Kathmandu Yoga Tour

The Kathmandu yoga tour is the perfect escape to cultivate discernment and relaxation from busy schedules and hectic lifestyles.

Trip Facts

duration Duration 6 days
trip-difficulty Trip Difficulty Easy
trip-difficulty Highest Point 2200 M
trip-code Trip Code KYT
trip-code Start Point Kathmandu
trip-start-point Trip End Point Kathmandu
trip-accomodation Accomodation As Mentioned
trip-meals Meals As mentioned
transportation Transportation As mentioned

Trip Highlights

  • Journey to explore yourself through Yoga
  • Relaxing and refreshing Yoga sessions 
  • Exciting sightseeing inside Kathmandu Valley 
  • Ancient monument and sights exploration in Bhaktapur.
  • Opportunity to learn about the history related to yoga in Nepal
  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage sights.   
  • Meditation/yoga in Monasteries and viewpoints.
  • Therapeutic Yoga classes in the morning and evening time at your respective hotels.

Trip Overview

Nepal is a great place to get amazed and thrilled simultaneously. When it comes to relaxation and getting close to nature nothing compares to the beauty and tranquility present here in Nepal. Nepal is quite popular for all kinds of trips and tours related to thrilling adventures and relaxing trips as well. Most travelers visit Nepal to witness and explore the beauty of the majestic mountain and vibrant culture. Nepal has some of the most beautiful places along with fascinating history which is still perfectly preserved in the forms of ancient buildings and captivating monuments. Nepal is an ideal place to practice peaceful activities such as Yoga and meditation to get refreshed and experience inner peace as one might say.  

The Kathmandu yoga tour is the perfect escape to cultivate discernment and relaxation from busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. Yoga tours are worth it when selected thoughtfully because they provide a completely different travel experience. It is an unlimited opportunity to gain a new perspective from people you would have perhaps met otherwise, to explore, learn, and do something new. You can combine Yoga and meditation with hiking, sightseeing, trekking, and anything that you can think of. This tour is an ideal blend of educational, therapeutic, and leisure activities that you can enjoy throughout your vacation.  

This Yoga tour not only takes you to the most beautiful and mysterious place but also gives you a golden opportunity to learn about self-care and spiritual growth. Yoga practice boosts physical welfare as well as improves various aspects of spiritual well-being. This is not just a regular trip, on this yoga trip, you'll explore yourself on an actual spiritual journey. You get to learn about yoga from a professional yoga instructor while you practice it in different beautiful places again, cherishing the beauty of this mesmerizing country. Nepal has the perfect environment and a very peaceful atmosphere for all the mentioned activities such as sightseeing around the city, short hikes, and many more. 

Thousands of people visit  Nepal to relax through yoga and meditation while enjoying time around the most beautiful places. What could be better than building your mental and physical health during your short vacation while having quality time in a quiet place enjoying and learning different cultures?

Yoga is a great activity where you can gain both physical and mental health without any laborious tasks. There is no doubt how hectic and exhausting city life can be; the awareness of a small getaway from the city’s hectic life is how this Kathmandu Yoga tour came to be. This tour provides you with the time and harmonious space to unwind, relax, and go on a never-ending journey of joy. To guide you in this journey towards reconnecting with your spiritual self and help you find the perfect harmony between your mind, body and soul is the motive of Altitude Himalaya

What is Yoga?

There are thousands of books written about yoga and to put it in just a few words looks impossible. The simplest way to give you the idea of yoga is here. Yoga isn't just touching your feet, bending your body backward, and joining your hands together just to greet someone and say Namaste. It's more than that - Yoga is a way of living as some professional yogis say. It is said to be the process of awakening from head to toe and opening the heart through the power of controlled breath and body movement.  Yoga is a skill in action, a journey to embrace all of you that includes your inner self as well.  It's about being able to play both in the movement of your body and stillness. 

It's about your ability of you to let your breath take over your body and guide you as you slowly surrender yourself to the energy that somehow heals you and give you unmatched satisfaction and relaxation. Yoga is sometimes impossible looking twists and turns of the body and at the same time, it is just lying down on the floor and doing nothing. It varies from person to person according to body type, mindset and somehow emotional status. Yoga and meditation are mostly known by everyone but there are various kinds of Yoga with specific purposes for certain parts of the body and mind. A few examples of Yoga that are gaining popularity are areal Yoga which is a new form of yoga. Sound healing, classic yoga that includes Hatha Yoga and Pranayama yoga. Talking about yoga you get a lot of options to choose from.

Yoga can be done by anyone and anywhere as it takes little to no space and there are several kinds of yoga that you can choose from according to your comfortable situation and given condition. 

Why Yoga in Nepal?

Nepal is a glorious Himalayan country blessed with the incredible territory and a rich spiritual culture. It is the origin place of the Vedic Sanatan Dharma. (the root of all religions), birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the source of the holy Ganga river, and the land of Devas, saints, and sages. Yoga in Nepal provides one with a unique experience and personal growth in this pious land. Imagine doing yoga in front of hundreds of years old monuments soaking their divine energy. Nothing beats Nepal when it comes to pristine nature and doing what you love.  

Yoga itself is a peaceful activity that brings together the mind, body, and soul together and for that, one must be in a calm and relaxed mind. Without a proper place, it's hard to practice this tranquil activity, and what’s more peaceful than a nation of peace-Nepal? Nepal is full of beautiful places that one can ever imagine. Majestic Mountains, Lush gigantic green plains, unique green hills everything is here. The aura that this place holds can not be described in words. Besides the natural beauty that you get there, there is a  long history of yoga in Nepal. Thousand of well-known monks and sages visit Nepal to learn and explore new things here in Nepal. 

What to expect from the Kathmandu Yoga tour?

The Kathmandu Yoga tour is specially designed to give you the most relaxing tour you ever had in your life. This tour allows you to observe the century-old monument with your own eyes but make your day productive even on your vacation. You might have already got some hints about this trip just by looking at the name of the trip. Yoga is the main essence of this trip. In this modern-day, everything is expanding rapidly even space so sit down and breathe in and breath out and book this tour right away. 

On the first day after you arrive in the kingdom of the Himalayas and finish your paperwork at the airport one of our official representatives will greet you in a typical Nepali way. You will get private transportation to your hotel. Check-in at your hotel and get refreshed from your long flight. In the evening or a few hours after your arrival, we will meet you for some coffee and brief you on tour details in person. Meet your yoga instructor and get to know the upcoming yoga program during your tour. Explore the nearby area on your own and have some quality time. You can visit local markets and get yoga material if you want to.  

On the 2nd day of your tour, you will start your day with a calming Yoga session in the morning for an hour. You will start by learning about breathing.  You will be accompanied by a certified and professional yoga instructor. Take out your mats and start your journey towards healing, and developing healthy habits. Let's not forget you are actually on holiday so after your yoga session rest for a while and have a refreshing meal at the hotel. After breakfast, get ready for a full day of Kathmandu sightseeing that includes UNESCO World heritage sites Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambunath, and Boudhnath Stupa. You can taste nutritional and popular Thakali cuisine on the way to your hotel. 

On the 3rd day of your Kathmandu Yoga tour, you will start your day with a light yoga session. You can ask questions related to yoga to your yoga teacher and learn about it in depth. Chanting mantras, and meditation help you relax your busy mind and focus on only one thing. Today you will drive to Namo Buddha, this spiritually and naturally, rich place will amaze you with its history and pristine natural beauty. Stay at a hotel or eco-friendly resort near Namo Buddha according to your choice and view the sunset while you relax.

Yoga in Namobuddha and Panauti

On the 4th day, you will do something different and interesting. You will hike down to Panauti from Namo Buddha which will take around 2 hours on foot. Panauti is an ancient Newari settlement of historical buildings and a museum where you can see century-old tools and objects used by the locals of Panauti. After you hike to Panauti explore the area and drive to Nagarkot for an overnight stay. 

Nagarkot is best known for the magnificent sunrise and sunset view that you get from the Nagarkot viewpoint. One thing to witness while at Nagarkot is the spectacular sun slowly going underneath a thick blanket of clouds that is sunset. Today you will do yoga outdoors breathing fresh air and seeing nature at its best in the evening. You will practice Yoga Nidra to relax your body from all the walking during your hike to Panauti. Along with Yoga Nidra, you will do some stretching as well. After your yoga session is finished check-in at the hotel and get a heartful dinner and rest well for the upcoming day. 

After spending your night at a celestial place wake up early in the morning to view the beautiful sunrise from your hotel. Today is the last day of your incredible vacation infused with yoga. To start your day you will take out your mat and start filling fresh air into your lungs. Follow the instruction given by your instructor and go with the flow of your body and divine energy. All though this is the last day of your tour the adventure is not over yet, you will go sightseeing at Bhaktapur Durbar Square and admire its beauty of it. You can also do some pottery as it is super relaxing and Bhaktapur is the best place to do that which is an optional activity that you can do. Explore the area and have some pictures to remember the vacation in the coming future. Get back to your hotel and get loosen up treat yourself and visit the spa. In the evening join us for a cultural dinner(Thakali Dinner) followed by a live performance of Nepali folk songs.  

Attractions of the Kathmandu Yoga tour 

Nepal is full of amazing attractions both natural and artificial which have a prominent influence on the culture and lifestyle that you see in this modern life here in Nepal. Nepal is full of celestial places from the world’s highest mountain to the most vibrant culture in the world. During your Kathmandu yoga, you will visit the following places. Each place has its significance to the people both culturally and spiritually. The buildings and attractions on sightseeing are more than 300 years old with mind-blowing intricacies designs and artists' impressions. You can see different kinds of art styles according to the cultural background and era it was built, such as religious murals in Monasteries and complex woodwork and cravings on stones in temples and palaces.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the prominent historical places present here in Nepal. Kathmandu Durbar Square is not a single building or monument but a cluster of mini temples and beautiful remains of something incredible. One special thing About Kathmandu Durbar Square is that the living goddess Kumari still lives inside the century-old Kumari house. You can see numerous temples that hold significant value and are the backbone of historic cultural events in Nepal. 

Boudhanath Stupa is a giant stupa with a massive mandala structure making it one of the largest spherical stupas in the world. As soon as you enter the pilgrim area you will notice the musky smell of all the aromatic incense burned as an offering. You will hear the hypnotic chanting of the monks during their prayer time. The colorful prayer flags floating in the air carry a peaceful message throughout the world declaring peace will please your eyes. Going around the sphere while chanting the mantra is a peaceful activity that you can do while at Boudhanath Stupa. 

Swayambhunath Mahachaitya also known as the Monkey temple is a popular destination in Kathmandu for a bird-eye view. The place is on top of a hill in Kathmandu valley with a peaceful ambiance and calming vibe. You can carry a mat and start meditating there as the place is surrounded by trees and you get the fresh air with a spectacular view of the entire city. Every morning people visit this spiritual place to light butter lamps in reminiscing about their loved ones. To reach the top of the temple one must climb a set of stairs meaning you get both the soul-pleasing view and a good leg workout. 

Nagarkot is best known for its majestic sunrise/sunset and marvelous valley view. Nagarkot is not only known for its sunrise but also for its glorious mountain view. Some of the noticeable mountains that you can see from this viewpoint are Manasalu Range, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal Range, and others. Nagarkot is located 32 Km northeast of Kathmandu on the northern fringe of the Kathmandu valley far from the urban cities. It is surrounded by beautiful and unique landscapes giving you a magnificent sunrise and sunset view. 

Monastery Stay in Namo Buddha

Namo Buddha (Thrangu Tashi Yangtse) is one of the most visited Buddhist monasteries in Nepal located near Dhulikhel. Namo Buddha is a historical place where a special Buddhist legend of King Mahasattva offered his flesh to hungry tigers at the very place making Namo Buddha a holy site. Namo Buddha is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Nepal and is one of the three main stupas in Kathmandu valley. You will get a great view of a photogenic building on the side of the hill. 

Panauti is an old Newari settlement, which is 32 km southeast of Kathmandu. It has some of the most interesting architecture and is set at the confluence of two rivers. The village also boasts one of the two known pre-17 centuries structures of Mahadev Temple. Panauti is mostly known for its ancient Newari settlement. There is a Newari museum located in Panauti valley, where many antique Newari items are displayed. There are more than 40 temples in Panauti making it a hugely religious place in Nepal. 

Bhaktapur Durbar Square locally known as Khowpa is a formal royal palace complex now a historical museum. It is located in Bhaktapur the given name Bhaktapur Durbar Square. This city of devotees never fails to fascinate the visitor with its stunning rustic beauty engraved deep inside the city. There are several ancient monuments still standing tall and strong since the 14 century. Bhaktapur is not just known for its beautiful century-old complex but also for the people who embraced the roots of their ancestors by preserving this beautiful culture. 

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Kathmandu Arrival, Welcome to Nepal!

Your Arrival Time (?) Our office representative will meet and greet you in typical Nepali style at Kathmandu airport and transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu. In the evening, we will meet at the hotel for a herbal tea or coffee talk and brief you on the details of your upcoming program.

Extra activity that you can participate in Kathmandu during your Cultural Tour, let us know your preference in advance so you can schedule the program accordingly and book as needed.  

  • Everest Mountain Flight (It is a 1-hour flight (scheduled at 6:30 AM) with a breathtaking view of the mountain range.) (USD 220 PP)

  • Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu. (USD 300 PP)

  • Everest Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu with Kala Patthar Landing. (USD 1100 PP)

ascent 1350 M
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals N/A
Day 02

Relaxation at the ancient city - Kathmandu.

At. 07:00 AM: Start your day with a very simple yet important yoga session focusing on your breathing. (Duration half an hour) You will practice yoga in a peaceful area either in open ground or a hall. After you finish your yoga session, rest for a while before you have your breakfast for at least half an hour.

Have your refreshing morning meal and get ready for your cultural tour, spend your full day in Kathmandu sightseeing. Visit Kathmandu Durbar Square (Basantapur) and explore the ancient buildings and monuments that are perfectly preserved by the locals and the government. Kathmandu durbar square is one of the most popular places to visit in Kathmandu as it is a cluster of incredible ancient buildings and monuments that includes temples and other intricate designs and architecture. There are numerous amazing places around Kathmandu Durbar square where you can visit and taste delicious foods like Mo: Mo’s and other popular street foods.

Pay a visit to the ancient Buddhist complex Swayambhunath stupa also known as the Monkey temple. These three prominent Buddhist sites have immense importance in Buddhist culture. From here you get a birds-eye view of the entire Kathmandu city. It is a perfect place for meditation as the atmosphere is cool, peaceful, and refreshing with phenomenal sights. You can meditate here for a while if you wish to. 

Visit Boudhanath stupa, where you will be welcomed by the divine smell of incense and the calm chanting of monks. After arriving at the Boudhanath stupa the divine aura will declare peace among people's souls. You can also enjoy the rooftop view of the entire place while sipping aromatic coffee and comfort food and end your exciting day. 

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 1350 M
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals B
Day 03

Drive to Namo Buddha

At. 07:00 AM: Start your beautiful day by stretching your body and gradually doing yoga and taking the exact instruction given by your yoga teacher. After you finish yoga get refreshed and rest for a while as it is part of the yoga session. 

At. 10:00 AM: Get ready to drive towards the serene place surrounded by lush green nature. Have your breakfast in the hotel and get ready for another amazing day of your tour. Today you'll be visiting the ancient and famous monastery. The peaceful atmosphere will take you away from the crowded city life. In Namo buddha, you will see numerous butter lamps lit in honor of Buddha. The monastery is surrounded by a serene environment and green hill making it the perfect escape from the noisy urban areas. The monastery is surrounded by Tamang settlement meaning you can learn about the unique culture. You can walk and explore the place or know the history of the Namo Buddha by interacting with the locals. After spending quality time check-in at your hotel and rest for the next day. (Hotel or Eco - friendly accommodation optional)

duration 2-3 Hours
ascent 1750 M
trip-accomodation Monastery
trip-meals B
transportation Jeep
Day 04

Hike down to Panauti, Drive to Nagarkot

At. 09:00 AM: You will start the early morning hike to Panauti from Namo Budhha which will take around 35 KM northeast of Kathmandu to explore this ancient city. Here you can find the oldest and most authentic Newari settlements. The rustic village seems stuck back in time. There is a museum as well that you can visit and explore the century-old artifacts and tools used for daily life. Explore the surroundings and get along with the locals there chit chat with them.

Drive towards Nagarkot to view the majestic sunset and another claiming session of yoga with your professional yoga instructor. You can walk up to the viewpoint and practice yoga while enjoying the beautiful sunset view and the remarkable landscape. Today you will do your yoga in the evening while experiencing a sensational sunset right in front of your eye. 

At. 05:30 PM: Take out your yoga mats and put on your yoga pants for yet another light yoga session. Relax your mind, muscles, and soul. Start your yoga session by joining your hands together and saying Namaste! Breathe in and breathe out and move on to another pose taught by your instructor. (Duration 1 hour) 

duration 2-3 Hours
ascent 2175 M
trip-accomodation Country Villa
trip-meals B
transportation Jeep
Day 05

Visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

At. 07:00 AM: Have refreshing herbal tea to wake your guts and control your breathing. Start your yoga class by stretching and moving your body to relax and mind continue your yoga. (Duration 1 hour)

Today you will visit the Bhaktapur Durbar Square known as Khwopa and Khwopa and explore the ancient city of Newars and admire the beauty of historical buildings. Similar to Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square has several ancient monuments standing tall with enthralling history and immaculate beauty. Each one of the buildings is one of a kind with intricate design and beauty.  Take some snaps while at the historical place and move on to taste some delicious Juju Dhau (King Yogurt).  You can also visit the local pottery shop and try doing some pottery as it is extremely relaxing and calming. Collect local items and souvenirs that remind you of your trip to Nepal. 

The colorful streets full of various artifacts and handmade items will grab your attention. Treat yourself by going to the spa and relaxing singing bowl healing sessions near your hotel. After getting fresh, join us for a Nepali cultural dinner (Thakali dinner) with a live performance of folk songs.  

duration 2-3 Hours
descent 1350 M
trip-accomodation Nepali Ghar
trip-meals B,D
transportation Jeep
Day 06

Farewell, We love to see you again!

Have a safe home return! Today is the last day of your Kathmandu yoga tour. You will have leisure time in Kathmandu after breakfast at your hotel. Our office representative will escort you to the Kathmandu airport 3 hours before on time to board your flight. We hope you enjoyed the trip with us!

trip-meals B
transportation Jeep

Trip Guide

The information given about the Kathmandu Yoga Tour is in-depth, feel free to contact us 24/7 for any kind of assistance. We will be available on WhatsApp to assist you instantly. You can write an email if this trip doesn't fit your vacation schedule and requirements. We aim to offer the best possible travel experience to the customers. Depending on the needs of the visitors and the group size, we customize each vacation package. We will put together a bespoke itinerary just for your private group.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this tour different from other trips?

    This trip is completely different than any other tour because it is designed to give you one of a kind experience while you are on vacation in a completely different country. The main attraction of this trip is yoga classes every day after your arrival accompanied by a certified yoga instructor. During this trip, you will visit the most beautiful and spiritual places and practice yoga amid nature and divine energy. This trip is a perfect escape from a hectic lifestyle and spiritual emptiness. Explore the beauty of Nepal while you go on a journey to discover yourself.

  • Is yoga a good thing to do in Nepal?

    Yes, the birthplace of Yoga is India and Nepal is a neighboring country of India meaning there it has influenced Nepal quite a lot in terms of Yoga. Doing yoga requires a peaceful place surrounded by nature and a tranquil environment and Nepal is an ideal place for that. Nepal is a very spiritual place and thousands of people visit this amazing country to see the majestic beauty that the country holds and to start a journey to discover themselves as well with the help of Yoga. 

  • Where will you do yoga?

    There are different kinds of yoga and they require separate places. For example, Hatha yoga is a classic type of yoga, and it doesn't require any different place or equipment you can do that anywhere and anytime. whereas new forms of yoga these days called Aerial yoga require a proper yoga studio and a modified place. So it depends on what kind of yoga you prefer and will do. Other than that on this tour, you will do yoga in a very peaceful area either inside soundproof halls at the hotels or outdoors in a peaceful area where you won't be disturbed. 

  • Is yoga hard to learn?

    You don't need to have a certain level of fitness or flexibility to try yoga. There are simple and easy yoga sessions that you can take part in and practice. Hatha Yoga is one of the classic yoga that focuses on breathing techniques and is not super hard. However, there are few yoga steps on posters that are physically demanding and with continuous practice and a calm mind, anyone can do it. And No, yoga is not hard to learn as it has no age limits and there is something for everyone with different body types and physical abilities. 

  • What are the advantages of yoga?

    There are many advantages to doing yoga it helps with stress management, improves mental health, also helps with your physical body as well with all the stretching you do in yoga class makes your body more flexible and strengthens your muscles. Yoga is not only about getting a healthy body but also a healthy mindset. Yoga helps to gain the oneness of your mind, body, and soul. It helps you grow not only as a person but also helps you grow spiritually as some professionals admit.

  • Which time is best to do yoga?

    There is no fixed time to do yoga and one can do yoga as their schedule and will. However, doing yoga early in the morning or in the evening is preferred by the yoga instructor as you are more energetic and it will help you make your day better or relax after having a stressful day. 

  • What are the basic rules of yoga?

    The basic rule of Yoga is to focus on your breathing and relax. You don't need to be flexible or even warm up before your yoga session. The purpose of yoga is to relax not to make it complicated so the basic rule of yoga is to control your breath and let it go with the flow. 

Services Includes

  • Kathmandu airport transfer on arrival and departure.

  • Private vehicle with A/C for all mentioned sightseeing and transfers.

  • All (5 nights) hotel accommodations at the mentioned hotels and resorts at respective places. 

  • Daily breakfast at the hotel from the next day of your arrival.

  • English speaking professional and government-licensed tour guide during your sightseeing visit to the mentioned sites. 

  • A certified yoga instructor from the second day of your trip.  

  • All mentioned sightseeing entrance fees. 

  • One local SIM card (returnable, if required) during your stay.

  • All government and local taxes.

  • A farewell Nepali cultural dinner on your last night in Nepal.

Services Excludes

  • Personal expenses.

  • Lunch and dinner are excluded. 

  • Spa and other personal facilities. 

  • Tips to the driver and guide. (not required but recommended)

  • Services that aren’t mentioned above.

6 Days from US$ 1100
USD 1070 / Person


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