can be arduous because of the elevation gain. You will be reaching an altitude of 4410 m above sea level. Here the chances of getting altitude sickness are high. So, you need to stay hydrated and be cautious. You will be gaining an elevation of about 550 m. You can explore the beautiful stellar sky and the mountains from Dingboche at night.

Dingboche is also a place where the trek route to Everest Three Passes Trek splits. The trail continues towards Chhukung the next day you will cross Kongma La pass (5535 m.) and join Lobuche.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 10 Km
ascent 4410m
trip-accomodation Tashi Dalek
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 08

Acclimatization in Dingboche [4410 m/14468 ft]

As you will be getting at an elevation of 4940 m above sea level the next day, you need to acclimate yourself to the changing altitude. This is the acclimatization day. You will be hiking some hills in the Dingboche area and exploring the vantage points. This is also an excellent opportunity to witness some of the exotic mountains and valleys.

You will be hiking to Nagarjuna Hill at an elevation of about 5100 m above sea level. From the top of the hill, you can see the mind-blowing views of some Himalayas such as Lobuche East (6119m), Lobuche West (6145m), Kangtega (6685m), Taboche Peak (6367m), Thamserku (6608m), and Ama Dablam (6856m). The excellent views of Pheriche village and some other Sherpa settlements can be seen during the hike.

The acclimatization hike is an important part of the day. Although this is the rest day for you, to adapt to the rapidly changing altitude, you need to hike higher and stay at lower elevations. You will be reaching a height of about 5100 m but you will return to Dingboche at 4410 m. This will help you cope with Acute Mountain Sickness.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 8 Km
ascent 5100m
trip-accomodation Tashi Dalek
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 09

Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche [4940 m/16207 ft]

After staying two days at Dingboche and exploring the beautiful Sherpa lifestyle and villages, you will begin a trek towards the wonderful Lobuche village. It lies at an elevation of 4950 m and is a wonderful place to visit as you will be exploring some iconic and tragic places along the trail. You will begin trekking early in the morning. After two hours of slow uphill trekking, you will reach Thukla. You may rest awhile at Thukla and begin an uphill trek again for about one hour to reach Dughla pass at 4830 m.

From the top of the Dughla Pass, you can see a memorial site nearby. The memorial park is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the mountain tragedies attempting to climb Mount Everest. Some people may find it interesting being the highest memorial in the world, but some people find it saddening to cross this pass in the Everest region. The memorial reminds every trekker of the painful mountain tragedies ever since the beginning of mountaineering in the 1950s.

After exploring the Pass, you will ascend towards Lobuche. After a while, you will reach the glacial moraine of the Khumbu glacier. The spectacular views of Nuptse, Pumori, Lingten, Changatse and Lola mountains can be seen during the trek. From the Khumbu glacier, you can see Kalapathar in the distance. After walking for about one hour, you will reach a small settlement of Lobuche at 4940 m. The overnight stay will be in a lodge in Lobuche.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 8 Km
ascent 4940m
trip-accomodation New EBC
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 10

Trek to EBC, return to Gorak Shep [5164 m/16942 ft]

Early morning after breakfast at the lodge, you will begin your trekking of the day. This is the most fascinating day of the entire trek as you will be getting to the final destination, i.e. the base camp of Mount Everest. You will trek along the Khumbu glacier. The sedimentary rocks in the glacier make it difficult to trek in its rugged terrains, however, the mountain atmosphere and the zeal of getting to the base camp make it the most exciting part of the trek. At a distance of about 500 meters from the main trail along the Khumbu Glacier, you can see the Pyramid research center. It is a scientific research center located at 5,050 m/16,568 ft. If you want to explore this Pyramid-shaped International Research Center, you can get there.

After a continuous uphill and downhill trek for about 2-3 hours, you will reach Gorakshep. Gorak Shep is the destination of the day. After having lunch at Gorak Shep, you will again continue your trek along the Khumbu Glacier. After a short hike of about 2 hours, you will reach the wonderful Everest Base Camp. Along the trail, you can see people getting prepared for their summit climb in the northern fringe if you are trekking in the Autumn time.

Although you cannot see Mount Everest from the base camp, getting to it is very heavenly. The beautiful camps, esteemed mountaineers, and chortens and prayer flags make the atmosphere very adventurous and spiritual. You can click photos, visit nearby places, get to the information center or just interact with the mountaineers with the same interests and other trekkers at the base camp. You will return to Gorak Shep in the evening for your stay. Staying in the Everest Base Camp requires a special permit and a lot of experience as well. Very few people can cope with the harsh climate conditions at night time. So, you will have to return to Gorak Shep for your night's stay at a more comfortable lodge.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 12 Km
ascent 5165m
trip-accomodation Buddha Lodge
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 11

Sunrise view from Kala Patthar, Trek to Lobuche [4940 m/16207 ft] Helicopter return.

Early in the morning, you will hike to Kala Patthar at an elevation of 5,644.5 m/18,519 ft. It takes about 2 hours to hike to reach Kala Patthar from Gorak Shep. Kala Patthar is the best vantage point to witness Mount Everest and other mountains. The panoramic 360-degree views of the Himalayas in the Khumbu region are spectacular from this hill. Mount Everest starts to get visible after a hike of half an hour from Gorak Shep. Slowly the entire mountain atmosphere opens up from the top of the hill. It is also the best vantage point to witness some of the incredible mountains such as Mount Pumori, Amadablam, Everest, Lhotse, Cholatse, Nuptse, Lola, Changatse and many other neighboring mountain peaks.

From Lobuche, the trail to Gokyo Lakes Trek splits. If you are planning to trek Gokyo Lakes, this is the place you will switch to another trail. Kala Patthar is also the best place to see the mind-blowing sunrise. You wouldn’t want to miss the amazing sunrise and Everest in the close sight range. After spending some time in Kala Patthar, you will return to Gorakshep. It takes about 45 minutes of a steep downhill hike to reach. 

After reaching Gorakshep, the turnaround trek begins. You will trek towards Pheriche from Gorakshep. The distance between Gorak Shep to Lobuche is just 4 km which will take around 1-2 hours. Your helicopter will pick you up from there and drop you off in Kathmandu. However, if you want to spend a night at Namche Bazaar you can stay, which is an optional situation.

duration 5-6 Hours
duration 8 Km
ascent 5545m
trip-accomodation Kathmandu Marriott
trip-meals B,L
transportation On Private Basis
Day 12

Kathmandu Leisure Day!

Situation 1: If the helicopter return from Lobuche couldn't be possible on that day due to weather conditions and other technical reasons, you will trek down to Pheriche or Dingboche for your overnight stay and this morning you will take a helicopter return from your staying place. This itinerary is based on the peak season and best months for the Everest base camp trek, which are April, October and November.  Even so, sometimes the weather conditions become worse than expected and may require you to wait 2-3 days. In such situations you can trek down to Namche or even further to Lukla, we will adjust the helicopter price accordingly.

Situation 2: If you already reach Kathmandu on day 11, today you will have a leisure day in Kathmandu. You can visit for sightseeing and shopping at the nearby market.

Later in the evening, we will meet for a traditional Nepali Dinner with cultural dance on folk songs which is the best thing to experience as a farewell.

duration 3-4 Hours
trip-accomodation Kathmandu Marriott
trip-meals B,D
transportation On Private Basis
Day 13

Departure, Farewell!

This will officially be the end of the Everest base camp luxury trek. Looking after your departing time, we’ll escort you to the airport for your flight transfer. You will depart to your destination with a lot of fun and adventure-filled memories and photographs that speak. You will get to the airport 3 hours before your actual flight time for airport formality. Have a safe flight back home!! 

duration 30 Minutes
duration 10 Km
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis

Trip Guide

The information given about the Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek with Helicopter return is in-depth, feel free to contact us 24/7 for any kind of assistance. We will be available on WhatsApp to assist you instantly. You can write an email if this trip doesn't fit your vacation schedule and requirements. We aim to offer the best possible travel experience to the customers. Depending on the needs of the visitors and the group size, we customize each vacation package. We will put together a bespoke itinerary just for your private group.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How difficult is the Everest Base camp?

    The Everest Base Camp trek is moderately difficult in Nepal. The trekking to the Everest Base Camp is admired as it is one of the most iconic and fascinating trails in the world. Having good stamina and physical fitness helps a lot during trekking. However, you don’t need to have prior trekking experience.

  • Is the Everest Base camp luxury trek with Helicopter return worth it?

    Yes, the Everest Base Camp luxury trek with the helicopter is one of the most beautiful treks in the world. It takes you to the base of the highest point on earth. It is the ultimate destination for many mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts. It has been admired for its jaw-dropping beauty, cultural attractions, and natural sceneries. Apart from the panorama vista the luxury accommodation and one-of-a-kind Helicopter exit make this trek worth your precious time and every single penny that you spend.

  • Do I need to have travel insurance?

    Travel insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended because it ensures to cover the risk of any unpredicted adversities during the trek. Having insurance for the trek will cover the risk of items of baggage thief/loss, medical emergency, flight cancellation, and more.

  • What is the luxury that we get during this luxury trek?

    You will get 5-star luxury accommodations with the finest service and ambience while in Kathmandu. After the start of your trek program, you will get extravagant lodges in the Everest region where you will get a comfortable stay with the best possible view of nature. To conclude your luxury trip you will exit this place by Helicopter which grants you the opportunity to enjoy the bird's eye view of the hills, valleys, and snow-capped mountains.

  • How many hours do you walk a day?

    Although the Everest Base Camp trek is considered one of the toughest treks, you do have to walk for the entire day. The Everest region is located above 3000 and to avoid the risk of getting high altitude sickness you will walk just  4-6 hours a day while slowly acclimatizing on the way.

  • What kind of equipment do I bring to the EBC trek? Can I buy them in Nepal?

    Yes, you can get all the necessary trekking pieces of equipment here in Nepal. You can check the packing list in the backpack Checklist for all the needed information about packing.

  • Can I charge my electronics such as my phone, camera batteries and other pieces of stuff during the trek?

    Yes, you can charge your electronics at the hotel which will cost an extra amount according to the lodge policy. Till Pangboche you will have no problem getting electricity and a network and after you pass Pangboche there is no direct electricity but lights are powered by solar power. It's better if you carry extra batteries for your electronics. 

  • What kind of medications should I carry for the EBC?

    If there are any regular medicines you can bring that with you. Or purchase in  Kathmandu with a proper prescription. We also carry the first aid kit and necessary medicine during your trek time. Besides that, if you are not sure about your health condition you can carry Acetazolamide or Diamox for high-altitude sickness.

  • What kind of permits do I need for the Everest Base Camp trek?

    For the Everest Base camp, you will mainly need two Everest base camp permits to step into the Everest region. You will need Khumbu Rural Municipality Permit and a Sagarmatha National Park entry permit.

  • What kind of food will I get during the trek program?

    In the Urban cities like Kathmandu, you will be served with varieties of breakfast options. However, in the higher elevations during the trip, you will taste local cuisine and that is mostly Thakali food and for breakfast limited options are available. Some of the available foods are eggs, fresh seasonal veggies, salads, apple pies, pancakes, Dalbhat, bread, soups, and meat (depending on availability) and in developed areas, you can try food from the A-la-carte menu and try a wide range of food options.

Services Includes

  • Kathmandu arrival airport picks up and drops off. 

  • Flight transportation from Kathmandu to Lukla.

  • Helicopter return from Lobuche to Kathmandu.

  • Three nights 5-Star luxury hotels accommodation in Kathmandu.

  • Daily breakfast throughout the trip.

  • All (10 days) luxury lodges accommodations during the trek. 

  • Lunch and Dinner from the trek start day to trek end day.

  • All necessary paperwork. (Required permits)

  • A guide during your Kathmandu cultural sightseeing with monuments entrance fees. 

  • An experienced and licensed trekking guide throughout your trek. 

  • Guide and porter’s food, salary, accommodation and allowance. 

  • All government and local taxes.

  • Arrangement of an emergency helicopter service which will be paid by traveler’s insurance. 

  • Traditional Nepali cultural dinner in Kathmandu on your farewell.

  • Duffle bags to carry goods and trekking maps - if necessary.

  • A porter during the trek. (a porter can carry up to 20/22 KG of baggies)

Services Excludes

  • Personal expenses. 

  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu. 

  • Nepal visa cost (you will require two passport-size photos and 30 USD)

  • Travel health insurance. (highly recommended)

  • Tips for the guide, porter and anyone. 

  • International flights.

  • Sweet things like dessert/chocolates during the trek. 

  • Any alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

  • Hot showers/batteries charge/heater/ mineral water during the trek. 

  • Any other expenses which are not mentioned in the including section.

13 Days USD 5310 / Person


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