Halal Restaurants in Kathmandu
Try Delicious Halal Food in Kathmandu and Pokhara

Halal Restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara

Every intoxicant is haram in Islam. avoid haram and use halal only.

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Halal Food in Kathmandu

Here we present the article on Best Halal Restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara aimed at every external and internal tourist visiting town, as well as the foodie ones who love to travel for food blogging or experimenting with new foods so that you could find a perfect place to dine on according to your taste and preferences.

This article revolves around the convenience of tourists travelling from middle east countries, which have a major population of Muslims, and other meat lovers giving priority to Halal foods in Kathmandu valley and Pokhara. This article is expected to be helpful and the food you consume in those restaurants to be a delight for your taste buds.

There is a new trend in Nepal, of Halal restaurants popping up in neighbourhoods across Thamel and several other areas and the rest of the country. If you were wondering what it meant to be Halal - that is, what makes traditional Islamic food halal - you can learn about it here.

Halal meat must come from animals that have been stunned before slaughtering them. In the Islamic tradition, stunning an animal with a method called ‘zabiha’ is a requirement before the meat can be considered halal. In the zabiha method, the name for the proper Islamic way of slaughtering an animal, the throat is slit by a sharp knife and a prayer is said to Allah. Before that happens, however, many halal restaurants in Kathmandu require that animals be stunned properly and also be blessed by having verses from the Quran recited over them.

Halal restaurants differ from regular restaurants in that they have a Muslim focus. No alcohol is served and there are many rules regarding what Muslim customers can and cannot eat.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Muslims and Halal Food Culture

    Halal is a religious dietary law of Islam. It means ‘lawful’ or permitted and refers to anything that is allowed or acceptable in Islam, according to the traditions of Muslim jurisprudence. Halal, which has its origins in Arabic grammar, has many meanings but generally implies something that must be done on an animal as when it was slaughtered and slaughtered specifically by a Muslim. Halal is the Islamic term for permissible, and the word is commonly used by Muslims and non-Muslims when discussing food.

    Halal foods are ‘technically’ prepared in accordance with Islamic law, although it can be difficult to determine whether a food product is truly halal. Animals that have been slaughtered according to Muslim dietary laws may also be a source of information for determining if a meat product is truly halal.

    Halal certification is particularly important for foods that are not prepared in accordance with Islamic law, such as those that contain pork or alcohol. Halal certification typically involves a Muslim organization verifying that the food conforms to Quranic guidelines and is prepared without any pork products or other ingredients strictly prohibited in Islam. In many areas of Nepal, labelling if a product is halal is required by regulation.

    Neither a prohibited piece of meat (such as that from the hindquarters) nor an animal may be used to produce food that is labelled ‘halal’ (such as pork). Halal options include beef, lamb, chicken, fish, venison, and game birds. Pigs and reptiles are the only animals that are forbidden.

    What is Halal food?

    Halal food is a way of meat processing which is very different from the other “normal” ones. They usually signify the religious aspect of the Islam community but has a good scientific part also.

    Halal is meat prepared according to Islam law.  It is an Islamic dietary standard clearly mentioned in Sharia (Islamic) law and is believed to be mentioned in the Quran. There are major criteria to be fulfilled for the meat to be halal as mentioned in Islamic law. 

     For meat to be halal, the animal should always be slaughtered by a Muslim, with a verbal blessing and should let the blood drain. Animals are usually slaughtered upside down, usually from the jugular veins, carotid artery and windpipe. This ritual surely carries some significance in Muslim Culture.

    Who prefers Halal food?

    As mentioned, halal meats are sold from Muslim-established business places and are usually consumed by people belonging to the Islamic community too. If talked about halal meats with older generations of the Hindu community they usually portray halal meats as not to be consumed by Hindus. Hence, it is popular among Muslims. Researchers have mentioned the scientific advantages of eating halal meats too. Halal meat is served without skin. It has a very good scientific explanation too. Skin is also considered one of the excretory parts of our body as it releases excess materials in different forms(eg; sweat). So, it is healthy if the skin is not eaten with meat. Hence, for good scientific reasons not only for the Muslim community, but the demand for Halal food is also gradually growing in a larger spectrum.

    Reasons Behind the Halal food

    Halal restaurants belonging to certain communities only, and also having restrictions on other communities to sell halal meat, are found usually few in Nepal as the Muslim community is not in a larger spectrum. Yet, Kathmandu being a tourist centre, where people from different communities and cultures visit, has some halal restaurants. People usually go to halal restaurants for religious or health reasons, or for experiencing something new.

    Halal food availability in Nepal

    Nepal does not have that vast population of Muslim people. Halal food, being popular only in Muslim culture and Only the Islamic community is certified to serve it, is not available that much in comparison to other meats except in the community where the Muslim population is usually more. Yet, Kathmandu and Pokhara being major tourist hubs and populated areas, consists of some of the Halal restaurants which are presented in this blog.

    Halal Food in Nepal

    Halal Food Certification

    Halal Certification Authority in Nepal is registered under Nepal corporate law. This authority deals in permitted (Halal) food, Issuing Halal compliance certification and several other works, under the Halal world. 

    The growing popularity of Halal meat processing because of its religious as well as scientific reason is attracting even 4/5 star hotels to prioritise Halal meats. Also, they do not want to lose their customers who are tourists from middle eastern countries. They too take the certification and serve Halal meats. But some may restrict it because of religious reasons.

    Halal Restaurants in Kathmandu

    Kathmandu Valley offers some of the restaurants serving meat falling in halal criterias, popularly known as halal restaurants. Here are the list of some halal restaurants in valley:

    List of the Halal Restaurants in Kathmandu


    Name of Halal Restaurants



    Alev Kebab Sultanate

    Tangalwood, Kathmandu


    Shafqat Halal Food restaurant

    Chaksibari Marg, Kathmandu


    Thamel Doner Kebab

    Chaksibari Marg, Kathmandu


    Al Madina Halal Food

    Gaa hiti road, Thamel, Kathmandu


    Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen 

    Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur


    Al Bait Thakali Kitchen

    Thamel Marg, Kathmandu


    Anatolia Halal Food Restaurant

    Chhetrapati, Thamel



    Pulchowk, Lalitpur


    Merhaba (Kebab House)

    Chaksibari Marg, Kathmandu


    Alev Kebab Sultanate

    Alev Kebab Sultanate is a middle eastern restaurant situated at Tangalwood, Kathmandu, famous for its Turkish cuisine. This place serves tasty food with proper sanitation and good hospitality. The ambience is also great and food has authentic taste in it. Their famous servings include Baklava, Turkish Tea, Kebab Platter, Pita Breads, Lamb Chops, Chicken wings, Mutton Soup, Zambu Mezze Platter, Giant Prawns, Chicken Seesh Kebab, Fish, Chicken Kabsa and other tempting dishes. This is a well-known restaurant for Turkish cuisine.

    For More Information: Visit Alev Kebab Sultanate

    Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant 

    It is one of the popular halal restaurants located in Chaksibari Marg, Kathmandu.  The hospitality of the staff is also top level.  They serve delicious Chicken Biryani, chicken tandoori, chicken momo, Mutton Biryani, prawn chilli, chicken mushroom soup and many tempting products for chicken, mutton and even buff lovers. 

    For More Information: Visit Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant

    Thamel Doner Kebab

    This hotel is also located in Chaksibari Marg, serving authentic halal foods while keeping the taste in mind. The place has a good ambience, has good care of sanitation, is affordable and of course, the food is also very tasty.  Their popular dishes include falafel wrap, hummus platter, shawarma roll, chicken doner kebab, shawarma platter, chicken wrap sandwich and many more. 

    For More Information: Visit Thamel Doner Kebab

    Al Madina Halal Food

    It is located on Gaa hiti Road, Kathmandu. The biryani at this place is very popular. They are also known for their authenticity in halal foods. The popular dishes they serve include buffalo biryani rice, chicken curry with plain naan, chicken tandoori, chicken biryani, kebabs, korma, buffalo curry, mutton sheesh kebab, naan and other tasty as well as tempting foods. 

    For More Information: Visit Al Madina Halal Food

    Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen 

    Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen is located in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. This place is known to serve one of the best dishes of fish and other non-veg delights also including biryani. The ambience and service of staff is also a plus. Some of their servings include chicken biryani, chicken dum biryani, tandoori fish, mutton dum biryani, tandoori chicken, chicken cutlet and seekh kebabs.

    For More Information: Visit Tasneem's Kings Kitchen

     Al Bait Thakali Kitchen

    This place is located at Thamel Marg, Kathmandu. This place is slightly overpriced in comparison to others. Their famous servings include a chicken burger, chicken biryani, chicken lollipop, and fried fish ball. The atmosphere of the place is good.

    For More Information: Visit Al Bait Thakali Kitchen

    Anatolia Halal Food Restaurant

    Anatolia Halal Food Restaurant is a Turkish restaurant located in Chhetrapati, Thamel. They are considered one of the best halal-certified restaurants. They offer delicious food with proper services and with a good ambience.  They serve chicken tandoori, chicken biryani, lamb biryani rice, mutton biryani chicken momo, Turkish tea, Turkish salad, kebab, mutton biryani, chicken tikka masala and other tempting dishes.

    For More Information: Visit Anatolia Food Restaurant


    It is a restaurant serving Arabic and middle eastern food situated in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. They are known to serve the best Syrian food in town. The wraps and deserts they serve are also quite popular. Some of their famous servings include baklava, chicken shawarma, shawarma wrap, toshka, pita bread, shawarma hummus plate, chicken platter, fried chicken wrap, kebab platter, atayef khuwa and other delicious middle eastern  cuisine that have no competition in terms of taste.  

    For More Information: Visit Taza

    Merhaba (Kebab House)

    It is another popular place for Halal foods located in Kathmandu. The menu looks pretty good and with a variety of options. The place is quite expensive but the service and quality of the food should be sufficiently praised. This place is known to serve the best Turkish food in the town. Their famous serving includes chicken hot wings, doner chicken kebabs, and the other Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines. 

    For More Information: Visit Merhaba (Kebab House)

    Halal Restaurants in Pokhara

    Pokhara, known for the excessive flow of tourists there, also offers some restaurants serving halal meat products that are good in taste and perfect to dine on while travelling if you are a meat lover preferring halal foods. Here is the list of some such restaurants. 

    List of the Halal Restaurants in Pokhara


    Name of Restaurant



    Pokhara Halal Food Land

    Barahi Road Pokhara


    Lotus Corner Restaurant & Bar



    Laeez Halal Food

    Lakeside 6, Gaurighat, Pokhara


    Pokhara Halal Food Land  

    Pokhara Halal Food Land is located at Barahi Road, Pokhara. It is one of the best halal food places in Pokhara with affordable price, quality and tasty meals along with good ambience and proper hospitality. Even the decorations inside the restaurant are beautiful. Their famous serving includes chicken masala, chicken momo, curry chicken, chicken wings, buffalo biryani, chicken biryani rice, thakali set and other foods with no compromise in taste and quality.

    For More Information: Visit Pokhara Halal Food Land

    Lotus Corner Restaurant & Bar 

    This place is located at Sarangkot( Place famous for watching the sunrise and sunset in Nepal) . The ambience of this place is wholesome. A place with affordable prices, phenomenal ambience and proper service. The chicken lover roaming around Pokhara should not miss to dine in this place. They serve Falafel, chicken kebab, sheesh tavok, oujeh, grilled chicken kebabs,  grilled vegetable salads, and other tempting foods.

    For More Information: Visit Lotus Corner Restaurant and Bar

    Lazeez Halal Food

    Lazeez Halal Food is located at Lakeside, Gaurighat, Pokhara. It is known as one of the best restaurants in Pokhara for serving Indo-Pakistani cuisines. The place is usually compared with its name ‘Lazeez’ meaning tasty. The title of the restaurant perfectly describes the food they serve. Their famous serving includes chicken biryani rice, mutton rogan josh, tandoori chicken, chicken sizzler, fried trout, grilled cheese chicken, mutton biryani rice, Kabuli pulao mutton, buff momo and many other “Lazeez” items. 

    For More Information: Visit Lazeez Halal Food

    This article focused on the convenience of travellers in Kathmandu and Pokhara, making access to Halal restaurants more feasible and time-saving. Hope you enjoy the meal and have a great stay! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is it halal to drink alcohol?

      Alcohol is not halal. It is considered haraam in Islamic traditions. According to Islamic religious epics, alcohol is restricted and thus Haraam. 

    • What food is halal and what isn’t?

      Blood, alcohol, and meals made with it are off bounds in halal diets, as are some types of meat, such as pig, as well as the majority of reptiles, birds of prey, and predatory animals.  

    • Is Halal food only for Muslims?

      Yes, non-Muslims can also eat Halal food. It is the dietary practice of Muslims but halal foods are widely admired by non-Muslims too. Some benefits are also associated with eating Halal food. 

    • Is Halal food good?

      There is no scientific evidence that Halal food is more nutritious than traditional meat. However, Halal food is tasty and there’s no significant difference between traditional meat and Halal food. The only difference is that the Halal food’s preparation and slaughter process. 


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