Sisneri Swimming Pool
Natural crystal clear water to swim around!

Sisneri Natural Swimming Pool of Nepal

There's no better place to uncover the authenticity of nature than swimming in a natural waterfall and exploring its exquisite beauty.

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Sisneri Swimming Pool

A breathtaking Sisneri Natural Swimming Pool is located in the Makwanpur district of Nepal. The distance from Kathmandu to Sisneri is about  33 km away but you will have to take a private vehicle as public transport to Sisneri is rare from Dakshinkali. The road condition is not so good and you will need to drive off-road to reach Sisneri. 

Sisneri waterfall is one of the best waterfalls near Kathmandu to explore. The visitors may get an opportunity to swim in the natural swimming pool in the waterfall. This is also a fascinating place to swim in the natural settlement. 


Sisneri Waterfall


1479 m.



Distance from Kathmandu

35 Km


The beauty of Sisneri natural swimming pool along with the cold crystal clear aqua green water are the main attractions of this place. The water at Sisneri is so clear that you can see the fish inside the water.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sisneri lies in the remote village near Kathmandu. It is a perfect spot to spend your weekend near Kathmandu valley. 

There are many swimming pools inside Kathmandu Valley. But no one can beat swimming in the natural pond of Sisneri. During the summer, you can see a crowd enjoying their time in Sisneri. The main swimming pool is actually deep with slippery stones. So we suggest not diving inside the main pool if you are not good at swimming. There are small tea shops available nearby the pond to serve the visitors.

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Table Of Content

    Swimming at Sisneri

    Surrounded by large rocks there are also few other pools near the main Sisneri Pool. But the other pool is small compared to that of the main pool. Most people visit this natural swimming pool in summer to chill and spend a day swimming in the laps of nature. The main swimming pool is usually crowded but there are other swimming pools around the main pool. You need to hike for a couple of minutes to reach the less crowded pools.

    Swimmers also choose to jump from a big rock situated near the pool to enjoy the moments. Swimming in this natural pool is the best way to get rid of the heat for a few moments during the summer. You can join the crowd and swim in this beautiful natural pool and take memories with you. There are various beautiful places to visit nearby so that you can visit Sisneri even though you are not planning to swim.

    Npr 50 fee must be paid as an entrance fee before swimming in this natural pool. It is a perfect spot to spend a day in the lapse of Nature swimming in the crystal clear water. Meanwhile, changing rooms and parking space are also available. But during the summer because of the numerous travellers travelling to Sisneri, it may be difficult to find a parking space.

    How Far is Sisneri From Kathmandu?

    Sisneri is about 33 km away from Kathmandu through the Dakshinkali route. Similarly, the other way to reach Sisnei from Bhaisepati. This route is comparably shorter than that of Dakshinkali. But this route is narrow and rough to drive. Among two of these routes, the way through Dakshinkali is the famous one and most of the travellers choose this route. Another route is through Markhu which is about 49 km away from Thamel. 

    This route goes through Balkhu, Chovar and reaches Dakshinkali. Dakshinkali is about 14 km away from Kathmandu and it will take about an hour to reach Dakshinkali. Because of the poor condition of the road, it will take longer to reach Sisneri from Kathmandu. Meanwhile, Sisneri is about 19 km away from Dakshinkali and it will take more than an hour to reach by private vehicle.

    Sisneri Route Map

    Sisneri is a perfect spot to spend a day from Kathmandu Valley and Hetauda. Meanwhile, after the exhausting day swimming in the natural pool you can stay  overnight at Chitlang and Markhu. Chhaimale Resort is also an option to stay overnight in Sisneri. But, It will take about 3 hours only to reach Sisneri from Kathmandu Valley and you will have enough time to return back or move towards Chitlang for overnight stay.

    How to Reach Sisneri From Kathmandu?

    We suggest travellers choose the Dakshinkali route as it is the most popular route and you will not get lost finding the right path. Public vehicles are not much available after Dakshinkali so it will be easier if you take a private vehicle to reach Sisneri. From Balkhu you can take the way to Chovar and Taudaha and drive until you reach Dakshinkali. 

    After Dakshinkali you can take a less crowded off-road route. After driving for a few minutes you will pass Chhaimale Resort. After the further drive, you can see the police checkpoint. After crossing the checkpoint you will see the suspension bridge and instead of going straight just take a left which will lead you to the river. After crossing the small river you take a road and further drive will take you to Sisneri swimming pool. 

    Another alternative route to Sisneri is from Markhu. The distance from Thamel to Sisneri swimming pool through this route is about 49 km. Through this route, you can drive to Gurjudhara Chowk and take a left which will lead you to Markhu. After spending some moments in Kulekhani Dam, drive further to reach Khanikhet.  After a short drive, you will reach Sisneri.

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