Lower Mustang Royal Enfield Motorbike Tour

The tour will take bikers on a journey through some of Nepal's most spectacular landscapes as they scale through the region's hills, riverbanks, and valleys.

Trip Facts

duration Duration 12 days
trip-difficulty Trip Difficulty Moderate
trip-difficulty Highest Point 2850 M
Average Group Size 2 PAX
trip-code Trip Code LMREMT
trip-code Start Point Kathmandu
trip-start-point Trip End Point Kathmandu
trip-accomodation Accomodation As Mentioned
trip-meals Meals As mentioned
transportation Transportation As mentioned

Trip Highlights

  • Spectacular Himalayan vistas including the majestic Annapurna Himalayan Range.
  • Pass through diverse cultural villages and explore the lifestyle and rural villages. 
  • Motorbike in the rough and rugged, yet full of adventure, trails and enjoy sceneries. 
  • Arid Landscapes of Lower Mustang. 
  • Cultural and natural attractions of Kagbeni, Marpha and Tatopani. 
  • Explore the adventure in Pokhara and Kushma. 
  • Mind Blowing natural landscapes and views of mountain valleys. 

Trip Overview

Looking for a new adventure, something to take your mind off the monotonous grind of everyday life? Nepal is an exotic land ripe with opportunities for adventure and exploration for trekkers, mountain climbers, and more. One such adventure awaits you on the Lower Mustang Royal Enfield Motorbike Tour!

On this tour, motor biking enthusiasts will have the chance to explore rarely seen villages and mountain valleys in the remote Mustang region of western Nepal. While visiting the villages, you may have the opportunity to interact with locals and share a meal. Besides that, you can enjoy spectacular Himalayan vistas and ride through the mind-blowing landscapes.

The tour will take bikers on a journey through some of Nepal's most spectacular landscapes as they scale through the region's hills, riverbanks, and valleys. While riding in Lower Mustang, bikers will have the chance to experience Thakali culture firsthand as they venture across this incredible mountain land. From March till May and July to September and early November to December is the best time of year to take this adventure.

The Lower Mustang Motorbiking Tour begins right after you arrive in Nepal. A motorbike tour is one of the best ways to explore the landscapes while taking in the scenery and exploring multiple places during the trip. What makes it even better is the flexibility of stopping the self-ridden motorbike at the place you feel like and enjoying the adventure to the fullest. 

We can say that Pokhara is one of the major gateways to enter the Annapurna region. Most of the trekkers begin their program from the Pokhara valley itself and so on this trip. You will take your ride to Tatopani, a place where hot springs are widely admired and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Most of the people who travel to Tatopani, indulge themselves in bathing in the natural hot spring. Besides biking through villages to Tatopani while exploring all its beautiful places, bikers will encounter many cultural, natural and historic sites that are known to amaze with the experience of a lifetime. 

From Tatopani, you will take your bike to Marpha and Jomsom. In this area, the arid landscape of the region gradually begins to show up. From Jomsom, you can explore several attractions such as Dhumba Lake, Muktinath and Kagbeni village. You will ride your bike to the Kushma in the Parvat district. If you have any desire to dive into Nepal’s highest bungee jumping, then the place is Kushma which offers various rope activities. From Kushma, you will visit Ghandruk village. It is one of the beautiful Gurung villages popular for its organized planning and hospitality. Then you will return to Pokhara. After some leisure time in this beautiful Pokhara valley, you will ride your motorbike to Kathmandu and that marks the end of the Lower Mustang Motorbike Tour in Nepal. 

Lower Mustang Royal Enfield Motorbike Tour Facts

Trip Name

Lower Mustang Royal Enfield Motorbike Tour

Trip Type

Motor Biking

Bike Type

Royal Enfield (350CC or 500CC)


12 Days

Highest Elevation 






Best time to visit

Spring (March, April and May)

Autumn (September, October and November)


Teahouse and Lodge

Average Biking Per Day

5-6 Hours

Permits Required


Route: Kathmandu-Bandipur-Pokhara-Tatopani-Jomsom-Marpha-Kagbeni-Kushma-Pokhara-Kathmandu


Why Lower Mustang Motorbike Tour?

The Lower Mustang Motorbike tour in Nepal is the most original and exciting motorcycle tour on offer in both the Himalayas and Nepal. It will take you on a journey to discover what makes this place so fascinating with lots of views, interesting stories, and jaw-dropping scenery.

The tour is designed for tourists from all over the world who want to experience this beautiful country through its culture, customs, traditions and landscapes. The Lower Mustang Motorbike tour in Nepal is the most original and exciting motorcycle tour on offer in both the Himalayas and Nepal. It will take you on a journey to discover what makes this place so fascinating with lots of views, interesting stories, and jaw-dropping scenery.

The tour is designed for tourists from all over the world who want to experience this beautiful country through its culture, customs, traditions and landscapes.

The Lower Mustang tour focuses on showing travellers the essence of the Himalayas and offers an alternative way of experiencing the country with a unique array of activities.

You will spend nine days driving on two-wheels, exploring this fascinating region through its history and culture, amazing beauty, astonishing valleys and stunning mountain views. The Lower Mustang Motorbike tour takes you to places that most tourists have never experienced, and always wanted to see.

The tour gives you the opportunity to discover a part of the world that is amazing, captivating and one of Nepal’s best-kept secrets. You will be driven by knowledgeable guides who are well-versed with the region and have an intimate knowledge of its culture, traditions, language and history.

The tour runs on an off-the-beaten-track where only adventurous travelers choose to go. Motorbiking in Nepal also enables you to witness the mindblowing vistas, spectacular Himalayas, and moreover a fun-filled and thrilling bike riding experience in the most beautiful landscapes of Nepal. 

Bandipur Village

A wonderfully maintained village crowning a towering ridge above the Dumre highway stop, the halfway point of the Prithvi highway that connects Kathmandu and Pokhara, Bandipur village is a living museum of Newari culture. This location, which is perched on hills, offers a magnificent view of the historically accurate antique cultural buildings. You can also savor the sight of some stunning mountains covered with snow.

It was one of the main stops for trade during the old times. The remote mountainous area became a commercial center during the 20th century. Until the Prithvi Highway was built around it in the 1960s, the town was a significant stop on the commerce route between India and Tibet. The Magars governed Bandipur for a very long time before the Newari people arrived and lived there. The most spectacular Siddha Cave, one of South Asia's biggest caverns, is accessible for tours. The town's cafes and restaurants' modern vintage aesthetic offers visitors a unique experience.

Lower Mustang

The Lower Mustang Region of Nepal is a place with incredible beauty and importance to history. This is where the Annapurna Himalayan Range, one of the world's highest mountain ranges, is spectacular. The region stretches along both banks of the Kali Gandaki River and lies just beyond the Tibetan Plateau frontier between Tibet and Nepal itself. Within this region are some of Nepal's most remote areas. 

Beautiful villages such as Kagbeni, Marpha, Jomsom, Muktinath and several other settlements lie in this area. This region has an unimaginable amount of potential for nature and culture explorers. With its ethnically diverse and peaceful people, it is a place of trekking, hiking and exploration of Buddhist culture. Although this is not a populated area by Nepali standards, most of the people living here are of Tibetan ancestry and Thakali and it is very common to hear many locals speak in a Thakali dialect. The main religions practised in Lower Mustang are Buddhism and Hinduism but there is still an amazing amount of local customs that have been passed down over the generations.

It is also one of the remote and well-explored areas of Nepal. It is a place of untouched cultures, beautiful vistas and diverse ethnic groups. Unlike the popular Everest region, which has evolved in recent years with new infrastructure and luxury trekking services, Mustang remains one of the last bastions of traditional adventure travel. However, with recent infrastructural developments, the place offers a wonderful biking experience. The road accessibility is in place and also there are numerous other options to reach the Mustang region. 

This region is characterized by dry scrubland and semi-arid plains due to its proximity to the Transhimlayan zone. The area is high altitude, mostly between 2500 and 5,000 meters above sea level. While the primary inhabitants of this place are said to be Thakali people whose roots are associated with Thak Khola, however, a diverse range of communities can be found in Lower Mustang. 

Marpha Village

The village of Marpha is situated in the Mustang District of northern Nepal at a height of 2,650 meters in the Kali Gandaki valley of the Annapurna Conservation Area. Marpha is a stunning example of the Nepalese culture's resilience. Although it has seen some disturbances due to natural calamities and the movement of people from outer territories, the people there have cozied up to the mountains and are building their lives with them. Tribalism runs deep in Nepalese society, so most villagers define their identity around what they live with-a forest or a river or a temple-and help each other preserve those things. So do the Thakalis from Thak Khola in Mustang.  

Nestled on the Tibetan border in the Annapurna range at an altitude of 2650 meters above sea level lies Marpha. Marpha is linked with a number of historical events. Prior to the mid-19th century, most people used to work in the salt trade with China, however, nowadays, tourism, mule breeding and animal husbandry are one of the key factors that Marpha's inhabitants look upon. 

The typical flat mud-roofed cottages in the area have neatly arranged heaps of firewood on top of them. Some of Marpha's distinguishing characteristics include its paved alleys, lengthy main street, and wooden carved windows.

One must agree that the village's name is appropriate, given its isolation and arid surroundings. The word 'Mar' stands for diligent work and 'pha' for inhabitants. The village is mostly inhabited by the legendary Thakalis, a clan that is both hardworking and resourceful. 

Kagbeni Village

You can get a glimpse of the native way of life of Nepalese people who live in the Himalayan region by visiting the rural community in Kagbeni village. The image of how people are still living in the rural setting apart and far from the city area is provided by thatched roof buildings packed from mud and stacked from stone, as well as the sound of a broom in the early morning hours. This village is one of the most beautiful places to explore in this area. 

The biking adventure is amazing with its perks of stopping at the places you want to. It is more beautiful as you can reach where the 4 wheeler motor vehicles are inaccessible and tough to drive. In this trip, you will be staying in Kagbeni and enjoy the local culture and traditions. Also explore the beautiful landscapes, the lifestyle of people and beautiful scenery in the surrounding. 

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Kathmandu Arrival | Welcome to Nepal!

Your Arrival Time (?) Our office representative will meet and greet you in typical Nepali style at Kathmandu airport and transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu. In the evening, we will meet at the hotel for a coffee talk and brief you on the details of your upcoming program. 

Extra activity that you can participate in Kathmandu during your Cultural Tour, let us know your preference in advance so you can schedule the program accordingly and book as needed.  

  • Everest Mountain Flight (It is a 1-hour flight (scheduled at 6:30 AM) with a breathtaking view of the mountain range.) (USD 220 PP)

  • Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu. (USD 300 PP)

  • Everest Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu with Kala Patthar Landing. (USD 1100 PP)

ascent 1350 M
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals D
Day 02

Kathmandu Sightseeing and Trip Preparation.

This day is mostly the trip preparation and city motorbiking around the Kathmandu valley. You can explore the stupas, durbar squares and temples on this day. The sightseeing places will be added based on your preferences if you have any, or else our well-informed guide will help you plan the motorbiking around the city that day.

ascent 1350 M
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 03

Kathmandu to Bandipur.

After breakfast at the hotel, our guide will pick you up from the hotel. You will take a ride to reach your destination of the day. During this day of your trip, you will start riding your motorbike to Bandipur. The road to Bandipur is blacktopped. On the way, you can go Rafting on one of the popular whitewater river Rafting of Trishuli river. It will take you about 7 hours of motorbike ride from Kathmandu valley to reach Bandipur. Bandipur is about 147 Km away from the Kathmandu valley. 

descent 1030 M
trip-accomodation Old Inn
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 04

Bandipur to Pokhara via Begnas Lake.

From a hilltop near Bandipur, you will take in the magnificent dawn every morning. After exploring the amazing landscapes of Bandipur, you will ride towards Pokhara. The journey today is brief and takes place on a less crowded road.

As we approach Pokhara, the unique Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) and the Annapurna peaks start to get visible. You will also visit Begnas lake along the way. In the evening, you can enjoy the nightlife at Lakeside. 

descent 822 M
trip-accomodation Hotel Barahi
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 05

Pokhara to Tatopani.

Early in the morning, you can stroll around the fewa lakes. And after having breakfast. You will begin your ride towards Tatopani on this day. Up to Beni, which is about a three-hour ride from Pokhara, the route is nice and paved. From here on, the path is arduous and dusty. However, the bumpy road is adventurous with amazing views of mountains, waterfalls and landscapes. Before we reach Tatopani's natural hot spring, you will ride around mountain ridges and pass enormous waterfalls. It takes about 6-7 hours of continuous drive from Bandipur to reach Tatopani. 

ascent 1190 M
trip-accomodation Hot Spring Inn
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 06

Tatopani (Hot Spring) to Jomsom, stop at Marpha.

After breakfast at your hotel in Tatopani, you will move towards Jomsom. It is also one of the major places in the Mustang region. It is mainly popular for good accommodation facilities, small town and airport infrastructures. On the way to Jomsom, you will stop at Marpha to explore exquisite homes and natural landscapes. After that, you will have overnight accommodation in Jomsom. 

ascent 2743 M
trip-accomodation Oms Home
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 07

Jomsom to Dumba Lake, Muktinath and Kagbeni.

You will be exploring a beautiful Dhumnba lake near Jomsom. After a trek of about 1 and half hour, you will reach Dhumba Lake. On this day, you will also visit the Muktinath Temple and in the evening, you will ride to Kagbeni for overnight stay. 

ascent 2850 M
trip-accomodation Red House
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 08

Kagbeni to Kushma.

From Kagbeni, you will take your royal enfield ride to Kushma village in Parvat district of Nepal, It takes about 5-6 hours of ride to reach Kushma village and is 110 Km away from Kagbeni. Meanwhile, you can explore beautiful waterfalls and greenery during the ride. In Kushma, you can do several adventure activities and witness a wide range of activities.

descent 1294 M
trip-accomodation The Cliff
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 09

Kushma to Ghandruk (lunch) and to Pokhara.

In the early morning after breakfast in Kushma, you will ride to Ghandruk. Ghandruk is a small beautiful village that is culturally enriched and one of the model villages that offers incredible hospitality. You will have your lunch in Ghandruk. After spending some time in Ghandruk village, you will take your ride to Pokhara. The road distance from Ghandruk to Pokhara is about 54 Km and takes about 3 hours of ride to reach. In the evening, you can explore the nightlife of Pokhara around lakeside. 

descent 822 M
trip-accomodation Hotel Barahi
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 10

Leisure day in Pokhara.

This day is optional considering your tiresome yet adventurous trip to the mountains. However, you will be visiting the Gupteshwar Mahadev cave, Davis Falls, Fewa Lake, and World Peace Pagoda briefly and enjoy the leisure in Pokhara.

ascent 822 M
trip-accomodation Hotel Barahi
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 11

Ride back to Kathmandu.

Have your breakfast and pack your bags and ride back to Kathmandu. Reach your hotel. After check-in at your hotel, you can explore the vibrant streets of Kathmandu. You can visit Thamel and spend some time at cozy cafes and restaurants. 

You can also collect souvenirs like handmade jewelry, clothing items, and many more eye-catching things. (If you feel the need for a guide you will be allowed) Lastly, we will meet for a cultural (traditional local dance live performance in folk songs) Nepali dinner in Kathmandu on your farewell.

ascent 1350 M
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 12


Looking after your departing time, we’ll transfer you to the Airport for boarding. This day, after collecting a lot of incredible memories in the mountains of Nepal, you will be returning to your next destination. 

trip-meals B

Trip Guide

The given information about the Lower Mustang Royal Enfield Motorbike Tour is in-depth, feel free to contact us 24/7 for any kind of assistance. We will be available on WhatsApp to assist you instantly. You can write an email if this trip doesn't fit with your vacation schedule and requirements. We aim to offer the best possible travel experience to the customers. Depending on the needs of the visitors and the group size, we customize each vacation package. We will put together a bespoke itinerary just for your private group. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an International Driving Permit in Nepal?

    Yes, it's important to obtain an international driving permit along with the local driving license. Also, you can’t ride a motorbike with a car’s license. To ride a bike, you need to have a motorbike license. 

  • Can we go to Lower Mustang in bike?

    Lower Mustang is easily accessible via motorbike and it is one of the wonderful adventures to pursue if you are planning to visit Nepal on a motorbike.

  • Can we go muktinath by bike?

    The road to Muktinath makes it possible to take 4WD drives and bike to Muktinath. The condition of the road is comparatively better than before. Though some parts of the road are not blacktopped and maintained, you can still take a motorbike to Muktinath very easily.

  • What kind of foods will be served as per the meal inclusion?

    You can choose from a variety of breakfast alternatives in urban areas like Pokhara and Kathmandu. However, in the upper part of the trip, you will try the local cuisine, which is primarily Thakali cuisine, and there are few options for breakfast. Eggs, seasonal fresh vegetables, salads, apple pies, pancakes, dalbhat, bread, soups, and meat are some of the items that are readily available. In developed areas, you may also order food from the à la carte menu and sample a variety of dishes.

  • Can we customize the Lower Mustang Royal Enfielf Motorbike Tour?

    The tour can be completely customized. Actually, we promote customizing tours because it will make them more effective and guest-friendly because we will be able to arrange for their needs. Therefore, we offer personalization as a great option on all of our tours. You can alter the plan after speaking with our knowledgeable correspondent. If you have any preferences, let our travel adviser know then, and he or she will put together the best itinerary possible.

  • When is the best time to visit the Lower Mustang on a motorbike?

    Summer, fall, and spring are the best seasons to travel to Lower Mustang Nepal. The best conditions for visiting Mustang are when the skies are clear, the landscape is lovely, and the mountain panoramas are stunning. Nepal's terrain and range of altitudes from tropical to chilly regions make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The seasons of summer, spring, and fall have pleasant weather. As a result, you will be rewarded with some of the Lower Mustang’s most stunning landscapes.

  • Is there any minimum number of people required for this trip?

    Yes, we require a minimum of 2 travellers in order to organize a trip to the Lower Mustang. However, if you are alone and willing to explore the motorbiking adventure in Nepal, we can plan it for you. The cost in such cases may be a little higher as it will not be shared among other people. 

  • What documents are required to obtain the permits for Lower Mustang Trip?

    To obtain ACAP and TIMS permits, you need to present a copy of your passport, pp size photo and the chargeable amount. It is very easy to obtain permits as they are quite accessible and if you are planning a trip with us, we’ll get them for you. 

Services Includes

  • Kathmandu airport transfer on arrival and departure.

  • Private vehicle with A/C for all mentioned sightseeing.

  • A Royal Enfield motorbike from Kathmandu to Mustang and back. 

  • All (11 nights) hotel accommodations at the mentioned hotels and resorts/available best local lodges at respective places. 

  • Daily breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the hotel/local lodges from the next day of your arrival.

  • An English-speaking, professional and government-licensed tour guide during your sightseeing at Kathmandu.

  • All necessary paperwork. (ACAP, and TIMS Card)

  • Professional and experienced guide during your tour.

  • Guide’s salary, food and accommodation.

  • Arrangement of emergency helicopter service which will be paid for by your traveler’s insurance company.

  • All mentioned sightseeing entrance fees and permits. 

  • A 4WD Jeep to carry your personal belongings, bags and other items. 

  • MotorBike Mechanic during the trip. 

  • One local SIM card (returnable, if required) during your stay.

  • All government and local taxes.

  • Farewell Nepali cultural dinner on your last night in Nepal.

Services Excludes

  • Personal expenses.

  • Nepal visa cost. (You will require 2 passport-size photos and 30 USD)

  • International flight ticket.

  • Travel health insurance. (Recommended)

  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver.

  • Sweet things like dessert/chocolate.

  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

12 Days USD 3800 / Person


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