Bhutan Luxury Tour Package

During your Bhutan Luxury Tour you will explore the beautiful monuments along with the breathtaking landmarks while staying in luxury hotels enjoying the excellent service.

Trip Facts

duration Duration 6 days
trip-difficulty Trip Difficulty Easy
Average Group Size 2-10
trip-code Trip Code BLTAH
trip-code Start Point Paro
trip-start-point Trip End Point Paro
trip-accomodation Accomodation 5 Star Luxury Hotels
trip-meals Meals As Mentioned
transportation Transportation On Private Basis

Trip Highlights

  • Explore Bhutaneses Art, Culture, and unique traditions. 
  • Explore exceptional destinations in Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha.
  • Exploration of the exotic culture first-hand in the Land of Thunder Dragon
  • Luxurious experience with the best hospitality throughout the stay at Bhutan.
  • Hike to one of the most iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

Trip Overview

This six-day Bhutan Luxury tour is the best tour to explore Bhutan the ‘’land of Dragon’’. It is a spectacular country with a world-renowned culture and some mind-boggling ancient architecture. Bhutan is a beautiful country with so many amazing things to explore, learn, and simply experience. Bhutan is one of the happiest countries in the world so why not explore and know the secret? Bhutan has a rich culture along with its natural resources, boasting its vibrant culture and lush green valleys. Bhutan has different names and one of them is the last remaining Shangri-la. Shangri-La means the imaginary place where all of your dreams get fulfilled and Bhutan truly stands to its statement.

World’s most exotic kingdom - Bhutan is a mysterious country with enthralling mythologies and traditions and breathtaking festivals. Bhutan is all about the history and mesmerizing landmarks tied to hypnotic stories. Bhutan has some of the best makes that date back to thousands of years back and Bhutan has perfectly preserved it till this day giving you an insight into its interesting history. And, during your Bhutan Luxury Tour, you will explore the beautiful monuments along with the breathtaking landmarks while staying in luxury hotels enjoying excellent service. This tour provides you with an opportunity to explore a new country without having to compromise your comfort at all.

The accommodations that you will be staying at during the tours are luxury 5-star hotels/resorts with absolutely gorgeous locations and super satisfying services. Most of the hotels or any structure in Bhutan follow its traditional roots and have some reminiscence of ancient architecture. You will notice incredible wood carvings, murals, and paintings in the lavish hotels twisted with modern art with a rich and sophisticated vibe. Hotels are not the only thing that makes your tour luxurious but the overall service does. You will be accompanied by a government-licensed guide throughout the trip who will provide you with all the necessary information. You will get all mentioned transportation in a comfortable vehicle along with a professional government-licensed driver.

Bhutan is a mysterious country with mythology that includes imaginary creatures such as ‘’Dragons” Not to forget Bhutan is called ‘’the land of dragons’’ for a reason. Bhutan has lots of surprising and unique facts which you will find out while you visit the glorious nation. Eye-catching rustic landmarks, breathtaking views, fiery cuisine, and crisp air are some of the things that will make your trip worth the visit. Bhutan is one of those countries that loves festivals, throughout the year. Bhutanese people celebrate fascinating festivals so plan your tour accordingly if you want to see some vibrant events.

Attractions of Bhutan: A Wonderland.

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful places to explore culture and history. Bhutan is full of majestic places filled with art, history, and fascinating beauty preserved from centuries. From majestic monuments and royal landmarks to a mythical monastery situated on a cliff are some of the things you will explore during your Bhutan Luxury tour.

National Memorial Chorten is not like the regular monasteries that you expect it to be but it is a memorial chorten in the memories of the loving king Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. The prominent memorial chorten is white-washed with spectacular golden pinnacles and was built in 1974. Although it is the memorial Chorten it does not enshrine the remains of the late king. Inside the monument, you will see the paintings, mandalas, and sculptures dedicated to the king. The architecture is mostly influenced by the Tibetan style which is called Jangchup which means ‘’the purification of all’’. It is located in the heart of Thimphu which is why the memorial chorten also goes by the name Thimphu Chorten. This chorten mostly attracts elderly people as they go around the monument for their daily Buddhist ritual called ‘’Kora’’ (Circumburation). The massive prayer wheels are one of the many attractions of this site.

Buddha Dordenma Statue also known as Kuensel Phodrang or Buddha Point. It is located at the top of the hill and the enormous statue represents the prominent religion of the country i.e. Buddhism. As you drive towards the Buddha Dordenma Statue you will see prayer flags marking its territory. The Buddha Dordenma is one of the biggest sitting Buddha statues with a gigantic height of 51.5 meters made out of solid bronze. As the statue is quite big people might be intimidated but it rather has a calm and assuring look blessing every one of the visitors. From here you get the panoramic view of the entire Thimphu valley. During the special seasons, you might encounter programs such as mass Buddhist prayer and blessing. You can enhance the experience while enjoying hot tea and crisp fresh air with a spectacular view.

Thimphu Attractions

Tashichho Dzong simply translated as "Fortress of Glorious Religion" popularly known as Thimphu Dzong. The distinguished building is massive with a white base and an easily noticeable red roof making it stand out. It is not only an attraction of Bhutan but also one of the important places as the building serves as a government building with a throne room and offices of the king and other important government personnel. It is located close to Thimphu City on the right side and Wang Chuu River on the left side of the landmark. The massive building is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a well-maintained lawn. The garden is well kept with seasonal flowers granting the visitors a beautiful sight. The beauty of the building even enhances during the evening time as it is lit up with stunning light that features the traditional style roof. There are two entrances and the southeast entrance leads to the administrative offices, which are only open for the members while the Northeast gate leads to more of the monasteries which are open for the visitors.

Folk Heritage Museum is yet another place that exhibits authentic Bhutanese historical heritages and valuable documentation of ancient Bhutan. It is located at Kawajangsa, in the heart of Thimphu close to the National Library of Bhutan and the National Institution of Zorig Choesum. The Folk Heritage Museum also known as Phelchey Toenkhyim was established on July 28th, 2001. The purpose of establishing the Folk heritage museum is to connect people to the Bhutanese rural part through exhibits, demonstrations, educational programs, and documentation regarding rural Bhutan. It is the oldest heritage museum with a well-preserved water mill, traditional style kitchen gardens with a kitchen garden, and the famous traditional hot stone bath. Besides that native trees and plants are grown that have domestic Bhutanese rural uses. The folk heritage museum represents the effort to keep indigenous resources alive and introduce valuable history to everyone.

National Institute of Zorig Choesum/Chusum is another place to see the traditional art of Bhutan in the form of Sculptures and paintings. It is a few hundred meters away from the folk heritage museum. The institute teaches local students to develop skills like sculpture, painting, and other art forms. Students dressed in their cultural actresses Gho (Male) and Kira (Female) embracing their culture and tradition. Inside the institute, you can see the amazing arts and the architecture of the institute as most of the building features Bhutanese design all over the building. There are different sections where pupils practice sculpting, embroidery, painting, and many other skills. You can even shop for handcrafted clothing items with unique designs that represent the Bhutanese essences.

Centenary Farmers Market is the largest Farmer’s market in Bhutan, Thimphu near Wang Chhu river. It is also the busiest domestic market as it is the place where people sell locally grown produce from vegetables to the most used ingredient chilly. You can explore the market as there is a wide range of things you can explore, taste and see. If you are interested in Bhutanese cuisine then this is the place for you as you will find every ingredient that goes to make a delicious Bhutanese dish. You can snack on local treats and buy fresh fruits if you wish to. Things such as Boyo Zaw (Puffed rice), Zwa (Roasted Rice), Colorful Mekhu (Crispy Rice cracker), and Kabchic (roasted, grounded wheat), are all part of Bhutanese cuisine.

Dochula Pass is an amazing mountain pass on the way to Punakha from Thimphu. Dochula Pass is not the pass but the pass has 108 chorten built in honor of the fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuk and brave soldiers. It is one of the popular stops on the way to Punakha as you get to explore the Dochula Pass and its beauty and have a little tea break. The Dochula Pass is situated at an elevation of 3100 m meaning you get the majestic view of the valley along with endless mountain chains. These Chortens are divided into three layers and first lowest layer has forty-five Chortens and the second layer has thirsty six and the top layer has twenty-seven Chortens making a total of 108 beautiful miniature Chorten.

Punakha Attractions

Chimi Lhakhang is a popular monastery in Bhutan. It is located near Sopsokha village in the Punakha district. It is an old monastery built in 1499 by Ngawang Choegyel making it one of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan. Chimi Lhakhang is also known as the temple of Fertility. To access this temple one must stroll for around 20 minutes through the peaceful field of paddy and mustard. As you start you walk toward the temple you will notice strange murals on the walls as it marks its territory. Most of the murals display erotic symbols of ‘’Phalluses’’. Drukpa Kunley the teacher to whom the fertility temple is dedicated, his way of teaching is defined differently from others as the way of his teaching Buddhism was bizarre with an overwhelming sexual overtone. Overall, this place is one of the attractions with historical and religious significance.

Punakha Dzong formally known as Pungtang Dechen Photrang Dzong which translates to ‘’The Palace of Bliss of Great Happiness’’ was built in 1637. This majestic Dzong takes pride in being the second largest and oldest landmark in entire Bhutan. It is situated right at the junction of two major rivers Mo Chhu (Female) and Pho Chhu (Male), talk about the view!! The iconic building showcases the world-renowned architecture of Bhutan and the finest Bhutanese craftsmanship. Seeing the iconic place up close gives you great happiness. The Dzong also serves as an administrative and Buddhist school. The area inside the dzong is very big and is divided into different courtyards. The two courtyards in the northern yard are where most of the administrative are and most of the function takes place. The third courtyard is the most important one as it houses the main temple and national treasure (not allowed to enter).

Suspension Bridge is only a few hundred meters far from the Punakha Dzong and one of the places that you can truly enjoy. It is the largest suspension bridge measuring 180 m in length over the Pho Chhu (Male) River. The bridge is beautifully decorated with hundreds of prayer flags dancing in the rhythm of the cold wind. The bridge dates back to 1637 believed to be built by the great architect and iron bridge builder Thangong Gyalpo. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the bridge while the clear water runs under your feet and your eyes gaze at the beauty of Bhutan.

Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten built in 2004 by Queen Mother Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuk is a symbol of peace and harmony for all living beings. This Chorten is located at the hillock of the Punakha granting its visitor a panoramic view of the valley and a few snow-capped peaks. This monument is the perfect example of the astounding traditions and architecture of Asian countries. It was ideally designed for community worship, monastic retreat, and education meaning you can visit this place and meditate in the peaceful environment. There are many miniature chorten lined up and a big one along with a beautiful lawn and a Bodhi tree as well perfect for a peaceful visit. The view from this place is just marvelous and worth a visit.

Paro Attractions

Rinpung Dzong locally known as the Paro Dzong is a spectacular landmark in Paro. The Paro Dzong is officially known as the Rinpung Dzong which translates to ‘’Fortress of Heap of Jewels'’. It was constructed in 1644 under the order of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. It is called the heap of jewels due to its large collection of treasured buildings. Inside the fortress, there are courtyards, temples, administrative offices, and open areas surrounded by towering walls. It is the dazzling landmark that you will see as soon as you land at the Paro international airport. The iconic white dzong dominates the lush valley with its majestic beauty. It is just 15 minutes walk away from Paro City. The building proudly shows off Bhutanese art through the wooded carving in the windows and pillars.

Ta Dzong (National Museum) is located at Paro and was originally the watch tower of Paro Dzong. The word Ta Dzong simply translates to the watchtower. It was built in 1649 and renovated as a museum in 1968. The architecture of the national museum is different from other monuments resembling a conch shell making the museum even more attractive. The museum displays ancient stone eggs, stuffed animals, butterflies, handcrafted jewelry, and textiles from all over Bhutan. Rare and wide range of stamps such as triangular shaped stamps, embossed, silken recorded, and 3-D printed stamps as well. The Ta Dzong is an important structure that houses thousands of historical artifacts such as fearsome festival masks and carvings of important teachers and saints from the region. It's open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM and on Sundays 11 AM to 4 PM.

Kyichu Lhakhang is believed to be the oldest temple in Bhutan built in the 7th century. It is located in the north of Paro town. It also goes by the name Lho Kyerchu or Kyerchu and is considered the sacred Jewel of Bhutan. It is an important pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists, as significant as the holiest Buddhist temple Jokhang of Lhasa. People believe this sacred place to be the spiritual heart of the country. The temple is surrounded by a peaceful environment where you will see mostly elderly people doing their rituals around the temple. This place is the ultimate blessing point and the peaceful ambiance is something to enjoy while visiting the Kyichu Lhakhang.

Taktsang Lhakhang, internationally known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, is located in the Paro district on top of a cliff. The monastery attracts its visitors through its peculiar location and fascinating myths. The monastery is one of the most revered religious pilgrimages in the Himalayas. It is situated at an elevation of 2,950m above sea level perfectly nested on top of a cliff. Any tour to Bhutan is incomplete without a visit to this breathtaking monastery. To access the site one must hike through dense alpine forest. To reach this monastery a comfortable 3 hours hike will take you to the majestic monastery. As you walk you will see prayer flags marking its territory and as you walk higher slowly the trees disappear, opening the view of the gorgeous monastery and breathtaking valley. Once at the site, you can explore the monastery from inside but are not allowed to take pictures, and will capture the beauty in your memories and not in cameras.

What to expect from Bhutan luxury tour?

Kuzu Zangpo La!! Bhutan Luxury Tour is one of the best tours to explore Bhutan without compromising your comfort. This Bhutan Luxury tour is by far the best-designed tour of Bhutan - the last remaining Shangri-La. Bhutan has wonderful geography making it unique and one of a kind, as a result, you will see amazing valleys, wetlands, and unbelievable structures perfectly balanced on top of a cliff. So let’s begin your journey to Bhutan through words shall we? The beginning of your trip is followed by a peaceful flight to Paro International Airport, one of the most thrilling airports in the world. As aircraft prepare to land you will see hills and endless mountain chains underneath the thin layer of cloud. 

Bhutan has successfully preserved its culture and tradition and as a result of its beautiful tradition, you will see your tour guide beautifully dressed in their cultural attire called Gho (Male) and Kira (Female). After your airport formality begin your luxury tour to celestial Bhutan. As you drive to your hotel you will feel the smooth and crisp air surrounded by a lush green valley. The first thing you will notice is the designs of the buildings with similar roofs with different base designs as it is one of the ways to protect their culture. Check-in at your luxurious hotel and enjoy the elegant ambiance. You will stay at comfortable hotels throughout the trip in Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha which are the major cities in Bhutan. 

Next is your tour of fascinating places with mythical stories engraved in them. Your guide will pass you the information about the monuments that you visit during your tour. You will get to know the history, and peculiar myths and see the beauty of the place in person. Bhutan is a Buddhist country influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Most of the monasteries, Dzong and Fortress, are widely influenced by Tibetan Buddhism from architecture to teachings. The infrastructure is covered in Bhutanese art in the form of wood carvings, sculptures, and murals that demonstrate the teaching of Buddhism. There are different kinds of monuments with different histories, some might take you on a spiritual journey and some might stir your thoughts. 

After visiting the rustic monument you will end your tour with rewarding hike words the Tiger's Nest Monastery which is the iconic monastery that never fails to surprise people. Tour to Bhutan is incomplete without visiting the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. To access this place one must hike through dense forest that ultimately leads to the viewpoint of the entire Paro Valley and the Monastery itself. The hike is a bit challenging and having a basic hiking experience is beneficial. After exploring, hike back to the hotel and experience the traditional hot stone bath which soothes and refreshes you from the hike. Enjoy the luxury tour at its best and experience every single thing that Bhutan has to offer. These 6 days in Bhutan will open up new ideas and experiences that will last for your lifetime. Carry loads of core memories, exclusive experiences and beautiful souvenirs back home. Farewell and happy home return. Log Jaygay!

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Welcome to Paro, Transfer to Thimphu

Jen Pa Ley Sho (welcome) to the land of Thunder Dragon. After landing in this mysterious country known as the ‘’land of Thunder Dragon’’, finish with your airport formality and baggage collection. Finish off work at the immigration with the visa and paperwork as you get the visa in Bhutan on arrival.

The dazzling Paro Dzong is the first thing you will notice as you land at the Paro International Airpot. Outside the airport, your guide and driver will pick you up and drive you to your luxurious hotel in Thimphu. Bhutan beautifully preserves its tradition and culture, they promote their century-old tradition by wearing their traditional attire Gho (Male) and Kira (Female). Expect your guide to see them elegantly dressed in their cultural outfit, How cool is that!!

On the way you will see lush green valleys and neverending mountains chains uninterrupted by skyscrapers or tall buildings as most of the buildings in Bhutan are not allowed to have more than 6th floor. The distance between Paro and Thimphu is around 47 km which takes around 2 hours to reach. You can have lunch on the way to the hotel. After reaching Thimphu check in at your lavish hotel and relax. In the evening you can go for a walk and explore the property while you enjoy the peaceful nature.

duration 2 hours
duration 50 KM
trip-accomodation The Postcard Dewa
trip-meals L,D
transportation On private basis
Day 02

Explore Thimphu

Today is the first day of your Bhutan Luxury tour and you will start your sightseeing program after breakfast at the hotel. Your guide and driver will pick you up from the hotel, your guide will provide you with all the necessary information throughout the tour. Start your journey by exploring the National Memorial Chorten built in the loving memory of the third Dragon King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. Here you get to see a beautiful ritual which is circumambulation around the Chorten. The warmth from all the butter lamps lit in honor of the deceased will melt your heart. Your next stop is Buddha Dordenma Statue also known as Kuensel Phodrang and Buddha Point. Overlooking the celestial backdrop of Thimphu Valley it is one of the vantage viewpoints. The giant figure of the Great Buddha Dordenma is one of the most enormous statues of a sitting Buddha in the world. Tashichho Dzong is yet another prominent landmark of Bhutan. The glaring white base and the eye-catching red roof are quite noticeable from a distance. The milestone is surrounded by a garden full of scented flowers. Folk Heritage Museum is a museum that demonstrates traditional household tools and equipment used in daily life back in the day. You can also taste locally made beverages and explore the surroundings.

Moving on to the National Institute of Zorig Chusum where you will see local students learning the art of sculpture, painting, and other traditional arts. Here you will see a collection of traditional masks, dresses, and other cool things. Your guide will pass you on the details about the artifacts that you will see. End your tour by visiting Centenary Farmers Market, it is the local farmers market where you can find fresh produces like fruits, vegetables which you can get if you are interested. Have dinner on the way to the hotel and end your day with delicious Bhutanese cuisine.

duration 6-8 Hours
trip-accomodation The Postcard Dewa
trip-meals L,D
transportation On private basis
Day 03

Thimphu to Punakha

Today you will drive to Punakha, one of the major cities of Bhutan. Have your breakfast at the hotel and drive towards Punakha, on the way you will come across a famous pass called Dochula Pass. It is one of the top stop points for some snacks/tea and a breathtaking view of the surroundings. This place provides a panoramic view of the valley along with the visible mountains as well. After soaking in the beauty drive towards Punakha and then Chimi Lhakhang on the way. Chimi Lhakhang is also known as the fertility temple so don’t be surprised if you see some unexpected murals on the walls on the way to the monastery.

The next stop is Punakha Dzong which is the second largest and second-largest landmark present in Bhutan. It is situated right at the junction of two beautiful rivers Pho Chu (Male) and Mo Chu (Female). You will see intricate authentic Bhutanese designs inside the landmark. Last but not the least is Suspension Bridge which is close to the Dzong. The bridge is covered in hundreds of prayer flags over a gorgeous river. Drive towards your luxury hotel, check in and relax for the day.

duration 3-4 Hours
duration 74 KM
trip-accomodation COMO Uma
trip-meals B,L,D
transportation On private basis
Day 04

Punakha to Paro

Start your day with a heartfelt breakfast at the hotel with a delightful ambiance. Today you will visit a gorgeous Chorten and drive to Paro. Your tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and drive you to Khamsum Yalley Namgyal Chorten. To reach the chorten one must walk a bit through crop field. According to season, the farmland is covered with either paddy or mustard crops. After you get to the location the view from this place is mesmerizing. This chorten is built on the hill overlooking the Mo Chuu River. After exploring the place return to your vehicle and start your drive towards Paro. The distance between Khamsum Chorten to Paro is around 130 km which takes around 4 hours to cover.

Visit Rinpung Dzong which showcases the finest Bhutanese art and other prominent traditional art styles. It is also known as the Paro Dzong and it is the first landmark that you see as soon as you land in Bhutan. The next stop is Ta Dzong (National Museum), the building itself has a unique shape, and inside it has a spectacular collection of over 3000 Bhutanese artworks from centuries. One can learn about Bhutan’s history through its art. To end your day's tour you will visit Kyichu Lhakhang. It is one of the prominent religious sites in Bhutan. It is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful temples in the entire of Bhutan. You will see elderly people going around the temple as a ritual. The view from this place is very peaceful, you will see the lush green valley along with a few visible mountains as well. After the sightseeing drive towards your luxury hotel and call it a day. Enjoy the finest and most comfortable environment along with the impressive service provided by the hotel.

duration 6-8 Hours
duration 115 KM
trip-accomodation COMO Uma
transportation On private basis
Day 05

Paro, Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Today you will explore the iconic Tiger’ Nest Monastery situated on top of the cliff while enjoying the short and rewarding hike. Before that, have breakfast at the luxurious hotel. Put on your hiking shoes and get ready to blow our minds.

A trip to Bhutan is incomplete without a visit to the most iconic monastery in the world, Taktsang Monastery/Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3,120m) internationally known as Tiger’s Nest Monastery. You will take an early morning breakfast and stretch your legs and get ready for a short hike. This hike is challenging and is the main reason that protects this unbelievable attraction from being congested. Once you've passed the dense forest you will get an amazing glimpse of the shiny monastery, somehow aggressively pressed on the wall over the valley floor. Take a tour of the building inside out along with a panoramic view of the Paro Valley. This quiet spot was used as a meditation cave in the 8th century and later as a monastery in the 17th century. Breathtaking!

Have lunch at the restaurant on the way to the monastery with a vantage point of view of the majestic monastery. From this place, you will get another point of view of this spectacular monastery. Hike down and drive towards your hotel and enjoy your further stay at the luxurious hotel.

duration 6-8 hours
trip-accomodation Como Uma
trip-meals B,L,D
transportation On private basis
Day 06

Departure, Farewell

Today is the final day of your trip to Bhutan. If you have extra time we (Altitude Himalaya) would be more than happy to suggest how to make the most out of it. On the other hand, if you are going home then Farewell! On your way home today. This trip will refresh you from all the cultural sightseeing and remarkable hiking.

trip-meals B
transportation On private basis

Trip Guide

The information about the Tour is in-depth; feel free to contact us 24/7. We will be available on WhatsApp to assist you instantly. You can write an email if this trip doesn't fit your vacation schedule and requirements. Altitude Himalaya aims to offer the best possible travel experience to customers. Depending on the needs of the visitors and the group size, we customize each vacation package. We will put together a bespoke itinerary just for your private group.

Travel insurance: Travel insurance is important before traveling to a new place especially when you are traveling for adventure or in a new country. Travel insurance covers risks such as loss of personal belongings, and any unexpected expenses. Travel insurance also covers sudden medical emergencies such as accidents. Travel insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended.

Do’s and Don’t:

  • Select the ideal time to travel. 

  • Select a reputed travel organization. 

  • Training and getting ready for a short hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

  • Respect the culture and people of the area.

  • Don’t wear shoes inside the temples and Monasteries.

  • Listen to your guide and follow the local rules.

  • Travel for experience and not for the sake of traveling.

  • Don’t litter, put trash in its place.

Why with Altitude Himalaya: Altitude Himalaya is one of Nepal’s growing travel companies providing excellent service to its clients. We believe in providing quality experiences and memories. We are concerned about maintaining and following our own standard service that includes a private transfer, at least a 3-star hotel accommodation in urban areas, the best available lodges/tea houses at the trekking trails, and dedicated personalized assistance. Additionally, we also operate our trips in Nepal and Tibet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum daily package for Bhutan luxury tours?

    All tourists visiting Bhutan must pay a minimum daily package fee, which covers accommodation, meals, transport, and a licensed guide. The daily package fee is set by the Bhutanese government and varies depending on the time of year and the size of the group.

  • What is the best time to visit Bhutan?

    The best time to visit Bhutan is from March to May and from September to November, when the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear.

  • What should I pack for a luxury tour of Bhutan?

    Bhutan has a unique dress code, and visitors are expected to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting religious sites or public places. It's recommended to pack comfortable and breathable clothing, comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

  • Can I customize my Bhutan luxury tour itinerary?

    Yes, Bhutan luxury tour itineraries can be customized according to your interests and preferences. Work with your tour operator to create an itinerary that matches your needs and interests.

  • Are credit cards accepted in Bhutan?

    Credit cards are accepted in some hotels, restaurants, and shops in major cities like Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha. However, it's recommended to carry enough cash in Bhutanese ngultrum or Indian rupees to cover expenses.

  • What are some must-see attractions in Bhutan?

    Some must-see attractions in Bhutan include the Paro Valley, Tiger's Nest Monastery, Punakha Dzong, and the National Memorial Chorten in Thimphu.

  • Do we need a visa to visit Bhutan?

    Yes, on arrival in Bhutan, the traveler must present their passport, 2 photographs, and the fee of USD 50 to receive the original visa sticker. A visitor's visa can only be approved through a licensed tour operator in Bhutan. However, you can also get the visa by filling up an online form. However, if you are an Indian citizen you don't require Visa to visit Bhutan instead of a Visa one should have two valid travel documents (A) a Valid Indian passport having a validity of a minimum of 6 months (B) A Voter identity card, issued by the election commission of India.

Services Includes

  • Bhutan visa fee.

  • A private luxurious A/C vehicle for all the mentioned transportation and sightseeing. 

  • All (05 Nights) 5-star luxurious hotel accommodations based on double-sharing deluxe rooms.

  • All mentioned sightseeing entrance fees. 

  • Daily breakfast and dinner at the hotel. 

  • Lunch at the government-authorized luxurious restaurant or at the hotel.

  • All Bhutan government and local tourism taxes.

  • A government-licensed well-experienced tour guide throughout the trip. 

  • Government allowed driver and guide’s allowance, salary, fuel cost, and toll/taxes.

  • Bhutan Sustainable development fee USD 200/night effective from 20 June 2022.

Services Excludes

  • International flight to reach Bhutan (from any accessible flights)
  • Services that aren’t mentioned above. 

  • Tips to driver and tour guide. (Not required but recommended)

6 Days USD 6000 / Person


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