Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

One could discover the breathtaking Himalayan panoramas and valleys in Nepal's high mountains by undertaking the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek.

Trip Facts

duration Duration 18 days
trip-difficulty Trip Difficulty Extreme
trip-difficulty Highest Point 5360m
Average Group Size 4-10
trip-code Trip Code DCTAH
trip-code Area Dhaulagiri Area
trip-code Start Point Kathmandu
trip-start-point Trip End Point Kathmandu
trip-accomodation Accomodation Camping
trip-meals Meals As Mentioned
transportation Transportation On Private Basis

Trip Highlights

  • Exploration of the majestic and panoramic views of the north face of Dhaulagiri I along with other peaks like Dhaulagiri II, III, and IV.
  • Explore the French pass which is the highest point of the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek situated at an altitude of 5360m.
  • Witness the unique and beautiful wildlife species such as snow leopard, Tibetan yaks, and mountain sheep.
  • Exploration of the world’s deepest gorge (Kali Gandaki), pristine Myagdi valley, high passes, glaciers, hidden valleys, and charming villages.
  • The trek ending point Marpha is home to many apple orchards and is like apple heaven.

Trip Overview

One of the most exciting and amazing trekking regions in the Nepali highlands is the Dhaulagiri circuit trek. Nepal is home to different beautiful and adventurous treks. The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek gives the best adventure in the Nepali Himalayas as it passes through high mountain terraced agriculture fields, alpine pasture regions, beautiful green dense forest, culturally rich villages, and occasionally uninhabited valleys. It also encompasses you with unique Nepali culture and traditions. This walk is challenging and lengthy since it involves navigating some challenging terrain and high mountain passes. The experiences this walk delivers, though, make it worthwhile.

The seventh-highest peak in the world is Dhaulagiri. Dhaulagiri circuit trek requires exceptional physical condition as well as fundamental climbing skills and is most appealing to those who are drawn to high mountains and wilderness. It is a land of stark contrasts in terms of geography. Dharapani is where Dhaulagiri trekking starts. Trekking via the glacier and snow slopes after Italian Base Camp. The ascent over the French pass, which is also the highest point of the walk, is the last and most difficult task. As we descend from French Pass, we enter the solitary yet beautiful Hidden Valley—one of the few truly accessible wilderness places in Nepal. The journey ends in Jomsom and camping is facilitated with tented accommodations.

The Dhaulagiri region is a lovely place to go trekking. There is much adventure to be had in the breathtaking mountain views, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque locations, and compelling sights of the trans-Himalayan passes. Additionally, if you're a spirituality nerd, this walk is ideal for exploring the serene surroundings while learning about oneself.

Dhaulagiri circuit trek is located in Nepal's Myagdi district. It is a lovely community with stunning mountain vistas, a diverse spectrum of cultural traditions, and a variety of natural landscapes. You may discover the breathtaking Himalayan panoramas and valleys in Nepal's high mountains by undertaking the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek. The seventh-highest mountain in the world, Mount Dhaulagiri, is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Wonderful hiking is made possible by a lovely synergy of unmatched natural beauty and cultural diversity along the route.

One of the tallest eight-thousanders is Mount Dhaulagiri. The literal translation of Dhaulagiri, which comes from Sanskrit etymology, is "White Mountain" (Dhaula- white, Giri- Mountain). The Dhaulagiri Himalayan Range has a number of mountains.

A French expedition team climbing Annapurna I made the first discovery of Dhaulagiri circuit trekking in 1950. The Dhaulagiri round trek starts from Beni bank of the Kali Gandaki and Myagdi Khola, follows the Myagdi Khola west to Darbang, and then turns north on a narrow trail that leads through forests into the high country. The route crosses the French Col primarily on snow and glaciers. The majestic Dhaulagiri mountain range, which has fifteen peaks over 7,000 meters high, is accessible through Dhaulagiri Trekking.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Facts

Trek Name

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek


Myagdi District

Trekking Area

Dhaulagiri Region

Starting Point


Ending Point

Jomsom, Mustang



Trek Duration

17 Days

Difficulty Level



Teahouse and Camping

Highest point on the trek

French Pass (5360m)

Required Entry Permits

  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

  • Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card.

Best Time to Trek

Spring and Autumn Season

First Ascent

13th May 1960


Major attractions of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit trek offers you numerous eye-striking beauties as well as marvelous landscapes as well as lush landscapes which will enthrall you, amaze you, and surprise you in every part of the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek. Dhaulagiri Circuit trek will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to explore the untouched and isolated beauty of nature. There are many attractions along the Dhaulagiri circuit trek. Some of the attractions are mentioned as follows:

Beni Bazar:

The administrative center for Myagdi districts is located in Beni. It is located at an elevation of 899 meters above sea level. It is located at the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Myagdi rivers. Beni is located 300 kilometers west of Kathmandu and about 12 km away from Baglung. A popular tourist destination and lodging option on the Annapurna circuit trek is Beni. Beni can be reached by bus from Kathmandu in 9–10 hours. One of the most picturesque areas in Beni is the Beni Bazar.

Dhaulagiri Base Camp:

Dhaulagiri Base Camp is another major attraction of the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek. Dhaulagiri Base camp encompasses a rugged, off-beat, and adventurous experience which is also the starting point for the Dhaulagiri mountain expedition. You will explore the serene views of the Dhaulagiri mountain ranges which will engulf you with the compassionate beauty of nature.

French Pass:

French pass is another major attraction along the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek. French pass is the pass that has the highest altitude and the highest point in the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek consisting of an altitude of 5360m.

A French crew made the initial discovery of the Dhaulagiri circuit trek route in the 1950s. Because of this, there is a French pass at 5360 meters. Thus, the French pass serves as the name for the pass. There is a valley that is known as Hidden Valley that is located below the French Pass.

Marpha Village:

In Nepal's Mustang region is the charming village of Marpha. The town is a popular destination for tourists and is situated at an elevation of 2650 meters in the Kali Gandaki Valley of the lower Mustang area. The word Marpha is made up of the two syllables "Mar," which means hard work, and "Pha," which means people. Marpha's homes are constructed of stone and are backed by enormous cliffs. Cherry wood panels frame the doors and windows, while angular red lines frame the rustic white stone.

Marpha has embraced the modernity that comes with tourism and hospitality in addition to conserving its past. However, Marpha is unique and a must-see location in the region. The term "Marpha apple" is well known throughout the nation. These apples are the major component of numerous brandies and jams. Upon your arrival in Marpha, you will be presented a bottle of powerful brandy and a piece of delectable apple pie.

Best Time to Visit the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek:

The Dhaulagiri Circuit trip is said to be most accessible in the spring and fall seasons. The weather is clear throughout certain times of the year, and the Dhaulagiri ranges can be seen in stunning detail. In addition to traversing glaciers, the Dhaulagiri Circuit trip requires some high passes. It is quite difficult to cross these high passes and glaciers during the winter months of the year. Meanwhile, snowfall makes traversing these high passes and glaciers even more challenging. Meanwhile, from mid-December to mid-February, winter makes it even more challenging.

Autumn is also recognized as one of the greatest seasons for Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking. Daytime highs are followed by chilly lows in the mornings and evenings. Snowfall is unlikely to occur in these months of the year. While trekking is still possible during the rainy months of July and August, visibility is poor and it is difficult to discern the mountain ranges.

Extreme winter and monsoon seasons are not ideal for trekking in Nepal's highlands. When it rains, the trails become slick and challenging to trek. While winter is suitable for low-altitude trekking, the hazy weather may prevent you from seeing the mountain vistas and scenery.

Additionally, there is a great likelihood of missing the paths in the mountains because of severe snowfall at high elevations, which blocks the trails. So, the monsoon and winter months are not particularly conducive for trekking in Nepal's high mountain regions, such as the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek.

Moreover, Spring and Autumn seasons are the most favorable time in order to plan and go for the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Difficulty:

One of the toughest treks in Nepal is the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek. Relative to accessibility and accommodations, it is challenging. Additionally, because it is higher up, it is crucial that we acclimate to the altitude and adjust to it. It can be difficult but highly daring to cross the mountains while trekking across snow-covered terrain in a number of locations. The journey is worthwhile since it provides trekkers with a variety of experiences.

The majority of locations include teahouse lodging options. However, trekkers must camp in a number of locations. Therefore, the trekking route does not have access to modern conveniences. The opportunity to explore the untouched, exquisitely gorgeous mountains and valleys is a lovely aspect. Another important area to visit is the calm and beautiful surroundings, as well as the incredible warmth of the residents.

This trekking region is located at a height of above 4000 meters. As a result, having high altitude sickness is possible. The risk of severe altitude sickness, which could eventually lead to HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) and HACE, can be reduced with the use of appropriate medicine and other measures (High Altitude Cerebral Edema). As a result, it's crucial to drink enough water, eat a balanced meal, and, if altitude sickness persists, take the appropriate medications and undergo acclimatization.

Talking about difficulty, the trek is very doable with basic mountaineering skills. Good physical fitness is very important while trekking in this area. Since, you will be trekking up to the elevation of 5400 m above sea level, a good understanding of Acute Mountain Sickness is very helpful. 

One of the things you should keep in mind is the packing list. You should not carry excess baggage which can lead to excess strain on your body. Necessary amenities should only be carried. For the packing list suggestions, you can visit the Nepal trekking gear checklist.

How to reach Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

The trekking to the Dhaulagiri circuit starts from Dharapani, ahead of Beni. From Dharapani, you will trek to Muri, passing through the banks of the Kaligandaki river and beautiful villages. After 6-7 hours of extensive trekking from Muri, you will reach Boghara after descending from Myagdi Khola at an altitude of 2080 m. From Boghara/Bagar, you will trek further to Dobhang/Dobhan and Italian Base Camp. Italian Base Camp is situated at an altitude of 3600 m and offers spectacular views of Tukuche Peak, the north flank of Dhaulagiri, and many other neighboring and adjacent peaks.

For further trekking, you need to acclimate yourself to the Italian Base Camp to adapt to the altitude. The trail ahead will lead you to Glacier Camp, Dhaulagiri Base Camp, and Hidden Valley via French Pass and Yak Kharka. From Yak Kharka, you will trek to Jomsom. A flight from Jomsom will take you to the Pokhara valley and another drive will connect you to Kathmandu.

Where is the Dhaulagiri circuit trail located?

The world's deepest gorge, Kaligandaki, with Mount Dhaulagiri as its western crest. This mountain is located in west-central Nepal. It originates from the Kali Gandaki River in the east and the Bheri River in the west. One of Nepal's most sought-after mountains, this one is appreciated for its breathtaking beauty in remote mountain communities.

The Dhaulagiri circuit is located in Nepal's Myagdi district. It's a lovely community with stunning mountain vistas, a diverse spectrum of cultural traditions, and a variety of natural landscapes. You may discover the breathtaking Himalayan panoramas and valleys in Nepal's high mountains by undertaking the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek. The seventh-highest mountain in the world, Mount Dhaulagiri, is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Wonderful trekking is made possible by a lovely synergy of unmatched natural beauty and cultural diversity along the route.

What to expect from the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

The Kali Gandaki Gorge, which is the deepest in the world, may both be explored as part of the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek. The Dhaulagiri circuit trek will take you on an exhilarating hike across snow and glaciers and enchant you with breathtaking vistas of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges. The French pass, which is located at an elevation of 5360 meters, is one of the highest passes that you will pass through. You will get to see the lovely Marpha town, which is the destination of the Dhaulagiri Circuit walk and is also known as the apple heaven because of the numerous apple orchards that surround it.

Along the Dhaulagiri circuit trek trail, you may partake in the lifestyle and culture that are heavily influenced by Buddhism. You can also see the stunning Gompas and temples that are scattered across the trail. The Dhaulagiri Circuit trip will give you a genuine sense of walking in a clean and untainted area of Nepal. The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is intended for intrepid trekkers who enjoy a good challenge, total mental and physical engrossment, and unmatched natural beauty. Moreover, there is so much to explore, expect and acknowledge from the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Kathmandu Arrival

Your Arrival Time (?) Our office representative will meet and greet you at Kathmandu Airport and transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu.

At. 06:00 PM: In the evening, our office representative will meet you for a coffee talk and will brief you on the details of your trek program.

trip-accomodation Arts Kathmandu
trip-meals N/A
transportation On Private Basis
Day 02

Kathmandu Sightseeing and Trek Preparation

At. 09:00 AM: Have your breakfast and be ready for today's guided Kathmandu cultural sightseeing. You will be exploring some of the UNESCO-listed world heritage sites of Nepal, located within the Kathmandu valley.

At. 09:30 AM: Visit Pashupatinath temple.

At.11:30 AM: Visit the Boudhanath stupa, you can have your lunch around the Boudhanath, there are several local and continental restaurants and cafes within the Boudhanath square along with the stupa view from the rooftop.

At. 02:00 PM: Visit Swayambhunath Stupa.

At. 04:00 PM: At the end, visit Kathmandu Durbar Square, the famous local market area of the old Kathmandu.

At. 06:00 PM: You will be dropped back at your hotel.

Besides sightseeing, you can do the required shopping for your trek if needed.

duration 6-8 Hours
trip-accomodation Arts Kathmandu
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis
Day 03

Fly to Pokhara, Drive to Dharapani

At. 07:00 AM: After breakfast, you will have an early scenic flight to Kathmandu which will take around 45 minutes. Upon reaching Pokhara, you will be traveling to Dharapani via Beni. On the way, you will explore beautiful views of lush landscapes. You will observe the flow of the Kali Gandaki river on the way and cross Myadgi to reach Dharapani. From Dharapani, you can observe the magnificent Himalayan ranges. It will take around 6-7 hours to reach Dharapani. Overnight accommodation at a local lodge or teahouse.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 110 KM
ascent 1560m
trip-accomodation Tea House
trip-meals B,L,D
transportation On Private Basis
Day 04

Trek to Muri

At. 07:00 AM: Today, after having breakfast, you will be trekking towards a beautiful village which is called Muri village. It will take around 5-6 hours of trekking to reach the beautiful and diverse Magar village which is the Muri village. You will be exploring the natural scenarios along the way. Upon reaching Muri village, you will find out that the bulk of the residents of these terraced settlements is Magars, one of the nation's minorities. You will get to explore the local lifestyle and ethnicity of the Magar people there and also acknowledge their culture and traditions. Overnight accommodation at local lodge or teahouse.

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 1800m
trip-accomodation Tea House
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 05

Trek to Bagar (Boghara)

At 07:00 AM: This day, you will be leaving Muri village and continuing your trek and exploration towards Bagar which will take around 6-7 hours of walk. You have to descend the ridge significantly. The trail enters a variety of clearings with farms and fields after traveling through dense bamboo stands. The trail becomes exposed in certain sections as the valley steepens more to the north. Upon reaching Bagar, you will be reaching the final destination of the day. Overnight accommodation at tented camps.

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 2080m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 06

Trek to Dobhan (Dobang)

At. 07:00 AM: You will be trekking through the trail that first descends through the farm fields that have been terraced to a tiny ridge where you can view the breathtaking natural beauty. To go to Jyardan, you must hike further. The most remote community there is called Jyardan. A high, twisting trail dips ahead before ascending to Lipshe after crossing a rocky section after arriving at Jyardan. Lapche Kharka is reached by continuing the trail through woodland. You will reach Dobhan after a short ascent. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 2520m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 07

Trek to Sallaghari

At. 07:00 AM: Your trek will continue today as you make your way through forests and progressively gain altitude, which could make for some strenuous walking. The journey to Sallaghari, the day's goal, will take about 5 to 6 hours. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 2900m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 08

Trek to Italian Base Camp

At. 07:00 AM: As you journey towards the Italian Base Camp, you will leave the final Dobhan settlement.  You will be walking along a trail through a forest today, lined with oak, bamboo, and pine trees. You will hike to the Chhonbarban Glacier's terminal moraine in the early morning after eating breakfast. From here, Tukche Peak (6837 meters) may be seen, and in the distance, the majestic north slope of Dhaulagiri I (8167 meters) is impressive. 

You will eventually arrive at the Italian Base Camp after a short trek. The camp will be established there at Italian Base Camp beneath the magnificent west face of Dhaulagiri. It will take around 7-8 hours to reach the Italian Base Camp. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 3660m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 09

Acclimatization in Italian Base Camp

At. 07:00 AM: This day will be used for acclimatization. The best time to adjust to the weather and altitude is today. Given that the area is high altitude and you need to prepare yourself for the additional trekking conditions, you will give yourself a day to get ready. You will spend the day taking in the breathtaking and clear scenery of the surrounding mountains while exploring the base camp location. Overnight accommodation in Tented camps.

trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 10

Trek to Glacier Camp

At. 07:00 AM: It is challenging to complete the ascent from Italian Base Camp to Glacier Camp. While hiking in this area, the greatest care should be given and concentration should be at its peak. Because of the risk of stone falls on this terrain, it's crucial to use caution when hiking there. To get to the glacier camp, you must walk for about 7-8 hours at a steady pace. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 4210m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 11

Trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp

At. 07:00 AM: Trekking from Glacier Camp to Dhaulagiri Base Camp trekking is thrilling and lovely. On this day, you will trek to the Dhaulagiri Base Camp, which is located at an elevation of 4750m, via traversing a glacier and snowy terrain. 

When you arrive at the Dhaulagiri Base Camp, you can gaze in awe at the breathtaking views of the entire Dhaulagiri range's peaks, as well as the breathtaking icefall that plunges from the ridgeline of the Dhaulagiri and Tukuche peak. You may enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains, including Dhaulagiri I, Dhaulagiri II, Dhaulagiri III, and Dhaulagiri V, from the Dhaulagiri Base Camp. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

duration 5-6 Hours
ascent 4750m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 12

Acclimatizing at Dhaulagiri Base Camp

At. 07:00 AM: You will spend a day acclimatizing at Dhaulagiri Base Camp. Next day you will be crossing the French pass (5360m), the highest pass of the walk, today is one of the most important acclimatization days. Consequently, it's important to give your body enough rest and to acclimate. You can wander around the base camp if you want to prevent severe altitude sickness.

If not, staying at the base camp will allow you to recall the stunning natural beauty of the Dhaulagiri range. You can also enjoy the captivating beauty of the Dhaulagiri range by hiking for a little distance from the camp. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 13

Trek to the Hidden Valley via French Pass

At. 07:00 AM: Your most difficult day of trekking will be today as you traverse one of the highest mountain passes, the French pass, to reach the Hidden valley. This day is lengthy and difficult because French Pass is at an elevation of 5360 meters. You will hike through the Chhonbarban glacier's northern face in order to reach the steep hillside above the glacier. 

The challenging, zigzag trail will lead you to the magnificent French pass if you pursue it. 

You may see the breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the spectacular mountain ranges, including Mukut Himal (6329 meters), Tashi Kang (6386 meters), Sita Chuchura (6611 meters), Dhampus peak, and Tukche peak, from the summit of the French pass. After reminiscing for a while in French Pass, you will descend a treacherous trail to reach Hidden Valley. It will take around 7-8 hours of trek to reach the Hidden Valley. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

duration 6-8 Hours
ascent 5360m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 14

Trek to Yak Kharka

At 07:00 AM: Today you will depart the fascinating Hidden Valley and go across the Dhampus pass to Yak Kharka. Another admirable and stunning pass to cross on the Dhaulagiri circuit trek is this one. In order to reach the Dhampus pass, you must ascend and descend through uphill and downhill terrain, as well as traverse a difficult trail. 

From the Dhampus pass, you can see the stunning Dhampus peak and the expansive Annapurna range. You will journey while taking in the scenery along the route, eventually arriving at Yak Kharka, your final stop for the day. Overnight accommodation in tented camps.

descent 4020m
trip-accomodation Camping Tent
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 15

Trek to Jomsom

At. 07:00 AM: Since it is the last day of the trek, this day serves as a summary of the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek. This day travels down a lovely path filled with magnificent scenes. Along the route, you will see a variety of stunning vegetation and fauna. You will eventually arrive at Marpha village, a scenic and lovely village with a beautiful landscape, after some time spent trekking.  "Marpha Apple" is well known across the nation.

You will eventually reach the stunning Jomsom valley when you keep going. There, you may see the distinctive and lovely human settlements. When you get to Jomsom, you can unwind and think back on the entire journey. From Yak Kharka, it will take 5 to 6 hours to get to Jomsom. Overnight  accommodation for the night in a local lodge or teahouse.

duration 5-6 Hours
descent 2740m
trip-accomodation Tea House
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 16

Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara

At. 07:00 AM: After having breakfast, you will catch a morning flight to Pokhara which will take around 25-30 minutes. After reaching Pokhara, you will have a leisure time where you can do some preferred sightseeing, wander around lakeside or can do required shopping and collect some souvenirs from Pokhara. Overnight accommodation in a hotel.

duration 30 Minutes
descent 810m
trip-accomodation Hotel Dandelion
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis
Day 17

Fly to Kathmandu

At 08:00 AM: After having breakfast, you will catch an early morning flight to Kathmandu which will take about 30 minutes and you will be dropped off at the hotel. You can take some rest and do some preferred sightseeing and do some shopping and buy some souvenirs if needed. 

In the evening, we will have a farewell Nepali dinner together and we would love to listen to your experience and feedback on the trip.

duration 30 Minutes
trip-accomodation Arts Kathmandu
trip-meals B,L,D
Day 18

See you again!

Have a safe home return! You will have leisure time in Kathmandu after breakfast at your hotel. Our office representative will escort you to the Kathmandu airport 3 hours before on time to board your flight. It may take 30 minutes to reach the airport from the hotel.

duration 30 Minutes
trip-meals B
transportation On Private Basis

Trip Guide

Here is the all required information about the Dhaulagiri Curcuit Trek in depth, feel free to contact us 24/7 for any kind of assistance. We will be available on WhatsApp to assist instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Hotel accommodation (3 Star Deluxe) in Kathmandu and Pokhara on double/twin sharing basis.

  • Tea house/local lodge/ camping accommodation during the trek on double/twin sharing basis. 

  • Daily breakfast throughout the trek..

  • Lunch and Dinner from trek start day to trek end day.

  • All necessary paperwork. (National Park Entry Permits and TIMS Card)

  • An experienced English-speaking licensed trek guide.

  • Porter during the trek. (Can carry a combined 20 KG baggage of 2 people)

  • One local SIM card (returnable) during your stay.

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  • Arrangement of emergency helicopter service which will be paid by your traveler’s insurance company.

  • Sleeping bag, duffle bags, and trekking route maps – if necessary.

  • Farewell Nepali dinner on your last night.

Services Excludes

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  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu.

  • Nepal visa cost. (You will require 2 passport-size photos and 30 USD)

  • International flight ticket.

  • Travel health insurance. (Highly Recommended)

  • Tips for the guide, porter, and driver. (Not Compulsory but Recommended)

  • Sweet things like dessert/chocolate during the trek.

  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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