Best Season to visit Rara Lake
Find the Perfect Time to Visit Rara Lake!

Best Time to Visit Rara Lake

Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit the lake every year. The best time to visit Rara lake is in the months of spring and early winter.

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Rara Lake of Nepal

Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest lake in Nepal. It lies in the far northwestern part of Nepal and is located between Jumla and Mugu District. Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit the lake every year. The best time to visit Rara lake is in the months of spring and early winter. Rara Lake, with a surface area of 10.8 sq km, is located at an altitude of 2,990 meters.

It’s a well-known apple orchard destination. It is encircled beautifully by green hills and Rara National Park which makes a great trek. The snow-covered view of the Himalayan peaks also enhances Rara’s beauty.

The walk begins from a lively town and leads you to Jumla in the distant region. You’ll pass through the beautiful villages of Gorusingha, Suja, Jaljala, and finally finish at Rara Lake’s peaceful heaven. The population consists of a mix of ethnic groups including the Magar, Gurung, and the Hindu hills. The Thakuri, the royal family caste, is of specific concern in this region.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content

    Facts about Rara Lake


    Rara Lake


    Mugu District, Nepal


    29°31’45.2″N 82°04’33.0″E

    Lake type

    Freshwater Lake

    Surface Elevation

    2990 m.

    National Park

    Rara National Park

    Inflow and Outflow Rivers

    Karnali River and Nijar River

    Maximum Length

    5.1 Km

    Maximum Width

    2.7 Km

    Surface Area

    1,061 ha

    Average Depth

    100 m. 

    Maximum Depth

    167 m. 


    Boating, Sunrise and Sunset views, Trekking

    Best time to visit

    Spring Season (March, April, May)

    Autumn Season (September, October, November)

    Rara National Park is the smallest national park in Nepal. However, it has the most beautiful lake with the pristine beauty of the mountains. The local acquaintance is equally interesting as you get to explore the rural lifestyle. The hilly region in western Nepal will give you some insights into the living standard of the rural places and the daily survival of the local people. 

    So, Rara is not only famous for its beautiful lake and wonderful natural beauty but also for its mind-blowing culture and traditions. For its diverse beauty and geographical location, the best time to visit Rara lake is in the months of Spring, early summer, autumn and early winter.

    Best time to visit Rara Lake

    Rara Lake in Nepal is Nepal’s largest and deepest lake of freshwater. It is a lovely and calm place to see and it makes a big difference in the correct time of the year. Rara can be visited all year round as it is fascinating to explore this region. The cultural values, lifestyle and the rural settlement along with the mind-blowing natural beauty are the major things to explore in this region.

    Spring Season (March to May)

    March through May is the perfect time to visit the lake. The climate is mild at that moment and rhododendrons bloom over the mountain paths with colours, the skies are clear and the lake is crystal blue. A two-hour walk over the lake from the tower overlooks the lake. It is a good time and can be visited by taking a flight. It can be reached by drive but the flight is an easily accessible one. You have to hike to explore around Rara.

    Summer Season (June to August)

    It’s not impossible to go, just more of an adventure if you want. The monsoon makes it a little difficult to reach this area. The drive can take you to the Rara but it will be a little hectic to explore the beauty of this region with unexpected weather conditions. You might expect heavy and long rain, monsoon season, muddy paths, and landslides that could stop you from following a path and forcing you to modify your path. So, it’s an ill-favoured time to visit Rara lake.

    Autumn Season (September to November)

    The other option in September, October and November is truly a nice one. Monsoon has ended and winter still hasn’t come. The early months of winter are the best time to visit. However, you might have to get winter wear as it will be cold. The sky is wet and the climate is not too warm and not too cold. This season is an ideal time to hike, trek, drive and fly.

    Winter Season (December to February)

    With more than 3500 meters above ground and its remote location, it’s not an ideal time to visit in December, January, and February. Snow covering the passes and very cool temperatures and streets get off. It’s a weird thing, the lake never freezes however the weather is cold.

    Activities around Rara Lake

    Nepal is so diverse, particularly in geography. And Rara offers the best environment for relaxation and reflection, sleeping and reading the book or writing an article. For bibliophiles, Rara provides an amazing experience. Favourite book in hand and wonderful beauty around, what could be more awe-inspiring than that!

    Sunrise view

    Early in the morning, you go to the lake for a sunrise view. Watching the sun get up and you feel comfortable, and in the Himalayas, this act is more rewarding. The view is amazing and takes away your breath.

    Yoga and meditation

    Yoga is a universal idea that brings together dispersed stuff. For thousands of years in the Himalayas, yoga has been practised traditionally. Translated into English, Yoga means ‘ union, connections or oneness. ‘ Lord Shiva, Lord Budhha, excellent sage Patanjali and Yogis have developed the yoga we have today. Mediation is a must in our everyday lives. It provides us with calmness, a sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. It also enables us to improve relationships, improve health and improve life. Rara for its natural reasons is an excellent Yoga and Meditation place.

    Boating in Rara lake

    Boating is one of the many ways of relaxing, having fun and enjoying nature around rivers and lakes. The view is just amazing, that you can see a clear sky and also Wildlife and magnificent views of the hills and jungles, too. The pristine Rara lake’s beauty itself is adventurous. Boating and sailing in its beautiful water ripples is an added beauty of this place.

    Photography and videography

    Trek provides the best views to take pictures of the secluded and untouched Rara Lake. If you want to get to paradise, you can go to Rara Lake walk with enough memory and passion to capture the lovely views of the lake and natural scenery. The landscapes are wonderful around this valley. For photography and videography enthusiasts, Rara provides the best panoramic views.

    Horse ride

    Talking about horse riding, saddles and guides to local people if you want. There is a beautiful path all along the lake, and from the lake, you can take it a little quicker to wooded areas.

    Camping in Rara

    Bring a sleeping bag, discover a shady place, have some drinks and relax! And if you don’t bring your own camp, there’s a hotel near the lake from where you can hire rooms or even tents. Camping is the finest activity that provides true luxury with the stellar sky and mind-blowing beauty of the mountains. Moreover, the best time to visit Rara lake for camping is in Spring and early winter.

    How to reach Rara from Kathmandu

    here are two choices, one by flight and the other by drive, for Rara Lake. The flight choice will certainly make it simpler for you to reach Rara lake. The drive is also adventurous, however, time-consuming. Trekking in this region is also a popular activity to explore the beauty of Rara.

    Kathmandu to Rara Lake by flight Itinerary

    Day 01: Fly to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Overnight at the Hotel.

    Day 02: Fly to Talcha, and trek to Rara Lake 2-3 hrs trek. Overnight at Rara Lake in a Hotel.

    Day 03: Excursion around Lake.

    Day 04: Fly to Nepalgunj and then onward flight to Kathmandu.

    Kathmandu to Rara Lake by Bus

    Day 01: Kathmandu to Surkhet by drive, takes around 13-16 hours by night bus. Overnight at the Bus.

    Day 02: Morning in Surkhet, After lunch, 7-8 hour drive to Kalikot. Overnight at the local Hotel at Manma- the capital of Kalikot District.

    Day 03: After breakfast, drive to Gamghadi or Talcha Airport, Overnight at Ghamghadi or Talcha Airport at a local Hotel.

    Day 04: Early Morning heading to Rara Lake. Breakfast, Lunch at Rara Lake. Explore the Lake. Overnight at the Hotel.

    Day 05: After breakfast 7 hour Drive to Jumla Khalanga Bazaar. Overnight at Jumla.

    Day 06: Early Morning take a Drive to Surkhet. Overnight at Surkhet.

    Day 07: Surkhet to Kathmandu by Bus.

    Climate of Rara Lake

    There’s a pretty nice summer but a cold winter. September/October and April to May are the best time to visit the lake. The temperatures are below the freezing point from December to March, with heavy rainfall up to one meter and the route to the lake being blocked. The area is hot between April and June. The monsoon season between July and October is short in this region.

    Trekking and Camping in Rara Lake

    One of the most unbelievable and fascinating walks throughout the Himalayan region is a trip to Lake Rara in the far northwestern part of Kathmandu. This tour is an optimal option if you are looking for wildlife and lonely travel. The path is quite ‘ off the beaten path ‘ and provides a very unique insight into cultures and landscapes from the remainder of Nepal.

    A famous pilgrimage to Nepalese people, Rara is the clear elevated altitude lake, which reflects the snow-capped Himalayas, ringed with the pine tree. Since there is the least rainfall in the summer and is perfect for hiking. The ridge around the lake is often snowed by winter, and trekkers are honoured with a multitude of Mountain flowers during the autumn season.

    Rara Lake is the biggest lake in Nepal, five kilometres in length and two kilometres in size. The National Park is a place of wildlife in Nepal. Musk deer, Leopards, Ghorals, Tahr and black beers of the Himalayas are the major wildlife. The park is also pleasurable to watch birds, particularly when many bird species visit during the seasonal migration in November and April. 

    Chuckemara Danda, 4,087 meters above sea level, is the best vantage point that provides the lake and the surrounding hills. There are many animal species, such as the Himalayan black bear, the rare Red panda, and leopards, musk deer, ghoral, tahr and more in the park. The skies over the pond are populated by a wide range of birds between November and April, many of which are migratory from Siberia.

    Rara Lake Trek Outline Itinerary

    Day 1: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj (flight or drive)

    Day 2: Nepalgunj – jumla- Padmara

    Day 3: Padmara – Bumra

    Day 4: Bumra – Pine

    Day 5: Pine-Rara Lake

    Day 6: Rara Lake-Ghorasaini

    Day 7: Ghorasaini-Sinja

    Day 8: Sinja-Chera Chaur

    Day 9: Chera Chaur-Jumla

    Day 10: Jumla-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu (flight or drive).

    Snowfall in Rara Lake

    Humla, among others, becomes struck hard by snowfall in hilly Mugu districts. But local people are happy despite having to handle the weather because they hope the snow will contribute to the development of the lately sown seasonal plants.

    Rara Lake, the largest lake in Nepal, looks lovely following the snowfall and is a famous tourist destination. The lake gets filled with over two feet of snow. Snow stops tourists from getting to the lake. However, the early winter months are the best time to explore the snowy beauty of Rara.


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